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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 92

2022-03-15 02:44:31Publish Time: 451 views
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Chapter 92: Against the Shuten-Doji!

As they advanced, they understood that the Shuten-doji was close since the environment was turning increasingly gloomy. "Shuten-doji, give away the ghost gourd and die!"

With the Suzaku blade, Hu Feng laughed and continued to move forward.

"Everyone, catch up, be ready with the spells and charms......"

Sumika ordered the elite onmyojis around her.

Entering the torii, which symbolized the sacred environment of the Shuten-doji, they went through the long stone steps and Hu Feng, who was ahead of the team, saw Shuten-doji, who was over 30 meters tall.

Red face, bald, short hair, slightly closed eyes, explosive muscles, horns on the head, a dark gourd on the back, a piece of animal skin around the waist…..

Obviously, it was the Shuten-doji and the onmyojis, who followed him, also saw it and the environment it was located.

It should be its personal shrine.

On the wall, burning torches were placed to provide the light for the shrine.

On the ground, a shallow water surface had been arranged in advance, paper boats were placed on the water, and burning white candles were put on the boats, so the candlelight surrounded the Shuten-doji.

Flags engraved with blood-red characters and manuals were inserted one meter above the water surface, constantly condensed with bloody gas and supplied it to the Shuten-doji.

"It is so tall! How much sacrifice did the great swordsmen and onmyojis in the past made to defeat such a horrible giant?"

Sumika was very shocked and muttered, other elite onmyojis became highly alert after feeling the horrible atmosphere of the Shuten-doji.

Hearing Sumika’s words, Hu Feng smiled and shook his head slightly. "No!"

"Think about it. The legends about the Shuten-doji were all illusions......"

“The Shuten-doji in your sight was only the illusion it created with the boats on the water surface since it hasn’t restored its strength!”

"If it is really 30 meters high, how many people it has to eat for every meal? If it really lived in the suburbs of Kyoto for many years like the legends said, Kyoto would have long been inhabited.” Although the example of Jiang Li was somewhat inappropriate, Sumika found it quite reasonable.

After all, there were only about 100,000 people in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, so for Shuten-doji it was impossible to be so huge if it consumed so many humans every week.

"Let me break his illusion!" Holding the Suzaku blade, Hu Feng pointed obliquely to the countless boats and said decisively.

Though there shouldn’t be a windy atmosphere in the center of the Osaka Castle, strong winds began fluttering when Jiang Li stood upright and clove.

The candlelight on the boats was also extinguished in an instant.

Without candlelight, the onmyojis could still see clearly with the torches on the two sides of the wall.

Like a deflated ball, the originally giant Shuten-doji began to shrink, there was no longer a giant in a blink of an eye, but a 2-meter-tall raging burly demon who shouted furiously.

“Who dared to do this to me?”

As the Shuten-doji roared, the ground was shaking, and the shrine became dusty, making people cough.

Stepping on the water, Hu Feng waved the Suzaku blade in the air and all the dust nearby was burned into void.

Hu Feng went straight to its front and said plainly. "It’s me, so what? Give me the ghost gourd and I will let you die very peacefully."

The Shuten-doji exhaled hot air from its thick nostrils and its eyes looked extremely annoyed.

"How dare you talk to the king of the ghosts like this? Those who wanted to steal my gourd never survived!"

Cocking his head, Hu Feng thought about it very carefully and then said seriously. "For no reason."

Not waiting for the Shuten-doji to answer, he frowned and said calmly.

"If you don't want to give it to me, I will take it myself.

From the beginning to the end, he talked indifferently, seemingly he took everything for granted.

Sumika widened her eyes.

Jiang Li shook his right hand and the Suzaku blade was held in his hand.

He then looked over, as if measuring the most suitable attack distance between him and the Shuten-doji.

Needless to say, the onmyojis were ready to cast their spells as the battle was going to begin!

Stared by Jiang Li, the Shuten-doji condensed ghost gas with its both hands, took out two maces covered with iron nails, held them tightly to block his attacks.

"Triple strikes!"

As Hu Feng rushed forward, he waved out the Suzaku blade in his hand, kept landing blows on it, without weakening and diminishing, as if to show the world how strong was the blade.

The Shuten-doji also waved the maces, the thick ghosts aura poured from his arm into the maces, the dark blue net that covered the sky in the air loomed and blocked the three blows.

Hu Feng was calm even though his attacks were blocked.

He immediately switched the blade to his left hand, observed the lower body of the Shuten-doji and waved the blade towards it when it was unprepared.

Unlike the fast attacks with his right hand, the offensive with his left hand was slow but mysterious, making people unable to know where this blade was going and have nowhere to dodge.