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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 9

2023-10-13 17:00:00Publish Time: 1,991 views
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Chapter 9: Work hard? Why Not Become the Guildmaster's Wife Instead!

Yukihime's gratitude came more directly than Loria had imagined.

"Miss Loria, as a token of gratitude, please be sure to accept this!"

On the fair, tender palm were neatly arranged ten coins worth fifty Oder coins each!

Loria couldn't help but hold her breath.

Just a moment ago, she was contemplating how to make some money from Yukihime.

Unable to obtain any money, she decided to mooch a meal off of Yukihime.

For this, she envisioned a carefully crafted plan in her mind-

Firstly, she warmly invited Yukihime to the most famous restaurant in the red-light district, called "Hop and Skip Slime," for a meal.

Then, while relishing in a foot massage from the Slime, they indulged in exquisite delicacies.

Next, after satiating themselves with food and drink, she took the initiative to walk up to the cashier's counter and exclaimed, "I forgot to bring my wallet!" Recognizing Yukihime's naive demeanor, she was sure not to suspect any deception and willingly stepped forward to help settle the bill.

Finally, with just a simple promise of "next time for sure," she was able to bring this plan to a smooth conclusion.

But now, Yukihime directly took out the money, so who would still crave this pointless plan?

Loria calmed down her excited heart for a moment.

She really wanted to accept the money right away, but she knew it was necessary to maintain some modesty.

She turned her face and said, "Miss Yukihime, I am not that kind of person!"

Yukihime forcefully put the money into Miss Loria's arms. "I know that money is just a material possession, unworthy of Miss Loria's noble soul. But Miss Loria helped me, and I can't don'thing in return. Please accept it."

Loria exclaimed in a trembling voice, "No way!"

Yukihime persisted forcefully, "Please take it."


"Take it,"

The two of them started a fierce tug-of-war.

After several rounds, Loria finally put the coin into her pocket.

She let out a long sigh, gazing up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, revealing a deep sadness.

"Miss Yukihime, I really don't like money, but… how about this? I will accept this money for now, as a way for you to have a presence in my life. I won't use it, and whenever you need it, you can come look for me."


Seeing that Loria finally agreed to accept the money, Yukihime immediately responded positively.

The Knight's Code mentioned-

[The knight stood on the solitary peak, allowing the mountain wind to gently caress his tattered clothes. He patted his dusty armor, leaving behind a golden path paved with humility, bravery, devotion, diligence, moderation, and more.]

Without a doubt, Miss Loria is indeed a qualified knight embodying qualities such as humility, bravery, and moderation all in one!

"Miss Loria, the lady with such a noble spirit, blessed me as soon as I left home."

Yukihime was filled with emotions in her heart.

She had always been interested in adventure stories since she was a little girl.

She dreamed of becoming a knight and battling against the giant windmills in the vast meadows.

Unfortunately, her father didn't allow her to go on adventures, and in the end, he even burned the adventure story books she had been reading.

In desperation, she had no choice but to take her pocket money and run away from home.

Though she was just a beginner now, she believed that with the rich experience she accumulated from reading adventure stories and the favor of the goddess, it wouldn't be long before she gained fame in Creek Town and made her father see her in a new light!

"Miss Loria, may the goddess protect you, kind-hearted one!"

Yukihime tightly held her hands in front of her chest, watching as Loria departed.

Loria skated swiftly.

Although it was highly unlikely for Yukihime to catch up and reclaim the money, what if she did?

She walked until she could no longer see Yukihime, and only then did she come to a stop.

"Five hundred, haha!"

Loria blossomed with joy.

In the simulator, she searched everywhere but couldn't find an easy way to make quick money. Now, isn't this just a breeze to get?

At a crucial moment, the simulator's personally certified big fat sheep proved to be the most useful!

With this money, she could simulate several more times.

But as Loria continued to laugh, she couldn't keep the joy on her face.

Inside Yukihime's money bag, there was a large sum of money. Just the thought that those coins could very well be tricked away by some swindler from Creek Town made her feel very upset.

"Instead of giving it to someone who might not appreciate it, why not give it to me? At least I won't call you silly behind your back."

Forget it.

For now, let's set this aside.

Loria opened the simulator once again.

Although Loria had already used up all the chances to claim rewards today, she still planned to simulate one more time.

Time was running out, and she had to quickly uncover the mastermind behind it all.

She carefully reviewed the records of the previous simulations, trying to find a few of the most suspicious individuals.

Firstly, Guildmaster Adeline.

In yesterday's fourth simulation, she informed Guildmaster Adeline of the news, but as soon as she returned home, someone swiftly knocked her out.

Secondly, the mayor.

In today's second simulation, the mayor made his first appearance, raising suspicions of the Hidden Leader incident possibly involving the mayor.

Thirdly, a journalist from the Oder Travel Newspaper.

The reasons and suspicions about the mayor were the same.

Fourthly, Felix.

In the Adventurers Management Guild, Felix harmoniously interacted with his colleagues. Not only did he efficiently and skillfully fulfill his assigned tasks, but he also took the initiative to undertake additional duties. It was hard not to suspect someone like him!

"Let's start with Guildmaster Adeline."

Loria immediately paid 100 Oder coins. This time, she planned to stay by Guildmaster Adeline's side, hoping to catch any possible clues.

[The Life Simulator has been activated.]

[Day 1: It was the weekend, so Guildmaster Adeline didn't have to work. You decided to relax a bit and went for a Slime Foot Massage. It was so enjoyable that you almost passed out in pleasure. Even though it cost you 50 Oder coins, your mood was great. You thought to yourself, "I'll come again tomorrow."]

[When you returned home in the evening, the thought of spending 50 Oder coins made you regretful. You tossed and turned all night, unable to fall asleep.]


Loria rubbed her eyes gently.

Impossible, she would never do such a thing.

"This is pure slander!"

[Day 2: Bright and early, you arrived at Hop and Skip Slime. You pondered for a while whether to experience the slime's foot massage again, but ultimately, because you had forgotten your wallet, you had no choice but to go back home.]

[On the way back home, you were suddenly ambushed from behind, and the back of your head was struck, resulting in a concussion. You had to spend 30 Oder coins on treatment.]

"Who dares to hit me?"

Loria became extremely angry.

Unfortunately, the simulator displayed limited information, and she couldn't analyze the culprit from the text.

She could only continue reading further.

[Day 3: Guildmaster Adeline sought help in managing miscellaneous tasks, and you volunteered to assist. This time, you diligently worked without misusing any funds, earning praise from Guildmaster Adeline. Seizing the opportunity while the guildmaster was not paying attention, you investigated the documents in her office, but found nothing unusual.]

[Day 4: You continued to assist Guildmaster Adeline with managing miscellaneous tasks, and everything went smoothly without any anomalies.]

[Day 5: You continued to help Guildmaster Adeline with her tasks, and everything remained normal without any unusual occurrences.]

[Day 6: Guildmaster Adeline, impressed by your ability, decided to promote you as her secretary. As the tasks for the day were quite complex, you carried the documents and went to Guildmaster Adeline's house to work together with her.]

[You discover that Guildmaster Adeline's house is magnificent and grand, revealing that she is even wealthier than you had imagined!]

[After returning home, you spent the whole night deep in thought. Finally, you had an epiphany. You realized that the monster waves and such were not important at all. Instead, you believed that life is short, and rather than earning Guildmaster Adeline's appreciation through your work abilities, it would be better to directly win her over with your charm and become the lifelong well-taken-care-of wife of the guildmaster!]

"?" Volume 1 (Chapters 1- 41) has been published on Amazon (