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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 95

2022-09-05 04:30:48Publish Time: 2,061 views
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Chapter 95 As expected of the person I chose

By the end of the main story of "Eternal Night", most players are quite sympathetic to Margaret.

The shape of the white-haired demon pokes a lot at the hearts of players and, in addition to her ruthless, heartless, sinister and cunning demon nature, she is also the loyal dog of the Queen of Eternal Night until her death.

With such a contrast, coupled with the constant contrast with Saint Ann, there are quite a few memory points that impress the players.

One thing to say, although this game is not finished, the production team is very good at pinching girls.

In the main story, Angelina was deceived by the protagonist's rhetoric, thinking that they could reconcile the conflict between the Empire and the Seventeen Kingdoms, and she offered to help release them twice.

Margaret, on the other hand, didn't listen to the words of the players at all. Suspecting that they were a threat to the Queen, she would eliminate the unstable factors without hesitation, which could be called a nightmare for the players in the mid-game.

There are more than a dozen situations in the plot, which will stimulate the action of kills that cornered Margaret.

However, in the later stage of the plot, the Goddess of War arranged for the protagonist's group to create a rift in the relationship between Margaret and the Queen of Eternal Night, so that the little ceiling fan mistakenly thought that the queen preferred Angelina, which directly caused the mind of the poisonous fan to explode.

Afterward, the Goddess of War Tibella took the initiative to show Margaret the irreversible prophecy of the Empire's destruction, showing her the strength of the Seven Gods to traverse multiple planes and crush the Empire.

At that time, Margaret was on the verge of breaking down. After hearing Tibella say that she could achieve a "You lose the whole world, but there is still me" ending for the Queen of Eternal Night, she was moved.

Tibella's attack on Margaret was:

"If this Empire didn't drag the Queen down, how free and happy her life would be... Margaret, you are the only one who can give her happiness!"

After that, Margaret "abandoned the darkness and turned to the light" to help the Tianming Army deploy and accelerate the demise of the Green Vines Empire.

The ending she longed for was promised by the Goddess of War. She took the Queen of Eternal Night, who had nothing, to escape to the universe's borders, spend the rest of her life in peace, or explore the endless starry sky.

But the real ending is that Margaret underestimated the Queen of Eternal Night's feelings for the Empire. In the end, the Queen of Eternal Night chose the gate of judgment, where the angels of the gods descended and launched a decisive charge.

Margaret appeared and tried to stop it, bringing hope of escape, but only got the undisguised hatred of the Queen of Eternal Night for the traitor:

"A betrayal for any reason is not worthy of forgiveness."

With such farewell words echoing in her ears, Margaret could only watch the only person she cared about in this world die.

At the last moment, Margaret's eyes were empty and death was better than life for her. Seeing the fourth natural disaster that dominated this scene, she felt guilty.

This is the real 'death is better than life'.

It should be a big reunion, hundreds of hours of hard work, the victory of justice over evil, and the end of the Eternal Night ushered in a bright and perfect ending...

But why are we not happy in front of the screen?

That was the first time Roger realized that there was a big problem with the main plot. The world was not as simple as Tianming and the gods described.

Roger recalled the plot lines related to Margaret and found that there are many bad points in the little devil, but she is loyal to the Queen of Eternal Night from beginning to end.

It's just that Tybella's little bitch was a high-ranking chess player, which made Margaret have the wishful thinking of finding a way out for the Queen of Eternal Night, but it became the biggest and worst joke.

Her ending is not as good as Angelina's, who guarded the capital to the last soldier and died in the city.

The two prime ministers of the Empire can be said to be loyal.

The difference is that Angelina is loyal to the Empire so, facing the protagonist's group, she will consider the possibility that they may bring about the elimination of hatred.

Margaret is loyal to the Queen of Eternal Night. As long as it is good for the Queen, she can do everything, even if she becomes infamous.

In retrospect, it was precisely this kind of awareness that let her be fooled by the gods and become their pawn.

Roger found that, with his current status as Angelina's younger brother, it seemed like an easy task to make Margaret betray in situ...

"Although I want to see the scene of the small ceiling fan spinning, she can be considered a trustworthy comrade in the Empire... It's just that she needs to understand the Queen's determination first."

Roger laughed at himself and decided to be a good person this time.

It's too cruel to make Margaret's life worse than death. Not everyone is as twisted as Tybella and like to watch fathers be kind and filial to their sons and sisters and brothers kill each other.

This time, I will concentrate on handling the affairs of the Orc Kingdom, save some face for Margaret, save some face for Her Majesty, and moderately tolerate some provocative behaviors that she may have...

Roger did some psychological construction for himself and finally entered the Imperial Army.

In the void.

A small demi-plane, I don't know where time passes.

