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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 189

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 189 - The Na'ka Marshal Who Picked the Wrong Opponent

At this moment, the Na'ka central army camp was actually quite empty.

The Thunder Punishment Legion, who had always been undefeated in battle, had already been dispatched along with Na'ka's 30,000 elites.

After seeing through Dahl's plan and deciding to consume the bait forces, the Swordfish submarine formation took away almost all of the war sea beasts.

Underwater, those war sea beasts are both weapons and vehicles, representing the mobility of the troops and supplies.

Moving towards the front battlefield is also Nicole's church army, who are the strongest spellcasters in Na'ka, providing long-range firepower support just like the storm tide warlock.

Taking into account the forces maintaining defense in the surrounding areas, at this time, the main camp of the Naga is left with only a reserve force of 20,000.

These troops have received decent training and have undergone rotation in previous battles, but they don't possess the most elite "Terra Equipment."

Additionally, the number of legendary experts is severely lacking and the limited strong ones have been divided in half to support the front line.

The only advantage here is the so-called "Crystal Cannon," which is actually a "Water Dragon Roar" series torpedo launcher.

It is named as such because the torpedoes launched resemble a dragon gliding across the ocean and emit a piercing sound that may be unpleasant to some marine life.

This batch of torpedoes is not powered by magic crystals, but by a composite fuel that undergoes semi-magical and semi-chemical reactions.

The instantaneous functional output is extremely high. Combined with the magic array of the front section, it actually forms a "hyperbubble torpedo" and achieves a propulsion speed of over 200 meters per second.

They are equipped with a wide variety of warheads, such as electric arcs, flames, and poisons that can kill fish over a large area, as well as depleted uranium warheads and other types for armored units.

Because it is unknown which type is best used underwater, Franken Stein has brought out a fairly wide variety.

Well, there are also many creative contributions from Roger in this.

However, later he felt that the same firepower was too powerful, so Lydia's coral base combined with self-destructive fish seemed to be more cost-effective, so his focus began to shift.

Currently, this batch of the Water Dragon Roar launchers, regarded by Cromwell as his trump card, belongs to the era-defining "heavy firepower."

After quietly experimenting with its power, it was treasured and kept hidden in the central army, controlling it and never unleashing it.

He was fond of this kind of heavy artillery that rivalled the power of large-scale magic, yet could also produce dense firepower and be continuously fired with more flexibility than those of the sorcerers.

Referring to it as a cannon was also due to a certain romanticism that appealed to masculinity.

He had originally intended to wait until the decisive battle and then let the Water Dragon play a decisive role.

However, now that the troops of Prince Shaka had appeared in the central army camp, Cromwell felt a sense of crisis and had to bring these treasures out early to give a warm welcome to Prince Shaka.

At the same time, Cromwell has also been holding onto a magic communication device.

Several small encampments surrounding them have already sent reinforcements in their direction. If his heavyweights fail to stop the enemy, then they will need to retreat to the front line and prevent the enemy from capturing their commander and headquarters.

Under normal circumstances, mermaids would not have been able to locate the Naga military camp outside of their territory so easily.

With various magical protections, disguised camps watching over each other, and teams of seahorse cavalry patrolling and cruising, such a large-scale troop should have been detected from afar. Then, the troops could have established an encircling defense line or laid an ambush.

Despite Cromwell's arrogance and pride, he was an experienced veteran who had been through countless life and death situations. It was unlikely for him to make such a significant mistake in basic operations like setting up camp, which would expose himself easily in front of the enemy.

Unfortunately, Roger opened the entire map.

He easily deduced the layout of the Naga camp from the chat records, and took advantage of the gaps in defense and patrol to silently assassinate scattered spies and scouts encountered by the sea nation's elites. Eventually, he sneaked his way into the view of the central camp's tent without making any sound.

Despite the opposing side firing a barrage of torpedoes, the Royal Guards of Xuan Gui, who belong to the naval forces directly under the rule of the Haiguo Empire, quickly rushed forward, using their innate spells to create a shield, which successfully blocked the attack without inflicting any casualties.

Although the Royal Guards had never set foot on the battlefield, the Haiguo Emperor still cherished his eldest son. Their personal strength and equipment level were undoubtedly strong.

Take, for instance, the Xuan Gui Shield Guards, who had an average level of 10 and were third-level warriors. They also possessed the class spell ability to combine their defensive powers, which made Margaret drool and even consider defecting back to the Empire.

A four-hundred-man Xuan Gui Shield Guard formed a line of defense, easily intercepting the torpedo barrage from the other side. In previous battles, they had already nullified magical attacks and arrow storms from the initial rounds, and in doing so, provided an excellent defense team to help our army storm the tower.

Cromwell was not surprised by this, as he was already well-acquainted with the Haiguo Empire's trump cards, and the slightest thing from the Xuan Gui Shield Guard could barely raise his eyebrows.

However, in the past, the main competition was the blue bars on both sides, whereas now, they need to look at the state power when it comes to long-range consumption!

