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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 173

2023-12-06 16:05:00Publish Time: 1,176 views
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Chapter 173: Fusion Slime

Fusion Slime.

"An inhuman Core Operator, not bad."

Bai Yan looked at the fifth extracted Core Operator, and his originally bad mood suddenly improved. The excess Operator Fragment would automatically convert, each fragment turning into 50 Source Energy Points.

Fusion Slime is one of the inhuman Core Operators.

Its role position is a tank and controller. This slime has been specialized through the "sage" reconstruction and is extremely difficult to kill. It is truly a monster that is very difficult to be destroyed by ordinary means. As long as there is a single fragment remaining, it can be revived.

Moreover, it also possesses some strange abilities, and the higher its level is, the more peculiar abilities it will have. Many times, it can produce miraculous effects, making enemies that are obviously stronger than it couldn't withstand.

In the illustration, a deep blue undulating and liquid-like creature appears. However, in its deepest part, there is a red spherical object that seems to be burning.

It wriggled back and forth in the phone screen, making chirping and chattering sounds.

Hmm, this is the exclusive line of Fusion Slime… "Gulu gulu gulu."

After some contemplation, Bai Yan laughed mischievously and modified the exclusive line.

"Look at me, look at me, look at me again! I'm going to eat you up!"

Fusion Slime also has the ability to learn. It's not that it can't speak human language, it just doesn't usually choose to.

Bai Yan thinks it's cute when it speaks such lines.

Of course, the enemy may find it extremely terrifying!


Night Union.

Tree City.

This super giant city is the very location that Nine Trees Foundation fundamentally rules over, with the "brain" Nine Trees system and 50 "sages" governing every aspect of the people of Tree City's lives, from birth to growth, from aging to death. Those who live in Tree City are irrevocably linked to Nine Trees Foundation.

Tree City is a city distinct from the Ring City, in that its architectural structure is not of high-density vertical construction, but of a vortex shape, spiraling from the inside outwards.

The closer to the center of the city, the more prosperous the area becomes.

Tree City has no concept of family, as all individuals will receive unified nurturing, learning, and training, and it is the great "Nine Trees System" that will classify individuals into different value ranks from the ages of 1 to 20.

The outermost individuals are very close to the terrifying "wilderness", and their lives are deemed to be of value level 1, forcing them to survive each day in a nearly lawless realm.

Those who are truly unable to support themselves may apply to become test subjects for the Nine Trees Foundation. Otherwise, the only way to reach the city's center is by accumulating 100,000 points!

People in Tree City rely on points to live, just like the credit points in Ring City, where points are everything and their power is even more excessive than credit points.

In this city, everyone is implanted with the "Nine Trees System" at birth. You can use points to exchange for everything you want from the Nine Trees System, whether it's the right to eat, drink, breathe, or even to reproduce, mate, or do anything illegal if you don't have enough points.

Conversely, if you have enough points, it's easy to have a life like an ancient emperor's.

For the majority of people living in the "surrounding areas" of Tree City, the "Nine Trees System" recognizes that they have a certain value, so these people have more job opportunities and stability, and they take pride in their positions.

They take pride in their position.

The innermost individuals are the chosen elite of Nine Trees, possessing qualifications of value level 10 or higher. These individuals are responsible for more important societal work, and each of them takes pride in their status, touting their moral excellence. They worship the "Nine Trees" more than they do the "Rainbows," who are regarded as the new gods.

In the eyes of many, the "Nine Trees System" as the "brain" of this city is far more powerful than the Rainbows!

At the very center lies the "Nine Trees Headquarters", and anyone who approaches without permission will be immediately shot. The wise men who have the right to live there are all great contributors in their respective fields.

They were chosen by the "Nine Trees System" to become the highest class of wise men in the city.

Any wise man who fails to make a contribution in their field of expertise for ten consecutive years will lose their status as a wise man and be demoted to the inner zone to rejoin the elite team. However, they can strive to make significant contributions to society in the future and regain the title of "wise man."

The Nine Trees System is a great achievement of science, a coordinator of all things. It is the true ruler of Tree City, and the undisputed deity of the Night Union on the surface!

The fifty sages each possess their own laboratory equipped with practically everything a scholar could desire.

Inside the futuristic 32nd laboratory of gigantic proportions, there lies an immense cultivation vessel encircled with innumerable pipes and connections, and an array of various instruments scattered around, some designed for testing data while others facilitating the injection of required chemicals.

The tall, white-coated woman stood before the cultivation container, possessing a remarkably beautiful appearance with blue highlights in her white hair.

