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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 25

2023-11-11 15:43:00Publish Time: 1,297 views
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Chapter 25: Bowing Down to the Forces of Evil

Special move?

Seeing the new content displayed on the simulator, Loria couldn't help but let out a joyful laugh.

"You thought I will surrender to money? Hmph, you underestimate me!"

She likes money.

But in reality, what she likes is not money.

This statement may seem difficult to understand, but it's actually not difficult to understand.

For Miss Loria, who had aspired since childhood, what she truly yearned for was being able to lay back comfortably without worries once she had money.

If she takes the money from these people, it would be as if she has something that they can use against her.

Although she could live a comfortable life for a short time, it's hard to say what will happen in the long run.

"Maybe they will force me to do this and that."

"If I refuse, they will use the threat of taking my money to force me."

"Then I would sink deeper and deeper, like being swallowed by Queen Slime, only able to bear the compression helplessly, and eventually become a slave. If I'm unlucky, I might even be sold directly!"

So you see, this money should absolutely not be accepted.

Loria believed that the simulated version of herself also understood this lesson.

Sure enough, her guess was correct.

When the stranger said that he would use his special move, the simulated version of her arrogantly sneered.

["Want to corrupt me with money? Forget about it! I, Loria, am righteous to the core, seeing money as worthless, and I will never associate with wickedness!"]

[Facing your bold words, the stranger calmly took out a magical explosive and placed it on the table. "I'm not mistaken about you, it's you who misunderstood me. With this magical explosive, even a knight of E rank could be easily blown away."]


This twist shocked Loria greatly.

A threat of death?

Although that magic explosive could kill her, it could certainly also blow up that stranger along with her.

In other words, this guy was an assassin!

And if she remembered correctly, they had met at a place called a bawdyhouse. If she were to throw down that magic explosive, it could at least kill dozens of innocent passersby!

She had underestimated the wickedness of these slave traders.

"Isn't it just a magic bomb? Go ahead, explode, even if I die, I can just be simulated again. What a joke! Do you think I, Loria, am easily scared?"

Loria said these words, but deep down, she still felt a touch of sadness.

Because there was too little simulation data, this time she didn't uncover much useful information at all, and the number of simulations was decreasing each time.

But there was no other choice, so she prepared to start over again.

Loria took out 10 Oder coins from her pocket.

Just at that moment, the simulator unexpectedly displayed new content, but to everyone's surprise, it wasn't the signal that the simulation had ended.

[Faced with the magic explosive handed to you by a stranger, you immediately raised your hands and said, "I surrender!"]

"Hello, hello, hello!"

Loria widened her eyes.

Loria, what are you doing, Loria?

You actually bowed down to the evil forces? It truly disappoints me!

Giving up is one thing, but surrendering so quickly, you will surely be looked down upon, and then you won't reap any benefits at all!

Loria was about to faint from anger.

"Insult, it's simply an insult, am I really that timid?"

[The stranger accepted your surrender and discussed the terms with you. He said he is not a demon and won't harm you unless absolutely necessary. He also mentioned that with Guildmaster Adeline present, they won't inflict any harm on you without reason. However, in order to prove your sincere surrender, you must join them and engage in wrongdoings together.]

[You reluctantly agreed to the terms of the stranger, with the condition that they cannot force you to kill or capture slaves. The stranger shook your hand and introduced himself as Tundrick.]

[After Tundrick left, you met with Vita. You made an excuse, claiming that Guildmaster Adeline forbade your involvement in the investigation, thus ending your collaboration with Vita.]

[That evening, when you returned to Guildmaster Adeline's house, she advised you to be extra cautious to avoid any possible treachery.]

"I have already been tricked, oh no!"

Loria was too exhausted to complain.

[Day 4: Tundrick found you again and took you to another secret base of the slave trade organization. Under their coercion, you had no choice but to agree to help them train the monster girl slaves who were going to be sold as geishas in a distant land.]

[Even though you were trapped in a dark dungeon, deep inside you knew that your heart still yearned for the light. Determined to make the most of your time working here, you resolved to gather evidence against the slave trade organization.]


