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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 82

2022-07-27 07:59:44Publish Time: 2,303 views
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Chapter 82 Seraph's Gamble

A note, dropped in Tasika's palm, saying:

"It's a pity that such a situation has occurred, but victory or defeat is a matter of military affairs. Your tribe is gone, and the Tianming Army is forever your home!"

Instantly, Tasika's blood pressure rose, "I've lost all my efforts in the layout, so why don't you give me chicken soup for the soul?"

She is indeed a good mentor. You use these things to start classes, right?

You want me to join your trash Tianming Army!

MD, I don’t know how much older I am than you, and you will naturally increase your ability to withstand pressure when you do bad things. As the chief priest I fool people every day. Am I not more familiar than you with this kind of setting?

If he agreed to this, he would lose his power and humiliate his country in exchange for a few words of comfort that could have been said more smoothly; old Joestar really couldn't accept it!

Tasika angrily wanted to throw the note away.

But she saw it flutter in a circle in the air and return to her hand.

The handwriting above changed and became new content:

"If you don't want to give up, you can open the second layer of the kit."


Tasika said in her heart, absolutely not.

Your backup plan still has a backup plan, right?

She picked up the kit and looked at it again, and found that there was a small pouch inside, which was stuck to the inner wall and didn't fall out.

She opened it and, inside, there was a magic circle and a translucent weird bug between matter and energy.

It looked like a sleeping cicada, silver-gray, the size of a finger, with a spiral mark on the top of its head that made people unconsciously look at it.

"Eris Demon Worm? Well, it's the Queen of Eternal Night... As expected of the saintess of the Church of Wisdom, she is good at using these strange things."

Tasika's mouth couldn't help but raise a gloomy smile.

You're not going to leave, aren't you, Queen?

Alright, if you don't leave then wait for this skill!

She only left a phantom on the dragon's back, and her body was teleported to the ground.

The formation left by Shady needs to be rearranged with the remaining blood energy and murderous aura in Serena City in order to strengthen the Eris Demon Worm.

With proper operation, a small bug can seriously damage the Queen of Eternal Night's spirit, or even make her get lost in the outer realm!

And even if the Queen of Eternal Night succeeds in getting out of trouble, it will take time.

With her invincible image in the hearts of the imperial people, disappearing out of thin air and being trapped will inevitably cause a huge blow to the army, desperately rushing forward to try to rescue the queen.

Already unable to scare Rommel away, Tasika decided to use the least cost to smash and destroy his legion and make it lose its combat effectiveness.

After escaping her predicament, the Queen of Eternal Night will retaliate, but it will be impossible for her to substantively occupy the orc tribe by herself while facing the destruction caused by the Tianming Army in the rear. She will still have to leave...

So this backup plan has a high success rate and higher returns.

However, Tasika's face remained very unwilling.

The agreed round of exorcising and swallowing wolves ended. Inexplicably, in the end, Shady used a knife to kill people, using the elite orcs to fight off the forces of the Qingteng Empire.

"But the orcs are too weak to choose..."

She sighed softly, only to feel a deep sense of powerlessness.

The cloud pushes the front waves more than the back waves, and the front waves may die on the beach...

In the ocean of consciousness, Tasika watched all this, knowing that the orc tribe would suffer huge losses again.

But her tears had already dried up, and there was no change in her expression at this time.

She just observes, records, thinks silently, and imprints these confrontations and games she has witnessed into her mind.

Old Joestar, Shady Veronica, Queen of Eternal Night, Rommel, even the Goddess of War, the God of Wisdom...

These beings are not only powerful, but they also don't hesitate to use all kinds of cunning tricks, always trying to get the greatest benefit at the least cost.

But if it is necessary to pay the price, she is also very decisive, and she will not wait for more losses because of the sunk cost.

"In this way, the tribe can break out into conflict because of what you look at. It's naive!"

Tasika's light-brown eyes grew dimmer and dimmer, gradually becoming helpless, "I realized it too late and I became other people's tool..."

Her grief seems real, but she is always looking at the outside world, paying attention to every change.

Even if only a miracle can save her destiny, before everything is destroyed, she has to watch for that last glimmer of hope.

If even you give up on your own kind, who in the world will remember that orcs are human too?

The Green Vines Empire, the city of mystery.

Military Department.

Margaret was quarreling with the magical communication from the provinces of Yamen.

Requesting help, requesting help, still requesting help!

Today's nobles are all waste, apart from asking for support, won't they support themselves?

The army of the Empire has already been deployed on positions, and the surrounding provinces also acted immediately.

The powerhouses on the empire's side even teleported to their positions first and cooperated in defense. What do you nobles want from me?