With the sound of water dragon's roar, Cromwell believed that it was time to exchange his ammunition for the enemy's blue bars, and then deploy his own magician army.

Double the strike and joy, how could one possibly lose in such a battle?

Even though the mysterious turtle shield guard suffered the impact, what difference would make?

Our torpedoes are still very abundant!

A more diverse range of tactical options is why, despite having magical attacks, he was still glad to have the water dragon's roar.

This added a spear to his original spear and shield.

"Switch to shield-breaking bullet."

Cromwell gave the order with a confident smile.

Different from armor-penetrating bullets, shield-breaking bullets were a unique magical bullet of this world that were created to deal with various magical and pseudo-magical shields. They caused additional magical consumption.

The Xuan Turtle Shieldmen also noticed that the enemy's consumption of magic and physical strength had doubled, and reported it to the commanding Margaret.

The little demon recalculated their rotation time without expression.

As the commander, even she, who occasionally collapsed, had a bit of handsomeness in her.

It was a despicable imitation of a certain queen.

With their cover, Shaq's troops had charged forward a long way and were getting closer and closer to Naga's central camp.

Shaq became inexplicably excited, watching the flags waving in the distance with the gentle movements of the sea, and couldn't help but shout excitedly, "It really is the enemy's central camp, we've captured the enemy marshal, we've captured the local marshal!"

Roger didn't believe him at first, but now seeing himself leading twice as many followers as the enemy, he believed that Cromwell couldn't run away anymore.

Margaret was annoyed by his noise and said, "Don't jump to conclusions - maybe we've been surrounded by the enemy?"

Shack's face suddenly changed dramatically, "What... Is this true? Are we surrounded?"

"No, you fool."

"Then you must be sick. Why did you scare me..."

"I think you must have eyes."

Margaret was impressed, and even a casual comment from me could scare you.

What kind of strange education did this guy receive? He doesn't even have a bit of his own judgement?

Roger smiled lightly and tried to mediate, "Let's not argue anymore. Your Royal Highness, today you don't need to command. Just calmly observe the battlefield, think about the battles you've participated in, and remind us of any mistakes on our side."

"Oh, I see. You want to make improvements? Alright!" Shak remained composed and couldn't help but feel a surge of goodwill towards Roger.

Compared to Margaret's disdainful and impatient attitude towards her, Roger's attitude was much milder, and those confident encouragements really helped him calm down.

The first group of Xuan Gui Shield guards outside had already exhausted their magic power and were replaced by the second batch, finally arriving one kilometer away from the enemy's central camp before their magic was depleted.

The Hai Kingdom's Forbidden Army and the Naga's secondary troops engaged in a head-on clash.

Both sides were highly motivated, well-trained, and equipped with equally subpar equipment produced from the seabed.

The advantage of the Naga's second-line troops is that they have seen blood, are brave and have a strong fighting spirit.

The sea country here needs an additional 20,000 private soldiers.

Shuck's mother, the current queen of the sea country, comes from a prestigious and powerful ducal family with a rich history. Naturally, she hopes to see Shuck inherit the throne, and this time, she spared no expense.

The private soldiers have undergone extensive training this time, and strong men from the civilian population were heavily recruited. The proportion of magic users was particularly high.

Compared to the disciplined sea country's regular army, the private army's discipline is slightly lacking, and one cannot predict how it will perform in unfavorable conditions. Nonetheless, in this kind of fight, where numbers make a difference, the private army's impact is fully displayed.

Soon after the engagement, the Naga's second-line troops began to retreat, saved only by the advantage of long-range firepower from magic and torpedoes.

In the Naga's central military camp, Krenville displayed the calmness of a generation of famous generals, while a trace of cold light flickered in his eyes.

"Although you seized the opportunity, you were still a step too late... now you have fallen into my trap!"

A total of 50 Swordfish submarines, with high-speed engines, were around Shak's fleet.

These underwater magic crystal machines, sold by the Terra Kingdom, are actually newly manufactured by the Empire's first shipyard, measuring 45.3 meters in length, with a surface displacement of 855 tons, and with a double-layered hull made of magic alloy technology. It can submerge to a depth of 8,000 meters, with a rated capacity of 20 crew members.

These small submarines are slender in shape and look like metal swordfish, with a bump at the front. They are not as exaggerated in length and body as a swordfish, with a length of about five meters.

3 meters in length, with a surface displacement of 855 tons, and with a double-layered hull made of magic alloy technology. It can submerge to a depth of 8,000 meters, with a rated capacity of 20 crew members.

4. These small submarines are slender in shape and look like metal swordfish, with a bump at the front. They are not as exaggerated in length and body as a swordfish, with a length of about five meters.

5. Its back lifts up a huge dorsal fin, which is the newest type of magic power amplifier.

The wizards inside the submarine can rely on the core magic crystal reaction array to enhance their magical power, extend their endurance, and exert a stronger role.

