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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 206

2024-01-14 16:15:00Publish Time: 921 views
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Chapter 206: Back to Youth and Childhood

The strong aura of the Crown is like a dark veil, shrouding the entire hall. The trembling servants all fell into a coma, while the guards looked cautiously at the sudden appearance of the girl.

She is a person from the Babel Tower!

How did they appear? Where did they come in from?

No one knows.

Mu Ling stood calmly in the room, facing the gaze and vigilance of everyone, without any fear or panic in her mind.

Not only because of the emotionally indifferent  caused by the aftermath of the ceremony, but also because of...

At this moment, she already has much stronger power than before!

If Mu Ling wants to leave, no one present can stop her, even if they try together.

It could be said that ordinary transcendent beings would not be her match in a fight, as only those at the level of Potential Crown could potentially pose a challenge to her.

The valiant Count Gallard, dressed in a white suit, continued from his place of honor, saying, "Join us in the Babel Tower, not only for the vague and elusive purpose of saving the world, but also for the sake of making your families stronger. This has always been the mission pursued by us nobles."

"Loyalty to the Air Alliance, or loyalty to the king was never your first priority, what you all care about the most is your own families’ benefits."

He was absolutely sure that for these old and decadent nobles, grand and noble causes like "saving the world" had no meaning at all. What mattered most to them was interest, interest, and more interest!

However, representatives from all major families didn't speak up, maintaining a complete silence and not uttering a single word.

Joining the Babel Tower?

But the Babel Tower is a proven illegal organization, as confirmed by the Air Alliance!

If you really join the Babel Tower, then in the larger context, it's actually a betrayal to the "king" and to the "Air Alliance"!

Although everyone was tempted, yet they dared not step into the "minefield" easily.

Without a doubt, those who betray the Air Alliance will face a death penalty. Moreover, what is even more severe than the death penalty is that their entire family will be implicated. All of their loved ones will be stripped of their noble status, and they may even be exiled to the wilderness to become the lowest of sinners.

Only the crime of regicide is more severe than betraying the Air Alliance.

Therefore, representatives from all the major families fell silent.

Anyone who speaks up to agree to join here, or even just haggle a little, is likely to be caught in a trap.

If the case is taken to the Hundred Kings Assembly, the entire family might be ruined.

Count Gallard is not at all surprised by the current situation, and it can be said that he expected it.

He calmly said, "I know that for all of you, joining the Babel Tower is definitely a difficult decision."

"Since none of you are speaking, I will be the one to speak. I will say a little about what you want to ask about, and the things you like to hear about."

Count Gallard looked towards Miss Nightsaber who was standing nearby.

"You all know this hunter. She is a member of the Babel Tower, and you all understand the speed at which she is becoming stronger."

"The power of strength is easily available, and the only requirement is that you hope to remove the hostility and wanted status towards the Babel Tower, so that you can help in saving the world. For example, helping with monitoring intelligence of cultists in Tatsumi City."

He suddenly burst into a cold laughter.

"Hmph, I don't think anyone is completely unmoved."

"Perhaps, some of you may have doubts, wondering if you can truly receive such high-quality treatment after taking the risk and joining the Babel Tower with your family."

Count Gallard has left his seat, looking proud as he said, "Since that is the case, I will show you...something that I obtained from the Babel Tower."

He extended his right arm, while the fingers of his left hand quickly cut through a wound on it.

Fresh blood flowed out.

Everyone quickly noticed that the wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

This is the effect of the Blood of Darkness.

The various things that were produced by Babel Tower through its research facilities, such as the 'Bloodline of Shadow' and the 'Dragon Slaying Technique', were basically able to be mass-produced, and Bai Yan could also impart these technologies to Non-core Operators.

However, Count Gallard's attribute has not yet reached the requirement for cultivation.

After Count Gallard demonstrated the effectiveness of the Blood of Darkness, everyone remained silent.

Kesu, Bernard, Xiu, and Phoenix, these three heads and deputy heads of the families, remained unfazed with their expressions unchanged.

