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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 11

2023-10-16 16:40:00Publish Time: 2,026 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 11: Can It Be My Fault That the Guildmaster Passed Away?

[Adeline von Lidilia passed away at a young age, only 22 years old.]

Loria stared at the words displayed on the simulator, reading them over twenty times.

There was no doubt, this was not an illusion.

In the simulated ending, Adeline did indeed pass away, on a simple and ordinary morning.

But, so what?

Miss Loria was filled with anger, and she even became so agitated that she stomped her foot down firmly on the ground with a feeling of indignation.

"Can I really be blamed for this? They put me on the guillotine without even conducting an investigation. Those wicked nobles!"

She felt that Adeline's death had nothing to do with her at all!

If there was really a connection, then during the time they spent together after marriage, why didn't she have any problems at all?

And the previous few simulations and this simulation all clearly demonstrated one thing-

Frequent sex won't lead to death!

Otherwise, if she had faced off against Queen Slime and dozens of green-skinned orc maidens, she would have been exhausted to death a long time ago. How could she possibly have obtained the ending of "Queen Slime's Bride" and "Shared Companions of the Green-skinned Orc Maidens]."

"In my opinion, Adeline must have had a hidden ailment for a long time!"

Loria nodded earnestly.

What aching back, what blurry vision, these are all signs that the illness is starting to take hold.

But Adeline didn't pay any mind to this, and so, on a certain morning, she sadly passed away under the weight of illness.

Unfortunately, at that time, she was lying beside Adeline, and the unreasonable members of Lidilia's family treated her as the culprit who had caused Adeline's death.

The name of this ending is called "Lady Knight? Enchantress!" which Loria doesn't recognize at all.

"Fart! I am a pure human. If I am an enchantress, then what is Adeline?"

She admits that there was a mistake in her simulation.

But her mistake was simply not reminding Adeline to seek medical attention in time. This kind of error couldn't possibly lead to being sent to the guillotine, could it?

Loria wants to go and have a "battle" with Adeline right now, to see if someone would really end up dead.

She took a few deep breaths, finally managing to calm herself down.

Forget it.

After all, it was just a simulation event. Getting a little upset for a while was enough, there was no need to harm oneself over it.

Loria started to view the simulated rewards.

This time, she unlocked three achievements at once in the simulation, gaining a total of 4 points of endurance and 1 point of strength.

In this way, her attributes were once again greatly enhanced.

[Attributes]: Strength 7, Agility 6, Endurance 15, Intelligence 5, Spirit 7, Charm 9

For adventurers with lower levels, simply increasing their attributes can boost their capabilities.

For example, if any of the regular attributes exceeds 25, the career level on the identity card can change from F to E.

Of course, this doesn't include charm.

If Loria's charisma were truly as high as 25, she could easily be called the Enchantress Queen. Not to mention the monster girls outside of Creek Town, the townspeople of Creek Town would first want to drive her away!

Loria, looking at this middle finger-shaped attribute value, wasn't feeling very happy.

Her speculation was confirmed.

If she continued to simulate like this, her attribute would definitely change into a shape like "凸".

The elite of the prestigious Knight Training School should be charging into battle with a great sword in hand, rather than becoming a meat shield to absorb damage!

"Oh dear, oh dear, you didn't really think I enjoy being slapped, did you?"

Loria wickedly shifted her gaze away from her talent, Optimist.

"Next time, I must definitely practice in the simulation and try to gain some strength or agility attributes."

As for intelligence, she had given up hope.

Who made her profession an apprentice knight, after all?

Intelligence isn't important for a knight, let alone five points; even having just one point in the early stages is sufficient.

After all, this "intelligence" is not the same as that "intelligence."

To be honest, Loria felt that she wasn't foolish!

In reality, she could become a bucket knight if she raised all her attributes, but the cost required for that was too high.

"Getting stronger is good, so that next time I encounter those Slime Girls and Green-skinned Orc Girls, I can directly defeat them instead of using a 'water attack' to defeat them."

Loria tucked the identity card into her pocket.

The biggest gain from this simulation wasn't in terms of attributes, but in the information revealed through the simulated text.

"After forming a bond, I was working on documents while Adeline was working on me, every day. Because of this, Adeline simply didn't have time to plan the monster wave."

"And when we were on our way to Claren City to register our marriage, we were attacked by green-skinned orc girls. And just as the monsters were attacking Creek Town, we were on our way to Count Lidilia's estate."

"With all this evidence put together, Adeline's suspicion can basically be ruled out."

Loria planned to give it one final try in tomorrow's free rehearsal. If everything went well, she would be able to seek Adeline's help.

"There's one more thing."

Loria looked up and her gaze finally settled on the contents of the second day's rehearsal.

[On the way home, you suddenly found yourself being ambushed from behind.]

Because of this ambush, she lost 30 Oder coins!

That's 30 Oder coins, enough for her to experience 3 out of 5 slime foot massages!

Although no one bothered her after that, it didn't mean that the person who ambushed her didn't want to continue ambushing her.

The reason behind it was that ever since then, she had always stayed by Adeline's side, either charming Adeline or doing "good things" with Adeline.

As a brilliant student at the Officer Academy, Adeline displayed remarkable abilities.

If those who dare to attack her see Adeline standing by her side, would they still dare to cause trouble again?

"Let's plan to catch this person tomorrow, otherwise, who knows what more outrageous things he might do one day."

Loria switched off the simulator.

Today's simulation came to an end.

She had no interest in revisiting how she had battled with Adeline in the office.

The texts in the simulator were written too briefly. Instead of looking at that, it's better to imagine it yourself.

At that moment, Loria was still in the red-light district, so when she looked up, she saw the restaurant "Hop and Skip Slime" with a picture of a Slime Girl in a swimsuit hanging outside.

"Experience a slimy foot massage for only 50 Oder coins!"


"No, no," she exclaimed.

Now I really cannot spend money recklessly.

Let's wait until we safely overcome this crisis before deciding. By then, she could directly splurge on a night at the most renowned entertainment district, and even have a few lively companions to sing and dance alongside her!

Loria turned around and prepared to go home.

Just as she reached the street, she suddenly noticed a large group of people gathered together.

The first thing that caught her eye was the mayor's secretary, while standing next to the mayor's secretary was a tall woman with red-framed glasses and a gray hat.

Loria immediately remembered the simulated process of the "Queen of the Porn Industry" ending, which mentioned that the reporter from Oder Travel Newspaper would come to the red-light district for investigation.

It seems like this is the one.

This reporter was one of the four suspicious individuals she had listed.

"You're the next person to be investigated!"