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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 122

2023-09-13 19:18:00Publish Time: 1,526 views
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Chapter 122: The Brand-New Changes of Babel Tower

Babel Tower has undergone a fresh transformation.

Instead of immediately checking, Bai Yan stowed away his mobile phone and cast a glance at his own incarnation standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him in the cramped compartment.

The "incarnation" obtained through parasitism can't only transform into the user's own appearance, but also into other appearances, including even animals or small objects.

With a single thought, he transformed the incarnation into the appearances of Mu Ling, Alan, and Maryse, complete with their clothing.

Sure enough, each one was so lifelike that it was difficult to tell them apart at least on the surface of the body.

"However, when facing acquaintances, such as Mu Ling's butler, they would easily recognize the 'Mu Ling' in disguise, quickly identifying the differences in temperament and behavioral details that are difficult to conceal."

"Also, the internal organs, blood vessels, bones and other structures are definitely different because they are just false things created based on 'my impression', and I have no idea how they really are."

Bai Yan soon discovered something, which is that the process of controlling the transformation of his incarnation could be fast or slow.

The more complex the transformation of an object, the slower the process, and the more familiar the transformation, the faster it is. For example, it took him a long time to transform the appearance of his incarnation into "Lin Bian".

Because he and Lin Bian were not familiar at all.

Of course, Bai Yan was well aware that the only thing that could change was his appearance, his transformed self had no substantial difference in physical strength.

"I can't use the powers of the transformed, only my own strength."

Bai Yan murmured to himself.

"Essentially, I'm like an externally attachable 'arm' that can take on many forms. To be honest, I don't really like having to use my extraordinary brainpower… can't I just punch like Superman?"

After his habitual soliloquy, Bai Yan reopened "Babel Tower" on his phone and performed a comprehensive check on the updated content.

The first new change arose.

Bai Yan was astonished to discover that the pixelated city on the game interface was no longer a regular background but a constantly monitored living space that could be freely zoomed in and out of… albeit still in pixelated form.

Nonetheless, this was quite impressive, as Bai Yan's fingers tirelessly enlarged the city for several minutes, revealing clear images of streets and pedestrians on his phone screen.

Although it is a pixelated version.

He slid his finger across the screen, checking each household one by one, only to see pixelated figurines.

At that moment, Bai Yan was taken aback and noticed a "convert" button in the upper right corner.

Once he pressed it, the pixelated scenery on the phone screen began to transform into hyper-realistic images. Within a few seconds, the transition was complete.

This time, it's not a pixelated version, but a real-life setting.

A clear image shows a family of three eating in the video, completely unaware that they are being monitored by the "Savior", and from this moment on, every person in the city has become an "Observable".

"Real-time monitoring throughout the city… in a sense, it's an incredible ability, but unfortunately it is also mentally taxing."

Bai Yan remained silent for a while, then immediately minimized the screen on his phone and moved it over to the Demon Hunt Agency's location before finally zooming in multiple times to the interior of the Demon Hunt Agency.

Sure enough, I can directly monitor the internal situation of the Demon Hunt Agency!

"This feature is good, but a bit of a waste of fingers."

He constantly slid his fingers up, down, left, and right, moving "real-time monitoring" to the first team.

Alan, Lin Bian, and other Night Watchers all appeared on the screen, completely unaware that they were being "broadcasted live," each person doing their own thing.

Monitoring the city as the "Savior," Bai Yan found it quite amusing. This ability is suitable for controlling the overall situation and for peering into secrets that are difficult to obtain.

Although it was not difficult to determine, subconsciously he understood that probably no one under the "divine" would discover his surveillance.

Bai Yan then scrolled on the screen, this time looking towards the 12th team's office.

Miss Merete Chambers, the Moon Witch, was having a conversation with Holly.

She didn't attend the last captain's birthday party, and it's unknown what she was doing instead.

However, Merete Chambers made up for it with a very impressive gift afterwards, even leaving Adelaide somewhat surprised, indicating that few people truly knew her preferences.

That is a book with a strong literary quality.

Bai Yan was able to deduce from the live stream that the relationship between Merete Chambers and Holly had become very strong in just a few days. It can be said that almost everyone likes this witch.

"Holly, there's something I've been wanting to know."

"What is it?"

"How many days a year do rabbits go into heat?"

"You and Bai Yan can die together."

She was at ease and unaware of anything unusual under "surveillance".

If the witch suddenly raised her head at this moment, Bai Yan would definitely be scared on the spot.

Finally, Bai Yan remained silent, his fingers sliding.

He moved the "real-time monitoring" to the bathroom he was in.

