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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 158

2023-04-06 10:38:22Publish Time: 739 views
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Chapter 158 Key Intelligence in the Details

Roger's newly-acquired ducal manor was left nameless by the Eternal Night Queen, who couldn't be bothered, after finishing the blueprints, and left through the backdoor. She carelessly scribbled "Lakapas Ducal Manor" and threw it to her henchmen to deal with.

She hopes her subordinates can conscientiously come up with a good name for themselves.

However, her followers believed that this was the name chosen by Her Majesty. Despite its lack of creativity, it naturally hung outside Roger's new home.

While exploring the various magic arrays that the Queen had left behind, Roger pondered about taking a new name during the afternoon tour.

He felt that this name was too long, and being a duke or something, he couldn't possibly hold on to it for a lifetime, could he?

If a person doesn't have the dream of giving the queen maternity leave, what's the difference between them and a salted fish?

After consulting the Queen of Eternal Night and receiving the words "whatever", he had someone make a new sign reading "The House of Charles II" to replace the old one.

Queen of the Eternal Night: ???

Could it get any more unpleasant to hear this?

And then the name Roger was forcefully prevented by the arbitrary queen.

Although Little Ao doesn't have the same level of attention to detail with regards to names and appearances as typical girls with OCD tendencies, she had previously heard about the derisive scenario "Her name is Ivana Green." that Roger had imagined.

And then I suddenly felt an illusion that if this place was called the Charles II Mansion, it would have a certain sense of being turned green by Angie.

After all, this is the gift I bestowed upon you!

It doesn't matter if you change your name, but this one just doesn't sound comfortable!

"Roger Manor is under your jurisdiction," said the Queen of the Eternal Night, feeling weary.

[So, women's casual remarks are just said without much thought, is that right...?]

Someone quietly complained, and then was forced to seriously brainstorm with the stimulated Eternal Night Queen to come up with a name.

The queen of the Eternal night proposed, "This place is located to the east of the Star River Palace. Why don't we name it the Eastern Palace?"

"I feel it's not suitable!" Roger's face turned green.

Although you are not a Crown Prince from the Eastern Palace, I still feel that you want to be my mother.

The fact proves that two people with no talent for naming things, when coming together, are still people with no talent for naming things.

The resourceful Eternal Night Queen suggested, "Why not brew the Moutai wine you mentioned last night here and call this place the Moutai Winery?"

For the Westerners who produce wine, XX winery is indeed very common, although it is not known for growing grapes in the city center of the capital.

However, Roger had grown up in an Eastern cultural environment, and he always had a sense that something was not quite right.

"Actually, it's not a bad idea... Hmm!"

One could imagine the appreciation potential of Maotai, which eventually became the most valuable beverage brand in the world in later years. Roger thought the implication of the name was quite good.

It's good to name a child 'Fugui'.(means rich)

And so, after struggling to come up with a more interesting name, in this magical world set against a medieval backdrop, the most powerful empire's capital city gained a "Maotai Winery".

At first glance it seemed odd, but the more you looked at it, the more outrageously odd it became!

Returning from the demi-plane where Shana was being held captive with the Eternal Night Empress, Roger couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth upon seeing the plaque personally calligraphed by the Empress of the Eternal Night hanging at their doorstep.

"Forget it, it's all worth it~"

If another Earthling comes here and sees this name, they would probably realize that this world has been messed up by the predecessors of the travelers.

That evening, at the Maotai Winery, in the study.

The Queen of Eternal Night and Roger held the checklist of Shana's questions, just like a young couple checking their daughter's homework, both curious and serious. There were indeed many topics to be discussed in depth.

Roger's proposed checklist, which is designed to accumulate points through answering questions, is mainly aimed at bypassing the bargaining with Shana and determining the "number of questions" she needs to answer before being free.

The quantity seemed unnecessary to Roger, as if someone gave an abstract answer to a question, it would only waste time to pursue further questioning.

Even if they try their best to compress their answers to three questions into a hundred questions, as long as the other party is a competent riddler, in a situation of information asymmetry, they can still receive only junk information from those one hundred questions.

Of course, dealing with the Riddler can also involve sidestepping his puzzles by devising questions to extract information; it's all about a battle of wits.

But isn't it a waste of brainpower and time-consuming hassle?

Accidentally, it is also possible to arouse curiosity by Shana and then take the initiative in turn...

Roger knew very well the girl's vengefulness and viciousness; she would not demand exorbitant prices, but she would target only herself!

