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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 29

2023-11-21 15:40:00Publish Time: 1,254 views
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Chapter 29: The Female Knight Charges Forward!

Seven o'clock in the morning.

Adeline knocked on Loria's door.

"Loria, are you awake?"

She prepared to take Loria to the hospital for a check-up. If there were still remnants of the love potion in her body, it would need to be resolved.

Nowadays, the effects of these love potions are extremely frightening.

If not properly dealt with, it could potentially have permanent effects on the human body.

Adeline didn't want to see the righteous Loria turn into a deeply obsessed and perverted person.

She was still thinking about nurturing Loria to become an excellent female knight.

If the training is successful, she would have contributed to the Adventurers Management Guild that was willing to accept her.

"I am here."

Loria quickly climbed out of bed.

Last night, she didn't sleep for long, but now she is extremely excited.

After today, she will be one step closer to her dream of a laid-back life!

After the door opened.

Adeline said, "Wake up and get ready, after breakfast, I will take you to the nearby hospital for a check-up, to see if there are any remnants of medication."

Loria immediately refused.

If she went to the hospital, she would miss the meeting with Vita today, and in doing so, she would waste two precious opportunities.

"This won't do."

Adeline frowned slightly.

Loria quickly shook her head, "Guildmaster, I'm really fine. If I have to go to the hospital, let's wait until after work. Going now will affect my work."

She had already planned it out - she needed to contact Vita first. Only once Vita agreed to help could she turn back and approach Guildmaster Adeline.

If Guildmaster Adeline were to be told about the situation right now, she would surely stop herself from involving ordinary people and prevent her from seeking Vita's help.

Because Vita had just arrived in Creek Town and had never showcased her abilities in front of others before, she couldn't explain how she knew Vita was very skilled.

Overall, Loria's plan went very smoothly.

Reluctantly, Guildmaster Adeline agreed to her stubborn request and no longer insisted on taking her to the hospital right away.

After all, she is Guildmaster Adeline, you know.

Although they had only been together for half a day, in the world of the simulator, they were already an old married couple who loved and "killed" each other.

Loria didn't have a particularly deep understanding of Guildmaster Adeline, but she knew that as long as she "wiggled her bottom," it would get a reaction from Guildmaster Adeline.

After persuading Guildmaster Adeline, she went to work as usual.

Around ten o'clock in the morning, Vita arrived at the Adventurers Management Guild. She wanted to have a private conversation with her, under the pretense of interviewing her about the bawdyhouse case from the previous day.

Loria happily agreed.

During the interview, she told Vita about her findings.

Vita showed great anger. She took off the gray duckbill cap and threw it heavily onto the table.

"I always believed that a truly excellent place like a geisha house, should be able to make both the customers and the geishas happy. If the geishas are not willingly working in this profession and cannot find happiness in it, then they can never provide satisfactory service!"

"These people's actions, which are vile, dirty, and disrespectful, will eventually ruin the Oder Empire's porn industry!"

"And they even secretly sold slaves, which was an unforgivable crime. I must make sure they receive the punishment they deserve!"

Loria nodded her head.

Those wretched creatures knew nothing of compassion. In their eyes, taking a life might have seemed lighter than slaughtering a pig.

Therefore, when dealing with them, there was no need for any mercy!

She then told Vita that Guildmaster Adeline would also join in, so after a detailed discussion, they made proper division of labor.

Next, Vita would keep her eyes on the circus.

And she went to the slaughterhouse together with Guildmaster Adeline.

"I never would have imagined that as a journalist covering the entertainment industry, I would have the chance to be involved in such a big case."

Vita's face lit up with a bright smile. With the red-rimmed eyes as a backdrop, she exuded a mature and intelligent beauty.

Happy cooperation.

Although Loria had been disciplined by Vita multiple times during the simulation, at least now Loria had developed a fondness for Vita.

After parting ways, Loria didn't rush to find Guildmaster Adeline.

She secretly ran to the red-light district and bought a few bottles of enchantment potion. She borrowed a bucket of slime slime from a cute slime girl, and then went to dig a bag of lime.

After making all the preparations, she finally knocked on the door of Guildmaster Adeline's office.

"Guildmaster, there's something I have been thinking about for a long time, and I feel that I need to tell you."

"What's the matter?"

"Actually, I had been investigating that slave trading organization for many days now."

Loria shared a story she had just written.

In Creek Town, she who recently joined the Adventurers Management Guild, suspects foul play when a close companion goes missing. Therefore, she launches an investigation.

You won't know until you investigate, and when you do, you'll be startled.

It turns out that beneath the seemingly peaceful surface of Creek Town's red-light district, there lies a nauseating black industry!

Those wicked individuals attacked unsuspecting adventurers, captured friendly monster girls, and even used their jobs as bait to deceive young girls who had just entered society with hopeful dreams for the future.

"Saying it's a great job opportunity, but in reality, they deceive those innocent young girls. Once they arrive at the place, they immediately take control of the victims and force them to become slaves, to become geishas. If they don't obey, they get hit. And if they still don't obey, they get killed on the spot!"

When it came to the exciting part, Loria slapped the table with a resounding thud.

Adeline stood up even faster than Loria had imagined.

"You stay here, don't move, I'll go to the butcher's and come back soon."

Loria quickly grabbed Adeline's hand.

"Guildmaster, I want to go together!"

Only she could accurately grasp the time when the deputy director of the detention center was at the butcher's.

This time, they must catch that guy.

Loria didn't want to be walking on the road and suddenly get blown away by a magic explosive bomb.

Adeline and Loria locked eyes, and Adeline saw determination in those beautiful red eyes.

"Let's go together, remember, don't stray too far from me."

Speaking of which, she hadn't moved her hand for a long time.

Regarding her abilities, Adeline was quite confident.

While still in officer training school, her swordsmanship received unanimous praise from her mentors and classmates.

Adeline's heart and behavior may have aged, but even until her last breath, her swordsmanship would never grow old!

This is the glory of a swordsman!

"I have to go out for a while, if someone comes looking for me, just ask them to wait a little while."

After leaving a message for her assistant outside the door, Adeline hurried to the slaughterhouse with Loria.

They crouched down and it was only at four twenty in the afternoon that they finally stepped into the slaughterhouse.

There, they met the owner of the slaughterhouse.

"Ah, isn't that Guildmaster Adeline? How come you have time to come here today?"

"I came…"

Guildmaster Adeline hadn't finished her sentence when Loria, who was standing beside her, suddenly took out a hammer.


The boss of the slaughterhouse widened his eyes. He had realized that something was wrong, but unfortunately, it was too late.


Loria swung a hammer and it struck his chest. With a scream, he fell to the ground, his chest completely caved in.

Adeline was taken aback.

Loria said, "He has killed many people. Dealing with him directly would also save us time."

In the simulation, she had been attacked by this guy, and now she wouldn't give him any chance!

Adeline, "…"

At that moment, Loria was already carrying a hammer as she made her way to the hidden entrance of the slaughterhouse.