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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 109

2021-12-19 10:15:00Publish Time: 1,404 views
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Chapter 109: Self-discipline of Actors

"Shock! Dr. Lingus comes back to life, Anaheim becomes the biggest winner!"

"Shock! Dr. Lingus has a new love, what can Lacus do in this situation?"

Ange turned off the entire front page with "Shock! Dr. Lingus XXX!" and opened another news app, but found that nothing had changed. She put the phone away, pulled the chair closer to the hospital bed, leaned out and poked Ade's cheek with her finger, and whispered, "Shock! Dr. Lingus can't move, and the mysterious beautiful girl did this to him."

Momoka puffed out a laugh behind her.

It had been a week since Ade was brought back to the moon, unconscious and surviving on fluids. Both Amuro and Tiffa had visited, and although their own powers were strong, they were just ordinary NTs, helpless to deal with such specialized problems. The doctors at the hospital were even more helpless, stating that Ade was in a vegetative state and could only wait for a miracle to bring his consciousness back.

Since that battle, the people of Misurugi lost the Dawn's Royal Pillar and were suddenly unable to use their superpowers overnight. The whole country was thrown into panic, followed by riots. At the same time, the fog of war on the map also suddenly disappeared, and spy satellites easily observed all this. The "kind" Colonel Scirocco immediately dispatched an international humanitarian peacekeeping force to occupy the entire territory of Misurugi, promising to help them re-establish order so that Misurugi would also be bathed in the warmth of the Earth Federation family.

Before the arrival of the TITANS force, Ange persuaded the kind-hearted Loran and Diana to allow all the Normas who were willing to go with her to move to the moon, against the strong opposition of C.C. and Lacus. In addition to Commander Jill and other people who had nothing to do with Ade, all the girls who had received Ade's psychological counseling followed Ange and left.

So under Lacus and C.C.'s desperate gaze, Ange brought dozens of beautiful girls back to the moon.

After that, all of these girls without any skill except fighting joined Ade's security company, and their only job is to protect Ade's security in shifts. For example, the current protector in the ward is—

"Salia, please go out for a moment." Ange righteously ordered, "I'm going to clean Ade's body, please avoid suspicion, thank you."

"Ange, it's hard for you to do this for Mr. Ade every day, isn't it?" Salia gulped and suggested in a low voice, "Why don't you let me do it today and you take a break?"

"Why does each of you have to make such requests? Do you really think I'm stupid?!" Ange had a displeased look, "Get out, if you don't get out, your payment will be deducted!"

"Tsk." Salia smacked her lips, "We all came out of Arsenal, why should we not even have money for food and you have so much money that you can pay us a salary? It's so unfair."

Ange smiled smugly without answering, and Salia left the ward helplessly. Anaheim's shares were still in C.C.'s hands, and the rest of the property had been legally inherited by Lacus. Ade was afraid of Ange being bullied in the financial aspect, so he gave her all the money he previously saved, now this security team, which was formed by pure beautiful girls, is paid by Ange alone.

"Wake up soon. Friday feels bored without you." Ange poked Ade's senseless face again, then lifted the white quilt on the hospital bed, "Momoka, come give a hand."

"Yes, Your Highness Angelise!" The maid lady was full of smiles on her face.

In the afternoon, Momoka, who now had taken over all the chores of the family, went back early to make dinner. Ange played with her cell phone, checking Ade every now and then, and waited until evening to go home. In the evening, there will be another group of girls guarding the hospital in charge of Ade's security, they are all professionally trained in combat. Ange is very clear about their fighting ability, the only thing she feels uneasy about is whether these young girls will secretly do something bad to Ade while she is not there.

As soon as she got home, Mineva flew into her arms and rubbed her cheek affectionately, Ange also happily picked the little girl up and lifted her up high to play with her.

"Is Uncle Ade still not awake?" Mineva just asked, then got the answer from Ange's face, "Sister Ange, don't worry, Uncle Ade just went out to play, he will definitely come back."

Ange responded absentmindedly, not taking the little girl's words seriously. Although she was quite fond of Mineva, she did not really believe in the little girl's words, and only took it as childish talk.

