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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 174

2023-12-07 18:00:00Publish Time: 1,158 views
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Chapter 174: Mission Failed

Bai Yan's phone screen displays the situation in the laboratory, still very familiar pixel art style.

Trembling "test subject" hides in the corner of the giant container, while in the center is a not-small slimy creature with a deep blue shell and a red core.

Fusion Slime, under Bai Yan's control, tapped the container, but there was no possibility of it being crushed, not even if it was hit a hundred times…

Professor Bai Lan is well aware of Fusion Slime's attack capabilities. The container she prepared in advance has extremely high quality and can completely withstand the impact it causes.

To be honest, Bai Yan finds this "new operator import task" very difficult to complete.

Escape, can't escape, can you…

Even if the container is really broken, the Fusion Slime with "Potential Crown" strength is by no means a match for Professor Bai Lan.

As one of the fifty highest-ranking members, she has the authority to release "Crown level spells" purchased from the "Nine Trees System" by consuming points, and with various protective measures in the laboratory, the current Fusion Slime has no chance of escaping.

During the first playthrough, Bai Yan would sometimes draw Fusion Slime in the early stages, and the import task would be stuck there, completely unable to escape…

In fact, the import task of the Core Operator doesn't necessarily have to be completed. Even if it fails, the selected Core Operator can enter the Babel Tower.

"Actually, there is not a complete lack of solutions. If I use the 'A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity' card here, there is a chance that it might escape."

Undoubtedly, it is a card that can create miracles.

Bai Yan weighed the pros and cons of whether or not to use that powerful Tactical Card.

Generally, the rewards obtained after completing the import mission won't be too bad. For instance, getting a reward of "Deep Blue World" level would be profitable.

However, it is also possible to get rewards step by step, which may not be as strong as the "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" card.

"If I were not in the task mode, I could use my 'summoning' ability to bring it to the Babel Tower, and then let it directly go to other cities through the Operator Center 'the Heart of Babel Tower'."

Bai Yan murmured to himself,

"However, under the current task mode state, I am unable to use these functions…"

In the non-imported task mode, Fusion Slime doesn't have to worry about how to leave the Nine Trees Foundation headquarters at all, as long as it passes through the Babel Tower for transit, it can leave very conveniently.

So, should we try to use the "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" to complete the imported task?

The biggest problem is that even if the "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" is used, miraculous things might happen, but it may not necessarily allow Fusion Slime to escape.

Because the direction of luck is uncertain.

After using the card, it is also possible that Fusion Slime may eat the unlucky subject and then pick up a Civilization-level Relic from inside his body…

This is undoubtedly also a stroke of luck.

However, it's really hard to say whether this Civilization-level Relic can help Fusion Slime escape.

"Well, let's give it a try. It doesn't matter as long as we don't 'save' it."

With the idea that he could regret it anytime, Bai Yan immediately attempted it.

The slime banged against the glass casing but there wasn't even a crack, so Bai Yan selected the Tactical Card "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" and used it.

The card's image depicts "a resolute man slowly walking forward, with meteors, volcanic eruptions, and arrows all unable to harm him in the slightest."

As lucky as a deity.

A "heart" mark emerged above Fusion Slime's head, indicating that its luck was greatly enhanced.

After a while, the laboratory on the phone suddenly lit up with red lights, and the pixelated "Professor Bai Lan" exclaimed, "Stop the experiment immediately, there's an enemy invasion…"

Bai Yan silently watched as the plot continued to unfold. Suddenly, the image on the phone screen shook violently, and with a loud bang, the entire laboratory collapsed!

"What's going on?"

Professor Bai Lan was obviously very shocked, with a terrible expression on her face. She could not imagine that the Nine Trees Foundation headquarters in Tree City would also be attacked!

Upon witnessing everything, Bai Yan couldn't help but exclaim, such is the charm of "luck", even though the development is absurd, the fact is that it really happened.

As expected, after the laboratory collapsed, the sturdy container shattered, and the deep blue Fusion Slime easily escaped under his control.

In the pixelated picture, there was a fire outside the laboratory. A very intense battle might have taken place and even the sky was constantly changing colors. The phone screen would shake violently every dozen seconds or so.

But none of this had anything to do with Fusion Slime. All it had to do was move forward a little further to complete its import mission.

Inside the collapsed building, Fusion Slime found the body of a familiar person, Prof. Bai Lan's cloned assistant, "Huang".

Her body was only half remaining under the ruins, devoid of any vitality… As it was in pixel art style, her exact expression at this moment is unclear, but her eyes were visibly open.

The incident happened suddenly, and Professor Bai Lan didn't have time to save her.

Fusion Slime let out a mournful cry, extremely puzzled and unable to accept the death of Huang. This was the first time it had witnessed the passing of someone familiar.

It turns out that the human body is so fragile.

Bai Yan, however, could not feel much sympathy, as their values differed greatly.

Whether it was Professor Bai Lan, her assistant Huang, or almost all of the sages, they never thought they had done anything excessive or violated any rules.

But for Bai Yan, some of their actions could be described as "inhuman".

He saw the next game prompt.

"Mission completed, Babel Tower Legendary Point +50."

"Succeeded in collecting the remains of the Sage Clone 'Huang' and can invest resources in developing new special technology."

"Task reward obtained: Mystical Power: Immortality."

Oh, this is actually…

Bai Yan looked at the reward for importing the mission, was stunned for a moment, and immediately had a resolute idea.

"Do you want to save?"

"Do you want to start over?"

Is immortality a completely useless extraordinary power? Not exactly, because many Relics consume life, so immortality is like being able to use these Relics almost unlimitedly.

Oh, by the way, there is a difference between "Mystical Power·Immortality" and the gods' "Immortality". After using it, it adds ten thousand years of life and maintains youth, but it is not truly eternal.

However, even two or three "Immortalities" cannot compare to "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity" in Bai Yan's eyes.

Bai Yan decisively said, "I'm sorry, Brother Slime, you should stay here in prison for a while longer. Anyway, your dear Professor Bai Lan won't mistreat you."

He clicked "Restart" for the first time.

As a result, Bai Yan watched the mission fail, allowing Tactical Card to be preserved.


This was the first time Fusion Slime had ever heard the voice that emerged from its innermost being.

It conducted a fundamental analysis.

It was a callous voice, or maybe it was indeed callous?

It was caught up in contemplation and indecision.

[You have been chosen by fate, Fusion Slime.]


What does it mean?

Fusion Slime could not understand.

After a while, it suddenly realized that it couldn't move at all, whether it wanted to stretch out its tentacles or roll, it just couldn't do it!

No matter how much struggling, it could not break free from this eerie state, and Fusion Slime was completely shocked.


However, nothing else happened next, and soon it found that it could move again.

Then, that cruel and merciless voice rang out again.

[[I am the Savior.]]

[Everything is for saving the past and the future, for this world that is about to collapse and be destroyed.]

[Fusion Slime.]

[From today onwards, you are a member of Babel Tower.]

"Gulu gulu gulu?"

From beginning to end, Fusion Slime was deeply puzzled about what it all meant.

What is the Savior? What is Babel Tower?

And what exactly is Fusion Slime?

Could it be referring to me? My race does seem to be a slime, and I do possess nuclear fusion power, but the 'I' was given the name… R21.

It was completely unable to comprehend the sudden influx of information.

It just vaguely felt curious and excited, wanting to come into contact with more information.

I want it!