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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 97

2022-09-12 04:47:39Publish Time: 2,114 views
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Chapter 97 The cheating road of the empire

As the treasure chest opened, countless pieces of information flowed into Roger's mind.

At the same time, a mysterious force began to automatically transform his ocean of consciousness.

A dense, thorny thorn grows on the imaginary sea.

Seeing those spikes reflecting the cold light, Roger felt excited.

This is a powerful skill!

[Mental thorns visualization: The advanced skill of Occupational Mind, which perfectly protects the secrets in the heart, any invasion of the mind-system will be counterattacked exponentially. Mastery degree: perfect, can resist ten times the strength of its spiritual power.]

Now, the secrets in my heart that I can't tell are all safe, right?

He knows that his other defenses are very useless, but his mental strength is not low.

After little Joey's appraisal, he has completely surpassed the magister and reached the level of legendary magic.

And to defend ten times the strength of one's mental power! Aside from the Seven Gods descending into the world, isn't he an expert at keeping secrets?

It is difficult to improve mental strength in the first place. He feels that mortals can't increase the strength to ten times that of a legendary mage even if they want to.

Thinking of it this way, this mental thorns visualization is quite suitable for his reward, and the skill strength is also good, and it does live up to the 100% guaranteed reward.

And as he opened the treasure chest this time, the entry was automatically refreshed on the system interface, and the probability changed back (10% guaranteed).

"It seems that this guarantee will not cross out the entry. This is a major advantage. Otherwise, after waiting for 90 days, you will find that there is nothing in the end, so you must not retreat from the popularity. There will be no plans to engage in that kind of slapstick operation, right? "

Roger thought for a while, then looked at the newly refreshed entry:

Gray "Lucky" and "Physical strength", silver "Sword" and "Support"

Roger thought for a while and felt that this combination could not provide the setup he needed.

He wants to be a magician, not a warrior!

In this world, melee combat is the dirtiest and most tiring work, and the mortality rate is far higher than that of a master.

If you have a choice, don't go.

He used the weekly refresh entry feature.

Gray "Passive" "Equipment", silver "Displacement", golden "Rare"

Roger blinked, withdrawing money again.

Is it because the dog system has a high probability, or am I really lucky?

However, the system was always cold, ignoring his inquiries.

The probability of the treasure chest card pool and the likelihood of the entry was not announced.

"If a garbage system like you is in my court, you will be accused of taking it off the shelves!"

Roger complained. Unfortunately, the system was completely unmoved and continued to play dead.

He had no choice. The entry was refreshed only once a week, and there were no more chances to practice and summarize the rules.

You could only choose from these four entries, then sit in this week's treasure chest...

The golden "Rare" must be chosen.

This is probably the same as the rarity in the game, and a powerful entry to increase the quality of the rewards.

Then he chose the gray "Passive".

He doesn't want equipment, which will always fall off and become outdated.

Moreover, if you have money, you can always get good equipment. He also knows some branches that can get good equipment, and there will never be a shortage of equipment.

But skills are very troublesome. No matter how good the skill book is, you have to use your brain to learn it, right?

At this time, the role of the subsystem is reflected, since he can directly grasped them with it.

Especially passive skills are with you for a lifetime, and you don't have to release them yourself. Isn't this a must for those who are lying flat?

Having selected a new guaranteed entry, Roger continued to look at the notebook spread out in front of him.

He spent one night using a mind map to summarize the changes in the world line that he crossed, the different changes in the Green Vines Empire and the game:

"The Empire Completely Prohibits Missionary", "Pretending to be the Restoration Army", "Volume 10 of "History of the Green Vines Empire", "Capital Bloody Night", "Sweeping the Orc Tribe"

"The Goddess of War and the God of Nature are evil", "The chief priest Joestar died", "The chief priest old Joestar was captured alive"

"Tianming Army was established ahead of schedule" "Afford City Undead Natural Disaster"

From Roger's point of view, all the above events had his passive participation, and there could be a situation of being involved with the butterfly effect.

For example, after the Queen of Eternal Night chatted with him, she silently made a move to pretend to be the Fuguo Army, and then the Goddess of War couldn't help but make her own move.

Since the Goddess of War made a move, it led to a change in the relationship between the seven gods. Even the Tianming Army came into the world ahead of schedule.

This will lead to changes in the worldline, the plot points he knows about will be greatly reduced and the timeline may be completely messed up.

And the further you go, the bigger the plot changes!

As a poor "bystander", he may have lost ten years of stable development now.

