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I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 121

2023-09-13 17:33:00Publish Time: 1,289 views
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Chapter 121: My Epic Upgrade

When "the newly reborn me" and Bai Yan made contact, merging into one, Bai Yan could sense subtle but intense changes taking place in every aspect of his body and soul.

In fact, it was the first time he truly realized he possessed a "soul".

According to the Demon Hunt Agency's textbooks, every life form with self-awareness, every being that has realized its own existence, possesses a soul. Even if it was not conscious of it before, the moment it becomes self-aware, it will also create a corresponding soul body in the Soul Dimension.

In human eyes, Soul Dimension is an immense place, as vast and dark as the universe itself.

Regardless of the universe their physical body resides in, all self-aware beings exist within the same dimension.

And at this moment, Bai Yan finally had the fortune to arrive at the Soul Dimension.

He beheld his soul.

A soul that belongs to oneself.

It shines like a dazzling golden star, flickering freely in the endless darkness. Countless tiny specks of golden light and orbs float around this star, appearing so small and insignificant.

Suddenly, the golden star starts to emit matter, a large amount of primordial power that has been excavated from the core of the soul, dissipating in a way of golden light, and then starting to change.

Bai Yan's body underwent the first transformation.

The physical form is determined by the changes in the soul, every bit of strength and sensation is constantly evolving.

Bai Yan continued to be entranced in the golden radiance, and the next change occurred within his thought patterns in reality.

Gradually gaining more understanding.

Indescribable, but thoroughly comprehensible in his heart.

Just as Mu Ling understood the "Deep Blue World" in a moment, forbidden knowledge doesn't come to people actively, but rather it comes to their hearts.

Knowledge follows individuals.

After both his physical body and thought patterns had changed, the man named Bai Yan became completely disconnected from "ordinary people".

Perhaps from a certain perspective, he is no longer considered human at this moment.

Consciousness finally returned to reality once again.

Inside the archives, Bai Yan slowly opened his eyes, his expression incomparably calm.

The bright and penetrating eyes seemed as deep and boundless as the universe, with flickers of pale silver and black light representing his newly evolved extraordinary powers.

However, the first person that came to his mind was that merciless youth from his past.

That is definitely not the 'Bai Yan' himself.

Bai Yan murmured to himself, "Will that thing… awaken? A monster dormantly residing within my heart."

The reason for his rapid self-improvement must have its own justifications.

Bai Yan suspected that within his own heart lay an unspeakably terrifying entity, peering out into the outside world.

Perhaps the current "Bai Yan" is simply a cage that is used to trap it.

After a long silence, he shook his head, knowing he couldn't think so much for now.

The first obstacle to overcome is the one right in front of him.

Bai Yan spread open his hands and gazed at his palms.

"Alright, advancing further to become stronger, reaching the second stage that many extraordinary individuals dream of, I effortlessly achieved it. At this moment, I should be proud of my accomplishment."

Most extraordinary individuals will remain at their starting point for their entire lives. As long as they cannot reach the awakening level, they cannot be considered capable to stand alone.

He shook his neck and felt excited. Black flames ignited in his left eye.

"However, I still need to adapt to my newfound abilities."


At this stage, the existence of superhumans and ordinary humans are completely different.

Truly, thoroughly, and comprehensively transformative.

It can hardly be considered the same species!

Firstly, there was a change in physical constitution for Bai Yan. He didn't become significantly stronger, but there was a noticeable increase.

Bai Yan closed his eyes and felt the sensation. Hmm, it was probably similar to how he felt during "Power Possession" with Mysterious Magic. It went far beyond the limits of normal human beings, particularly it enhanced his flexibility to a great extent.

Of course, he couldn't compare to "Nightsaber".

That girl can easily crush me…

Then came perception, with further enhancement of the five senses, but not as sensitive as "Mysterious Magic."

The greatest improvement came in the "INT," an extension of intuition, which holds great significance in the realm of mysteries. The mysteries of divination, luck, scrying, and so on all had countless connections with it.

Bai Yan's INT improvement was particularly enormous, comparable to "Psychic Dancer's" INT of over seventy points, even slightly higher.

Finally, here comes the climax.

Both extraordinary abilities have received a brand new and comprehensive improvement.

The information obtained by "Connection" has become easier to acquire the desired content, rather than pure randomness.

Although still unable to fully control it on his own, it is probably at the level of "choosing one from three". As long as there are enough objects to touch, he can slowly piece together the desired information.

