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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 159

2023-04-11 12:29:25Publish Time: 697 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 159 It Turns Out the System Made a Big Move

In fact, until the Queen of Eternal Night prepared to go to the Secret Magic Meeting tonight to consult the information, Roger didn't remember where he had seen the word "Source Ocean".

The Seven Gods have approached the highest mystery of the Multiverse. This is explosive news and is sure to pique the curiosity of the wizards.

Although it is likely that the true insider information is limited to the God King and the God of Knowledge, such news is definitely not good news for the empire.

Perhaps the void plane created by the Seven Gods is related to the Source Sea?

With such doubts in mind, although the Queen of Eternal Night has made up her mind to take a break for herself and get in touch with Roger, cultivating feelings in their own world, she still chose to follow her heart tonight.

Where's the fun in love if there's no magic involved?

Men can only influence the speed of my spell-casting.

If one were to analyze Little Ao's inner thoughts at this moment, only such a sentiment would probably remain.

Certain individuals have remained single until now, surely they must search within themselves for the cause. If they had consistently put forth effort and reciprocated romantic gestures, would the outcome not have been more favorable?

Roger didn't think much about it, as it would be strange for an unbeatable wizard like him to be curious about such ultimate mysteries.

He didn't stay at the Maotai Winery, a tasteful estate, but instead returned to the Charles Mansion.

Sooner or later, I will have to discuss the matter of moving with Angelina, and at the same time, I want to stay here a few more days and reminisce about the place where I first crossed over.

That large bed is more worth remembering than the apple stand.

"Indeed, that place was meant for you..." Angelina heard about the ownership of Maotai Winery, she didn't express much surprise, just let out a sigh.

The mysterious capital - as the chief steward of the empire's finances overseeing such a grand project, she was naturally privy to information regarding its construction.

The Empire has been fighting less recently, naturally there are also fewer opportunities for enfeoffment. The only one who can meet the standard of being a duke is indeed her own younger brother.

Therefore, Angelina had already faintly guessed in her heart, but only now, hearing Roger mention it personally, did she have to admit that she really couldn't bear this bastard.

Roger was also made sentimental by her, although the time as siblings was not long and she was an elder sister who prioritized the empire, the character of Angelina is still worthy of admiration.

At least he questioned himself whether he could achieve such purity sitting in Angelina's seat.

"Actually, sister can also move with us," Roger whispered.

Angela chuckled at this terrible idea, "so you'll find some younger siblings and team up to exploit me?"

This is a joke, Roger, if this younger sibling of yours is a certain despicable empress...

Wasn't it always squeezing you?

He sneered and said, "How could such a thing happen? If you all fell into the river, I would definitely save my sister first!"

"No need, I taught you how to swim." Angelina hummed proudly and pinched her own face. "You have your own house, but this place belongs to me. I am free to do whatever I want."

"For example, finding several more brothers-in-law?"


"Isn't a few enough? If there were over ten, it would be really tiring to remember everyone's names..."

"What do you think of your sister, Tybella?"

A relentless pursuit.



Anyway, Angela had passed this level without bursting into tears.

My younger brother was also granted the title of a duke. Although I am reluctant to let him go, this is considered as a glory for our family. Our parents in heaven would be happy about it...right?

Even though they separated, Angelina still believed in her heart that their love for each other would not deteriorate.

Hmm... It shouldn't go bad, right?

Sister thought to herself that she had grown up being beaten, and as she watched the boy becoming more and more handsome, her thoughts became very complicated.

At such occasions, it is certain that one cannot help but feel disappointed. Besides offering a smile and blessings, what else can be done?

Roger couldn't understand the complex emotions of girls. In his view, if two people could still joke and laugh together, then it meant she didn't care.

It's just moving to a new home, there's a teleportation formation, and with a whoosh, we'll be back in no time.

After chatting about this and that with his older sister, he returned to his own room.

I notified little Joey of my itinerary, replied to Tasika's message on the other side of the wizard's camp, pondered the gains and losses of the past few days, confirmed that there were no important matters forgotten that needed attention, and only then did I lie down.

Ah, women truly are troublesome creatures!

In the blink of an eye it was already midnight. Roger casually opened today's treasure box.

[Demacia's Wings: A specially sponsored elongated and absorbent type, comfortable and breathable when close-fitting, with a random hero printed on each piece. As the absorption increases, the skin can also be changed! 30/30 pieces.]

"Collaborative auntie napkins... Why does it feel like they're marketing to female gamers? Maybe it would sell better if they collaborated with a pesticide brand instead? Also, would anyone actually pay attention to which skin they're using at different stages of absorption?"

Looking at the supersized promotional family packs of Auntie's House products that had come out of the box, Roger truly felt that this thing had so many flaws it was about to explode.

Therefore, Fujii's pull remained as consistent as ever.

