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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 88

2023-06-28 22:00:00Publish Time: 2,225 views
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Chapter 88: Side Mission!

Bai Yan noticed something was off because after using the Entertainment Card, "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" both received a brand new BUFF.

"The Hero": as a hero summoned by the princess, both of them gained an additional combat BUFF, growing stronger with each battle. Every time they defeated an enemy, their attack power would increase by one percent (a hidden BUFF).

He pinched his own chin and nodded.

"Those two girls seem to have gotten involved in some kind of event. Maybe it will take some time for them to come back?"

Bai Yan was not particularly surprised. The duration of many Entertainment Cards is not fixed, ranging from a few hours to as long as two or three days.

Because what is known as "entertainment" is actually "opportunities," and can even be referred to as "side missions."

This is also the reason why he didn't allow Core Operators to "entertain" in the early stages.

Bai Yan didn't know what they had encountered and was very curious.

Even he had the idea of going to another world… but it was too much of a waste that he couldn't experience it himself.

"Speaking of which, can I use these Tactical Cards and Entertainment Cards for myself?"

Bai Yan suddenly thought of this question.

However, before he could continue his thoughts, the screen of his phone suddenly changed.

The pixelated figures of "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" had arrived in front of a white palace, where a noble queen with silver hair and white attire stood before them.

Her voice and subtitles appeared simultaneously on the phone screen.

"Summoned ones, you are destined warriors. Fight alongside me to kill the invading barbarians."

"Ten years ago, we were able to defeat the demonic forces of war and save our country. Today, we are surely capable of conquering the army of barbarians."

"This nation must not fall into despair. The darkness of the continent awaits us to eliminate it."

A very crisp sound, underneath the caption was a portrait of a white-haired queen, along with a name tag.

"Queen of Crystal" Aphrora.

At this moment, the gaming options appeared.

  1. Following the footsteps of the Queen, together we repel the barbarians and save the Kingdom of Yenos.
  2. Use Psychic Domination to control the Queen and turn her into a mere obedient toy.
  3. Execute the Queen on the spot and offer this country to the leader of the barbarians.
  4. I don't want to participate. Leave from here and break through the barbarian's siege.

Bai Yan looked at the four options, lost in thought.

Hmm, the freedom of "Babel Tower" game has always been quite high.

In the previous playthrough, he actually played some tricky operations and all sorts of unscrupulous routes to test the gameplay.


Now Bai Yan knows that these so-called NPCs are actually living people, so he decides to take the righteous path.

"Be grateful, if I didn't know this game was real, I might have chosen option 2."

Therefore, Bai Yan chose option 1.

Follow the footsteps of the queen!

The new game scene is a battlefield, and in front, a row of enemies appeared.

They are respectively "Barbarian Soldier", "Barbarian Thrower","Barbarian Warrior", "Barbarian Wizard"… From the names, it is evident that they are enemies of the lowly sort.

In front of the enemies stand the live 2D images of "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer", animated characters that look much more attractive than pixelated sprites.

Beside them was a skills table and an attack order bar. "Nightsaber" had a "front row" label while "Psychic Dancer" had a "back row" label.

"Turn-based card games? That's the most common mobile game mode."

Bai Yan made a slight complaint as he controlled "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" to launch an attack.

With just a regular attack, these enemies were easily killed, but soon new enemies appeared, and this continued round after round.

Bai Yan controlled "Nightsaber" and "Psychic Dancer" to finally reach the BOSS level.

"Barbarian Chieftain!"

The portray of the chieftain is that of a tall and robust man with black hair, wielding a long-handled giant blade. He wears a fur cloak made from wild beasts and his eyes are completely bloodshot.

Following him are four "Elite Barbarian Warriors" and four "Elite Barbarian Wizards".

The Barbarian Chieftain took the initiative!

He swung his weapon and fiercely attacked, causing "Nightsaber," who was at the "frontline," to immediately lose one-fifth of her health.

"This is annoying. There's no way to pass the level at full health, even though the hero's buffs have stacked quite a bit. Game failure is unlikely…"

Because it was a turn-based game, Bai Yan knew that no matter what, "Nightsaber," who was at the front, would be injured, which made him feel a bit upset.

He truly didn't want them to get hurt or feel pain.

However, Bai Yan knew one thing.

Perhaps one day in the future, for the necessary victory, he may manipulate these members of the believing Babel Tower…willing to sacrifice their lives.

This is very likely, as Bai Yan remembers various difficult situations in the main plot of "Babel Tower".