Then, Bai Yan acquired a very interesting and in a way, a powerful ability.

An advanced form of "Connection," Parasitic Threads.

Bai Yan left the archives and the Night Watcher on duty outside had an expressionless face, completely without noticing his presence.

He went straight to the nearby restroom and entered a stall.

Invisible threads extended from Bai Yan's fingertips and swiftly landed on the paper nearby, causing the white tissues to be pulled out slowly under his control.

Controlled by the invisible threads, they danced gracefully.

The simpler and more familiar things are to Bai Yan, the easier they can be "parasitized" by these invisible threads.

Even living beings can parasitize.

However, if the enemy's willpower is strong enough, the parasitic speed will become slow or even have no effect.

With a slight movement of Bai Yan's finger, the "handkerchief" that was pulled out gradually underwent drastic changes, gradually increasing in size, and changing in shape and nature until it became a brand new Bai Yan.

This new "Bai Yan" looks identical to the true Bai Yan, even down to the clothing. However, it obviously lacks any sense of self-awareness and just stands calmly in place.

This is an incarnation.

The advanced power of "Connection" is "Parasitic", which can be used to connect and control objects or living things through Parasitic Threads, even transforming them into the appearance of the host itself.

At the same time, Bai Yan can manipulate everything of the incarnation through "Connection", and can also perceive everything that the incarnation can sense. This incarnation is completely an "external part of the body" of the physique, and is definitely not a simple puppet.

The most important thing is… the incarnation can use the extraordinary power of the entity.

Bai Yan tried it and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Indeed, the power of Power Possession can also be manifested through my incarnation."

Very good!

Unfortunately, at present, Bai Yan must be completely focused when operating the incarnation for too precise actions.

It is unattainable to fight alongside the incarnation for a righteous two-on-one fight.

"Hmm… Let's go with this plan."

Bai Yan's fingers slowly moved again, and the incarnation next to him gradually underwent a complete transformation, with both appearance and attire undergoing remarkable changes in a short time.

Dressed in a long black classical robe, with slightly curled black hair, brown pupils, a handsome Western face, and an elegant aristocratic scholar demeanor.

"Profligate is completely born."

Bai Yan calmly gazed upon his incarnation, even able to sense the tactile feeling brought by his new clothes, using it felt like utilizing his third newly born arm.

However, some people had their arms grow on their bodies, whereas his "arms" grew on the outside of his body.

The connection between myself and my "arms" is flawless.

At present, it's just a matter of not being accustomed yet; given time, the precise coordination between the ontology and the incarnation is achievable.

"Then comes another extraordinary power…"

The black flames in Bai Yan's left eye extinguished and were replaced by silver flames that burned in his right eye.

He is different from ordinary people, possessing two kinds of transcendent powers.

This is a very rare occurrence in Noah's history.

Bai Yan had a vague suspicion that it might be related to that indifferent and callous "youth", perhaps there was really another soul within him.


Firstly, what he saw with his eyes became very comprehensive and "digitized".

Bai Yan thought for a moment and deemed that this ability could be called the "Digital World".

Now, with his silver extraordinary power, he can view the world in a digitized perspective, a completely new world.

Bai Yan leaves the compartment and stands in front of the mirror, gazing at himself.

"Hmm, my current INT is about 80, Physique is around 30, and Skill is around 50… these numbers automatically enter my mind."

Bai Yan gazed upon the facilities within the restroom, new numerals manifesting within his mind like a branded flash.

This is an incredibly wondrous experience.

As if reality were a game and a game were reality.

"The trash can displays a hardness of 7, the ground has a hardness of 35, and the comfort level of this roll of paper is 8… If I wish to know the hardness of the paper, ah yes, the numbers in my mind shift once more, the paper's hardness is 2."

It is not very accurate or detailed in numerical differentiation, but undoubtedly it is an exceptionally strong "judging" ability.

The ability of "Digital World" is very interesting, but undoubtedly it is still only an auxiliary force.

He sighed.

"The increase in frontal combat power is still not great. Fortunately, the improvement in the 'game' should not be as simple as this, it should be like before, affecting the 'Babel Tower'."

Bai Yan remained silent, with a supposition in his mind.

The transformative power that the "Awakening Level" granted him is not merely confined to the Digital World, there is something much more significant!

He took out his mobile phone and glanced at it in the bathroom, a faint smile crept over his lips.

Indeed, it fully matched his conjecture.

"Babel Tower" has undergone a tremendous transformation!