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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 26

2023-11-13 15:51:00Publish Time: 1,448 views
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Chapter 26: We Must Deliver A Powerful Blow!

Watching the words "Go away" displayed on the simulator, Miss Loria felt deeply insulted.

It's you who bribed me with money.

You were the ones who used a magic explosive to threaten me.

It was you who forced me to train the poor monster girls.

As a result, when I worked hard to train those monster girls, you made me leave over a small amount of treatment fee.

Is it fair?

Is this really fair?

Not allowing me to be a good person nor a bad person?

Miss Loria couldn't help but vent her anger after flipping the table, angrily patting her own thigh.

"Return the energy I have used up and the water I have lost!"

In reality, she had given much more than that.

Ignoring the time that passed like flowing water, due to frequent training with monster girls, her waist, legs, and hands suffered varying degrees of fatigue.

Is this an injury from work? This surely must be an injury from work!

During this process, Guildmaster Adeline, who always supported her, had also put in a lot of effort.

Once again, he helped her prepare soup, gave her massages, applied medicine, and even exercised with her.

But their efforts were mercilessly trampled upon by that evil slave trafficking group!

Loria was burning with anger, "Vicious, it's just too vicious! It's more painful than killing me. Even if not for myself, but for Guildmaster Adeline who selflessly cares for and looks after me, I'll make all of you regret it!"

Seeking revenge.

This must be avenged.

Heaven's wrath, divine anger, sacred judgment, none shall be spared!

Loria gritted her teeth and continued to watch the simulated content.

Because she was so engrossed, she had no idea that Adeline was standing at the bedroom door.

One minute ago, Adeline was taking a bath when suddenly she heard a loud clattering noise.

She didn't even have time to turn off the water. She dashed out wearing only a towel. Her beautiful golden hair was still wet and hanging damply on her shoulders.

She thought that Loria was in danger and was prepared to barge in straight away.

But in the moment she raised her hand, she heard Loria muttering to herself-

"It's more painful than killing me!"

The bitterness in the voice was impossible to conceal.

Adeline couldn't help but sigh quietly.

Just a moment ago, she carefully examined Loria's information, so she knew that Loria was one of the few people who still followed the knight's code these days!

Even when Loria was still attending the knight training school, she was diligent and eager to learn, respectful to elders, caring for the young, and never slacked off.

When everyone else was tired and exhausted from practicing swordplay, only Loria, despite her fatigue and injuries, practiced with increasing excitement, so thrilled that her face turned red.

From this, it could be seen how much she loved the profession of being a knight.

But, this version of her, today, had been "tarnished" by someone!

The ugly villain used a love potion on her.

Because she remained pure, at first Adeline didn't think it was a big deal for Loria.

But now, it seems she was obviously mistaken. In the eyes of the honorable female knight, Loria, this was something that would make her feel worse than if she were killed!

"After all, she was that kind of person who felt proud of herself for becoming a knight."

Adeline rarely blamed herself.

I was really foolish, truly. I should have understood it long ago, even before seeing her hiding the effects of the love potion and not showing any signs of weakness.

"This child, oh so pitiful."

"She trusted me so much that whenever she encountered a problem, she would come to me for help right away."

"If I had accepted her earlier, she wouldn't have been drugged, right?"

"Even so, she didn't blame me. She was grateful to me."

"For her, for her trust, I will find all those wicked slave traders and expose them!"

Adeline decided not to enter the house.

She didn't want to uncover Loria's scars at this moment, so she decided to leave the child alone for a while.

At that moment, a thought suddenly popped into her mind.

She couldn't be a qualified knight anymore, despite being young she already seemed like an old woman in her twilight years.

But she could train Loria to become an excellent knight!


Both the simulated Loria and the real-life Loria erupted with the same anger.

On the first day after being driven out of the secret hideout by the slave trading organization, she took immediate action.

[You were very angry and vowed to get revenge.]

[You were addicted to training, feeling uncomfortable throughout the day if you didn't train. In a state of extreme anger, you took out 1000 Oder coins and ordered five Slime Girls and five Tuntun Flower Girls at the Slimy Happy Cottage. You trained the entire day.]

[After the training session, your mood became very good and you decided that starting from tomorrow, you would give the slave trading organization a hard time.]

"Why is it tomorrow again?"

Don't come over here, okay?

The word "tomorrow" had already given Loria PTSD.

[Day 15: You, full of energy and determination, decide to reveal the location of the secret base of the slave trafficking organization to Vita. As you're walking halfway there, the person who chased you away yesterday finds you.]

[He sincerely apologizes to you, and gives you a bag of money. He also mentions that the boss has already disciplined him severely, and if you don't accept his apology, the boss will kill him.]

[He also mentioned that the boss is planning to arrange a farewell place for you to continue training the slaves. With the money in your hand, you forgave him.]

"Hello, what happened to our plan for revenge?"

Loria was confused.

[After separating from the slave trading organization, you secretly found Vita and told her that you had to cancel the interview because you were being coerced by the slave trading organization.]

[You said that the vile slave trading organization used Guildmaster Adeline to threaten you, and you had no choice but to comply. However, your sense of justice remained alive. While working for them, you endured humiliation and collected a significant amount of information. Now, you have successfully gained their trust, and they intend to take you to another secret base.]

[Vita decided to collaborate with you to bring down these slave traders. You told her the location of the secret base, which were the Creek Town Circus and Creek Town Slaughterhouse.]


Loria clenched her fist tightly upon seeing this.

After investigating for so long, there was finally a new development.

[Day 16: Led by individuals from the slave trading organization, you arrived at the Creek Town slaughterhouse. However, what awaited you was not adorable monster girls or pigs waiting to be slaughtered, but butchers wielding butcher knives.]

[You were caught by the butcher, who threatened you, "You discontented wretch! If you behave and obey, you can still live as a geisha in a distant land. But if you don't listen, that will be your fate!"]

[You saw many pieces of meat hanging on the wall of the execution room, as well as some bodies that hadn't been fully dissected. Among them, you recognized one of the bodies as that of a highly motivated female healing sorceress who had gone missing during a mission to subdue monsters.]

[You also caught sight of a room next door, where a girl, beaten to a pulp, was locked inside. You recognized her as Cathy, your classmate at the knight training school.]


Loria's face turned pale with fear.

When they graduated, Cathy told her that she had found a promising job in another city. She also said that when she became successful, she would invite her over to visit.

When Cathy left Creek Town, she went with the well wishes of all her classmates.

Unlike those who chose to "lie flat" because they felt hopeless about becoming successful, Cathy was always full of enthusiasm for life. On the day she left, her face was beaming with a smile.

But now…

Loria's heart suddenly filled with anger, even more anger than before.

Abducted, imprisoned, murdered, enslaved, even the people she knew fell victim…

These individuals were no longer ordinary criminals; they had to face a strong blow!