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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 185

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Translated by: Ben-Jackson

Edited by:

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Chapter 185: Mechanics and Biochemistry Are Archenemies

Lydia's label has always been capricious, taking the "home" character to the extreme in her research. Even in the meetings of the Secret Magic Society, she can always find various excuses not to attend.

Therefore, Roger has not actually met Lydia yet. Just from her voice, she seemed like a mature and elegant lady, but suddenly a slightly spoiled little girl appeared in front of him...

The contrast was a bit big.

Compared to her outstanding R&D abilities, one could only say that her soul is gigantic, but her body forgot to grow up.

Roger shook hands with Lydia quite cautiously, afraid that some strange sapling would suddenly drill out of her body, or some bug would bite him.

Fortunately, it seems that the Loli's palm only has the usual human touch and temperature.

Lydia's origin as a true entity was confirmed after their conversation, she now values Roger more and feels that he's worth the time to negotiate with in person.

This also suggests that their recent attempt has yielded some interesting results, and warrants a face-to-face discussion with Roger.

"As per your request, we've employed various craft techniques to craft ten critical-standard magic cores, which has significantly reduced costs. If we can find a suitable way to mass-produce them, we can further reduce costs to a range of five gold coins or less."

With this price, there is now a possibility of making it accessible to the vast majority of the imperial population.

Naturally, Roger was thrilled, "Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Lydia. With your technology, we can soon provide the new generation of imperial citizens and current young and middle-aged laborers with the most basic magical talents."

The empire was not lacking in technological advancements, but has continuously pursued strength, with even the mages considering large-scale destruction and direct combat.

This kind of thinking cannot be corrected overnight, therefore Lydia has not considered the new applications that the "weakening" may bring.

Just like when the Eternal Night Queen first heard about the proposed magic of 'magical vines', it turns out that not only can magic control the rapid growth of vines but it can also occupy space to restrict enemies.

The effect of stimulating plant growth can also be extracted to become an emerging industry that greatly improves agricultural productivity.

This idea was first proposed by Roger and will soon be completed by the secret society, ultimately leading to a continuous increase in the empire's food production.

In addition, with the existence of state-owned farms managed by the empire, the widespread use of alchemic agricultural machinery, and the use of high-yielding and disease-resistant seeds, the empire's agriculture rapidly developed in a short period of time.

Now only a fifth of the population needs to be fed to satisfy the needs of the entire nation, avoid famine and improve the quality of food.

There is even surplus grain that can be exported for revenue.

This great achievement, which no empire in the past, no matter how powerful, had accomplished, was finally realized with the help of Mokela's ingenuity.

It is evident that breaking free from conventional thinking can bring about significant changes to a magical civilization.

Roger established the "New Arcane," which essentially brought many technological ideas to the current magicians of the empire.

With their intelligence and wisdom, they further transformed the empire's technology.

However, not everyone can change immediately, nor can every attempt to break the inertia of past thinking.

Pursuing bigger and stronger power, and directly enhancing oneself through magic has already been imprinted in their DNA.

After Lydia realized that mastering the magic core was the key to magical talent, her first project was indeed to provide the Empire with a path to produce strong individuals on a large scale.

However, the cost of this invention was too high.

Apart from being a high-level reward exchangeable for the System's children, only wealthy offspring in the future would qualify for such transformation.

But by not using rare materials and complicated processes to simulate advanced talents and just sensing the existence of magic at a critical level, the cost of such a magic core is significantly reduced.

However, Lydia couldn't think of any use for it.

Now, Roger's willingness to wait for a result had truly piqued her curiosity.

The young person who was able to create a groundbreaking read like "New Occultism" would definitely not aimlessly come to the Tree of Life Observatory to do meaningless work, right?

So, instead of just reporting today's experimental results, Lydia was more curious about Roger as a person and what kind of ingenious ideas he had for this technology.

As the personal physician of the Eternal Night Queen, Lydia found that ever since Roger became active in the Imperial political arena, a series of events had occurred without the need for the Queen to go all-out.

As a result, her physical aptitude naturally improved dramatically, and there were fewer places that required Lydia to worry and exert herself.

Naturally, Lydia was deeply grateful to Roger for what he had done for the Evernight Queen.

Of course, it was also because the Evernight Queen had stopped causing trouble, so Lydia didn't have to worry about taking care of her all the time and could dedicate more energy to her own research...