At this moment, Momoka was cooking dinner, Lacus was not yet off work, and C.C. was lying on the sofa, watching TV again. Ange thought about it and carried Mineva back to her room, she had something private to say to the little girl.

When she got into the room, Ange put Mineva on the bed, took a chair and sat face to face with her, organized her language, and said, "Mineva, I think you shouldn't continue to pull a long face in front of C.C. and Lacus. Although I don't like them either, this makes the atmosphere in the house awkward, and Ade won't feel good when he comes back."

"They did that kind of thing and didn't feel guilty at all, and wanted to go back by themselves, leaving Uncle Ade alone." The little girl pouted, and her brow furrowed, "If it wasn't for Sister Ange who saved Uncle Ade back, Uncle Ade would have been eaten by the fish."

"I don't think he's too likely to be eaten by the fish." Ange said seriously, "It's more likely that there's another aunt in the house."

Mineva fell silent, and Ange waited silently without speaking. After a while, Mineva took the initiative and said, "Sister Ange, you're right, I shouldn't pull a long face towards them."

"Right?" Ange suddenly smiled with joy, "I also know how to teach the children!"

"I remember, Auntie Lacus and Auntie Haman both taught me to look happy in such situations, to give each other the illusion of getting along." The young girl was enlightened, "They also taught a lot of useful things that can be used now."

"Uh, it doesn't seem to be what I thought it would be?" Ange rubbed her chin, "How old are you? Why have you begun to think these things?"

Mineva jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. Ange hurriedly followed behind. Mineva ran up to C.C., looked at her with a guilty face, lowered her head, and said, "I'm sorry, Sister C.C., I shouldn't have done that to you. Sister Ange has educated me, I know I was wrong."

C.C. took her attention away from the TV and stared dumbfounded at Mineva, then raised her head to look at Ange, who was not far away, and froze for a long time before responding, "It's okay, you're still young, I don't blame you."

"Thank you, Sister C.C.!" Mineva gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Sister C.C. is the best!"

When Lacus came home from work, Mineva used the exact same trick on Lacus again. Lacus also fell for the trick and didn't have any suspicion at all.

After the meal, Lacus hosted an important meeting. Since Mineva behaved particularly well today, she was agreed to participate.

"Regarding Ade's treatment, it's not a good idea to just leave it and wait for him to get better on his own. Ange is right, it's time to be more proactive." Lacus looked around, "I contacted Cha …Quattro today."

"Contacted him for what?" Ange asked, "I remember Ade saying he was much weaker than that NT named Amuro."

"He has information that we don't have." Lacus explained, "According to him, there are two places in the world right now that have the most thorough research on NT. One is TITANS's Abnormal Humans Study Center, and the other is P.L.A.N.T.'s New Type Institute."

"You're looking for Haman Karn?" C.C. immediately understood, "Won't it be too risky?"

"I can't make up my mind either, that's why I brought it out for discussion." Lacus smiled bitterly, "Only at this time, I hope that there is an NT around, at least we can judge if Haman Karn is sincere in this situation."

"Me, me, me!" Mineva raised her small hand, "I'm an NT!"

Only then did everyone present remember the fact that Mineva was an NT, which even Lacus had inadvertently overlooked.

"Then how about asking Karn to try first?" C.C. suddenly sighed, "But I always feel like the plot is going to go back around again, Char came up with a bad idea."

At this moment, Char, who came up with a bad idea, was visiting the school festival of Ashford Academy with Nanai.

The two casually strolled around for a while then found a secluded place to sit and rest in the shade, and Char couldn't help but exclaim, "This is youth."

"You're not old enough to say that, are you?" Nanai leaned on his shoulder, "Isn't this identity, Full Frontal being wanted by Britannia? Why did you even come to Japan?"

"A mediocre person might think that this identity is no longer usable, but I don't think so. This identity is more valuable today." Char smiled faintly, "I am now to play the real role of this identity."

"Don't you have to deal with TITANS?" Nanai asked in disbelief, "This is Britannia's territory."

