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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 205

2024-01-13 17:05:00Publish Time: 1,064 views
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Chapter 205: Tempting With Benefits


The name of this building is the Crown. Additionally, "Crown" is also the name of the best hotel in Tatsumi City, established by the Capetian family, which is one of the five major families.

The decoration of the entire hotel is quite magnificent, with white and gold as the main color scheme, creating a peaceful and elegant atmosphere.

All the service personnel have received professional training and adhere to the strictest rules. The management team consists of several retired personal servants of the Capetian family.

The hotel's ingredients are sourced from all over the world, all carefully selected premium quality goods that cannot be found anywhere else in Tatsumi City outside of the Platinum Zone.

This is a top-level hotel that exclusively serves nobles, and people without noble status cannot make reservations.

Becoming a noble is not an easy thing to do.

In addition to the most common hereditary method, it is absolutely difficult to obtain noble status through other means.

For superhumans, the most common way to become a noble is to be able to achieve the rank of captain or higher in the Demon Hunt Agency, which would grant them the opportunity to apply for noble status.

Only the King of Tatsumi City, known as the Leaf King, has the power to approve commoners becoming nobles.

However, only a handful of newly appointed nobles are born each year.

In recent years, in addition to the captains of the Demon Hunt Agency, every successful applicant for nobility has been a wealthy businessman. They have provided the King of Tatsumi City with large sums of money to sustain his daily expenses. Of course, the money given is not free, but rather a loan. If the King is unable to repay his debts, he can use his noble status to make up for it.

This practice of using noble status as collateral for debts is quite common in all cities of the Air Alliance, and over the past century, most Kings have fallen into debt and poverty.

On the other hand, the number of wealthy individuals obtaining noble status has been increasing, and for them, obtaining the various privileges and benefits awarded to nobles by law is of utmost importance.

On the twenty-fourth floor of the Crown Building, the largest room here is several hundred square meters; however, there is currently only one table in use.

There are over a hundred waiters and guards present, yet only seven individuals, who are not ordinary people, but representatives of the five major families, are participating at this table.

The five major families in Tatsumi City are the Capetian family, the Wettin family, the Augustus family, the Aster family, and the Gene family.

Undoubtedly, the Capetian family is the most powerful among them; not only do they possess an extraordinary individual at the Potential Crown level, but they also have a Civilization-level Relic.

The Capetian family monopolizes the entire communication industry in Tatsumi City, earning huge profits from it, and they are also very interested in the internet industry.

The Wettin family monopolizes the media and entertainment industries in Tatsumi City, which is why one of Count Gallard's granddaughters can become a popular star. Although she seems unattainable to ordinary people, becoming an actress means she has been given up on by the upper class society.

The biggest drawback of this family in the past was that they didn't have a Civilization-level Relic.

The biggest drawback now is that almost all of the core members died overnight.

The Augustus family doesn't have too many powerful extraordinary individuals, but they have two Civilization-level Relics and monopolize the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

After losing the head of the family, Reno, there has been an increasing call for his eldest son, Phoenix, to inherit the position of family head. However, there are also many who suggest that the search for Reno should continue.

The heads of the Astor and Gene families are Kesu and Bernard respectively. One is tall and thin with a scholarly temperament, and the other is chubby and fond of jewelry.

They had also attended a banquet at the Augustus family before, and appeared on the night when the mansion caught on fire. They never imagined that Reno and his daughter Maryse had disappeared that night.

Their families respectively monopolize the imports and exports of Tatsumi City and agricultural products, and they have also intervened in many other industries. Although they don't have Civilization-level Relics or Potential Crown level experts, the total number of their extraordinary individuals is the largest among the five major families.

Count Gallard sits in the main seat. With white hair, he has an indomitable aura that is hard to conceal. He is undoubtedly a true knight, radiating strength and authority.

As the eldest person, he looked deeply at the people around the dining table. Except for the Augustus family, which temporarily lacks a head and directly brought three core members, the heads of other families personally came.

So, he can also come clean here.

Complete the task given by the Savior and unify the power of this city.

So, Count Gallard slowly spoke up.

"Everyone, I have joined the Babel Tower."

As soon as Count Gallard uttered these words, everyone present was stunned.

Everyone looked at him with astonishment, confusion, and disbelief, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

The eldest son of the Augustus family, Phoenix, immediately frowned.

He said coldly, "The Babel Tower, this illegal and mysterious organization, not only kidnapped my father and sister, but also killed several members of your the Wettin family - all of which is the truth."

"Why, in this situation Count Gallard, a knight who is so highly respected by us, would still kneel to the enemy and join an illegal force of unknown origin?"

