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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 185

2022-03-09 09:50:00Publish Time: 787 views
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Chapter 185: Demonbane

In the council chamber of Britannia's palace, Nunnally, who was elegantly dressed in a gorgeous costume, sat at the top with her hand on her cheek, absentmindedly listening to the reports from her ministers.

The person who was giving her a verbal report was a man dressed as a civil servant, wearing a strange metal helmet that completely wrapped his head, not even a single strand of hair was exposed. Secretary Suzaku Kururugi, who was trusted by Her Majesty, stood tall behind the helmeted man, and his sharp gaze not left this man for a moment.

"All right, stop trying to fool me, I don't need to listen to nonsense." Nunnally frowned impatiently and tapped her white fingers on the table, "Get to the point, Iron Mask."

"Then please forgive me for being straight, Your Majesty." The man called Iron Mask bowed, "I think that this task can be accomplished by myself completely alone, and it is more appropriate for Secretary Suzaku to protect your safety at Your Majesty's side."

Nunnally seemed to have heard some kind of joke that she couldn't help but curled her mouth with joy, "Do you really think that you can convince me, or do you think I won't get you killed anyway, so it won't hurt to just take a chance?"

"Since Your Majesty has chosen to let me live, I naturally have to make a corresponding gesture." Iron Mask was indifferent to Nunnally's sarcasm and said calmly, "First of all, in terms of ability, my force and intelligence are sufficient to deal with most situations, there is no need to waste Secretary Suzaku's time on something as trivial as spying on me."

Nunnally's eyes drifted to Kururugi, who was standing straight behind Iron Mask, and snorted out a laugh.

"Secondly." Iron Mask continued as if he didn't see anything, "Secretary Suzaku is possible to be turned by me, so for your sake, Your Majesty, I suggest changing to someone else to spy on me."

"Well said, I was almost convinced by you." Nunnally laughed contemptuously, "Kururugi is indeed very easy to be coaxed by a clever talker like you. But unfortunately, he has an excellent quality that is even more valuable than his lack of intelligence that I admire."

Even with Kururugi's intelligence, he could easily tell that Nunnally was not praising him at this moment, but he straightened his body a bit more as if he was deeply honored. He clearly understood that he had been domesticated by Nunnally, and domestication was something much more terrible than Geass.

Nunnally looked at Iron Mask sarcastically, "If you want to turn him, I suggest that you first 'save' Euphemia from my hands. Otherwise, a fool like Kururugi will not listen to any of your words."

"Since Your Majesty has considered it, I will follow your will to the fullest." Iron Mask bowed slightly with one hand on his chest, "I, Iron Mask, will live up to Your Majesty's expectations."

"Your cheek is really thicker than this mask, I'm a bit impressed." Nunnally's eyebrows raised slightly, "But it's true, only the one who lives will have the hope of turning the tide, dead people can't do anything, right? By the way, how will I die in your plan? Whether it's a backstabbing or a direct shot to the head with a bazooka?"

"Do you mean that novel? You can't trust the novelist's words." Iron Mask said in a deep voice, "Who would have thought that Britannia would be seized by a poor young girl? Even I didn't expect that."

"Except for Mr. Lingus." Nunnally smiled brightly, "I suddenly remembered that he once told me that someone relies on his high popularity, always feels that he can not die, so he recklessly jumps between various forces repeatedly. Now that I think about it, it should be you, right? How about you explain to me what it means to have high popularity?"

Iron Mask was indifferent, seemingly not really wanting to respond to the question. Although unable to make substantial and spiritual resistance, he still has the power to be silent.

The metal helmet he wore was the result of many of Britannia's most cutting-edge technologies, and in addition to being impossible to remove, it combined many functions such as locating, listening, and self-destructing. In addition, the gap between Nunnally's NT ability and his NT ability, as long as he dares to produce the slightest bit of malice, the ruthless Queen Nunnally will definitely blow his head up.

Her Majesty waited for a while without getting an answer and felt rather bored, so she decided to end the conversation, "If it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't find another useable NT in Britannia, I wouldn't have taken you out. Although you are still far from the word 'useable' as well, at least you're a little better than an ordinary person."