Apart from the fact that the Queen of Eternal Night is still being delayed by the frontline battle and didn't return to defense immediately, all the support that the empire should give is in place, okay?

But Yamen is directed by those nobles, chicks who are still waiting to be fed and have not eaten for three days, desperately saying that there are undead monsters on their side and their territory is about to be surrounded.

"According to their request for help, the enemy's undead army is probably more than 30 million..."

The adjutant was shaking like a sieve while he reported terrifying figures to Margaret.

The half-blooded little devil sneered and threw the calculation paper into the trash:

"It's all bullshit. The provinces of Yamen have a combined population of less than 30 million. Did the Tianming army turn all ants into undead soldiers that day? Does the old woman have such a brain?"

She finally erupted and slapped all the nobles asking for help.

Everyone thought they would receive the support of the Queen, but they were greeted by Margaret's anger:

"From now on, all the old devils who report false information will be dealt with by military law. Don't think that if you have a noble status, you don't need to swallow a thousand needles when you lie. At that time, even if Her Majesty will not pursue it, I won't let it be. Do it and I'll let you bastards know that the imperial military doesn't exist for you nobles, but to protect the entire empire, understand?"

For devils, calling someone a devil was the most vicious curse.

There was silence over the magical communication for a few seconds, and suddenly a certain duke asked, "Well, when will Her Majesty give me support? I'm only 300 kilometers away from Afford..."

"I'm 140 kilometers away!"

"It's 70 kilometers from my side!"

There was a quarrel over the magical communicator.

"Shut up, shut up for me!"

Margaret patted the table and stood up, her hair was messed up, she pointed at the magic mirror fiercely, "Her Majesty is the queen of the Green Vine Empire, the supreme being, not your maid! Support, support, support, your trash, you are also worthy of getting her support!

You are nobles, and your ancestors also made great military exploits, which is why you have the status you have now! You enjoy privileges and the support of civilians. That is not because the Creator gave you extra organs. You are required to fulfill your duty to protect civilians!

Are undead soldiers scary? Is the Tianming army invincible? Do you have no private army or escort of your own? An aristocrat that doesn't set foot on the battlefield to defend his territory, and yet every day clamors for the queen to support him. I wonder, shouldn't it be you who protects the queen? The queen owes you the land when she expands the territory?

The Queen has sacrificed everything for this country, so she doesn't support you. Please act like a man, fulfill your responsibilities, and while calling for support, think more about what you have done for this country? If you don't want to perform the duties of a noble, other people do want to, so please give up your seat! "

A young earl suddenly burst into tears, "But I can't fight, I'm just a waste, I need protection..."

"Just learn, you trash, or die if you can't learn. The empire doesn't raise trash, it doesn't raise cowards!"

At first, the duke threatened, "Margaret, if you disrespect us like this, we will have to reconsider our loyalty to the Veronica family."

"Please, why should I respect you? Have you done anything worthy of my respect? Change factions? Okay, but remember, the Empire will not accept anyone's second surrender!"

Margaret kicked all these nobles out of the magic communication and then blocked them.

"Her Majesty, she is so kind, too soft-hearted... a bunch of grasshoppers, what qualifications do you have for her Majesty to take risks for you!"

She tore the official document in front of her into pieces in a fit of anger. A group of pigs still want to turn her most beloved queen into a maid?

It makes no sense! It makes no sense!

Margaret suddenly asked, "Go and find out who discouraged the Queen from going to Afford City, I will personally reward you!"

"Lord left minster," Lord Rommel said, "It's Roger Charles."

"...Oh, the weather is nice today~"


The city of Afford.

The army of the undead spread all over the mountains and plains tirelessly to the west. The villages and towns encountered along the way we're unable to resist this terrifying army, and finally, they had all evolved into part of the torrent of bones.

Shady Veronica's ghost deer staff turned into a skeleton elk, advancing under the heavy guard of the Tianming Army, with an inexorable look of worry between her brows.

The feast is ready, and the heroine is late to arrive. The delicacies she prepared at a huge price will also get cold!

The phantom shadow of an angel with red hair hanging down to her heels and six wings on her back appeared in her field of vision.

She has a pair of violet-like eyes, the left eye reflects the birth and death of countless planes, and the right eye holds the joys and sorrows of millions of living beings. She has a perfect smile on her face, one that should not exist in the world. It is too perfect and lacks the warmth that belongs to life.

The Seraphim rode upside down on the deer's back, looked at Shady and opened her palm to light up a green light spot that contained a surge of vitality.

Her sweet voice was not flat, "Shady, the time is up. The Queen of Eternal Night didn't enter the designated area. I am handing in these life essences for you."

Hearing this ruthless sentence, Shady's brows that had been locked suddenly widened, and she said respectfully, "I'm sorry, it was my arrangement that failed, please Lord Nalina."