All in all, the latter had a greater share.

A plastic sisterhood, nothing more!

Now, with Roger's wild imaginative ideas, Lydia couldn't resist coming over to see what this newly-minted duke was like, as she wrapped up her experiments in the area.

Well, he's just like any other person, with two arms and two legs. I thought he would have tentacles all over his hands~

Lydia and Roger discussed some technical details, reminding each other that "now it's only theoretical feasibility. The implantation of the magic core will also be a difficult threshold to overcome. You must consider the time cost. It still takes a lot of time for this technology to be widely used."

Lydia paused for a moment and added, "If it's convenient for you, can you please tell me where this kind of waste-level magical talent is applied?"

The magic core, an organelle, appears in the cells of everyone in the Eternal Night world.

But the minimum threshold for each people to sense magic power is different, which creates different magical talents: some people are natural wizards, while others can't even sense magic power.

For example, Angelina has been called a zero magic physique, considered to have no talent.

For example, Angelina, who is known as having zero magic aptitude, is considered to have no talent.

However, some gifted individuals vary in strength, and there are those whose talents are so feeble that they are only able to sense the presence of magical energy but incapable of practicing it.

The speed at which meditation absorbs magical energy is slower than its dissipation. They cannot even accumulate enough magical energy to release a simple spell, thus they can never become sorcerers.

This is a magical talent worse than Roger's, who is already considered a waste of space by his own brother.

It took the Ice Queen a whole afternoon just to teach the young Roger one trick, and it was then that little Ao realized for the first time, that there were such foolish people in the world.

Is it not true that magic cannot simply be cast with some random incantations?

Instead of a direct response, Roger posed a question to Lydia, "Have you upgraded to the latest magic crystal energy array to maintain the full-scale output of the wizard tower in battle?"

Lydia nodded, "Yes, the combat effectiveness provided by these machines has surprised me and greatly improved the safety factor of the life gauge."

Roger nodded secretly. The safety destroyer she mentioned was probably not foreign invasion, but all kinds of creatures that were raised and reformed here...

"So this explains one thing, why should humans do what machines can do?"

Roger smiled, "The magic crystal equipment we've recently produced has a hidden threshold for operation - magical talent. Even the weakest talent can directly operate the magic crystal equipment. If there is no induction, it must rely on the soul-mimicking bracelet, but the operating accuracy and response speed will be greatly reduced."

"Is this still related to the plan of virtual gods of law?"

"Not only that, but the new generation of mechanical equipment, powered by magic crystals in the unbalanced chapter, also has this feature because it can greatly simplify the control chip and increase the output limit of the equipment."

Roger revealed Frankenstein's genius idea and prepared to promote it as the core revolution of the second-generation's crystal mechanical standard.

The establishment of this standard is mainly due to the popularity of the soul-setting bracelet.

Even if not everyone will explore the fearless space, the soul-setting bracelet serves as a watch and has the function of sending brainwave messages anytime and anywhere, which makes it indispensable for more ordinary people.

After Ah Fu became a god, the secret learning society researched the relationship between gods and faith. They added a small core push function to the soul-setting bracelet according to the prayer ceremony, and it was done.

The core change is still in the fearless space, where the simulated deity serves as the server receiver.

In this way, the user of the soul-setting bracelet can silently think of a specific ciphertext header in their mind, then send it to the server, and then the server will forward the rest of the content to the designated user based on the revelation of the idol.

This point-to-point messaging system is similar to a brainwave version of WeChat, using voice messages to avoid the issue of low literacy rates and greatly enhancing communication efficiency in this era while reducing communication costs.

Another great weapon is that this service is free.

Each message sent by the user is infused with emotions and is a kind of feeding for the Erisian worm.

Although the amount is very small, accumulated over time and with a huge user base, not all Erisian worms are lucky enough to become gods like Afu, but their vigorous growth is inevitable.

With growth, the result is a broader and more truthful fearless space that can accommodate even more users. Therefore, users are also a precious wealth. How could the Empire bear to charge them?

Only the Terra Kingdom is preparing to update this feature and sell Totem bracelets to reap the benefits from other countries.

It is precisely because of this brain wave communication function that the popularity rate of the Nihun bracelet, a necessary tool for the bracelet empire, has reached more than 95%, even the elderly have accepted this trendy product.