However, this is still something that Count Gallard expected.

"Of course, I know that for all of you, this is not attractive enough, as the effects can be achieved by more powerful spells, rituals, and alchemy potions...So, take a look at this."

He took a deep breath.

The next moment, Count Gallard's body underwent a drastic change!

Everyone was shocked, as the wrinkles on Count Gallard's face began to quickly smooth out, and his once dull white hair turned back to golden. Even the muscular outline of his body became more powerful!

His whole demeanor became filled with oppressive power, as if a lion poised to devour prey stood in the center of the room, emanating an aura stronger than other extraordinary individuals of the same Potential Crown level!

In just a few seconds, Count Gallard had turned into a handsome young man in his twenties. Standing tall at 1.9 meters, his golden hair cascaded down to his waist, and his face was full of arrogance and excitement.

He became younger by fifty or sixty years in front of everyone's eyes!


"He's back, the young lion has returned."

Xiu fell into contemplation. He had seen the young Gallard full of arrogance when he was very young. Gallard never placed anyone or anything in his eyes.

As he gradually aged, he lost some of his sharpness. But now, it has all come back. Even if he loses all of his children, he has enough time to restore the glory of the Wettin family with his rejuvenated youth.

In an instant, Xiu felt a slight tinge of envy.

The power of the Babel Tower is truly miraculous.

There are ceremonies and relics that can make people youthful again, but even they need luck to obtain those rare and precious objects.

Count Gallard, now rejuvenated, smiled. He was completely convinced of the power of the Babel Tower, all thanks to Bai Yan's investment in him.

Entertainment Card - Gourmet Banquet - Bai Yan used it on this 'elderly man'.

On the one hand, he allowed Count Gallard to bring some important words in the name of "Savior" to the "Food", hoping to carry out more transactions with the "Food" as a god.

On the other hand, he allowed Count Gallard to gain new extraordinary powers through 'Food'.

This elder man's luck was pretty good as the food he drew gave him the effect of eternal youth.

Count Gallard not only regained his youthfulness, but can also maintain it for at least 500 years. Originally, he was expected to only reach the level of a Potential Crown in his lifetime, but now he will have more opportunities to surpass it and reach the level of Crown.

If Count Gallard performs well in the future, Bai Yan doesn't mind using 50 Source Energy Points to obtain the most suitable Crown Ceremony for him through 'the Library of Ruina'.

Although Count Gallard's natural limit is at the lower level of Crown, having an additional Crown level of power is still very important in the early stages of the game "Babel Tower".

Young Count Gallard looked at everyone with mad eyes and his voice became loud and high-spirited.

"Hahaha, I know that all of you desire it in your hearts, but are still hesitant and hoping others will take the first step to see the risks and rewards of joining Babel Tower!"

"You are all just a bunch of cowards."

He raised his hand disdainfully and exclaimed, "The great gods are behind Babel Tower! The Savior is the representative of the gods! A few days ago, I saw the ancient gods with my own eyes and received my youth from them!"

"Becoming a member of Babel Tower is the only opportunity you will ever have in your life! Once missed, it is destined to be regretful! We will not force anyone, so today's meeting ends here!"

Count Gallard paused here and said coldly, "Of course, Babel Tower doesn't want anyone to report what happened here to the Air Alliance. I don't want to see the Eyes of the Empire and the Demonic Suppression Bureau come to eliminate the Wettin family in a few days."

Of course, the last sentence was a warning.

Although the Eyes of the Empire and Demon Hunt Agency cannot capture the core members of Babel Tower, the Wettin family, who have already exposed their identity, are undoubtedly a big target. If anyone speaks out about today's events, it will obviously be very detrimental to Count Gallard and the Wettin family.

Therefore, it takes great courage for him to come forward at this moment and expose his identity as a member of Babel Tower.

This Count of Knights has already put everything on the line, and has tied his entire family to the same chariot as Babel Tower!

