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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 190

2023-08-16 07:26:04Publish Time: 396 views
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Chapter 190: Hope of theme Nation, Tragedy of the Gambler

Outside the Black Shark Fss.

"Cromwell, this old dog, is really vicious!"

Dor watched the numbers on the magic sand table representing the losses of his own troops, as well as the enemy troops coming from all sides, and felt a sourness in his teeth.

He really wanted to force Shake to attack, and then wait for his rotten fish and prawns to die, preferably he himself would fall in the cruel and real war.

However, the most important thing is to force the cards in the hands of a gambler like Cromwell. Without knowing the enemy's moves and destructive power, acting rashly may result in a complete loss.

So he sent out a fairly realistic feinting team, intending to come back after a lap.

After the operation started, this cunning Naga commander saw through Dor's intentions and sent out more troops to eat the bait he had thrown out, completely denying any chance of retreat.

Cromwell's order was issued too decisively, almost assuming that the two princes of the maritime kingdom were fighting each other, and the layout began.

By the time Dor realized the problem, the feinting troops he had sent out could no longer be completely withdrawn.

Either take a risk to go out and rescue, and then possibly be forced to bear an even greater loss, or just helplessly watch your troops suffer casualties.

He didn't expect Cromwell to be such a big gambler, ignoring the threat of Prince Shak on the side, and resolutely wanting to eat him.

To be honest, the vanguard officer of the Naga even provoked him, hoping that Dor could not resist leaving the fortress to save people.

But Dor really didn't dare to.

Dor was already intimidated by Cromwell's arrangements.

Even though he had already mastered the means of countering the frenzy thunder punishment, he still didn't have absolute confidence, and if he went out to rescue people at this time, there might be greater ambushes waiting for him.

In a series of failures, Cromwell had beaten Dor so badly that he had lost his spirit.

Not only was the Naga's equipment overwhelming, Cromwell's command art had also been suppressing Dor all along.

Dor considered himself brave, but facing the enemy's cunning strategy, he had suffered losses time and time again and was no longer daring enough to confront the opponent with risky tactics.

The only thing he could do was to let the magicians suppress the enemy from a distance, and then send out strong warriors in small teams to flexibly disrupt the enemy's formation, allowing his own troops to support for a longer time and consume the Naga's living power as much as possible.

After all, the enemy had traveled far from their homeland and were far away from their supply lines, so it was much more difficult for them to replenish their troops than for the coastal country.

Now, consuming the enemy's strength will greatly reduce the pressure they face in the next round of attack.

As for the fake attacking troops, Dor claimed that the prince had already gone to attack the enemy's central camp, and when that side succeeded, they could give up the counter-attack here.

But the general in charge of the front line also knew that this was all a deception.

How could that useless prince have the fighting power to break through the central army of Kellenweil?

It's just giving them a little hope so that they can hold on for longer.

They were already certain to die, but at this point, the general could only use such a reason to deceive his subordinates and fight until the last moment.

"Even if we die, we will die standing, replacing a naga is a profit!"

"So what if the enemy is well-equipped? Our strength, our courage, is enough to overcome these differences!"

"Brothers, follow me! The core territory of the ocean empire is behind us. We have no choice but to fight. Kill these evil Naga!"

The general of the ocean empire led by example, displaying the pride expected of a nobleman and inspiring a high morale in the dire situation. Rather than remaining in one place to be depleted, they began to break out.

Indeed, the current ocean empire is in decline, but they are still kings with influence over the vast seas. With their homeland behind them, every soldier is willing to fight to the death, willing to exchange injuries with the Naga!

At this time, it was the Naga who became timid, and the defensive measures were mainly to prevent this troop from escaping. Therefore, the core heavy troops were positioned near the side of the Black Shark Fortress.

Who would have thought that these crazy people from the ocean empire would actually be charging forward!

Their extraordinary bravery made the Naga soldiers timid, and they involuntarily slowed down. In the end, this allowed them to break through the siege.

Unfortunately, this direction only takes them further away from the Black Shark Fortress.

The general and his subordinates charged forward valiantly, even in the face of despair.

Every soldier was the same, with a firm pace of crazed killing, constantly moving forward.

They also didn't believe the general's words in their hearts. In fact, they had no reinforcements and no more arrangements from above.

They are just today's abandoned pawns.

But the general didn't misspeak when he said that behind them was their home, where the weak and defenseless, such as the elderly, women, and children, would ultimately have to fight for their lives against the nagas.

Apart from fighting, they have more choices.

Killing one more means one more level of safety for their home.

Even if they can't kill all the enemies today, there will be countless battles in the future, and the ones after that, and who knows how many more battles they will face.

The mainland has a larger population than the nagas, and they have a greater advantage. Can you see the dawn of victory?

