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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 28

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 28: Loria, the Shield Knight, Is Ready To Embark on Her Mission!

After the simulation, Loria could clearly feel that she had grown stronger.

She skillfully took out her identification card and checked her attributes.

[Attributes]: Strength 10, Agility 7, Stamina 26, Intelligence 7, Spirit 7, Charm 11

Compared to when she first received her identification card, this could be described as a tremendous change.

Even the once low intelligence had improved somewhat after multiple simulations, no longer being a hindrance to her attributes.

Although she, as a female knight, didn't really need intelligence, she still wished her intelligence could be a little more pleasing, not too much, just higher than 9 would be great.

"In the future, we need to find ways to increase our strength and agility in our training simulations."

Loria lightly touched her chin, nodding solemnly.

Only when her strength and agility were both heightened could she deliver a crushing blow to her enemies.

She didn't want to become the kind of knight who relied solely on endurance to wear down her enemies. When sparring and interacting with lovely monster girls, being extremely durable was enough; being able to fight while maintaining her "fierce lady" persona was much cooler.

How dare those lowly villains shout and claim to be able to fight well in front of this young lady knight?

I will smash your arrogant faces with a single punch, and with just two punches, I will send you to hell!

"Although it may be a long way to reach this goal, I believe one day I will proudly question Guildmaster Adeline, who is much stronger than me now. Sister, am I fierce or not?"

Actually, the attribute of spirit is also a very important attribute.

In this world, there is no shortage of secret arts that manipulate spirits. It is said that many demons merely cast a glance that makes ordinary people become entangled in mystery and intrigue.

While attending classes at the Knight's Training School, Loria learned about the legends of the Demon God from her teacher.

Among them is the Goddess of Hedonism and Dark Moon, who can easily manipulate sins such as lust, greed, and gluttony.

Facing such powerful creatures, if one's spiritual attributes were too low, they would surely be overwhelmed in an instant.

Loria, however, wasn't worried.

Now, she is extremely weak and has no chance of encountering these powerful creatures. She also has no intention of coming into contact with them.

"Simply improve strength and agility, as for endurance…"

Keep adding, keep adding, add as much as you want, as long as it doesn't reach a level that she can never be satisfied with.

Loria proudly reached out and tapped her ID card, but as soon as she did, she ended up poking a "problem" along with it.

"Why am I still a beginner knight?"

[Occupation]: Novice Knight (Female)

She looked at it several times and noticed that the information on her ID card was still written the same way.

After remaining in a daze for quite a while, Loria finally noticed a faint golden glow emanating from the additional section on her ID card labeled "Occupation Recommendation".

She quickly reached out and tapped it.

And just like the last time she looked, the text displayed here had indeed changed.

[After enduring a long period of training, you have become very resilient. Now, you have the ability to choose a new occupation.]

[After a comprehensive assessment of your talents and qualities, the profession that suits you best is-]

[1. Elegant Geisha]

[2. Lady Thorn]

[3. Shield Knight]

[Note: Rankings are in order, it is recommended to advance to become an Elegant Geisha, becoming stronger while lying down, making progress every hour of the day!]


It's really tempting that she can make progress all day long, twenty-four hours a day. She also has the physical ability to do it.

"But now I don't need money, so I don't want to be a geisha."

What Loria wanted for herself was to "lie flat", which meant that after lying flat, she wouldn't have to do anything, rather than lying flat and being……

She was curious about what "Lady Thorn" was.

Only by looking at it did they realize that it was an extraordinary profession. It is said that they mainly operate in the Free Territory, where dark-skinned elves like to wear revealing black leather clothes and wield thorned whips to violently attack enemies.


Loria imagined what she would look like wearing those clothes.

Goo, go ahead and kill me.

There was no way she could switch to this kind of profession!

"I can only be a temporary shield knight for now."

Loria wasn't interested in being a shield knight at all, she wanted to become a brave and gallant battlefield goddess.