"The verification passed. The 500,000 of the source of life will offset your 50 million units of the power of faith loan. The Yamen Empire still owes my lord 250 million units of the power of faith. And because the bet failed, your interest-free period has not been extended, and you will be charged 35.9% per annum from tomorrow."

"I will do my best to shepherd the lambs for my lord."

Hearing the astronomical figure and the "low breath" stuck, Shady responded while trembling, with a trace of anxiety in her eyes.

The god of knowledge can become the head of the seven gods. This is very important because the head is the one who can "run" the church best among the seven gods.

He knows how to use pre-consumption to stimulate the work motivation of the clergy.

And how to use faith to beget more faith.

For example, Shady has to pay a price for being able to take refuge and cultivate in the rift of ten thousand dimensions.

The Yamen Empire was previously protected by the God of Knowledge and needed to help the Church of Wisdom every year to absorb 100 million units of the power of faith.

This amount can be provided by the uninterrupted prayers of 10 million devout believers for a year, or it can be a direct sacrifice of one million people to refine the essence of life.

The Yamen Empire has repeatedly carried out bloody suppression in the past, but in fact, there is also the promotion of the Wisdom Church behind it.

Of course, in the eyes of the great nobles, commoners have always been two-legged sheep.

Shady became a saint and obtained the teaching and inheritance of the God of Knowledge. The favour of any god is a lie.

It was entirely because she was willing to continue to carry the faith of the Yamen Empire in the form of loans.

This loan is interest-free in Wanwei Gap, and when she returns to the Eternal night world, the interest will be calculated.

The players don't understand why Shady delays, but it's just because she wants to pay less interest and do more preparations in the gap between the worlds...

As a pessimist, Tianming Mentor, who has always followed a stable line, this time Shady agreed to old Joestar's plan to devour the wolf and chose to face the Queen of Eternal Night, not to commit suicide, but to kill her.

The reliance on this counter-kill is Nalina.

Nalina is the first angel under the throne of the God of Knowledge. The angel class is called "Time Shepherd", and she takes care of the many planes that the God of Knowledge completely controls.

At the same time, she is known as the "Angel closest to God", and there are rumors that she has secretly ignited her divine fire.

Of course, rumors will always only be rumors. Nalina will not admit it, and no one will dare to ask her face to face.

Before Shady left the World-Wide Gap, Nalina took the initiative to find Shady and make a deal with her.

If Shady can give Nalina a suitable opportunity to capture the Queen of Eternal Night, she will extend the interest-free period of the Yaman Empire for five years for the God of Knowledge.

Although Shady didn't know why a big shot like Nalina would also be interested in the Queen of Eternal Night, the interest-free proposition was an irresistible temptation for her.

Old Joestar thought he had plotted against Shady, but Shady wasn't trying to induce old Joestar to lead the Queen of Eternal Night here.

It's all about the old Yin ratio, everyone takes what they need.

The 500,000 undead in Afford City are also to allow Nalina to join the battlefield to harvest the life essence.

Her strength has reached a level that cannot be directly endured by this plane, and she needs to use sacrifices to strengthen the plane barrier to allow her to enter.

Everything went smoothly. Old Joestar took the bait, Afford City was under control, and those citizens also came up with their ideas...

The stage had been set up. According to Shady's analysis of the Queen of Eternal Night in the past three years, she believed that there was a 98% chance that the extremely arrogant and reckless queen would come directly to find out for herself.

Openly provoking the world's number one magician, can she bear it?

Shady simply didn't know how her calculations failed.

Then the Queen of Eternal Night endured it, and Shady returned.

There is a time limit for the source of life to increase the strength of the plane barrier. To avoid the useless loss, Shady can only dedicate her tears to the God of Knowledge.

Fortunately, she has always been prepared for the worst, and she can still enlighten herself in this situation.

At this moment, a thin book appeared in Nalina's little hand.

The red cover depicts the Queen of Eternal Night catching fire elements.

"New Arcane?" Shady asked curiously.

"This book is very interesting, and the editor-in-chief Roger Charles is an interesting object to observe. We can make another deal that, within two months, if you deliver him to me, without any loss of soul activity, I will help you fight for a two-year interest-free period."

"It's a d..."

"Be aware, there is a penalty for this deal."

Nalina raised a finger to her lips, and that perfect face was brought to such a close distance that Shady's breathing accelerated, her violet-like eyes seemed to see through her soul, searching for Shady's deep desire and excitement and deep fear.

"Shady, if you fail again, this body will belong to me~"

Nalina's emotionless voice suddenly had a hint of playfulness and cunning and, although the smile was shallow, it seemed to come to life, showing a curiosity that Shady had never seen before.