Professor Bai Lan gazed at the object in the container, which was her masterpiece, a wriggling deep blue "slime creature", but at its core it had a red nucleus.

Heart of Nuclear Fusion.

The ten-year deadline is approaching. If she cannot make significant contributions by then, she will be expelled from the headquarters and relegated to a mere senior professor again.

She cannot tolerate this.


Bailan commanded her assistant, saying coldly, "Bring in the 313223 experiment, we shall attempt direct contact with R21 and humans today."

"Understood, Professor."

Huang, standing not far away, was also a woman with black hair. She was thinner and shorter than Bailan, but they shared a striking resemblance, as if she was Bai Lan's sister.

In reality, she was only Bailan's clone adjustment body.

Because her intellectual development was successful after being born, Huang was removed from the "organ backup storage" by Bai Lan, and purchased and granted…human rights… from the Nine Trees System with points.

This is one of the many privileges of being a sage; Bai Lan not only has the power to grant human rights to clone bodies, but can also consume points to deprive most low-value individuals of their rights at any time.

Huang is actually preparing for her own experiment, and if one day she can create great contributions to society, she can even become a member of the "sage".

Then, although the probability was extremely low, there were indeed some occurrences in history…a certain sage, due to a curse, was unable to make any useful contributions and was eventually expelled to the outskirts and lost all human rights after consuming all points.

After a while, a man dressed in white clothes that looked like hospital gowns and in good health walked shivering.

He didn't have electronic shackles on his hands and his behavior was not currently limited, but any action beyond the limits would be immediately controlled by the Nine Trees system.

"313223, go in and interact with the target."

Professor Bai Lan pointed to the giant deep blue slime. Subject 313223 shook his head repeatedly, and the adult man exclaimed in horror, "No! Please, let me go back to the periphery! I don't want to become a monster's food!"

"What are you saying?"

Professor Bai Lan was extremely puzzled and angrily said, "You have enjoyed many things by selling yourself for a lot of points, even leaving behind offspring. Now it's your turn to fulfill your obligation, and you refuse?"

"People in the periphery are all so greedy and unfair."

Huang, on the side, calmly said.

"Indeed, I almost forgot." Bai Lan shook his head and said, "Their moral index has not yet evolved to a higher level. Well, Huang, I was just emotional."

She pressed a few buttons on the console and the man called 313223 immediately, uncontrollably, begged to walk towards the huge transparent cultivation container, while the liquid in the cultivation container was dried up, leaving only the constantly wriggling deep blue slime.

It curiously extended a large number of tentacles and crawled towards this side.

"No, please, my daughter has just turned one…please spare me!"

Bai Lan said coldly:

"It has no radioactivity or toxins, and its aggression is not strong. We have tested it extensively on animals. Theoretically, as a pure-blooded human, you can come into direct contact with it. I advise you not to get too excited or attack it, otherwise it may also be stressed…or even attack you directly."

Finally, the man nodded, closed his mouth, went through the disinfection room and isolation room, and finally put on isolation clothing to enter the cultivation container.

He looked up and saw the towering creature, which was about five or six meters high. It resembled a wriggling liquid, but had extremely high heat, causing the man to continuously sweat.

The voice of Professor Bai Lan came from all around.

"R21, can you hear me? I know you understand, after all, you have learned so much, haven't you?"

The deep blue slime in the container swayed, as if it had understood, but at the same time seemed completely oblivious.

The man, as the experimental subject, had already been frightened and collapsed in the corner, desperately praying to the "Nine Trees" not to die.

Professor Bai Lan continued, "I hope you can coexist peacefully, don't attack it, don't prey on it, can you? R21."

The deep blue slime extended a tentacle and drew several different countries' characters on the ground unsteadily.

However, Professor Bai Lan in front of the monitor understood at a glance what it said, "…Why can't I eat it, is it because of ethics?"

Professor Bai Lan shook her head and said, "No, it's because of the regulations of the Nine-tree System… Although the experimental subject has no human rights, it doesn't matter if you eat it. However, if you develop a habit of attacking and preying on humanoid creatures, it will be difficult for me to release you. Promise me, R21, don't develop bad habits."

She thought R21 would answer her with a "yes".

Unexpectedly, without any apparent reason, R21 suddenly went completely idle.

Professor Bai Lan was slightly taken aback. Despite the fact that all data displayed on the control panel seemed to be correct, she had a hunch that something remote was affecting, even controlling, R21.


A deafening sound!

Suddenly, the deep blue slime began thrashing its tentacles and forcefully pounding the cultivation dish!