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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 87

2023-06-27 21:30:00Publish Time: 2,264 views
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Chapter 87: Delicious Heart

The vast golden palace is already in ruins, as decades of war are about to come to a close here.

The brave warriors, faced with the monstrous beasts before them, could only run themselves ragged, desperately resist, and ultimately spill their final drop of blood.

They calmly guarded the princess behind them. The girl had a forlorn beauty to her, but her expression was resolute, and she had already prepared herself for a final battle against the demons here.

"I am the embodiment of war!"

The terrifying demon with a bull's head, towering over ten meters, roared with anger. Its muscles bulged like red rocks, and it fell from the sky like a meteor, pounding the ground with its fists.

The earth tore apart instantly like a sheet of paper, and the frenzied force of impact caused all the warriors in front of their eyes to scatter.

The princess also fell to the ground, and fresh crimson blood flowed from her forehead.

The mightiest knight has already emerged, with his longsword shining brightly as it descends.

The only wound on the head of the Bull Demon split open once again, and black blood oozed out. If it weren't for the wound inflicted years ago by the brave warrior who sacrificed himself, no one present would be able to harm the demon!

The triumphant one in this palace…

will become the ruler of the entire continent! The true sovereign king! The master to whom all the people will submit!

The battle was so crucial that the princess took a deep breath, got up from the ground with a determined look in her eyes, and firmly resolved to not let the demon emerge victorious!

Otherwise, all the countries on the continent will become the subjects of darkness.

"My warriors, the moment of a deadly fight has arrived."

"I am willing to devote my soul to the beautiful goddess."

"As long as I am able to vanquish this demon and allow the world to regain its former peace, I shall depart this life without regret."

"My warriors, please obey my command…"

Suddenly, she froze.

Whether it be the bull-headed demon that was like a natural disaster, the dozens of battle-hardened brave warriors, or the princess with blood flowing down her forehead but an unyielding look in her eyes.

Everyone came to a stop, and the scene resembled a vivid portrait from an epic about heroes.

However, time had not truly stopped, as the shattered stones, wind, and dust could attest to this fact.

Alan stood there in a state of stupefaction, as he watched the scene unfold before him. Water droplets trickled down his hair, and he was at a loss for words.

The Tower of Babel is truly a perplexing presence.

They were actually able to invite such a presence, although they didn't know if the other party was truly a "god," he was magnificent and terrifying, like a true god.

The tall and big bull-headed demon stood motionless beside Alan, like a beautifully crafted giant sculpture, every inch of its body showcasing the pinnacle of violent aesthetic art.

How strong!

Merely standing beside the Bull Demon, Alan's body could not help but tremble, although he could not fully comprehend the strength of "Food"…

However, the level of strength possessed by this bull-headed demon is indeed visibly exaggerated to the naked eye!

It is the essence of war!

Food stepped out from among the people, slowly walked up to the Bull-Headed Demon, and calmly pointed with his hand.

From the seemingly impenetrable chest of the demon, a distinct seam gradually appeared. Soon it grew larger and larger until the fiery, beating heart leaped out on its own.

"The second ingredient was also found: A fresh, high-level demon heart."

Looking at the heart about the size of a basketball, Food nodded lightly.

The huge bull-headed demon next to them collapsed with a loud rumble, causing a lingering cloud of dust that took a while to settle.

It no longer moved, having lost all vitality.

Food walked back calmly, seeming to speak to Alan.

"Speaking of which, I have heard of another group of people in this world who have defeated a war demon… But it seems that it is not related to this continent."

Alan stood staring dumbly at the dead bull-headed demon, unable to comprehend why the demon would die with the death of his physical body, it was supposed to only return to hell after he died in the mortal world, right?

The warriors who had recovered and the princess were equally stunned, unable to comprehend what was going on.

"Excuse me, did you kill the demon?"

"What exactly is going on? Could you explain it to me? Are you perhaps a reclusive wizard?"

"According to the agreement, we were supposed to worship you as a king, as long as you were willing to marry the princess…"

Food looked back.

He glanced at the people.

Those warriors who stepped forward crumbled into pieces like scraps of paper, and dispersed and disappeared with the wind.

There seems to be no trace left in the world of their existence.

Alan's heart tightened, deeply shaken.

Regardless of whether this individual is truly a divine being, he remains an exceedingly dangerous and dreadful presence!

The princess sat dumbfounded on the ground, unable to comprehend everything before her, as if her entire being had been rendered foolish.

"Very well, let's go and retrieve the final ingredient."

Food reached out again, pulling at the space where nothing existed.


All that just happened seems as if it never occurred.

Alan once again stood high up in the air, while the howling wind whispered persistently in his ears, and before his eyes lay the stunning vista of the boundless ocean and sky fused together.

