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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 184

2023-07-14 00:42:18Publish Time: 452 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 184: The Mystery of Magical Talents

In terms of area, the Life Instrument Orbit is much larger than the unbalanced chapter.

Due to research in the field of biology, there are many places that require pastures and farms, and the healthy growth of experimental subjects also requires sufficient resources.

Therefore, the Life Instrument Orbit is a directly cut off corner of a dead world. Now it is a floating continent in the starry sky.

In the sky without clouds of the giant island, there is a small island floating, which is the core magic tower of the Life Instrument Orbit and also where the biochemist Lydia resides.

Roger was escorted directly to the core tower area by Lydia's first assistant.

As soon as he set foot here he felt countless pairs of eyes staring at him, some filled with malicious curiosity.

The assistant noticed his change in expression and said in surprise, "Lord Charles has a very high level of mental strength. This sky over here is actually a breeding ground for many exotic celestial creatures. But don't worry, they are usually kept in folded spaces where only their mental power can seep out."

"Even after they are in folded space, there are still strong beings that can project their consciousness here..."

Roger was still very uneasy and could only quickly enter the warm and cozy white magic tower in front of him.

"Weak beings have no value in experimentation." The assistant reassured him, "Don't worry, they usually don't escape."

"But...what if they do?"

"Then let's slaughter it."

The assistant showed a confident smile and patted the heavy sword at his waist.

It was then that Roger noticed that this self-introduction was from therapist's assistant, who carried a very heavy-looking sword.

But if she were a doctor, it would be normal for her to have good sword skills, right?

Especially when dealing with targets such as powerful interstellar creatures, exotic demons, and so on, isn't that so?

He nodded to himself, self-comforting without delving too much into it... or rather, didn't dare to.

However, as the assistant took him through the hallway with strange specimens, his courage gradually grew stronger.

Truly, this was the territory of a biochemical sorceress, and even any assistant looked like a formidable character.

With such a guide, even if an eyeball in a jar suddenly blinked the young man wouldn't be so frightened!

To be honest, since he started working here, he had the illusion of having crossed over from a magical world to a supernatural one.

Fortunately, Lydia's office was still bright and clean, and the artificial sunlight coming through the window instantly warmed his body.

If only the one to chat with him was not a potted flower.

The flower placed on the luxurious desk had no leaves, only a sunflower-like flower with "melon seeds" shining in red light, forming an emoticon through flickering on and off.

( ̄▽ ̄)/

Is this an enthusiastic welcome from a flower?

Roger really suspected that the biochemical witch turned the sunflower into an LED dot matrix screen. It was a bit scary when the flower suddenly turned towards him.

Roger sat on the chair that the assistant had moved for him, holding the tea that was handed to him and looking at the strange pink liquid... He didn't dare to drink it directly.

He asked the flower uncertainly, "Miss Lydia?"

"It's me, Lord Charles, don't be surprised. This is my improved mind projection herb."

A husky and seductive mature woman's voice rang out, "Just plant the entity inside your body, and every three days a flower will blossom. It allows real-time communication without distance limits in the same world. If you need it, you can take some seeds away. They can increase work efficiency!"

After finishing, the emoticons on the flower plate turned intoヽ(^_−)ノ, seeming proud of its invention.

Roger: ????

Who dares to casually plant such a thing on their own body!

If it isn't controllable and sucked me dry, won't I become a large flowerpot?

Roger laughed and politely declined Lydia's proposal, despite her friendly and generous gesture, as he couldn't help recalling the terror of megakaryocytic leukemia cells.

Just as with Frankenstein's advice on mechanical ascension, he couldn't tolerate the idea of implanting plants into his own body.

As a precaution, it is advisable not to touch anything in this wizard tower carelessly...

Without dwelling too much on the topic of mental projection herbs, he quickly changed the subject and inquired earnestly, "Miss Lydia, my purpose for coming here this time is to ask you about the foundations of magic, specifically regarding the analysis of talents in terms of body construction. Have you made any progress in this regard?"

"I never expected Lord Charles to take an interest in this area... But then again, you are the genius who created 'New Arcana' and it's only natural for you to consider these fundamental questions."

Lydia's voice suddenly gained a hint of excitement, clearly enjoying the topic, "The relationship between the human body and magic is indeed a field that I have been exploring. Thanks to the progress in arcane equipment, I have detected more detailed signals and have determined the fundamental source of magic usage."