Then kill!

Kill these invaders!

The knife was blunted, then used fists; fists were crushed, then used teeth to bite. Teeth were bloody, but they still tried to wrap themselves around the enemy, only to be crushed by the hoofs of the intertwined enemies.

This marine army has suffered immensely with every step forward.

The marine general chopped off the last naga's head in front of him and found that there were no more enemies ahead. His feet faltered, and he almost stumbled.

"General, where do we go now?" The deputy supported him, his face also covered in blood, and he had lost an arm.

Two men leaned on each other, looking at their brothers who numbered fewer than two thousand. They smirked, saying, "Of course, we'll just kill them all!"

"Kill him through and through!"

At this moment, if they didn't fight to the death, would they still surrender to these demons who invaded their homeland?

The marine general turned around, but suddenly noticed that the naga soldiers who were chasing after them with a fierce expression, upon hearing the horns and drums, had stopped and looked back in confusion.

Is it actually a retreat order?

The marine general also understood the enemy's military command and was very puzzled: with such a great advantage, they could easily annihilate the enemy, so why were they retreating?

It's definitely not because they are afraid of these two thousand people.

But his actions were faster than his thoughts. He didn't need to wait for an answer. The general followed his instincts and let out a loud roar, "The enemy is afraid! Leave them here, ha ha!"

"Leave them here, ha ha!"

The screams turned into a wild laughter, these men who had escaped from death had already forgotten about life and death.

Their exhausted bodies gained strength again, and they rushed towards the retreating army of Naga, clinging on and fighting hard, trying to stop them from leaving.

Inside the Black Shark Stronghold, Dao er also noticed the abnormality of the Naga troops.

Almost all the troops began to retreat, and they seemed to be in a hurry.

Sudden situation?

"Could it be that something happened in the main camp? That useless one actually succeeded, huh?"

An unbelievable thought came to Dao er's mind as he looked into the distance.

Did his crown prince brother's enemy, who played with him so much, really get defeated?

But if it wasn't for Cromwell's orders, he couldn't think of any reason why these naturally strong Naga would retreat.

And it was under such a huge advantage.

Following this reasoning, if it was indeed a problem with the Naga's main camp, then his feint attack had actually led the main force to their perfect opportunity!

Of course, it's also possible that it's a scheme targeted against him...

But is this kind of scheme that lays oneself bare to attack really effective?

"Attack! According to our plan, we will launch a three-pronged attack against the Thunder Judgement Legion. The first and second army will follow me out of the fortress while the third army coordinates with the Royal Mage Corps to guard against any enemy sneak attacks!"

Dor gave several orders in succession, and then personally put on armor and charged out of the fortress.

Being continually suppressed and beaten by Cromwell, Dor had lost his edge, but he was, after all, a rising young commander and wouldn't miss a fleeting opportunity for battle.

The Thunder Judgement Legion, whose ranks were made up of tough iron-clad men, was the very target of Naga's attack.

This was completely within Dor's expectations. These machines, which burned madly with magic crystals, had powerful output and thick armor. They could switch shields from arc generators and were skilled in both attacking and defending.

He glanced at a glamorous mermaid standing beside him, who was wearing the bishop's attire of the Church of Knowledge.

"Your Highness can rest assured that our church has always been honest and reliable."

She softly sung a hymn that was filled with both sanctity and a strange aura. No one could understand the lyrics, but it spread far and wide through the power of magic.

A school of countless electric eels tangled in great bundles of seaweed approached the Thunder Judgement Legion at a rapid pace.

The electric eels were very fast and the arc generators of the Thunder Harvesters didn't cause much damage to them. Of course, the poor arcs of the eels also had no effect on the armor of the Thunder Harvesters.

The important thing is the seaweed they were dragging along.

I don't know if it's a problem with the type of seaweed or if the bishop did some kind of treatment on it, but it's unbelievably tough.

The seaweed tangled in the Thunder Harvesters' propellers, rendering them immobile.

No matter how the driver inside operated, they never expected a group of fearless electric fish with seaweed would disable them.

Watching this scene, the Naga who were retreating felt angry and helpless. They wanted to rescue their precious mechanical legion but time didn't allow it.

Passing through the Mad Black Punisher Army's Dael, he lowered his head to look at the crooked and sinking crystal machines, with a strange expression on his face:

"Seaweeds...I spent a million gold coins just to buy this pile of seaweeds?"

"Your Highness, what you bought is knowledge. Compared to the military gains, this one million is definitely worth it, right?"

The seductive bishop replied with a smile.

Dael remained silent.

Indeed, he couldn't think of such a method, nor did he have the means to train so many electric eels to help him transport seaweed.

So, the intervention of the Knowledge Church is still quite important?