For example, a certain BOSS's powerful Relic has the ability to kill with one hit, and he must choose a "little cutie" to withstand it.

"When that time comes, whoever curses me the most will be my scapegoat," Bai Yan muttered softly.


Mu Ling has become accustomed to her new clothes, they fit her well and are also very beautiful.

Although it doesn't really fit with the style of a "hunter," it still looks good when worn.

She made a decision today that went against her past.

Mu Ling didn't go to practice swordsmanship, instead she secretly went to a cafe and ordered some sweets and coffee, silently eating them.

This behavior made her feel somewhat ashamed and even uncomfortable.

Clearly, the world still required her saving, the honor of her family had not yet been restored, and achieving revenge remained out of reach…

Yet here she was, voluntarily seeking relaxation in such a place. Even high school students could persevere for a year!

I simply persisted for… several years.

Day after day, year after year, unconsciously she has grown up to be an adult.

"The taste of caramel macchiato is really good…"

She ordered a caramel macchiato, which was promptly delivered to her. Upon tasting it delicately, she felt it had a delightful taste.

"Thank you for your praise, beautiful madam."

The owner of this coffee shop is a young man with fair skin and a smiling face.

His countenance was handsome with a scholarly air, black hair, a pair of glasses and a tall, slender and lean physique. He also wore a golden pocket watch on his chest.

Mu Ling was slightly startled, feeling like she had seen this person somewhere before, but couldn't remember.

It's okay, these few hours today are for relaxation. Don't think too much, it's just my own paranoia.

"Beautiful lady, do you need any more snacks? As a gesture to enhance the reputation of my business with your presence, I would like to offer you a complimentary exquisite pastry."

Mu Ling shook her head and said, "No, thank you. I don't want any unrequited kindness."

"I see," the owner nodded, glanced down at the golden pocket watch on his chest, and said no more.

Mu Ling picked up her coffee, gazed outside the café at the scenery, and gradually relaxed her mood.

Suddenly, a voice appeared in her mind.


[You will embark on a journey to a different world.]

[Wish you a pleasant enjoyment.]

Mu Ling was slightly stunned, with a slight sense of loss.

Obviously, she had intended to take a break and be lazy today, just today…

However, this is still… No, it is my duty and responsibility.

"Mu Ling, no, Nightsaber, don't be stubborn." She murmured to herself, seemingly talking to herself.

Within less than a month, she had already received so much help and guidance. If she didn't offer her full loyalty, how could she repay Babel Tower and the Savior?

The next moment.

Everything in front of Mu Ling changed.

Unlike previous experiences coming to Babel Tower, this "world change" had no prior signs.

She was utterly unable to react and found the world before her had completely transformed.

However, she was still wearing the outfit given to her by the "Savior".

Before Mu Ling stood a grand, pure white palace which exuded a magnificent and almost flawless appearance, lacking the aged feel of ancient architecture and instead possessing a clean, magical charm like that present in a fairytale world.

The mature queen with white hair stood in front of her, her face dripping with sweat, full of seriousness, her gaze filled with strength and determination.

"Summoners, you are destined to be brave warriors. Please fight alongside me and kill the invading barbarians."

"Ten years ago, we were able to slay the demon forces of war and save this country. Today, we can certainly defeat the army of the barbarians."

"This country must never fall into despair, the darkness of the continent is still waiting for us to clear it away."

Mu Ling didn't react.

Who is this guy?

Standing next to her was the displeased Psychic Dancer, wearing a pink pajama and white bunny slippers, seeming as if she has not yet awoken from her sleep.

Maryse was indeed very unhappy.

These few days, she has been sleeping almost all the time, playing games and indulging herself in food and drink, then sleeping again, spending half of each day asleep.

Delighted beyond words.

The only source of pain is the various instructions and tasks from the "Savior".

Here it comes again… it never ends! Even after leaving the family, her freedom is still restricted!

Damn it!

Maryse fought against the idea of wanting to curse the Savior, because she feared her thoughts might be overheard.

"Sister Nightsaber, it seems like we have arrived at a remarkable place."

Mu Ling heard the cry of killing and immediately turned to look.

She found that the palace was built on the highest point of honesty, while outside the palace was undoubtedly a chaotic city, where a large number of soldiers seemed to be fighting in the streets and alleys.

The enormous sense of disconnection left Mu Ling incredulous.

Just a few seconds ago, she was sitting in a sunny coffee shop savoring the delicious coffee.

But now, she had come to this…

She had suddenly ended up in a completely unfamiliar world!