She instructed her assistant to turn off the lights in the office and presented Roger with a projection through advanced magic that showed an image nearly identical to the structure of human cells on Earth.

Most intelligent life forms on this world, including humans, are still carbon-based organisms, and their bodies are made up of individual cells like those on Earth. This concept is not as far-fetched as that of element-based life forms.

The immortal race is no different in this regard.

However, their cell metabolism rate is slower, and even though practitioners have extended their lifespans, this fundamental cell structure has not been changed.

By merging magic and technology, the most advanced magicians have long since mastered a more detailed understanding of cellular structures, including a series of organelles such as the cell membrane, nucleus, and cytoplasm that are nearly identical to those in humans on Earth.

However, the human body in this world is not powered by mitochondria, but by an additional organ called the "magic core" which completes oxidative energy production.

"With the improvement of magical observation accuracy, we have now identified the source of the magician's talent, which is this tiny organelle. The resonance coefficient between the magic core and magic power can determine an individual's magical talent."

Lydia vividly narrated the latest exploration at the forefront of the mystery of life.

Even the Eternal Night Queen doesn't always have the patience to listen to these purely theoretical studies.

The Empire is currently more focused on research that can bring practical production value. Lydia's exploration is about making profits from managing the life orbit, investing in areas that interest her, and continuously researching and getting conclusions.

Because of the Virtual God of Law project, Roger invested part of the funds of the Night Watch and some of Terra's funds in Lydia's research.

This is also why she generously shared top-secret knowledge with Roger.

Because he is a wealthy father.

Roger listened carefully, and Lydia's teaching level was easy to understand except for the formula at the end which determined the giftedness, he couldn't understand it.

At first glance, she was clearly an old fogy who often popularized science for the nobility in order to fetch more funding out of them.

It's normal to think that as a doctor and a master of magic potions, she has easier contact with wealthy people, and gaining more funding from them to support her dreams is a predictable operation.

Understanding that the magic nucleus is the key to the spellcaster's giftedness, Roger asked, "Can you artificially create higher giftedness magic nuclei, or can you use alchemical devices to replace them?"

"Yes, it is not difficult to modify giftedness through magic means, but the upper limit of modification is very high and the success rate is low. This cannot be my regular means of warfare, nor can it provide artificial strength in batches." Lydia candidly told Roger that the prospects in this area were not very promising.

This is a project that the Eternal Night Queen also hopes to promote. However, the current level of imperial technology is not enough to directly enhance a person's magical talent by modifying their magic core.

Roger wrote down that implanting a magic core to change magical talent can act as a system reward.

He then asked, "If it's just the basic sensing magic talent (without any driving needed, just the ability to sense the existence of magic), how much could the cost of such a magic core decrease?"

"Sorry, we haven't experimented in that area. This low-level magical talent has no practical significance," Sunflower looked confused.


"How long does a simple attempt take?" Roger insists on asking.

"Two hours? If you wish to know the results now, I can arrange for my subordinates to attempt it."

Roger nodded and said, "Then please do arrange it, Lydia."

Sunflower remained silent for a moment. Apparently, she was just being polite, but Roger actually arranged the matter.

However, the rich father had the right to be willful, and Lydia quickly agreed to believe him.

Roger smiled and said, "Now let's discuss the military procurement contract. Do the equipment you provided need any revisions? What are the current cost and transaction price?"

He still has to complete the task for Margaret.

Roger himself was also looking forward to Lydia's creations, thinking that they might have an unparalleled advantage on certain battlefields compared to alchemical equipment.

The Imperial people don't like these uncontrollable and frightening modified creatures, especially the night queen who cares about appearance, and refuse to use the equipment provided by Lydia in the regular army.

But after seeing their power, Roger felt that Lydia's creations had reached a certain level, with great potential to be explored.

While waiting for the experimental results, Roger and Lydia engaged in a very friendly and imaginative exchange.

The modified creatures that Lydia can currently provide to the ocean country are a series, which can collect planktonic organisms in seawater and rapidly breed "base corals". In combination with "suicide fish" grown by consuming this coral, which come in different models and attributes, they have an extremely broad adaptability for underwater combat.

Through modifications of different cells, the self-destruct fish can have many differences in speed, volume, and explosive properties.

For example, corrosiveness, freezing, burning, magical interference, invisibility, and so on.