A group of weirdos who can amisplace medals, it's not surprising that they can come up with some doubtful joint merchandise.

Although useless garbage was dismissed once again, the system's warehouse is infinite, so he just discards it, and casually throws it to the bottom to collect dust.

If one day any girl around him urgently needed help, he could always come to the rescue with a gentleman's demeanor and style.

After all, based on past experience, going to the supermarket under the scrutiny of the cashier and other customers to buy such items is more embarrassing than having a Teemo or Vayne nightlight shine on your buttocks.

Glancing at the 1% base probability increase on the system interface, Roger casually closed it, fed up with the unreliable statistics that the system constantly bombarded him with.

He suddenly sat up.

He finally remembered where he had seen the words "Yuan Hai" before.

Among the pile of junk that was generated by the system, he had no idea that there was actually a series called "Yuanhai".

Roger's spirit was instantly uplifted, and he began to search through the inventory of the system warehouse.

Fortunately, even though he had not organized the warehouse, its capacity was unlimited and it could be sorted by date or name, making it quite user-friendly.

Probably from the beginning of the design, there has been consideration for a host who can use the flat system well, generally speaking, this is not a neat freak who likes to organize things.

Roger soon found four objects related to Yuanhai.

[No one knows the creator of the special creation that can counteract the erosion of the Source Sea, as featured in the "Source Ocean Ark". Its protective shield has energy levels of 1000/1000 and can dive up to 100 meters deep (with the possibility of upgrading).]

[The Telescope of Yuanhai: Doubles the field of vision within the range of Yuanhai, activation requires mental energy consumption.]

[Anchor of the Source Sea: After a successful anchoring, the next transmission will definitely be sent to that location.]

[Source Ocean Elixir: Moderately restores erosion caused by Source Ocean, can be used 3 times (automatically refills upon each return to the material world).]

"I don't know if this Yuanhai is the same Yuanhai His Majesty mentioned..."

Before, all four of these items were considered as inexplicable, confusing, and useless garbage.

However, now it seems that I misunderstood it myself.

So it turns out that Tongzi had already obtained the essential late-stage clearing prop for himself, but he just didn't trigger the corresponding plot and thus didn't know about it?

Is the plot related to self-taught magic?

This canine algorithm both induces me into a state of horizontal repose and demands that I engage in the pursuit of knowledge, truly exemplifying a state of mental dissonance.

So, no matter how many mistakes there were, they are still the fault of the system. They definitely weren't caused by my laziness, okay?

These four items are currently unusable, and one would probably need to (obtain the Source Sea)/(reach the source sea state) to deploy them [The four items].

Roger could only study the item descriptions. He noticed that two of them mentioned "corrosion".

There is also a mention of a shield, which indicates that the Source Sea belongs to a high-risk environment where even encountering monsters results in passive damage.

This does conform to what the Queen of Eternal Night said; that no one has yet been found alive, who has discovered the Source Sea...

If it is the Ark of the Source Sea, can it guarantee the safety of the exploration of the Source Sea for a certain period of time? Then, with the Anchor of the Source Sea, and the Telescope [Astrolabe/compass] of the Source Sea to guide the direction, the secret medicine of the Source Seat that can treat accidental injuries might...

Did this actually achieve some sort of combo effect?

Does the transformation between the material world and the source ocean become a kind of perpetual motion machine?

"Tonzi, you quietly and skillfully played a big game!" Roger's expression was quite uncomfortable, "But even though there were many relevant tools given, there isn't a single map telling me where the Yuanhai is. Do you want me to kidnap the god of knowledge and ask him?"

Roger rubbed his temple with a hint of helplessness.

A time traveler who relies entirely on the system cannot go far; this system is totally unreliable and potentially very dangerous.

However, the props provided by the system also indirectly proved the existence of Yuanhai.

The Seven Gods continuously expended a great deal of divine power, whether in searching for the Source Sea or in already embarking on its exploration. This indicated that the place was truly significant, the kind of importance that was officially recognized and sealed by the system itself.

Therefore, this is an absolutely crucial location that cannot be skipped over, right?

Roger let out a sigh, knowing that it was too unrealistic to rely on the props from the Source Ocean series to appear again. He should instead think of an explanation for the props he had in his hands, and then coax the Eternal Night Empress into searching for the Source Ocean.

The future is still in one's own hands; don't count on the randomness of the system.



The following morning, at Fengling Moon Shadow Palace:

"Did Your Majesty not come back last night?"

Roger's expression turned strange as he listened to the response of Madame Moscony.

Yesterday, I discovered that I had unintentionally completed the set for exploring the Source Sea, but after much frustration, I realized that I had no idea where the Source Sea was.

With a system full of randomness, and when he himself was not skilled enough, he felt that he could only cling onto the thighs of the Eternal Night Queen.

Once she finds out where the Yuan Sea is, she will provide her own equipment and set out on an adventure with her team.

