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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 8

2023-10-12 16:55:00Publish Time: 2,482 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Nellivion-Veil

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Chapter 8: I, Loria, Can Still Charge A Hundred More Times!

As a border town, Creek Town's liveliest places are the Adventurers Management Guild and the red-light district.

The red-light district is located on the western side of Creek Town and is a charming one-kilometer-long street.

Apart from the different themed bawdyhouses, the street also has restaurants, bars, romantic hotels, and even a slime foot bath shop for people to enjoy.

At this moment.

A bustling street corner.

Miss Plump Sheep's eyes sparkled like stars.

"Surprisingly, there are still free gifts?"

The adventurer with a simple and honest face said, "The free gifts are limited, luckily Miss, you arrived early, otherwise they would have run out."

"Wow, I am so lucky! How much does an adventure guide cost? I'll buy one!"

Miss Plump Sheep opened her purse.

Under the shining sunlight, the purse reflected a glimmer of cold light that almost dazzled the eyes of the nearby adventurers.

That must be at least ten thousand Oder coins, right?

Just wanted to play a little trick on any naive-looking outsider, but little did they know that this outsider took foolishness to a whole new level!

Being overly silly is quite amusing, don't you think?

The kind-hearted adventurer immediately lowered his voice and said, "Miss, since you are so generous, I have an exclusive piece of news to share with you."

"Exclusive news?"

Miss Plump Sheep's ears perked up.

The kind-hearted adventurer nodded. "This story is about Queen Slime, the most fearsome monster outside of Creek Town. Since there are many people around here, why don't we go to a quieter place to talk?"

Miss Plump Sheep fell silent.

She had come to be the Adventure Queen.

If she could defeat the most terrifying monster in Creek Town, her fame would surely spread quickly, wouldn't it?


Miss Plump Sheep nodded vigorously. She was about to leave with a few adventurers when suddenly, a person dashed out from the bushes.

"Let go of that… girl!"

The loud shout made everyone at the entrance of the red-light district turn around.

"It's Miss Loria from the guild!"

"Is that the righteous Loria Jaratiya?"

"It's her, it's her, it's really her!"

Miss Plump Sheep also stopped and recognized Loria at first sight.

"Are you… calling me?"

Loria clenched her fists tightly and nodded fiercely.

I, Loria, oh my, I'm truly angry!

At first, she was simply angry because she saw that someone else was going to get the chives that she couldn't reach.

But now, things have changed a little.

"You, you, and you!"

Miss Loria stood with her left hand on her hip, her right index finger pointing at each of the adventurers one by one.

With such a good leek in front of you, you are actually thinking of pulling it out by the roots rather than pursuing sustainable development and exhausting the resources in one go.

Your mindset…

I was really disappointed. Even the three African tyrants knew how to play better than you!

"What is happening to us?" one of them asked.

"Hmm," Loria snorted coldly, "Don't think I don't know what you're up to. You just want to scam her money. You scoundrels, do you know that what you're doing is illegal?"

"Deceive me?"

Miss Plump Sheep pointed at herself in surprise, feeling a bit bewildered.

The kind-hearted adventurer immediately protested, "Nonsense! Even if you are from the Adventurers Management Guild, you can't unjustly accuse someone out of thin air!"

Loria took a step forward with a thud and exclaimed loudly, "Still acting tough!"

The identity card even said she was stubborn, but isn't there someone even more stubborn than her?

"From the way you seem so skilled, you must have been doing this job for a long time. I refuse to believe there hasn't been anyone before who has worked with you around here!"

As soon as the words fell, a chorus of condemnations arose from the onlookers.

"I met them before. Last month, my friend was tricked by them. He spent 50 coins to buy a book about a giant rock's swimming fashion show. Oh, my goodness!"

"That friend you talked about…"

"The gifted voucher promised a one-on-one personal service with the slime girl, but it turned out to be a snotty bug! Sob, give me a refund!"


The sound waves crashed like waves, the insults surged like a tide, revealing one ugly truth after another.

In the end, many things that were not done by these adventurers were also attributed to them.

Their faces grew increasingly grim, and if this continued, they would be torn apart by the angry onlookers.

The leading, kind-hearted adventurer gave a strong pat on the shoulder of their companion beside them.

"Nicholas, do the entire task for them!"

A serious-looking adventurer named Nicholas emerged.

In the next moment, screams erupted around as Nicholas suddenly pulled out a knife!

"My knife, it is a precious heirloom, today…"

Before he could finish his sentence, Loria rushed over.

Drawing a knife, so you want to draw a knife, huh!

Heavens, what a troublemaker!

A knife that is not even as long as my hand tries to scare me. Do you think I am pretending to be a knight?

"I emerged as an elite from a knight training school that had a thousand students, don't think that I'm a weakling just because I fight powerful monsters every day in a simulator relying on my endurance!"

Loria easily threw Nicholas to the ground.

Before anyone could react, she grabbed Nicholas by the collar and unleashed her knight skill, Shielded Charge.

In this world, a frying pan can be used as a shield, a wooden door plank can be used as a shield. Who says people can't be used as shields?

"Curse you!"

Loria dashed around recklessly.

Nicholas felt himself being hung on the raging bull's horns.

"Help, help!"

But nobody dared to bother him.

The once fierce and simple-hearted adventurer slipped away swiftly.

This move, though not as powerful as "a broomstick covered in feces," was enough to make them hesitant to take action.

They had come to deceive, not to kill.

In the current situation, if Nicholas fought back, he would face severe consequences. If he didn't fight back, they themselves would face severe consequences. What could he do then?

"Don't come over here!"




"I can still charge!"

In Loria's fierce charge, the onlookers scattered and fled.

At this moment, Loria's endurance advantage came into play.

Nicholas was feeling dizzy from all the rushing, but she not only didn't feel tired, but instead became more and more excited.

After all, excessive exercise could be considered as self-inflicted torture.

When Miss Loria is suffering, her gift as an optimist will kick in, and then she will feel immensely joyful.

I can make another hundred attempts!

"Run, keep running! Hehehe…"

A few minutes later, the kind-hearted adventurer fell to the ground, as if sunburnt and weeping uncontrollably. "It was just a simple scam for money, why be so cruel? I can't take it anymore, please give me some relief!"


Do you dare to come out as a foolish cabbage like this?

Miss Loria disdainfully tossed the unconscious Nicholas onto the ground.

At that moment, Inspector Li Wei, who had been hiding nearby for a long time, walked over.

"Miss Loria, would you mind handing them over to me for handling?"

"Take them."

Loria didn't care, after all, there was no reward to claim.

Li Wei quickly expressed his gratitude, and a few of the onlookers who hadn't been scared away joined in with cheers.

"Knight of Justice, Loria!"

"Brave lady knight!"

Loria was blown up and her heart started floating in the air.

I told you I had a heart full of righteousness, but you still didn't believe me!

"Um…" Miss Plump Sheep walked over with an embarrassed expression, saying, "Um… I'm Yukihime, from Claren City. Thank you, I really had no idea they were scammers. If it weren't for you, I would have fallen for their trick."

Loria burst into laughter, saying, "Miss Yukihime, relax. In Creek Town, the people are kind-hearted, warm, and hospitable. The majority of them are good individuals, just like me!"

( σ'ω')σ

Yukihime nodded.

Dad said there were bad people everywhere outside, but it's not entirely true, right? She had just stepped out and already she met a reliable big sister!

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