The Queen of Eternal Night, that evil spirit, with one, two or three of her impulses, his own path has become more and more crooked...

According to Roger's analysis, the greater the butterfly effect caused by the Green Vines Empire, the higher the possibility that the gods would cast their eyes on this world in advance.

However, in turn, the increase in the national strength of the Green Vines Empire will delay the pace of the gods...

So this is a chaotic game that he can't figure out at all. With the current information, it is impossible to predict the reactions of the gods.

Moreover, the magnitude of the changes in the world line is bound to increase.

Because Roger himself is also a powerful promoter of change, changing the Green Vines Empire to adhere to his ideal appearance!

"New Arcane", "Growth Spell", "State Farm", "Orc Kingdom"

After this was the bloody night in the imperial capital, Roger agreed with the Green Vines Empire and wanted to protect this country, he then took the initiative to propose the path of national strength improvement to the Queen of Eternal Night.

The world of Eternal Night is an endless Middle Ages. The church and feudal rulers forcibly suppressed the possibility of any change by relying on the magical power that completely surpassed the civilians.

The lower the technical development, the weaker the civilians' ability to resist risks, and the higher their dependence on gods and beliefs.

The more desperate the human being, the more urgent and sincere the voice of their prayer will be.

When life is happy and full, it's time to enjoy, who still cares about those gods?

So the gods train mortal rulers to help them manage the lambs, but the most important power of faith comes from the people at the bottom.

This seems to be quite an ironic situation. The ruling class and shepherds who enjoy the greatest benefits are not necessarily pure in their beliefs.

For example, old Joestar is completely lustful and competing for his own of interests.

So this world has been fighting wars for tens of thousands of years, and there are countless epic legends, but in fact, they have been standing still, stagnating, contributing their faith to the gods for nothing.

Before the rise of the Queen of Eternal Night, this place was nothing but ruins, only the fate written by the gods, and no mortal souls shined.

In the traditional feudal hegemony war, the Green Vines Empire, which has the Queen of Eternal Night and fanatical militarism, can be said to be invincible and is the ceiling of the feudal army's combat effectiveness.

But the gods are supermodel things that pierce the ceiling directly!

This disparity in strength cannot be smoothed out by individual power.

The countless failures staged in the game fully prove that no matter how many magicians the Empire has, they cannot defeat the gods on the frontal battlefield.

If you want to win, you have to go the other way.

So Roger thought of putting magicians into production positions, using their wisdom to promote a magic spark and bring about changes in productivity.

To spread magical combat power to the entire army as much as possible in the form of equipment.

If the quality is not enough, the quantity has to make up for it.

The power of the gods and angels comes from the accumulation of a long time and occupying many planes. In the final analysis, it is the set of feudal lords.

So if we can achieve a breakthrough in the system and encourage advanced ideas, there may be a chance of survival.

The success of the growth spell gave Roger great confidence that magic can be used in products more cheaply.

The production of crops in this world is no different from that of Earth. Magic can control temperature and humidity, and it can also fix nitrogen directly from the air.

The magicians are also smart enough. After analyzing the principle, they decomposed the magic waste into multiple strains, some of which improve the metabolism of crops, some increase the fertility of the land, and some directly strengthen the seeds.

These lunatics who love research, as long as they are given a gap, can stab a hole in the sky.

These days, Roger has seen some of the achievements of the Secret Law Society in different fields one after another, and understands that the potential of magic is a golden mountain that has not yet been developed.

In the past, magicians were too proud and rulers didn't care.

The master is a noble and needs to be supported by peasants.

And the untouchables are just the kind of thing that can give birth to a lot of things very quickly. Don't worry about it, they give birth quickly!

Wasting the magistrate's time to fill the belly of the Pharoah, the emperor who dared to give such an unthinkable order would be regarded as a paratrooper in this world.

If you have money to build armored and armed knights and occupy the enemy's territory, wouldn't there be more money coming in?

It is the first time in this world that a country such as the Green Vines Empire has completed the reunification of the human race, although they have been unable to manage it.

But without Roger's impetus, the Empire would not embark on the path of internal innovation but would continue to expand outward and collapse on its own sooner or later even without the help of the gods.

Emancipating the mind may only be for a moment, but behind it is the accumulation of countless hours of blood and tears.

The Green Vines Empire has taken advantage of the earth. Many explorations require tuition fees and detours. Roger directly gives the correct answer. Even if he doesn't give any specific technology, these shining thoughts are a shortcut to cheating.

