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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 93

2022-03-15 02:44:39Publish Time: 500 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 93: Besiege

Seeing the blade nearing to its lower body, the Shuten-doji instantly broke into a shadow, showed up above the bloody flag and the flag was broken as it rushed toward Hu Feng.

Green ghost fire surrounded the maces and tides appeared on the water, rushing toward Hu Feng from all directions like a tsunami.

Hu Feng was besieged by the Shuten-doji and the turbid waves!

At the moment, the onmyojis launched an attack.

Extracting the demon power of the Royal Nine-tailed Fox, Sumika leaped into the air agilely like a fox demon, rushing toward the back of the Shuten-doji.

Long green nails began to grow on her fair hands, highly-compressed fox fire wrapped around her fingertips and bloomed like a blossoming cherry blossom.

Moving gracefully, nine furry long tails appeared on her body

Noticing strong wind behind, Sumika aroused the desire in its innermost mind and the Shuten-doji couldn’t move, instantly stopped attacking.

Unconsciously, the Shuten-doji seemed to return to the carefree Heian era. There were no enemies invading and it was surrounded by its subordinates and its own family. He had numerous women and children that it couldn’t finish eating, making it not worried about the lack of yin at all.

While Shuten-doji was distracted, Sumika inserted her ten fingers into its chest, leaving severe wounds, other onmyojis also cast various spells toward it.

As its blood spurted, the Shuten-doji was raged and immediately awoke from the illusion.

"Damn it!"

As it was irritated, it began to teleport constantly, appeared on a broken bloody flag each time, wielded the maces violently and the blood splashed all over.

Except Sumika, no onmyojis could resist its attack.

Noticing the change of the flags, Sumika applied onmyoji techniques to let her voice pass to all the flustered onmyojis. "Get away from to the flags that haven’t been broken! It might be the place where it will appear next time!"

Most of the remaining onmyojis quickly avoided the unbroken flags and the number of people who got injured suddenly dropped.

At the same time, facing the rolling waves, Hu Feng waved the Suzaku blade fast in the air, stopping the water from approaching his body.

As the tides disappeared, Hu Feng once again joined them to besiege the Shuten-doji.


Shouting, Hu Feng violently wielded the blade fast.

Covered with blood, the exhausted Shuten-doji could only block the attacks with maces to protect its body.

However, even so, each time the Shuten-doji took the attack, his wrists shook violently and he even had to move some steps backward to stabilize his body.

Staring at him with a furious look, the Shuten-doji suddenly looked up and shouted.

Known as the king of the ghosts, the Shuten-doji, of course, also has its secret weapon.

"Wake up, my ghosts!"

As the sorrowful roar came, except for Hu Feng and Sumika, all the onmyojis only felt their bad memories that they had long forgotten come to mind again.

Pain, loneliness, sadness, despair, jealousy, remorse…...

All kinds of negative emotions were magnified dozens of times, all of which appeared in their minds.

Some onmyojis with weak willpower embraced the unpleasant emotions and no longer believed that there would be something to expect in this turbid world and went on the way turning into a ghost.

Black hairs began to grow on some onmyojis, their faces became face green, a pair of horns quickly grew on their heads, their mana turned into ghostly aura in an instant and a living ghost was born.

The armor of ancient Japanese samurais showed up on the bodies of some onmyojis and they suddenly held the long blades tight.

Although they looked like living people, they had already lost their minds as they now only had the desire for living flesh and blood.

As for those who had long since died and were scattered on the ground, their bones creaked, and the flesh and blood quickly fell off, leaving only the white bones and the Japanese spears in their hands

They began walking at crazy speeds.

Other onmyojis had to bear the negative emotions that were magnified in their minds when resisting the offensive of the ghosts transformed by the onmyojis.

Under the control of the Shuten-doji, the ghosts entangled Hu Feng and Sumika, earning the Shuten-doji precious time.

The Shuten-doji took out the ghost gourd that he had been carrying, grabbed some corpses as dessert and chewed fresh flesh while drinking the wine made of pure yin.

Visible to the naked eye, the tragic injury of the Shuten-doji began to recover and its weak ghost aura gradually restored.

"We have to stop it. We must fight together." Hu Feng said under his breath.

While he was talking to Sumika, he kept wielding the blade in his hand, turning the ghosts into ashes with the raging fire of the Suzaku blade.

Hearing Jiang Li’s words and witnessing the Shuten-doji recover, Sumika agreed with his idea since she was eager to kill it.

With an illusion spell, the besieging ghosts mistook each other for her and started attacking crazily, while Sumika easily jumped out of the siege and kept up with the pace of Jiang Li.

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