"Please don't worry about it, Your Majesty." Iron Mask said loud, "I am confident in my NT ability, Haman Karn is only a match for me, and there are only a few people who are better than me, such as Lingus, Tiffa, Amuro, and Your Majesty."

"The most frightening thing is that you really think so." Nunnally looked at Kururugi speechlessly, unfortunately, Kururugi was only standing in place like a wooden stake, "Anyway, find the whereabouts of EVANGELION-01 as soon as possible. I don't want the process, just the result."

"As ordered." Iron Mask lowered his metal head, "I will definitely bring EVANGELION-01 to you."

Looking at Iron Mask that bowed down before her, Nunnally didn't move at all. Tactically, she gave enough attention to Iron Mask, but strategically, she completely despised him, and only Marianne in EVANGELION-01 was the biggest problem in her heart.

After the death of the late emperor, she took over all the information left behind by Charles, which even has many secrets that even Dr. Aeolia doesn't know. One of the most important and most surprising secrets to her is that her biological mother, Marianne, is still alive in EVANGELION-01. She killed her own father, and suddenly knew that her own mother was still alive, how could she sleep every night?

However, the task set down since the beginning of her ascension to the throne is still without any results. It is difficult for ordinary people to find the hiding EVANGELION-01, so she had to let Iron Mask try his luck.

While she was thinking, Kururugi was standing as straight as ever, and Iron Mask was waiting for her to order the meeting to adjourn, until the phone rang abruptly. Kururugi and Iron Mask obviously dared not to turn on their phones when they were meeting the emperor, so there was only one answer.

Without letting, or bothering to let Iron Mask and Kururugi get away, Nunnally took out her phone and pressed the call button directly in front of the two of them.

"Well, it's me, Nunnally." Nunnally said to the other end of the phone with a tone as if she was a young girl in love, "Don't cry, tell me slowly, what happened?"

The phone was then hung up after a series of "ums", "ahs", "ok" and "I know". No more important information was conveyed.

After putting the phone away, Nunnally was silent for a long time and finally let out a long sigh, "Thanks to you, Mr. Lingus is almost gone. Seriously, your image is already almost the same as Charles in my mind, when the time comes, I'm only afraid that I don't even need to do it myself."

Iron Mask obviously didn't understand the true meaning of the latter half of the sentence, only joy was conveyed clearly and unhindered along the consciousness.

"Kururugi, let Schneizel make the arrangements." Nunnally said with a straight face, "I'm going to the moon, and I'm leaving right away."

"Right away?" Iron Mask's voice was incredulous, "Your Majesty, as the head of a country, naturally needs to exchange views with the Lunar government before going on a visit, and then let the diplomatic department—"

"None of your business!" Nunnally slapped heavily on the table and rebuked loudly and angrily, "Are you the emperor, or I am the emperor?!"

Iron Mask felt the monstrous anger in his head and meekly shut his mouth for the sake of his own head.

"There should still be some knowledge and information that even he doesn't know. I will take them all to him, maybe he can be saved." Nunnally said through gritted teeth, "If I can't save him, I want to see with my own eyes how he's gone."

As long as the result is good, she doesn't care how anxiously her men were negotiating. Perhaps Prince Loran was too nice, she just asked and he already agreed without hesitation.

When she arrived at the moon, the local time was early the next morning. Before the ship entered the port, she had found Lingus' consciousness. The long-lost kindness let her could not help but feel a burst of joy.

Just as she was hesitating about whether or not to say hello, Lingus, who didn't seem to be sleeping, took the initiative to pull her into the chat room, "Nunnally? What brings you here?"

"Came to run some errands." She replied politely, "Your NT ability has returned? Now you… this is simply… I don't know how to describe it, all in all, it's shocking."

"How to say it, there was really something wrong before, now it is sort of solved, right? As for this look, I don't know if it is considered a side effect or a blessing."

"I am relieved to see that you are fine." Nunnally finally put down her worry and sincerely replied, "My revenge is still in preparation, please look forward to it ~"

The ship finally docked, and all the red tape was omitted due to the suddenness of the event, but it was just what Nunnally wanted. She stepped off the ship in a comfortable mood and was greeted by Loran himself.