The best way to not let a riddle person take advantage is to not give them the opportunity to tell riddles.

Therefore, Roger devised such a questionnaire to bypass the bargaining process and allow Shana to freely choose which questions she was willing to answer.

Shana accepted, because in her opinion, this was her absolute initiative.

The issues of abundance, freedom of choice, and rules of point accumulation comprise her realm of operation!

Giving clever people a chance to play tricks is not a bad strategy for making the other side fall into the trap.

Especially an angel who likes to play betting contracts has long been accustomed to manipulating rules, representing her confidence in her own operations.

But it was within this very confidence that she had fallen into a trap.

You thought you made a profit, but the fraudulent couple never lose.

Because of the Queen of Eternal night's casual attitude earlier, the little angel still underestimated the value of the information she had access to.

The information provided by Shana was a largely new content that the empire had no prior knowledge of, akin to unlocking a major DLC.

There's Roger, there's the Secret Society, and there are those bureaucrats from the Empire - a seemingly simple piece of information could reveal a multitude of hidden meanings.

This quiz activity also fully demonstrated that the six-winged angels who have had financial dealings with many deities hold many secrets and have high privileges on the authority side of the Seven Gods.

Even if it is just an incomplete memory projection, it still holds strategic value!

After all, Shana's true identity was that of the one who had recently destroyed the Kingdom of the God of Hope.

The things that Nalinair is doing now can be imagined as the white gloves of the god of knowledge, overseeing the only "Faith Power Investment Development Bank".

Gods and angels, every move they make requires the consumption of their power of faith. When they run out of it, they inevitably need to seek help from the mortal world.

Over time, Narinair prospered and gained control over the power of belief of many gods and angels, managing the inflow and outflow of resources...

After all, if you don't provide this truthful information, the loan won't be granted, and your credit score will be lowered. What argument do you have?

This is a monopolistic and thuggish enterprise, which even without playing tricks in the agreement, holds an absolute advantage solely based on the information it possesses.

What's more, this lady is prone to searching her home, if one is careful enough, many things can be inferred.

And unsurprisingly, Narinair is an attentive and inteligente child.

Just like modern-day big data analysis, she proactively sought out every possibility to maximize the value of each scallion, a person who would stop at nothing to make money.

Nothing more, just the task of the father deity.

Shana inherited only a very small part of Nalina's memories, and much of the information was only in the form of conclusions without details.

After all, what they wanted was just intelligence rather than conducting academic research.

I really want the details. The Empire can investigate and supplement them themselves.

Once you have drawn a conclusion, the difficulty of seeking evidence will be significantly reduced.

In addition, for the Queen and Roger who were on holiday tonight, they didn't need to analyze intelligence at all, they simply wanted to hear some 'Seven Gods jokes'.

[How much do you know about the love history of the goddess of war?]

[The Ten Races Beloved by the God of Hope.]

[What is the relationship between the heads of the Dragon God?]

[Are all Seven Gods born from Gods? Do they have mothers?]

On that list of questions, there were a plethora of peculiar queries that only gossip journalists would ask.

The integral of such questions is very low, seemingly scribbled by a mischievous child just to make up the number.

As a result, Sha Na answered mostly such questions in order to have enough space to pull afterwards.

That is why she kept answering until the hourglass was almost empty, because the individual question price was low, so she needed to answer more.

The little angel prepared himself for several rounds of questions and being teased, so he answered non-core, non-secret questions first to have more leverage in future negotiations.

The result was just as expected, they were right on target; the others were too lazy to play a second round with her and simply gave up.

The feeling of throwing these heavy punches into thin air greatly increased Shana's sense of defeat.

Ever since she arrived in this detestable world and met these two detestable fellows, she has never gotten the upper hand!

Fortunately, Shana's spirit was quite resilient, she had not given up yet, and she still wanted to fight back.

She was preparing to use her studies to make up for her lack of intelligence, waiting for the next confrontation...

This is actually Roger's calculation.

As long as Shana doesn't directly escape to other planes, and stays in the empire, that would be enough.

Even if her next target was to be the overthrow of Daqing, she would fear nothing.

There was already a great chess game waiting for this newborn angel, so she could be transformed into a sharp sword for the empire.

Of course, it could also be a scabbard?

"Sure enough, these things don't have a mother."

Roger confirmed a critical piece of information from the list of problems that the god-king Amiras reproduced asexually, unlike the demon king Bick.

Actually, they created the Seven Gods as their assistants using methods beyond mortal comprehension.