After listening to him, everyone understood his meaning.

I see, it's actually a good thing that I don't need to make a statement right now.

"Let's stop here for today."

The unremarkable middle-aged man who is the head of the Capetian family, stood up and calmly said:

"Whatever decision we make in the end, we surely won't betray the Wettin family. You can rest assured of it, Count Gallard."


After the participants of this banquet dispersed, only Count Gallard and Mu Ling were left at the scene.

"They don't seem to be very interested," Mu Ling spoke up.

Count Gallard still had the appearance of his youth, and as he looked at the girl with white hair in front of him, he knew that she was different from him. In actuality, she was a higher-ranked "Core Operator".

Unfortunately, there are some things that can only be admired from afar.

He then looked at his hands with no visible wrinkles and smiled.

Even so, I still obtained unprecedented opportunities and gained unimaginable youthfulness.

"No, you are very mistaken, Miss Nightsaber."

Count Gallard sneered and said with great certainty, "Actually, everyone was very moved, which is why no one stood up to refute me... You see, what I said was quite a subversive thing."

"It's just that the current situation is too formal, and they don't want to take a stand. These cowards don't want to openly join an illegal organization and give other families a handle to grab."

He chuckled, saying, "Although it is a cowardly thought, I can completely understand it."

Mu Ling said calmly, "Unfortunately, I don't understand these things, so I can only stand here and wait."

"No, your role is also very important."

Count Gallard shook his head and said, "Crown level transcendent beings are such an outstanding existence that cannot be ignored, and most importantly, your strength was still very weak just over two months ago."

"Just by standing here, you can play a role of deterrence and example."

At this point, he suddenly asked, "Miss Nightsaber, I have never seen the Savior with my own eyes, but as a core member, you should have seen... What kind of existence is that person?"

After thinking for a while, Mu Ling honestly replied, "To me, He, um, or rather, he... is like the last ray of light in my dark life."

"I am willing to be the sharp blade in His hand, cutting through all the darkness. Even if it means sacrificing myself, it is worthwhile. The Savior is a great existence that will save all worlds. To fight and even sacrifice for Him is my honor."

This response stunned Count Gallard, who then burst into laughter.

"I see, so you're the type who would carry out a suicide order, huh? Heh, you should be the most ideal subordinate for the 'Savior'."

"As a knight, I also have my dignity."

In a low voice, Count Gallard said, "If the 'Savior' were to one day betray the path of saving the world, then I too would stand against him."

"There won't be such a day." Mu Ling said firmly and confidently.

Then, after thinking for a while, she asked, "After today, will any of those families really volunteer to surrender?"

Count Gallard nodded, and replied in a serious tone, "After we transmit the information from 'Cybertyrant', many families will surrender soon. In fact, our chances of winning are great."

Great chances of winning? Mu Ling was slightly surprised and asked, "What is the information that she is going to transmit?"

Count Gallard said, "She will explain that the resources of the Babel Tower are not unlimited. Therefore... the early bird catches the worm, and those families who surrender first will receive better rewards."

The early bird catches the worm?

Suddenly, Mu Ling understood everything clearly.

If what the 'Old Knight' said is right, representatives from each of the four families are actually interested, but they kept silent because it would be unwise to openly join an illegal organization.

After they return, they may convene a meeting or think deeply [Before deciding], but after they all received the hint of 'Cybertyrant' in unison...they will be trapped in a scenario similar to the so-called Prisoner's Dilemma.

Families that join the Babel Tower first will receive better quality resources, while those who join later will only be neglected.

Moreover, no family can guarantee that other families will not secretly join the Babel Tower. Nor can they inquire about the true intentions of other families.

If a family secretly contacts the Babel Tower beforehand, the other major families would have no way of knowing.

As long as [They] join in secret, it is unlikely that [The action] will be immediately reported to the Air Alliance, meaning that there is not that much risk after all.

Therefore, there will definitely be families who are eager to join the Babel Tower!

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