Old Joestar, who had been trying to decipher the exile of the alien plane, suddenly felt a powerful spirit appear in the ocean of consciousness, and he instantly lost control of this body.

He was taken directly to the bottom of the sea where Tasika was suppressed, and then he saw the Queen of Eternal Night who was half-smiling.

The bottom of his heart trembled inexplicably.

Why does he feel that this legendary queen, who is incomparably reckless, resembles the little bitch goddess in his family?

Of course, her appearance is completely different. It's her temperament. The queen seems to be very thoughtful, and he can't see through her at all.

Old Joestar couldn't help but whistle to the Queen of Eternal Night, "You're a good Queen. You look better than I imagined, especially since your temperament is a bit interesting, and you're not the usual kind of mascot."

Although he knew that this woman crushed him, it was no different from crushing a bug; she was The Goddess of War who dared to tease him and she was not at all cowardly.

The Queen of Eternal Night said lazily, "You are also very interesting. You are not deliberately trying to stimulate me to seek death, but are looking for exciting and interesting things, right? Don't worry, I will not disappoint you."

Old Joestar suddenly felt cold in his vest.

Although he couldn't guess what the queen was going to do, the corners of her mouth gradually raised, and she seemed to stare at him as if she saw some satisfactory material, which gave him a strong sense of crisis.

He shouted again and again, "Your Majesty, I want to die, why don't you give me a treat?"

"It's too late, I like you very much. I want to help the young people in the Empire make good progress!"

The Queen of Eternal Night laughed, and the Eris worm appeared behind her.

The silver light rolled towards old Joestar and sucked him into the transformed inner demon realm.

The arrangement given to him by the Queen of Eternal Night is to be a random boss that will give out very good rewards.

With old Joestar playing, the difficulty of killing him will naturally be very high, but for the reward, I believe that the magicians will try their best to overturn him!

As long as nobody gave up their efforts, what happens to old Joestar will be interesting.

On the 100 ways to be killed by players.

Thinking so, the Queen of Eternal Night turned to look at Tasika.

Princess Tequila watched quietly until old Joestar was sent away and her expression didn't change much.

The performance this time was much calmer than what the Queen of Eternal Night saw that day, and there was hope in her eyes.

She nodded with satisfaction, "I'm very happy that you can make such a crucial change. Please work hard to lead the orcs to grow. The Empire will never treat its friends badly."

"I believe in the promise of the Empire, and the orcs will continue to improve themselves."

Tasika's tone was neither humble or arrogant.

Facing the Queen of Eternal Night, whose strength is far beyond her imagination, she didn't panic.

Of course, she mainly believed in Lord Charles.

The Queen appeared here with such an attitude, making her believe that the Empire agreed to their secret treaty.

This made her longing for the future a little larger in her heart.

"Hey, don't you hate the Empire?"

Seeing Tasika's performance, the Queen of Eternal Night became pleasantly surprised.

Her first impression was that Tasika was the kind of character who would rather be killed than broken.

Even if they want to cooperate with the Empire, they would be reluctant or pretend to flatter them.

After all, she killed her father with her own hands, and also severely damaged the Bell tribe, causing the orcs to shed a lot of blood.

But now the Queen of Eternal Night feels that Tasika has feelings for her and the Empire in her heart, but not to the extent of hatred.

Regarding the tasks to be performed next, she seems to be willing to cooperate with the Empire to integrate and build a new orc kingdom from the bottom of her heart.

"In front of the Goddess of War, we are all victims."

Tasika sincerely recounted what Roger had said, "She demanded too much from the orc tribe and took the initiative to provoke the Empire, but she didn't protect the orcs, which led to today's tragedy. Although the orcs are reckless, they will not fall into a pit twice."

"It is true that the cause of the war between our two countries was a sacrifice by the chief priest Joestar, who was ordered by the Goddess of War."

The Queen of Eternal Night nodded, "I am very pleased that you can reach this conclusion. Let me give you a gift."

She had just copied all the divine arts she mastered from the soul of old Joestar and prepared to use it as a skill module for a random boss. 

Now, she transferred this knowledge to Tasika's ocean of consciousness.

Tasika's body trembled slightly, and then she flexed her fingers and chanted a few syllables in a very short time. She then performed a high-level divine technique "Angel Blessing" on herself.

All attributes have been increased, and a very high sacred attribute damage has been added.

Seeing that she had mastered it quickly, the Queen of Eternal Night smiled and said, "In the future, you can disguise yourself as the saintess of the Goddess of War. When you do something bad, remember to say her name."

Her body originally had the authority of old Joestar and, now that she has the manual, she directly possesses the magic of the chief priest level.

Now the authority has been solidified by the Queen of Eternal Night using near-gods. At this age with this strength and appearance, nobody will doubt that she is a saint.

"Thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty, I know what to do."

Surprise flashed in Tasika's eyes, the queen gave her a great gift.

The ultimate goal of establishing the Orc Kingdom is to fight the Church of War.

However, at the beginning of the integration of the orc tribes, the status of the Goddess of War will make it easier for the scattered orcs to accept Tasika.

After all, a saint of God is more important than a princess in distress.

In the later stage, as a saint, it will be easier for the orcs to break away from the faith.

This queen is also very bad!

"I'll take you to the capital next. Roger is in charge of the establishment of the orc kingdom. He will arrange the follow-up matters. You can do as you please."

The Queen of Eternal Night said so, mainly because she didn't ask about the follow-up arrangements.

But how can the queen say she doesn't know?

She has a good impression of Tasika. She is neither humble nor arrogant, she knows how to advance and retreat and, most importantly, she has a proactive attitude towards cooperation with the Empire.

Although she is a puppet, a well-behaved and obedient puppet will make it more profitable for the Empire.

In the future, when the Empire takes off, it will improve the lives of the orcs. The cooperation between the two countries is essentially a win-win situation, but it just requires Tasika to let go of a lot of obsessions...

But now it seems that Tasika put it down very successfully.

The Queen of Eternal Night felt that this should be the result of Roger's negotiation.

Not only did he negotiate a treaty that the Empire needed, but he also made the head of the enemy willing.

As expected of the person I chose, he did a great job!

With this kind of diplomatic talent, if there is a similar situation in the future, I will send him to cheat, and then I will copy the homework!

With a "full harvest", the Queen left the different space with satisfaction.

She didn't find out that Tasika's "good impression" of the Empire is, in essence... just a good impression of Roger.

After Tasika regained control of her body, she was directly sent to the Imperial Army by the Queen of Eternal Night.

There, she was warmly received by the self-proclaimed left minister of the empire, Margaret, who was as thoughtful as a dream...

The imperial people are not as vicious as she imagined!

From the point of view of Princess Tasika, the legendary slaughtering majesty who intends to exterminate the orc tribe doesn't feel like a hell demon, born from dirty blood...

She is beautiful and broad-minded, and prideful, but this pride is usual with traditional powerful magicians.

The whole world is their laboratory, exploring mysteries to satisfy their curiosity.

In particular, the unrestrained freedom of the queen made Tasika, who had always been unable to do what she wanted, envy her.

Now, when she met with the Left Prime Minister of the Empire, who's probably one of the two people directly under her (the Right Prime Minister of the Empire is slightly higher than the Left Prime Minister), she's still a prisoner but she's treated kindly and gently.

She also prepared delicious food for her and asked her about her needs, which made her feel respected.

The attitude of these important people towards the princess in distress who lost her country and her family must be due to the efforts of Lord Charles...

Woohoo, Lord Charles, he is so kind and great!

Not only did he give the orcs a chance, he even considered the dignity of a little girl like me. He is the most considerate and gentle person in the world...

Tasika unconsciously showed a grateful look in her eyes.

Margaret has been observing Tasika's expression, seeing the change in her eyes, she can't help but pat her thigh proudly!

Aw! It's done! I did it!

She wanted to assist Roger in establishing the orc kingdom, so she naturally gathered more information.

For example, the content of the secret treaty, such as what Roger personally discussed with Tasika...

Now Margaret has to think about it. Roger is qualified to be responsible for this because he fooled the innocent orc princess!

Hmph, worm-carving trick!

At that moment, Margaret had an idea.

She wants to take advantage of Tasika's stay in the mysterious city to try her best to get closer to her.

Even the simple princess who can be fooled by a playboy can become a best friend if she shows her same-sex power and makes herself approachable!

Afterwards, if Tasika suggests that she should connect with Margaret, it will push Roger out of the game.

So after Margaret saw Tasika, her attitude was very good.

Knowing that she's been trapped in another dimension for a long time, she must be hungry, so she arranged a sumptuous meal.

As for the communication between girls, she understands everything.

As long as there is no hatred, the first time we meet, we can talk about the reunion of ten years old friends.

But the gratitude in Tasika's eyes was genuine, which made Margaret think that her efforts were in the right direction!

Look, this innocent princess is starting to appreciate my kindness, right?

At this level, can Roger, a stinky man, do it?

When Margaret saw that there was a play, her attitude became more and more earnest, and she got busy.

To a certain extent, she felt like a...

A particularly humble little licking dog.

But as long as she can beat the bastard of the Charles family, she will give it up!

At this moment, a guard ran over and whispered in her ear, "Sir, Roger Charles has already entered the military, do you want to deal with him?"

"No, let's allow the horse to come over!"

Margaret said confidently.