But to sell a pile of seaweed for one million gold coins is really outrageous!

The anti-break line formed by the Thunder Punishment on this side was directly ineffective. The Nagas were unexpectedly driven by Dael's active force, and the two sides began to engage in a confrontation.

The Nagas, who were anxious to support the central army, could only leave a limited number of troops behind and then continue to defend...

On the front battlefield, a rare scene of mermaids chasing and hacking Nagas appeared.



A one-sided battle is taking place in the Nagas' central camp.

After the Swordfish submarine formation was in position for the ambush, Cornwall immediately launched his well-prepared attack, trying to confuse Shark with a sudden encirclement.

Little did he know that his reckless action completely fell into Roger's plan.

He deliberately exposed his flaws too deeply, and instead ended up giving himself away.

When Roger saw Cornwall reveal his "Pair 2", he immediately saw through that he had no more trump cards left, and countered with a bomb, completely disrupting Cornwall's entire plan.

That's when the bio-explosive fish swarm comes into play.

The Interceptor fish disabled the torpedo rain, the Armor-piercing fish pierced the submarine's hull, and the Brain-eater fish took control of the warfare sea monster.

Of course, they are named after these three types of fish, but in reality, they don't necessarily look like fish, and there are also significant performance differences within the same species.

All these achievements are recorded and observed by the mage, and Lydia will summarize the experience and optimize the tuning later.

However, with such a three-pronged attack, Cornwall's ambush in the rear of Shacks' troops was completely wiped out.

The warfare sea monster even turned into cannon fodder to collaborate with the Empire in attacking the vanguard of Nagas.

The bio-fish schools are all fast-living species with limited lifespans, including the Brain-eater fish, which can destroy the central nervous system of the target organism and temporarily take over its output ability.

During this period, the warfare sea monsters will not die, but when the Brain-eater fish die, they will lose their brains and die one after another...

The Nagas, who launched a final suicidal charge on the front line of Shacks' troops, didn't gain any advantage.

Because Shacks' timely order told them to withstand the enemy's last-resort counterattack, he will naturally deal with the rear reinforcements.

Although he was a newly deployed young commander, the orders that had leaked from the Prince Whale's carriage before were carried out flawlessly, and no one could find any fault in Margaret's command.

Moreover, the enemy's central camp was indeed in sight, and the basic trust between fish was still there. Therefore, under his encouragement, the front line was really stabilized!

Even though he played his trump card, Kellonwell didn't gain any advantage. On the contrary, he finally panicked when his own central camp was about to be breached.

Roger's largest breed of bio-fish have also been exposed.

When the frozen fish self-destruct, the temperature of the surrounding area drops rapidly. It can create solid ice blocks in the sea, hundreds of times larger than its own size.

Overnight, the coral reef base that was supplied with abundant organic matter from the waves expanded to produce no less than a million frozen fish.

These frozen fish, within the confines of Shaq's troop, burst open in every direction, not with the intention of inflicting harm upon the enemy, but rather...

Build an ice and snow maze!

Establish an ice and snow maze that will prevent the main defensive force from immediately supporting the central camp!

At the same time, it also blocked Cromwell's escape route!

This is a tactic that can only be completed in the deep sea. The ubiquitous seawater is the material for building defense lines, and frozen fish have already been laid along the way.

At this moment, they exploded densely, creating an ice and snow three-dimensional maze with an area of dozens of miles, making this sea area become mottled and eerie.

Translucent mines shaped like sea urchins floated in the narrow corridors of the ice and snow maze, cunningly waiting for the enemy.

Directly destroying the maze will waste a lot of time.

If we try to break through without destroying the maze, it will be difficult to detect the minefish in that environment!

Also, the Naga troops who were about to arrive at the central army were unlucky and were directly affected by the low temperature when the frozen fish were deployed, all turned into ice blocks.

In the incredibly diverse and constantly evolving world of sea creatures, even if there are little guys that look a bit strange, no one will suspect anything!

At this point, Cromwell had already realized that his defeat was inevitable. He held the distress signal transmitter that had just been broadcast and let out a gentle sigh.

He didn't expect the situation to collapse so quickly.

The enemy's strategy of showing weakness to provoke greed has triggered his desire for more.

Instead of immediately defending, he wanted to pretend to be weak and lure the enemy in to ambush them.

As a result, he became the filling of this frozen dumpling.

The magnificent whale carriage of the Marine Nation stopped in front of the Nagas' central army tent, and Prince Shaka, with an excited look, rushed down under the protection of his guards. He saw Cromwell from a distance and couldn't help but shout with excitement, "My God, I really caught a Naga marshal!"

"No, you can't catch me."

Black blood flowed from Cromwell's mouth, spreading in the seawater as his body stiffly toppled backwards.