Bai Yan, who was live streaming on his mobile phone, saw himself watching the live stream on his mobile phone…

He slowly lifted his head and looked up at the ceiling of the bathroom.

Trying to find the object of surveillance.

However, there was nothing on the ceiling of the bathroom.

"The principle is unclear……"

Bai Yan noticed the incarnation "Lin Bian" still standing in the bathroom, feeling a little scared. He released the "parasite" that transformed it back into its original form of toilet paper in an instant.

The second new transformation.

Bai Yan discovered that he could actually see the interior of Babel Tower, simply by using his mobile phone instead of having to personally enter inside himself.

He looked at every building and astonishingly discovered things he had never known before.

"It's not surprising after all, you were all inside."

Bai Yan saw the post-production staff "confined" in one giant scientific facility after another.

Although he had never met them directly, he knew very well in his heart that these people must be captured cultists, Dark Sorcerer's Apprentices, or criminals.

After adjusting the lens with his fingers, he also saw the creatures bound inside the facility.

There were humanoid and non-humanoid monsters, one after another with extreme ferocity.

They existed as research materials inside Babel Tower every moment.

Upon calmly surveying the surroundings, Bai Yan noticed that the logistics staff were living in a rather miserable condition, while the monsters were being subjected to some degree of abuse.

"Oh my, it is too tragic, inhumane, unbearable, I can't bear to watch… I won't watch anymore."

Bai Yan shook his head and stopped watching.

However, he never entertained the idea of releasing these scumbags and monsters.

Come on, it's two months away from the First Doomsday Crisis. If he can save the world by squeezing them, he would definitely need a big blender!

He realized that not only did he lack any trace of a saintly heart, but he also had a bit of restrained cruelty towards villains.

The third transformation of Babel Tower, which is the final one.

Bai Yan became aware that his connection with the Core Operators had been further strengthened.

"Perhaps the various changes in Babel Tower weren't solely due to the 'game,' but also partly due to the power of 'connection.'"

Recently, he has been able to watch the Core Operators' live broadcasts in real time.

But now, it's not just about watching the live stream. He can also speak in the "live room"!

Bai Yan tried it out and switched to the "Psychic Dancer's" live mode.

At this moment, Maryse was having her meal.

She was sitting on the bed wearing a pink camisole, watching TV, and holding a box of food in her hands.

Bai Yan wondered whether it was breakfast or lunch, perhaps even Maryse's third or fourth meal of the day.

After all, Maryse's Relic required a large amount of food.

The live broadcasting feature had already existed, and this was a new function added.

Bai Yan can see that there is a simple "typing field" prominently displayed on the mobile phone screen.

He contemplated for a moment and typed in the simplest word.

"Psychic Dancer."


Maryse was eating her meal in her own small house.

Frankly speaking, she enjoyed various delicious foods from the outside world a lot. Compared to fish roe and blue lobsters, things like chicken fillet and meat skewers were much tastier!

"Escaping was indeed a great thing!"

Maryse narrowed her eyes and licked the juice off her fingers.

During this period of time, she has understood how to utilize her new abilities, and she deeply knows that her capabilities have undergone a tremendous change.

Her former self would be completely unable to defeat her present self.

"Deep Red - Divine Punishment, such a powerful force… was it granted to me and Mu Ling so easily? Is it really worth dedicating ourselves to you?"

Maryse murmured to herself as she ate her food.

"Or should I say… these powers for you, are completely unworthy of mention?"

Just then, Maryse suddenly heard a familiar, cold and ruthless voice in her mind.

[Psychic Dancer.]

Despite an involuntary shudder, she quickly recovered without too much surprise.

Hmm, Maryse has become accustomed to this.

Babel Tower, Savior, and all of this… she has grown quite accustomed to it all.

"Come on, come on. I haven't had a drink of water yet. If you want to manipulate me, go ahead."

Maryse answered in a muttering voice, quickly wiping her hands and mouth with a tissue, closing her eyes and waiting.

[The real battle will come after two months.]

In her mind, Maryse saw inexplicable and enigmatic cruel words, which made her stunned.

She realized that this time she wasn't being manipulated, the voice in her mind came and went, without her doing anything.

The Savior, it turned out, had only feigned an attack and left behind a prophecy.

"Will the real battle come after two months?"

Maryse furrowed her brow slightly, lost in thought.

What does this mean?

There must be a significant meaning to it, otherwise the Savior wouldn't have specifically informed her. This may be a warning!

Her pupils contracted, but she could not fathom…

"Savior" was just trying to type something to test the new function.