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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 27

2023-11-15 15:55:00Publish Time: 1,450 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 27: Guildmaster Adeline's First Counterattack

"This simulation should come to an end now."

Loria turned over.

She was very dissatisfied with the process of this simulation, after all, the simulator had portrayed her as someone addicted to sex, which she found quite disturbing.

This was simply a joke.

That's right, her body had become more sensitive, just like those female protagonists who easily succumb to evil in r18 games, but her heart remained steadfast and pure!

Even though she could resist the urge to touch herself even after being drugged with top-quality aphrodisiacs, it was unimaginable for her to do something as extraordinary as spending 1000 Oder coins in a brothel to hire ten geishas for a day of play.

I believe everyone would not agree with the slanderous words of the simulator.

And then…

"I previously said that I would jokingly put a hat on the guildmaster's head in front of the guildmaster, but it was just me talking nonsense when I was angry. Who doesn't say silly things when they're upset? A pure-hearted, grateful woman like me would never make the guildmaster upset!"

Loria nodded solemnly.

She was actually quite satisfied with the results of this simulation.

Although she spent most of her time comforting the empty hearts of the monster girls, in the end, she managed to uncover two secret bases of the slave trading organization.

With these two addresses, the rest of the journey became much easier.

"In the next simulation, as long as we investigate step by step, we should be able to solve this case successfully. Even if the mastermind has control over all his henchmen, once we present solid evidence to the public, he will be finished."

Getting rid of this slave trading organization would bring Loria so many benefits, it's beyond imagination.

First of all, she wouldn't have to worry anymore about herself and the people around her being retaliated against, like she does now.

Furthermore, as a great hero who eradicated evil, she would certainly receive countless rewards and accolades.

Just by capturing six people in that bawdyhouse, she obtained a bounty of 6000 Oder coins. This time, it had to be a six-figure reward, right?

The girl still needed to have some money with her.

"When the time comes, I will directly book the bawdyhouse called Slimy Happy Cottage, rent it for a few days… damn it."

Miss Loria shook her head.

She booked the bawdyhouse, of course not to have fun herself, as she didn't engage in such activities. She simply wanted to express her gratitude to Guildmaster Adeline and Vita.

Aside from money, Loria believed that her position would definitely rise.

"I became the Office Manager just two months after starting my job. Wow, I'm really impressive!"

"In the simulation, I only met Cathy and the female healer on the 16th day. If I had gone earlier, at least the female healer wouldn't have died. As for the others, they might have been able to live a bit longer too."

Loria didn't want to be a savior or a grand hero, but if she could save people while benefiting greatly herself, she would be more than happy to do so.

"These people are really clever, they set up their secret base in places like the slaughterhouse and the circus. Even if something happens, it will be covered up."

Unfortunately, you've encountered me-

Miss Loria Jaratiya, beautiful, charming, intelligent, and dangerous!

Loria was looking forward to what mysterious reward the simulator would give her after completing the "Shadows of the Red-Light District" event.

"I wish I had a talent that could make my body less sensitive. Alternatively, a skill that could delay my physical reactions would be acceptable."

She didn't want to end up breaking down herself while fighting with someone.

Loria took out the 10 Oder coins she had previously collected, ready to start over as soon as the simulation ended and directly overthrow the slave trading organization.

But to her surprise, she discovered that the simulator kept generating new words.

"Ah, I actually didn't die, and I wasn't sold to become a geisha, right?"

To be honest, Loria secretly had a bit of a desire to become a geisha.

It's not that she wanted to be a little naughty, but mainly because she thought it would help her unlock an achievement that grants additional endurance.

She only needed to gain an additional 4 points of endurance to promote from a F-rank adventurer to an E-rank adventurer.

Loria flipped through the emulator and discovered that something unexpected had happened.

[The butcher tied you to a wooden stake, preparing to finish cooking for the others before slowly starting to train you.]

[As the evening approached, the sound of pig-like screams suddenly came from outside the slaughterhouse. Before you could gather your thoughts, Vita came storming into the slaughterhouse, wielding two sharp spikes in her hands.]

[No one was a match for Vita. After nailing the terrified butcher to the wall, Vita released you from the wooden stake.]

[She told you that because she hadn't seen you show up for a long time, she took the initiative to contact Guildmaster Adeline. Then they split up to investigate, with Guildmaster Adeline in charge of investigating the circus, and she herself in charge of investigating the slaughterhouse.]

[All the captive people and monster girls were set free. Everyone, except for you, was badly hurt. Vita interrogated the butcher, who revealed that this place was used to train slaves for buyers with specific desires.]

[The incident at the slaughterhouse and circus caused a stir throughout Creek Town. Doctors, inspectors, adventurers, and even the mayor were alerted and rushed to the scene.]

[As the crowd watched, the butcher publicly accused the deputy warden of being the mastermind behind the slave trade organization. The mayor, filled with anger, fiercely attacked the deputy warden, and you became the hero of the day.]

[On the 17th day, the mayor personally praised you and promised to inform the provincial authorities of your heroic deeds in the Province of Claren.]

[As you passed by the bustling red-light district, the owners of the bawdyhouses generously presented you with custom-made membership cards. They informed you that you could enjoy a free visit to each establishment every week.]

[With a serious expression on your face, you told them that you were not that kind of person. However, in order to not let everyone's kindness go to waste, you reluctantly accepted the membership cards.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline called out to you. You realized something was amiss, but it was already too late to escape.]

[Guildmaster Adeline revealed that she had learned from a rescued monster girl that a few days ago, you had claimed to be working hard, but in reality, you were engaging in "battles" alongside the monster girls.]

[You tearfully confessed that you were exposed and explained that you had no choice but to do it. The villains had threatened you with the guildmaster's life, leaving you with no other option.]

[Guildmaster Adeline remained unmoved, prompting you to resort to your ultimate move. You sat directly on Guildmaster Adeline's lap, wrapping your arms around her neck.]

[Guildmaster Adeline, furious, punished you, "Ten times! Tonight, I shall punish you ten times!"]

[As Guildmaster Adeline reached the eighth punishment, she clutched her waist and collapsed. You licked your lips and, seeing how tired Guildmaster Adeline was, you decided to temporarily spare her.]

Miss Loria furrowed her brow.

"Ah, how frustrating! It was supposed to be a wonderful day, but everything went wrong. It's unbelievable! I used to get away with cheating so often before without being caught. Was I too overconfident? Lesson learned, next time I must be extra careful!"

She continued to look towards the back.

[Day 18: You were exhausted from the commotion throughout the night, so you had to decline the interview with the reporters.]

[As you arrived at the meeting place, a magical explosive suddenly rolled towards you. Exhausted, you couldn't dodge in time and were killed by the explosion.]

[The simulation came to an end.]

[Outcome Achieved: Unfinished Justice]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment "Knight of the Kingdom," and receiving an extra reward. Intelligence +1]

[Congratulations to the brave player for achieving the title of "Knight of Justice" and being rewarded with an extra prize. Strength +1]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment of "Magical Creature Trainer" and receiving an additional reward. Endurance +2.]

[Congratulations to the player for achieving the accomplishment of "Sex Addict" and receiving an extra reward. Endurance +2.]

[Congratulations to the player for receiving a grade of D, and as a reward, they obtained "Weight Training."]

"What on earth is this final achievement!"

Loria clenched her teeth in anger.

The ending suddenly being blown up by a magic explosive was already bizarre enough, but this achievement was even more outlandish.

The only good news was that she had successfully gained 4 points of stamina.

Now, she had even more confidence in brutally smashing those despicable slave traders to death.