Phoenix knew the truth about his sister and understood that Maryse was actually a traitor who left their family. However, in order to save face, they publicly claimed that both the head of the Reno family and Maryse were kidnapped by the Babel Tower and their whereabouts were unknown.

The others present were also very puzzled. Since many important members of the Wettin family were killed by the Babel Tower, why would Count Gallard, as the head of the family, join them?

Could it be that he is too old, has suffered from strong mental stimulation, and has developed senile dementia directly?

"Those people should all die."

Count Gallard's tone was very heavy, but also very determined as he said, "They were already heretics, colluding with the Church of Balance in secret. I had intended to clean up the mess myself, but they ambushed me."

His words were visibly indifferent, showing that he no longer saw the deceased traitors as his own kin.

"If it weren't for the intervention and help of the Babel Tower, it would be me who died now," he said coldly.

Everyone looked at each other in surprise, not realizing that there was such a connection. The Wettin family was actually corrupted by the evil cult in secret.

Several members of the Augustus family looked uneasy, feeling that the other party was hinting that their family lord was also colluding with the heretics.

Although Phoenix had investigated the pharmaceutical company, he had a vague guess that the truth was true as it appeared.

Count Gallard continued to lay his cards on the table and calmly said, "The reason why I gathered you all here today is actually to convey a message on behalf of the Savior... Babel Tower also hopes that you can join us, just like me."

"At that time, this city will become a part of the Savior's strength."

Several people who were already looking at each other in confusion fell silent at this moment, but their hearts were shocked beyond expression.

What does that mean?

Babel Tower, does it want to seize control of this city?

Isn't this clearly opposing the Air Alliance?

If we don't agree, does Babel Tower want to lay hands on our family?

The head of the Capetian family is a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance.

Wearing a gray suit, he was very unremarkable and appeared just like any ordinary person walking on the street.

He didn't speak at all while he was here.

However, everyone knows that the middle-aged man named Xiu cannot be underestimated. In fact, he is a Potential Crown-level expert who is on par with Count Gallard.

Suddenly, a chilly aura emanated from Xiu, causing the temperature inside the house to drop by several degrees.

He said calmly, “This city is legally under the jurisdiction of the Leaf King's territory. If we join a mysterious organization of unknown origin without authorization, it would undoubtedly be an illegal act.”

Count Gallard shook his head gently and said, "The intention of the Babel Tower is to save the world, and for this greater purpose, worldly laws are utterly meaningless."

Xiu wanted to say something.

But at this moment, a very strong aura appeared in the room, which made everyone unable to ignore it.


Xiu's expression also instantly became alert!

Mu Ling, the girl in the black windbreaker, had come into the room at some point and was slowly walking towards everyone.

"It's a person from the Babel Tower!"

"That Mu Ling, the last hunter of Tatsumi City."

"How could she appear here?"

Everyone was very puzzled, while maintaining vigilance. Those who had watched the video were all clear about the girl's extremely powerful strength.

There are also those mysterious and special means, much like instantaneous movement, but also similar to time pause. If one doesn't remain vigilant, they may be killed by her in an instant!

She actually appeared here!

Mu Ling calmly looked at the vigilant crowd, not saying a word but constantly releasing her own aura.

The reason why those who possess extraordinary power at the Crown level are called 'Crown' is due to their immeasurable aura, which is almost tangible.

Many attendants on the scene were just ordinary people, unable to withstand the pressure and falling to the ground unconscious.

The intense and mysterious oppressive feeling was almost tangible, causing everyone's complexion to change.

She actually became stronger again!

She has even reached the Crown level!

How is this possible? To achieve such tremendous progress in such a short time, in merely about two months... It's theoretically impossible!

Just as everyone was amazed by the rapid improvement of Mu Ling's strength, Count Gallard spoke calmly, "I believe everyone should know her initial strength as well as her current strength. Her progress has been incredibly rapid, so I don't think I need to say anything more about it."

"If you agree to join Babel Tower, then the Savior will also grant you immense power."

He changed the concept here a little. Bai Yan can indeed provide everyone with power beyond 'Awakening Soul,' but he cannot provide a lot of benefits to every unimportant Non-core Operator.

But as soon as everyone heard Count Gallard's statement, the association that immediately came to mind was... that the members of Babel Tower are rapidly becoming incredibly powerful. Could it be that if we agree to join Babel Tower, we will also be transformed in such a manner?

Strength and interests are undoubtedly the basis for negotiating with these people.

Now Babel Tower has shown both of them in an extremely obvious way.

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