There are also self-destructive fish that can blow up an unrecognizable area, causing those who enter to continuously lose blood and hear demonic words in their ears.

Lydia said that their function was to act as a rear guard.

Roger thought that they were more suitable for committing suicide.

In any case, they were experimental equipment. Many of the creatures that Lydia and her subordinates, who collected strange creatures throughout the universe, had modified could no longer be described as "fish".

Roger and Lydia were discussing what more creative uses could be made of these self-destructing fish, as well as the export prices for this equipment.

Lydia is happy that someone likes her equipment.

Originally, the military just submitted her catalog and try to prove that the empire was investing in this location, without thinking of actually using it.

She didn't expect Roger to provide her with a dedicated equipment testing section this time, where the focus is on testing her base's coral, the rest are just extras.

As a return, Lydia readily accepted Roger's creative design requirements.

The conversation between the host and the guests was so delightful that they completely lost track of time.

Having experienced countless games and imaginative texts, they created a bunch of outrageous self-destructive fish by using various bizarre mechanisms and combining them with Lydia's extraordinary biological modification ability.

Leaving aside the final practical results, some of them just imagined the scene and already found it visually pleasing.

The program effect is at its maximum level.

"I'm very happy that Lord Charles likes my cute little things," Lydia maintained this expression on her flower tray for a long time (#^.^#).

She even wrapped her face with petals to emphasize her shyness.

Roger struggled to maintain his composure and didn't dare to ask for anything more than this on-site version of "a beautiful flower hiding from the moon," after all, this was their territory and if a fight broke out he would be at a disadvantage.

After all, this is their territory, and if it comes down to a physical altercation, he would be the one at a disadvantage.

"It is also your invention that has given me sufficient expectations."

In Roger's view, these genetically modified creatures, except for not possessing the inherent property of devouring genes of other species, already have some characteristics of the Zerg.

Swallowing massive amounts of organic matter, and then quickly multiplying to form an organized army.

They don't pursue quality, but instead flood the enemy with an immense quantity.

The most significant thing is that they have a sufficiently fast speed in expansion and proliferation, and their entry threshold is much lower than that of automated magic puppets.

Lydia is a creative biochemical witch with enough enthusiasm to continue to improve these modified creatures. Moreover, she boldly absorbs Roger's new ideas.

On the battlefield against the seven gods, if these modified creatures are further advanced, a Zerg invasion may come, bringing enough trouble to the seven gods.

Regardless of the universe, this is one of the ultimate catastrophes.

Even the most ancient civilizations and accumulations would feel extremely frustrated and overwhelmed facing these insects that grow in rapid speed with the amount of material.

Even gods may not necessarily have an advantage when facing absolute numbers.

Upon confirming that Lydia's ability and enthusiasm exceed his own needs, Roger is willing to allocate more resources to her project.

He is prepared to personally oversee the battle for the Sea Nation, and if the coral bases perform well enough, he will recommend the project to ascend in the Empire's war hierarchy.

Although this world cannot simply release bugs, perhaps a child of the system who feels despair and frustration requires an ultimate weapon that will destroy the enemy together?

The Chapter of Imbalance is preparing for this response, but it will require a lengthy development period.

Lydia is currently leading in terms of pure destructive power.

With enough courage, bio-modification can inadvertently bring many surprises.

This kind of culturing research, in fact, is like drawing a lottery. The uncontrollable factors may result in a great probability of losses but may also lead to obtaining something terribly frightening.

More funds and crazier, bolder ideas. Roger's visit brought Lydia much gain.

Approximately two hours later.

A petite figure with long black hair, dressed in a white coat and standing no taller than 1.4 meters appeared at the door of the office, a cold expression on her face.

The familiar sexy voice sounded, "Lord Charles, here is the magic core cost list you requested."

"Miss Lydia?" Roger looked surprised at the sight of this girl.

"This is why I would rather be a plant!" The black-haired girl felt his surprise, threatened him by raising her fist and then revealed a quite helpless expression as well.

Is it my fault that I am not tall enough?

PS. There is a burst update event for the anniversary celebration. I was planning to show off my fast typing skills, but today, I found out that our team was overwhelmed by the opponent's one million character count.

How can we win this?

In an instant, I became completely disheartened.

It's not that I lack motivation, it's just that the opponent has a Gundam, right?