The design concept of Swordfish submarine is based on artillery combat. Both sides are equipped with four Water Dragon Roar launchers, which, together with the onboard wizard, provide a powerful long-range strike capability.

The ramming spur is only for the bravery of the imperial people, as their own propulsion is fast enough and they retain a means of advancement.

The development of submarines was an attempt by the empire to conquer the oceans, as the people of the empire cannot breathe freely underwater.

Was it a natural progression that submarines were born from ships that ealed and can submerge?

Let the Naga first test the small submarine, anyway if something goes wrong, they can abandon the boat and escape directly, unlike humans who would die directly at the bottom of the sea.

Previously, Churchill divided Swordfish submarines into two groups, one on the front line and the other patrolling on the periphery.

At this moment an incident occurred and these high-speed units quickly rrned for defense.

With the advantage of long-range firpower, the Naga central army camp was not immediately breached, but eventually fell to the submarine fleet, taking Shaq's unit with it.

Roger recognized his equipment and was prepared for the sudden appearance of enemy forces from behind, but it was the first time the Seafolk had encounterch a situation.

Nevertheless, they didn't panic.

Although it was not as large as the pink rabbits or the huge steel armor, and lacked the imposing presence of their own giant whales, it only caused some trepidation and didn't crush their morale.

The indigenous people of this world had encountered a variety of giant beasts and armored units with hard outer shells; the scene of a tank debuting on the battlefield and causing devastating impact on morale would not occur.

The sudden appearance of enemies behind him made Shack half dead with fear, but he tightly held back from making any sound that might affect their command.

Roger's task was to "plug the leaks and fix the gaps". He didn't notice the loophole in Margaret's command and at this moment, he dared not make a sound that might affect their command.

When Cromwell saw that his mobile torpedo had taken up its position, he clenched his fist and said, "Die, Your Highness!"

The Nagas army that had been constantly suppressed suddenly launched even more intense firepower. The reserve of the second-level army rushed up and, together with the torpedoes that came ched a pincer attack on Shark's army.

Under normal circumstances, even the most elite troops will experience command confusion when attacked from both sides.

But Roger had already made all the arrangements f

Since the beginning of the battle until now, therces he has deployed are the regular troops of the maritime country.

This is a good opportunity to observe the combat power of both sides of the maritime country, and also to confuse Cromwell to see how many more tricks he has up his sleeve.

The emergence of the submarine formation and the fierce retaliation of the army camp all represent Cromwell...

It's time to play thep card!

Despite his impressive ability of being able to swallow Prince Shake whole, he is completely incapable of devouring Shake's army with his current strength.

He wants to play a trick with an empty city strategy, intending to scare Shake into not daring to continue the attack and to withdraw for self-protection.

Cromwell was a daring general who, unwilling to disturb his positive battlefield positioning, prepared to challenge Shak toe of high-stakes.

If Shak should become timid show hesitation, he would lead his personal guard in a bold and desperate assault, risking everything.

This was a trick that relied on's character.

However, the problem was...

The opponent playing against Cromwell today was not Shak, but Roger!

Roger took advantage of Cromwell's willingness to gamble, and instead of itely returning his forces to defend, purposely exposed his own weakness by moving closer to Cromwell.

I will make use of this loophole of yours!

"Intercept the defense line, disable their submarine, counter-attack their war sea beast."

Roger first gave orders to the magician in control of the coral base, then patted Shake's shoulder. "Tell your subordinates to hold on. The enemy's reinforcements won't interfere with them. Take down Cornwall as soon as possible!"

Roger showed him the real-time magical image of Cornwall captured by the reconnaissance fish, with the cunningness of the most experienced gambler, with a fanatical expression, as if he had seen through their plan, radiating a fierce light.

Shake unconsciously shrank his neck, but immediately looked towards the battlefield, resembling a meat grinder.

The constant explosions of magic and torpedoes have created numerous rounds of sunsets on the seabed, making his face extrily pale.

However, hdiately nodded firmly, "I will do it well!"

He fiercely slapped himself twice, and his swollen face looked very spirited. Then, with the magical equipment of the whale car, he delivered an inspiring speech, guiding the soldiers to continue their charge.

Although he was cowardly, he also smelled the taste of victory and didn't want to give up at this time.

At the same time.

Those torpedoes that were fired from the submarine formation behind were all exploded in place by a fast and flexible self-destruct fish with magical waves.

Most of these torpedoes were explosive with a lower armor than the ship's, and inside them were flammable and explosive fuels.

As a result, this type of AOE explosive fish swarm precisely resembles an invincible protective shield, preventing torpedoes from approaching the true target.

As for the water-based magic enhancement of the swordfish submarint was all absorbed by the mermaid shamans who were equally adept at water-based magic.

A group of mutated swordfish with sharp spikes charged towards the swordfish submarine, while the translucent jellyfish, taking advantage of the ocean waves for cover, the massive bodies of the war sea beasts.

Biological vs mechanical, the first round, begins!

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