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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 10

2023-10-14 16:20:00Publish Time: 1,961 views
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Chapter 10: Murderer, Loria!

When the simulated time reached the fifth day, Loria envisioned the following development…

[Miss Loria successfully gained the trust of Guildmaster Adeline and was granted free access to her residence.]

[No one could have imagined that the noble and righteous Miss Loria, a female knight, actually possessed astonishing talents as a secret agent!]

[While working at Guildmaster Adeline's residence, the ace secret agent Miss Loria activated her special skills. With remarkable finesse, she not only completed the tasks assigned by Guildmaster Adeline, but also discreetly turned the entire house upside down.]

[The living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even the hidden secret chamber were thoroughly explored and meticulously examined.]

[Furniture, books, letters, writing tools, kitchen utensils, and even the discarded undergarments were all known with great familiarity.]

[After such actions, all of Guildmaster Adeline's secrets were revealed to Miss Loria.]


"What's happening right now?!"

Looking at the content that appeared on the simulator, Loria was about to faint from anger.

She, Loria, a proud entry-level knight, a proper young girl of the new era with a formal position, was actually choosing to give up on investigating the truth and planning to use her charm to seduce Guildmaster Adeline!

"It's simply nonsense! Do I look like the kind of deceitful woman who is good at scheming?"

Loria, resembling a startled wildcat, looked ferocious and menacing, as if she could devour someone in one gulp.

"Slander, slander, this is a slander against my character!"

She really wanted to shut down the simulator directly, but in the end, she held back.

Not for the simulated content, but for the simulated rewards.

And, the situation took a turn.

Perhaps she was just saying that she wanted to take it easy, but in reality, she was planning her next big move!

After all, there was no evidence to suggest that she truly was a genius spy.

How will the female knight, who is not skilled in espionage, uncover the secret of the cunning, blonde, busty guildmaster Adeline?

Sure enough, she realized that she had to rely on her own body.

As Adeline was being overwhelmed by her own amazing endurance, the knight leaned closer to her and whispered a few cunning words in her ear.

"Sacrificing myself for the well-being of countless families in Creek Town, I cried until my last breath. I truly am so great."

Loria continued to read further.

[Day 7: Guildmaster Adeline officially promotes you to be her secretary. Your basic salary has increased by 30%, and your motivation for work soared.]

[In the evening, you went to the guildmaster's house to handle some documents. As you mentioned how warm it was, you intentionally loosened your collar. Guildmaster Adeline didn't show any extra reaction.]

[Day 8: In the evening, you went to the guildmaster's house to handle some documents. While you were using the restroom, you intentionally left the door open, accidentally revealing Guildmaster Adeline who came in unexpectedly. She didn't show any extra reaction.]

[Day 9: You accompanied Adeline, the guildmaster, to attend the Creek Town development meeting hosted by the mayor. After an enthusiastic discussion, the mayor invited everyone to relax at the Slime Foot Spa in the red-light district.]

[You put on a shorter skirt and, after entering the same private room with Guildmaster Adeline, you intentionally sat opposite her, allowing her to see your embarrassed expression.]

[In the evening, when you returned to Guildmaster Adeline's house, you pleaded for her forgiveness regarding your embarrassment. You pitifully explained that it wasn't intentional and attributed your ungraceful behavior to being unwell.]

[Day 10: Guildmaster Adeline took you to the hospital for an examination. The doctors all said that you were perfectly normal, as strong as an ox.]

[In the evening, when you returned to Guildmaster Adeline's home, she used your body for an experiment. As the experiment was halfway through, you willingly sat on Guildmaster Adeline's lap.]

"Is it time to begin?"

Loria's eyes sparkled with excitement.

Next, all that was left was to wait until Adeline was too exhausted and her eyes rolled back. Then, she could take advantage of the opportunity to pry Adeline's mouth open.

She was a woman capable of becoming the queen of the porn industry, so a mere Adeline was no match for her!

[Guildmaster Adeline turned the tables, as in a fierce battle that lasted for two hours, you were defeated and fainted.]

Loria, "?"

[Day 11: You were in the office helping Guildmaster Adeline with her work. In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline took care of you. You felt very happy.]

[Day 12: You were in the office, helping Guildmaster Adeline with her work…]

[Day 13: You were…]

[Day 14: …]

Loria, "??"

When will this ever end?!

On the 18th and 19th days, the simulated events underwent successive changes.

[On the 18th day, Guildmaster Adeline was in her office dealing with matters. In the evening, you helped Guildmaster Adeline with her official duties, and you felt very happy.]

[On the 19th day, Guildmaster Adeline was in her office attending to your affairs. In the evening, you returned and Adeline continued to handle your matters. You felt doubly delighted.]

Loria, "???"

You've changed so much, haven't you?

The expression on her face had completely vanished.

It became hard.

Her fist became hard!

What kind of simulator is this? You are only telling lies!

[Day 20: While Guildmaster Adeline was dealing with you, you confessed your feelings to her. Guildmaster Adeline said that she doesn't have romantic feelings for you, but she will take responsibility for you, and she indeed needs a companion.]

[Day 21: You and Guildmaster Adeline set off for Claren City. On the way, you encountered a green-skinned orc girl. Guildmaster Adeline scared away the green-skinned orc girl.]

[Day 22: You and Guildmaster Adeline got married in Claren City. Guildmaster Adeline confessed her true background to you. She is the eldest daughter of Count Lidilia and came to Creek Town alone because she didn't want to obey the arrangements of her family.]

[Day 25: You and Guildmaster Adeline set off to visit the Count Lidilia's estate to meet the parents. On the way, you heard that Creek Town was destroyed by a horde of monsters. It seemed like most of the monsters had been affected by illusions.]

[Day 35: Count Lidilia didn't approve of you, a poor peasant from the countryside, but he had no choice but to accept Guildmaster Adeline.]

[Day 45: After a long period of training, your endurance has greatly improved, and now you can rival Guildmaster Adeline.]

[Day 61: Recently, Guildmaster Adeline has been experiencing some pain in her waist, and you thoughtfully made her some chicken soup.]

[Day 67: Lately, Guildmaster Adeline's eyes have been a bit blurry. You advised her not to work for the time being, so Guildmaster Adeline spent the whole day tending to you at home.]

[Day 68: When you woke up in the morning, you discovered that Guildmaster Adeline had passed away.]

[Adeline von Lidilia, the eldest daughter of Count Lidilia, a prodigy of the Officer Academy and a rising star in the Oder Empire, tragically passed away at a young age of 22. On the same afternoon, you were sent to the guillotine by Count Lidilia.]

[The simulation came to an end.]

[Achieving the ending: Lady Knight? Enchantress!]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the achievement "Slayer" and earning an additional reward of +2 stamina.]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the achievement "Oder's Guillotine" and earning an extra reward of +1 strength.]

[Congratulations to the brave player for accomplishing the achievement "Enchantress Among Humans" and receiving an extra reward of +2 stamina.]

[Congratulations to the player for receiving a grade D evaluation and being rewarded with, "The Hand of the Phantom Conjurer"]

Seeing this simulation result, Loria became extremely angry, shaking all over. Despite the hot weather, she broke out in a cold sweat and her hands and feet turned icy cold.

The simulator was filled with oppression towards her. When would she be able to truly stand up?

"Oh no!"