Based on adhering to the road of industrialization of magic, Roger summed up his observations and thoughts these days and made a more detailed five-year plan for the development of the Empire:

"Factors of Production", "High-end Alchemy Industry", "Basic Guarantee for People's Livelihood", "Financial Capital", "Cultural Competitiveness"

For each item, there are many detailed sub-items.

For example, under the production factors, there are "Agriculture", "Industry", "Energy", "Resources" and "Technical personnel training".

There are more options for branches under agriculture.

Because he has seen what modern society looks like, and there is an iron-fisted queen on his side to suppress the whole country by force, he can practice many bold ideas.

After five years of industrialization to a certain extent, and then a wave of planned economic and concentrated efforts to make breakthroughs in the spectacle level, there was a small possibility to be able to make the magic-side Gundam, Titan starship, and the Internet...

A lot of things I talked about with Princess Tasika can be added.

Maybe rabbits have farming factors in their bones. Roger found that while planning these things he was not sleepy at all!

After writing several pages fully, he remembered that he hadn't started a personal force growth route.

But considering this issue, without cultivating, there are not many choices.

"The bottom line increases the chance of survival" "Wait for the blood mother to save"

Reluctantly remembering the safety policy, he remembered what he had summarized in his mind, and then lit a small flame between his fingers to burn all the papers to ashes...

These things can't be leaked. If nobody knows about it, he won't have to be caught by the crazy lich and have his brains roasted.

The mental thorns visualization can defend against instant mind control, but after the enemy takes control over him, continuous torture may also be able to cut down the thorns.

Reluctantly lying back in the thin wax nest, under the care of the fire element, he quickly fell into a contented sleep.

The eastern part of the Green Vines Empire, the border fortress in the first province of Yaman.

After the twelfth attack was blocked, the skeletons scattered all over the mountains slowly retreated.

The soldiers and strong men in the fortress all disregarded their appearance and fell to the ground paralyzed, enjoying the small life that was saved for the time being.

Somewhere in the valley, the secret camp.

Shady Veronica's expression was solemn:

"Let the undead remnants attract attention, we are ready to transfer, everyone will split up and meet in Tatu City."

Tatu City is a small city not far from Mystery, famous for its agricultural products and beer.

Because it is located in the core hinterland of the Empire and there are no high-value targets, there is no need to worry about security issues, and the defense force is limited.

The Tianming Army did the opposite, and there was a long-running stronghold there.

"As ordered."

The core backbone of the Tianming Army should immediately be split into action.

They also understand that this Tianming Army operation was a complete failure, and none of the original goals have been achieved.

They tried to lure the Queen of Eternal Night into the ambush and cooperated with Nalina to capture her, but failed.

Relieve the pressure on the orc tribe, failed.

Banish or wound the Queen of Eternal Night with the Eris worm, failed.

The most outrageous thing is that trying to use the undead army to further collect supplies, still failed!

These undead beings controlled by the Tianming Army are not real undead creatures.

Undead creatures, since they are living creatures, they also have the source of life. It is a way to give up your appearance and life characteristics and move towards endless life and power.

However, the undead summoned by Shady is a body from which the essence of life has been extracted, and is driven by the magical power in the body. It is a tool with a limited duration and limited combat power.

Originally, she expected to take advantage of ordinary people's fear of the dead to occupy towns and noble territories as much as possible, loot more property and equipment, and accumulate strength for the next move of the Tianming Army.

However, the sloppy aristocrats who surrendered to the Empire somehow got stimulated, and they all showed their relentless fighting spirit.

In addition, the governors stationed by the Empire are all elites who are loyal and have experienced the unification war.

The lion led a group of lambs and showed considerable fighting power.

Tianming's mentor was in a weak state after being attacked, and she didn't want to lose her strong men, so the situation here froze.

The current situation of the Tianming Army is quite delicate. All around them are the territory of the Empire, and their group of undead is getting weaker and weaker.

With a thousand people on her side, no matter how high her combat effectiveness is, she will suffer heavy losses if she wants to succeed, and she will be unable to fight again afterwards.

Therefore, the retreat has become the only option.

The backbone of Tianming's army scattered and left overnight, preserving their vitality.

So after the Queen of Evernight got Roger's information, the strategy of letting the surrounding people stick to it became a free plan to win without a fight and directly solve the troubles of the Tianming Army.

For a time, the Empire's periphery and interior entered a relatively stable state.

But Shady will never lie dormant, the two-month countdown is still hanging above her head, and she ventures into Tatu City near Odu, with only one goal...

Catch Roger Charles alive, the prey that Nalina asked for!