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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 91

2022-03-15 02:44:23Publish Time: 455 views
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Chapter 91: Wind Monsters

Flying towards the Osaka Castle, Hu Feng, Sumika and others landed on the outer perimeter wall.

At the same time, the ghosts who were responsible for patrolling around the walls were also alarmed by outsiders.

Naked ghosts with green faces and fangs carried their flashing swords, iron axes, maces and other weapons, roared and rushed over to fight. Sumika was worried about how much strength the Shuten-doji had restored in the most central part of the Osaka Castle.

She ordered more than 90% of the onmyojis to stay and deal with these ghosts.

Then, she and others tried to go all the way towards the central part of the castle.

Although there were lots of demons along the way, Hu Feng didn’t even have to bother since they were all overwhelmed by the spell of the onmyojis.

It took about half an hour for Hu Feng and more than 600 onmyojis to reach the magnificent palace located at the center of the castle.

In the front of the splendid palace, the two faced red doors were locked.

Three identical weasels with sickle-shaped forelimbs were standing upright like humans in front of the palace.

An onmyoji mistakenly thought that the three demons were ordinary, so he came up with a stack of Taoist spells, but with just a whirlwind, the onmyoji’s head had a cut on the spot!

The three weasels were still standing still, but their sickle-shaped forelimbs were already stained with blood.

"So fast! I could hardly see what happened! Ah, I remember! They are Kamaitachis, the wind monsters. And they often come in a group of three together…..."

Sumika desperately recalled the names of the ghosts in her mind and muttered as she was really shocked.

The onmyojis around her instantly fell back and kept casting spells to shelter themselves, showing that they were afraid to confront the so-called wind monsters.

"Step back, I can handle it."

Hu Feng stood in the same place and looked at the 3 Kamaitachis quietly.

Being stared at by him, the originally fearless Kamaitachis looked panicked, took a deep breath, and the one in the middle slowly wiped off the blood on his forelimbs, looking straight at Hu Feng. "My master is the Shuten-doji. I’m Sasaki Taro. I was ordered by my master to guard here and kill anyone who dares to come!"

"I’m Sasaki Jiro!"

"I’m Sasaki Saburo!"

"No one is allowed to step in!"

The other two Kamaitachis repeated.

Hu Feng did not say anything, but reached out to his back, though there was nothing.

Seeing this, everyone was doubtful and couldn’t help but widen their eyes to focus on his next move.

Extremely unexpected!

A three-foot-long long blade covered with red light, seemed to be burning with fire, engraved with mysterious manuals suddenly appeared in his hand. "The name of this blade is Suzaku. There are two blades, male and female. The one I’m holding now is the Male Suzaku." Hu Feng touched the blade.

The three-foot-long blade suddenly flashed with red bright radiance and a loud chirping resounded in all directions.

Though the onmyojis were dozens of meters away from Jiang Li, they could still feel the rolling heat wave in front which seemed to be from a volcanic magma.

The three Kamaitachis lowered their bodies and shouted in unison as if they also felt the danger.

"We have no way to retreat. For the family. Today, we fight for our loyalty!"

Suddenly they became confident, blood-red light shone on their bodies and the air seemed to be filled with thick bloody smell, making people want to stay away from them.

The onmyojis with weak willpower could not help but faint as if they saw bloody corpses.

Without any delay, the three Kamaitachis attacked Jiang Li from three different directions at the same time in a thousandth of a second.

Like an unrivaled avalanche, their forelimbs overwhelmed as if doomsday drowned everything.

Hu Feng didn't talk anymore from beginning to end.

Flames began to ignite on the Suzaku blade in his hands, the blade quickly and mysteriously became longer and wider, the mighty heat and light rose up.

One bird with all its wings composed of flames loomed inside the heat.

Hu Feng concentrated and rushed over fiercely, as if he wanted to kill everything with this blade.

Silently, an arc-like flame shock wave spread out, not only the illusion in the sight of the onmyojis was swept away, the two smaller Kamaitachis rushing over to the blade were unable to stand, and all of the parts from under the necks were turned into ashes.

On the three magnificent mansion they guarded, the red doors disappeared and the passage had already opened.

On the bigger Kamaitachi, a bloody mark appeared on its neck and the demon power was rapidly leaking.

But it had not completely died, instead struggled to look up, and stared at Jiang Li, muttering. "What a warm blade, it reminds me of…..."

Before it could finish its sentence, it had already died.

Crossing the heads of three Kamaitachis, Hu Feng took a lead deep into the mansion.

Behind him, the onmyojis came out of their trance and quickly followed him.

Although not knowing much about the blade, the onmyojis couldn’t help but whisper and talk about the strength of his Bushido.

"Mr. Jiang is really a good kendo master! Even if he was born in the Heian era or the Edo era, he could definitely be a great swordsman!"

"Legend has it that the Shuten-doji was killed by a famous swordsman in ancient Japan, I am afraid that the history will repeat today!” An onmyoji was excited to witness history.

"After tonight, the blade in Mr. Jiang's hands will become a national treasure!"

"Mr. Jiang had an extraordinary temperament. He must be a great swordsman!"

"With Mr. Jiang, we will win the battle against the Shuten-doji!" More and more onmyojis were desperately touting as they were amazed by his swordsmanship.