The golden sun hung in the sky and before his eyes lay a vast blue sea. Even though he stood at such a great height, he could not see its end. Under his feet, however, was an island made up of hard, dark rocks.

"Your jumbled thoughts almost came to a halt," said Food with a bland tone.

He extended his finger once again, this time pointing towards the sun in the sky.

"Excuse me for a moment"

The fingertips have aligned with the sun.

As the fingertips pulled, golden flowing fire slipped out from the sun, like a waterfall gradually flowing onto the islands on the surface of the sea.

Alan was stunned, how was this possible? This can't be true! How on earth did it happen?

"Well, of course it couldn't be real solar flames, it's just a metaphor…"

The sturdy island has been covered by a golden stream of fire, gradually melting under extremely high temperatures. The island is now flowing with boiling hot juice onto the surface of the sea, creating a large amount of steam as it comes into contact with the seawater. The once golden island is gradually shrinking, until it becomes smaller and smaller.

Alan was dumbfounded, what would happen if this fire burned Tatsumi City?

Finally, the original island vanished completely, leaving only a small sphere that was invisible from afar to Alan.

The scorching golden sphere landed in Food's palm.

"Okay, the ingredients are ready."

Food nodded gently, finally expressing a hint of satisfaction in his tone.

He reached out his other hand again and pulled.


In the next moment, the dumbstruck Alan had returned to the initial platform.

All that had just happened…

It seems like they are all illusions.

A white plate with a large amount of green liquid and a small piece of raw meat, about the size of a palm, had already been placed in front of him.

"Cooking, officially begins."

Finally, the slender hand of Food tightly grasped the golden core and gently crushed it above the flesh.

The dense flames flowed down, instantly heating up to an extreme temperature that even made Alan, who was several meters away, feel uncomfortable.

The green liquid and chunks of meat floating in midair rapidly ignited, causing the entire "dish" to gradually boil amidst the flames, resulting in the meat chunks becoming increasingly well-done.


The sound of Food drifted slowly over.

"The key to making delicious food is always the quality of the ingredients; good dishes often only require simple techniques."

Regardless of whether or not the food before him was delicious, Alan felt that the ingredients and preparation methods were truly luxurious.

If it weren't for entering the Babel Tower, I wouldn't be able to experience such food no matter what…

In Alan's heart, the Savior had already been placed alongside the "Rainbows," so there was no need to dwell on the matter of betrayal any longer.

In the eyes of such a great personage, he was completely unworthy of mention.

As if some sort of special magic were attracting him, Alan walked forward in a daze, without any fear of the flames burning fiercely in mid-air.

He no longer knew what kind of mood he was holding, or how he tasted that piece of "beef heart meat".

At the moment of entering, Alan felt like he was completely sublimated.

Actually, there really are such delicious flavors in this world…

And then he knew nothing more, his senses overwhelmed with pleasure until consciousness faded away.


The self-proclaimed divine entity.

The mask without eyes on his face seemed to be gazing at "Mysterious Magic" in front of him, as if his gaze had already penetrated Alan and looked at more and more…

"I truly hope that one day…"

"You can all become my food"


Bai Yan looked before sleeping and discovered Alan had already withdrawn from his state of 'amusement'.

Not only did Mysterious Magic's mood instantly rise to 10, but his previously deficient physique also received a significant boost, increasing by 28 points.

Even he gained a new ability.

The Heart of Life: After absorbing the essence of life to the extreme, both body and mind undergo a thorough transformation. By taking in nourishment, one can quickly recover from injuries including but not limited to loss of limbs and disabilities.

The effect of this ability is undoubtedly very powerful, but in the future, Alan is afraid that he will become a glutton.

Bai Yan nodded slightly and muttered to himself, "It seems like he has eaten something delicious, though I'm not sure what exactly has happened."

"Speaking of it, I still have a "Happy Memory" in my hand. Perhaps it should be given to Nightsaber. It seems that Psychic Dancer now no longer wants to reminisce about the past."

After pondering the events of the day for a while, he decided to activate "Power Possession - Psychic Dancer" during the next team meeting where he would offer his assistance.

Reveal the truth directly.

If Xiao Qiu's true face is as ugly and cruel as the black wizard who destroyed Lin Bian… then let me be the one to kill her.

Of course, the premise is to first identify the true mastermind behind the scenes.

Bai Yan had to admit one thing, as someone who pursued "unrest", he was willing to experience any sensory stimulation, and deep down there was a bit of enjoyment in the pleasure of killing.

Fortunately, this kind of desire only arises towards wicked people.

He wants to witness the moment when these people also feel fear…

"Hey, what's the deal with these two guys?"

He suddenly noticed that "Psychic Dancer" and "Nightsaber" were behaving a bit strangely after using the Entertainment Card.

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