Upon seeing Loria, she let out a sigh of relief, and even became so excited that she clenched her fists tightly.

"Okay," she replied.

"This is the real me!" she exclaimed.

Charge ahead, Loria! Unleash your full abilities and uncover the secrets of the slave trading organization!

[Day 5: You were training the captured Slime Girl in the secret base. The Slime Girl was extremely fearful, but after undergoing your training, she happily fainted in contentment.]

[Because you were new to the place, afraid of arousing the suspicion of Tundrick, you decided to delay the investigation until tomorrow.]

[Day 6: You were dissatisfied with yesterday's training, so you called five Slime Girls to train together. The Slime Girls happily fainted in contentment.]

[Because it was getting late, and you were afraid of arousing Guildmaster Adeline's suspicion, you decided to postpone the investigation until tomorrow.]

[Day 7: You were training ten Slime Girls in your secret base, and they happily fainted in contentment.]

[Tundrick was very pleased with your work, as it noticed that the Slime Girls, who used to be mischievous at night, had become very well-behaved lately.]

[Because you were feeling tired today, you decided to postpone the investigation until tomorrow.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline noticed that you seemed a bit down. She told you that there is always more work to be done, and advised you not to push yourself too hard. You reassured her that it's alright.]

"Hello, hello, hurry up and start the investigation!"

Loria suddenly had a bad feeling in her heart.

[On the 8th day, the Secret Base didn't have any more Slime Girls. So, you called for a Tuntun Flower Girl to join the training.]

[After the training was over, you reflected upon it and said, "Loria, oh Loria, you are a righteous female knight. You came here to rescue these monster girls!"]

[The Tuntun Flower Girl, who hadn't fainted yet, grabbed onto you. You realized that fulfilling the Tuntun Flower Girl's needs was also a way to save her. You decided to investigate further tomorrow.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline thoughtfully brewed chicken soup for you.]

Loria, "(゜-゜)"

[Day 9: Today, you trained together with Slime Girl, Tuntun Flower Girl, and Scorpion Tail Girl.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline tenderly massaged your tired waist, back, and limbs.]

Loria, "(; ̄д ̄)"

[Day 10: Today, you trained together with all the monster girls in the secret hideout.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline kindly applied the medicine you bought from the hospital onto you.]

Loria, "(;≧д≦)"

[Day 11: Today, you continued training with all the monster girls in the secret hideout. As you watched the monster girls happily collapse on the ground, you felt a sense of happiness too. Even if you spent ten thousand Oder coins at a bawdyhouse, you wouldn't get this kind of experience, right?]

[You made up your mind. After all, everyone was happy, so was there really a need for an investigation?]

Loria, "っ゚Д゚)っ"

[Day 12: Under your intense training with the monster girls, the secret hideout has become very damp recently, so Tundrick had to send someone to clean it up.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline kindly taught you her swordsmanship, hoping that you would become stronger.]

Loria, "(」゜ロ゜)」"

[Day 13: During the training, three slime girls became dehydrated, so you had to stop the training and have Tundrick find a doctor to treat them.]

[In the evening, Guildmaster Adeline massaged you and taught you swordsmanship. Seeing your sore body, she told you that practicing sword skills requires patience and cannot be rushed.]

Loria, "(º﹃º )"

[Day 14: When you arrived at the secret base, you heard that all the monster girls were sick. The doctor diagnosed them with severe dehydration and muscle strain due to excessive training. The treatment costs were extremely high. Since the trading date was approaching, there was no time to capture and train new monster girls. The treatment had to continue. You also heard that upon receiving the news, Tundrick fainted from anger and passed away on the way to the hospital.]

[In the afternoon, a newcomer from the slave trade organization was sent to approach you. He forcefully relieved you of your duties and ordered you to leave.]

[Go away! Go back to being a lady knight, we can't afford to keep you here. If you keep going like this, we'll surely go bankrupt!]

[You left, feeling very sad and downtrodden.]

"He was being so unfair!

Loria flipped the table in anger.