With such technology, Frankenstein had a solid foundation for his bold ideas on the new generation of magic crystal machinery: Thanks to the Nihun bracelet, they could simplify the control structures of many machines, with the controller acting as the control end of the machinery.

This cannot be achieved on Earth because no one can control the flow rate and the flow velocity of electric energy or the movement of an internal combustion engine piston without using switches.

He is the Electromagnetic King.

The essence of magic crystal energy is the output of magic power, and the people of the Eternal Night World already have the potential to control magic power.

However, many people simply lack the innate magical talent or have not received professional training, thus their potential cannot be realized.

It's like how everyone has a voice, but not everyone can sing high notes. Some things belong to the category of innate talent.

After undergoing the secret method trial production, the new generation of magic crystal machines removed the control center, reducing costs by more than 50%, and achieved more exquisite sensing and control through the human body. Their output limit and stability have been greatly improved.

These magic crystal machines include, but are not limited to, agricultural tools, household appliances, vehicles, combat equipment, etc.

As long as it's an alchemical creation based on magic crystal energy and falls under the category of self-contained energy, it can be controlled through human simulation.

Or it could be said that the alchemical creations manufactured using this approach are the original approach of this world.

This is because the initial alchemical creations were originally created by magicians for their own convenience, and they naturally require magical talent for control.

Later, with Roger's introduction of human's way of thinking and the creation of the first generation of magical crystal machinery, they were able to integrate the control center into the equipment, emphasizing its ease of use.

Now, Frankenstein has brought everyone back to the familiar world. The second-generation magic crystal machines he created sacrificed human needs in exchange for great advantages in cost and performance. This change has been widely recognized by the Magic Guild.

However, this poses a problem. Sixty percent of the Empire's population doesn't possess any magical talent, and they can only control the second-generation magic crystal machines through the use of Soul-Imitation Bracelets.

Even though they are usable and exhibit better results than the first generation for the same energy consumption, their performance is still far inferior to those with true magical talent.

With an additional layer of Soul-Imitation Bracelets acting as a relay, it is like wearing armor to play ball: although raw strength might be the same, many fine movements cannot be made.

Thus, Roger considered whether it would be possible to enhance the magical talents of those "zero-mages" now that Lydia has found the core of magical talent.

"Fran... she is indeed very fond of causing trouble." Lydia's eyes flashed a hint of flame, igniting a fierce fighting spirit. "Rest assured, sir, I can certainly solve this problem!"

Seeing her so motivated, Roger naturally supported her and promised to continue investing in this project, while reminding her, "Safety first. We can't be reckless for the sake of competition."

"Don't worry, sir, I am not that kind of person!" Lydia said goodbye to Roger with a smile.

Roger didn't point it out, but you are that kind of person!

Your crazy ideas have caused trouble over the years. Otherwise, why would the military not dare to touch your equipment?

Lydia and Frankenstein were both "inventors" of their time and their staff were also very talented, producing a large number of patents every year.

However, Lydia's inventions had a strange energy and coupled with poor presentation, caused people to instinctively resist bio-alchemy.

Ultimately, Lydia had far fewer patents that actually became successful products than Frankenstein, which made her very dissatisfied.

Back in the Royal Academy of Magic, she had always outperformed that guy in every exam!

When the industrialization of magic began, Frankenstein killed Lydia twice as hard. The empire invested all its power in arcane equipment, because Roger was also thinking of various steel machinery at the time...

It wasn't until the battle with Sophie that Roger witnessed Lydia's strength with his own eyes and realized that he may have overlooked a precious girl. Thus, they had the conversation today.

The results, naturally, were very fruitful!

From the Coral Base to the critical magic core transformation, they were all projects that he highly regarded and had great potential.

After leaving the orbit of the Life Meter, Roger used the simulation soul bracelet to message Margaret, saying that he was ready.

Margaret replied soon after, "What a coincidence, I finally dealt with that stupid prince!"

It was already a long-delayed matter, and all aspects of the military had long been prepared. The life support system quickly sent the first wave of equipment.

Coincidentally, Roger didn't have much going on recently, so he and Margaret mingled with the Shaq Prince's fleet supporting the sea country, ready to witness this battle for the throne of the sea creatures.

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