But if the other choices were a "high-class geisha" and a "Lady Thorn," then being a "shield knight" would be easier for people to accept.

She reached out and with a single poke, her class change was completed just like that.

[Occupation]: Shield Knight (E)

After changing occupations, her talents and skills underwent some changes.

While stubbornly holding her ground, she gained a new talent called "Sturdy Body" and her old skill "Endure and Carry" transformed into "Delayed Excitement." Additionally, she acquired a very serious skill called "Resilient Burst."

[Sturdy Body]; You have grown accustomed to being pressed against the ground and enduring friction, stamina +2.

Resilient Burst: By expending some physical energy, unleash the hidden potential of your body, granting a temporary boost of strength +3 and agility +3 for a duration of 2 minutes.

Delayed Excitement is used in conjunction with hyper sensitivity and optimistic individuals, and its effects are understood by those who understand.

Loria was generally satisfied with these changes.

After all, most adventurers don't awaken new skills when they level up their professions.

"Take another look at the rewards that were simulated just now."

Loria opened the simulator again.

[Weight Training]: Your body is very special. When enduring pain, itchiness, and embarrassment, your stamina will increase significantly.


Loria furrowed her eyebrows.

"You really think I'm the kind of pervert who enjoys pain?" Loria muttered.

"Stop it," Loria exclaimed.

I can only endure pain to some extent!

"Even if I, Loria, were in excruciating pain, on the brink of death, and about to jump off from here, I would never resort to using this skill."

Anyway, she would have other chances to simulate.

After calming down a bit from her slightly excited state, Loria proceeded to activate two new simulations in quick succession.

In the midst of the simulation, she reached out to Guildmaster Adeline and Vita in turn, and successfully destroyed the secret hideouts of both the slaughterhouse and the slave trading organization hidden beneath the circus.

Although the ones exerting great efforts were Guildmaster Adeline and Vita, it was clear that without her wise guidance, it would have been impossible to achieve such a victory.

In the end, the three of them worked together to destroy the slave trading organization!

The only downside was that the deputy warden of the detention center escaped, resulting in the failure to complete the "Shadows of the Red-Light District" operation.

This was also the reason why Loria embarked on her third simulation.

In the third simulation, she carefully investigated the deputy warden's movements, and then launched an attack when the deputy warden secretly infiltrated the slaughterhouse.

Though the enemy tried their best to resist, they were ultimately defeated.

But unfortunately, on the eve of victory, she had her leg broken by someone accidentally interrupting her.

As the medical skills in Creek Town were underdeveloped and unable to treat her knee, Guildmaster Adeline took her back to her hometown for treatment.

On their way back to the hometown, the two of them bonded and connected with each other. Day after day and night after night, as time passed, they started developing feelings for each other, and then…

Because her injuries worsened, she tragically passed away!

In these two simulations, Loria gained some attribute points once again, but unfortunately, the rewards she obtained weren't very good.

One is a passive skill that increases intelligence, and the other is a passive skill that reduces the chance of infection from injuries.

After much thought, Loria ultimately decided to learn the skill of "Weight Training".

"This is something I can't help doing. I can't just acquire the other two skills, right? Anyway, I won't willingly subject myself to such suffering. I'm not a masochist."

Loria switched off the simulator.

The greatest benefit of these two simulations actually lies in the information they reveal.

As it turned out, her plan to directly attack the enemy's lair was correct. As long as she was careful and didn't get trapped herself, everything would be fine.

As for how to be careful…

Adeline used her summoning spell directly!

"Guildmaster, he hit me!"

Loria slept through the night and woke up to the sound of knocking on the door. She knew that Guildmaster Adeline was ready to take her to the hospital for a check-up.

The gears started turning.

She doesn't want to go to the hospital now, doesn't want to go to work, and doesn't want to feel gloomy. She only wants to see that slave trafficking organization explode immediately!

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