Roger was quite happy, not because Zu'an had greeted the Seven Gods, but because the true main storyline of the universe didn't include any great bosses such as the hidden goddess.

Although unable to solve the math problems, it is said that there are now fewer exam papers, which should alleviate some of the torment and psychological pressure, right?

The Queen of Eternal Night, on the other hand, was focused on another piece of information and murmured softly to herself: 'Are the Seven Gods exploring the Source Sea?...It's normal. Only such a place could capture their attention after all.'

This is a question pertaining to the essence of Nalinayr.

[What is the thing you hate the most in the divine kingdom?]

Shana's response was: The Genhai is just too expensive!

With a short answer, it proves more what it means to have a short title with a greater amount of information.

Nalinair's complaint seemed to be directly pointing towards the layout of the God of Knowledge.

Of course, the god of knowledge knows what the god king is up to, but never reveals it to Nalina.

He just takes away a lot of faith power every time.

For Nalinai'er, all of this was the hard-earned family fortune.

However, the deity of knowledge held 100% ownership over her, with absolute dominion, able to draw upon as much power of faith with but a thought.

Over time, Nalinera, the miser, became increasingly bitter as she watched the hard-earned power of faith being spent in inexplicable ways that she could not see any return from.

Bear a grudge!

Holding a grudge leads to attention, and attention leads to peculiar discoveries.

There are too many repetitive operations, and she will always discover from the subtle clues that the god of knowledge has taken the power of faith to the Source Sea.

That place is also a forbidden zone for the six-winged angels. Naliniel didn't know what our Lord was doing and didn't dare to ask, but her resentment couldn't dissipate.

In the end, the complaint "Yuanhai is just too expensive" remained in her mind as a conclusion was stored in Xiana's head.

Shana herself didn't possess sufficient knowledge and thus would not have contemplated that a single expression of grievance could have concealed such explosive information.

To her, is there really any difference between "space is so annoying ","cockroaches are so ugly" and "what a hellish situation it is when even the safety net falls"?

Unfortunately, the devil is in the details.

Such an improper question led the Queen of the Eternal Night to vaguely grasp the true intentions of the gods through something she disliked.

"Yuanhai? Is there really such a place?"

Roger became interested when he saw the Queen of the Eternal Night talking to herself there for quite some time.

He always had a feeling that he had come across this word in many places, but couldn't recall it at the moment.

The Queen of Eternal Night gave him a glance and explained to Roger as if she were organizing materials.

"Yuanhai is the oldest legendary place in this diverse universe. Many wizards believe that it is the origin of the entire universe, storing the creator's information and reflecting the history of the entire universe. However, to this day, no one has discovered Yuanhai, possibly because those who have gone there have all perished."

"Like the hypothesis of the origin of a world, such as a singularity?" Roger recalled the popular theory of the Big Bang on Earth and explained it to the Eternal Night Queen.

After listening to it, the Queen of Eternal Night commented from the perspective of a magician, "An interesting hypothesis indeed, but if we follow Shana's theory, it seems as though the Source Sea may actually exist... Combining it with the Singularity Theory, it is normal that dead people were found at the center of the explosion, so the truth is actually a compound of these theories, isn't it?"

Seeing her lost in deep thought, Roger weakly retorted, "But according to your legends, that place is a sea. If it's hot..."

"A plasma, to some extent, can also be seen as a liquid sea."

"Perhaps... you can engage in conversation with those physicists."

Roger declined to discuss such metaphysical theories.

He is just an ordinary game live-streamer, not a major in Chu University!

He could only start with a logical approach, "Perhaps Nali Naier was complaining that the Source Sea project was too expensive and she hadn't found the Source Sea?"

"It is indeed impossible to exclude this possibility, and Shana didn't provide more information on this matter... However, even if we search for the Source Sea with the support of the gods, wouldn't there be some results?" The Queen of Eternal Night suddenly felt uneasy. "Should we bring her in for a serious interrogation?"

The magician's curiosity and the queen's sense of responsibility made her want to drain Sha'na dry right now.

Yuanhai, this is a temptation that no strong individual, who ponders and questions the world, can resist.

Talking about this makes me no longer feel sleepy!

"With Shanah's cunning, her willingness to answer this question only shows her limited knowledge of the Yuanhai, and she is unaware of its significance. It goes without saying that if Shana were questioned, there would be no more information to question Nalinair's essence."

Roger vetoed the idea of the Queen of the Eternal Night and scratching his head a little perplexed, "I'm sure I've seen this word somewhere before... but where exactly?"