"TITANS is not an isolated individual, but a collection of officer groups led by Scirocco and the interest groups behind them." Char gestured, "It's a web, Scirocco, Marcenas, Charles, even Haman, Loran, Lingus, all in the web, and one thing leads to another. It's not as simple as killing Scirocco and solving the problem, there are many aspects to consider. I just chose the entry point that would maximize the use of Frontal as an identity."

Nanai, who came from a researcher background, basically couldn't understand what Char was saying, but that didn't stop her from gazing eagerly at her beloved with adoring eyes.

"Wait, there's NewType?"Char was suddenly alerted, "This feeling, could it be …!"

Through the long time spent with Amuro, Lingus, Kamille, and others, Char was now able to roughly separate himself from other NTs. He roughly divides NTs into three levels: those who are about the same as him, such as Glemy and Haman; those who are stronger than him, such as Amuro and Kamille; and those who he cannot estimate at all, such as Lingus and Tiffa. Although he couldn't tell who was who, he could roughly feel the level of the NT in front of him, and then he could deduce who the person actually was based on other clues.

"This terrible intensity …" Char calmly pushed his sunglasses, "Lingus has not yet awakened, there is no mistake, it must be Tiffa."

Not long after, a group of chattering young boys and girls appeared in Char's view, and he recognized Kururugi at once. Relying on the appreciation of the two princesses, he finally became a knight of the round table, but now he was suspended for inspection due to a major mistake, and even risked being stripped of the title of the knight of the round table. Right now, Kururugi is in the midst of a career disappointment, showing a depressed, forced smile on his face.

Then Char noticed that there was a handsome, black-haired teenager, pushing a wheelchair beside Kururugi, and on the wheelchair sat a pitiful maiden, and this maiden was the NT he sensed before, whose level should be the same as Lingus and Tiffa.

"There is still this level of NT on the earth?" Char was shocked inwardly, but on the surface, he looked still very calm, "This is really an unexpected discovery …"

Kururugi also spotted him, and his shock was overwhelming. He left his companion behind and quickly ran to Char, whispering viciously, "What are you doing here?"

"Naturally, I came to look for you." Char replied frankly, "Kururugi-kun, since you managed to stay alive, it is necessary for us to have a good talk."

The handsome black-haired boy who immediately noticed his friend's abnormality also pushed the wheelchair here, asking in a courteous tone, "Hello, I am Lelouch Lamperouge, Kururugi's friend. Are you Kururugi's friend too?"

"Hello." Char greeted with a self-effacing nod, as if he had never heard of the name, "Yes, I am Kururugi-Kun's friend, you can call me Full Frontal."

"Full Frontal…" Lelouch's eyes instantly sharpened, "The Britannia wanted criminal who almost killed Kururugi, you took the initiative to come here, so I guess you must be very confident in yourself?"

"It seems that you know me too?" Char smiled, "Not so much confident, just trying to clear up a misunderstanding."

"I don't think there's any misunderstanding, you'll be handed over to the Britannia government soon." Lelouch said coldly, "Kururugi, there is no need to listen to this man's words, he's trying to use you."

"I never expected Kururugi-kun to be personally involved, and I'm sorry for almost losing him." Char shook his head regretfully, "But sometimes, sacrifices just happen for ideals, even if it's yourself. I wonder if Kururugi-kun regrets what he did?"

"I've never regretted—"

"Kururugi, don't talk to him!" Lelouch interrupted his friend, "You take Nunnally and go first, let me deal with him here."

Kururugi hesitated for a moment and chose to trust his friend, pushing Nunnally's wheelchair and leaving first.

"I'll give you one more word of explanation, and I'll call the police if you can't justify yourself." Lelouch looked at Char warily, but Char still read excitement and anticipation in his body movements, "Answer me, what is your purpose?"

The young girl in the wheelchair was already far away and not in Char's senses. He took a deep breath, exhaled heavily, then shrugged helplessly and said in a self-loathing tone, "I am indeed using Kururugi-kun, because I want to defeat Britannia."

"Reason?" Lelouch's eyes glowed.

"I have a grudge against Emperor Charles." Char said through gritted teeth, "Unless I die, I will not give up my revenge."

Lelouch Lamperouge
Nunnally Vi Britannia