Today, upon waking up and pondering for a while, he finally came up with a suitable reason to explain the equipment. However, he found that he couldn't get in touch with the Evernight Queen.

The message that was left last night still has not received a response.

Arrived at the Maple Moon Shadow Palace, no one was there.

Upon further inquiry, it was determined that the queen had not returned all night.

Taking all of these elements into account, he inexplicably felt a sense of desolation similar to that of being abandoned after playing enough and his wife running away with someone else...

Moreover, I'm afraid her playmates for the whole night are a group of old geezers!

Upon catching sight of the little hopeful Roger, he suddenly realized that his handsomeness was of no consequence in the face of magic!

Okay, what actually happened was that the Eternal Night Queen went to the Secret Magic Meeting last night and still hasn't returned to the palace.

Most likely, the newly obtained information has sparked everyone's imagination and they are currently brainstorming.

Even ventured into the void to make various attempts.

The execution power of the rubbish queen, those who understand know it well. Now, we have fallen into a strange space that cannot be connected to the magic beacon, and Roger will not feel surprised.

Just after being together for several days continuously, suddenly being separated, he couldn't adapt...

Roger heaved a long sigh. He was well aware that even though he could harness the Evernight Queen's magic and become one of the top mages in the Empire, his perspective on problem-solving was entirely different from that of a true mage.

Every wizard who is above every legend, regardless of their talent, lives with a kind of obsession toward magic and the rules of the world deep in their bone, in order to achieve the ultimate accomplishment.

Placed on Earth, they can all be classified under the category of mad scientists.

Firstly, because magic is even more uncontrollable, many maneuvers can lead to perilous consequences, and the process's reproducibility is also highly doubtful. Yet the wizard still opened the blind box without hesitation.

At the same time, magicians are also subject to very few restrictions. Even if they don't experiment on humans, they can use succubi as experimental materials, which are intelligent, articulate, and good-looking.

If this operation took place in the 21st century and was exposed online, that scientist would certainly face social death.

But for a magician, it's just a operation done on daily basis.

The Queen of the Eternal Night is not a shut-in type of mage who is obsessed with studying, but when she encounters a subject that fascinates her, she becomes quite enthralled.

After all, during the vacation, it's not that necessary to keep oneself company; researching magic is a more enjoyable pastime!

It's alright, we are magnanimous people and won't record this kind of behavior in our little notebook, right?

Carrying almost substantial resentment, Roger left the Fengling Shadow Moon Palace under Mrs. Moscow's worried gaze.

He first arrived at the chapter of imbalance.

Amongst the advisors of the mystic council, the most familiar one happens to be none other than Frankenstein, who also happens to be a favorite conversationalist of the automaton maiden.

Roger, the young boy, is handsome, eloquent and truly talented.

"Yuanhai? His Majesty must be at Tianhai Tower." Frankenstein confirmed with certainty, "You take teleportation array number 17... Nevermind, I'll send an assistant to guide you there."

"Is there any problem over there?" Roger felt that there was an underlying tone in Frankenstein's words, and curiously inquired.

"Hey, you'll understand once you get over there," Frankenstein winked. "The master of the Heavenly Tower, our chief advisor, his Excellency Nicola Garlic, has always been proud and believes that only those with sufficient magical ability should come and go from his magic tower. He has set up some tests..."

"Enough, no need to say more!" Roger understood.

As I am academically deficient, I need someone to guide me inside, otherwise, even if I cross the teleportation array, I won't be able to enter the magic tower.

I'm sorry, I did feel offended!

Frankenstein consoled, "In fact, this problem can be easily solved. I happened to have the latest model of mechanical-assisted magical crystal on this side. It has an external memory module, automatic casting of simulated nerves. With a simple implant surgery, you can easily gain the knowledge and skills of a legendary wizard and pass the test at the Sky Tower in no time... Oh, please don't go!

Read as comfort, written as sales.

Watching Roger leave without even looking back, Frankenstein also felt helpless.

Flesh is weak and vulnerable, why cling to it so obstinately?

Clearly, with just a mechanical reformation, many troubles could be easily resolved! Oh, such foolish mortals!



The Tower of Sky and Sea, a magical tower situated within the midst of a fog.

Roger was teleporting outside the tower, following closely behind the hazel-haired young lady's footsteps as they traversed through the mist in tandem.

The test that was warned about by Frankenstein doesn't seem difficult at all, does it?

"Magicians are all madmen. Why bother putting in the extra effort when a boss can make things much more easier? Am I right?" Roger casually quipped to the young girl leading the way.

"I am not a big shot, I am just a newly graduated assistant, and there is still a lot for me to learn..." the brown-haired girl responded nervously.

Performing mental calculations all the way, they navigated through the shifting fog and finally found a secure path. About two minutes later, the two of them entered the interior of the Sky Sea Tower.