"Does His Highness not know yet?" She walked up to Loran and whispered, "Lingus-san is already all right."

A regal glow bloomed out from Loran's eyes. Shock, doubt, and ecstasy alternated on his face. It was not until several seconds later that Loran suddenly realized his outburst and coughed dryly twice in an attempt to cover it up.

"What a sinful man …" Nunnally gave him a smirking look, "Your Highness, the purpose of my visit has been accomplished, and I intend to return here. You must also have more important matters and have no time to pay attention to me, right?"

Before Loran could respond, Nunnally turned around and walked back in the direction of the spaceship amidst the incomprehensible gazes of everyone. As for not seeing Mr. Lingus yet? As for having caused a diplomatic incident? So what, does it matter?

"Ade, who are you using your NT sensing with? Tiffa?" Ange asked warily, "You were distracted for a moment when you were talking, don't try to muddle through."

"Yes, Nunnally, she said that she was here to do something, and didn't talk about it exactly." He answered honestly, "For the record, what she came to do has nothing to do with me."

"Well, I believe you." Lacus took his arm and said softly, "That woman is a ruthless and black-bellied character, Ade would never like that kind of person."

After Ange's eyes swept back and forth between the duo, she looked at C.C. helplessly. It's not clear what happened, but it's good that Lacus is no longer making trouble, right? She could tell that C.C. probably wanted to go up there, but she might not feel comfortable doing so in front of Lacus.

Although it is embarrassing to say, she, Princess Angelise, is actually bent on helping Ade maintain the harmony of the harem.

"Right, almost forgot this." C.C. took out a tube-like object from her backpack, "Ade, Kaworu Nagisa said what inside it is… well, it's Lilith."

"I found it a long time ago, but she doesn't pay much attention to me." Ade took the tube-like object and held it in his hand and turned it upside down, "Let's put it in the fridge first."

As soon as he said that, a silver tentacle came out of his sleeve, tightly curled around the tube and stretched in the direction of the refrigerator. The tentacle pull open the refrigerator door, placed the tube in securely, and then closed the refrigerator door. After doing everything, the silver tentacle quickly retracted back into the sleeve, as if what just happened was a delusion.

"No matter how many times I look at it, I still cannot use it." Ange complained, "Ade, what exactly are you thinking now? Do you still have a sexual function? You will not use that weird thing on me in bed, right? Is it a threesome with Alice if you use it? I don't think my IQ is high enough again, so hurry up and recharge me."

"I don't know what the hell I am now." Ade scratched his head in frustration, "20% flesh and blood, 80% ELS plus nanobot, and the soul is entirely my own. Right now, we can only live with it, I'll figure it out later. As for sex… we'd better stop for a while. It will be disrespectful to you and to Alice, and I can't accept it myself."

"Wait, I have not agreed to it!" C.C. protested discontentedly, "Why do you sound like you're acquiescing that I can't wait to make love with you? What do you take me for?"

"I don't care…" Ange shrugged, "Besides, he's barely survived, so let him be happy? When you first found out he was okay, you said—"

"Whoa! Whoa!" C.C. panicked and covered Ange's mouth, "Lacus, say something!"

Lacus took Ade's arm and leaned her head on his shoulder and smiled without saying anything.

"Uncle Ade." Mineva, who was sitting on the other side of the table, bristled, "Isn't it inappropriate to say that in front of a child?"

"Then … uh … that … let's talk about business … "Ade swallowed guilty, "Our family… well… there will be one more woman."

Before he finished his words, a silver stream gushed out from all directions of the house, converging into a young girl. The young girl has a cute doll face, only about one meter five, like a large doll. The most surprising thing is that she is wearing only a strange armor that can barely cover her body, and the style of the armor looks very familiar as if they had seen it somewhere before.

"Ade, Ade, didn't expect it, right?" Alice ignored the eyes of all the women present, pointing to the pointed protrusion on her head, and said happily, "I'm the Unicorn Lady!"