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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 149

2023-03-13 12:02:38Publish Time: 952 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 149 Get on the Offensive and Counterattack Her!

Half-faces, Secret Magic Council, the second-level summoning order that all advisory group members can hear is activated.

The standard for a Level 2 summons is: For carrying out non-urgent tasks and research, one must personally go to the scene.

If unable to break away, one needs to delegate their related permissions to a trusted advisor for them to execute.

Of course, it is also possible to directly entrust it to the highest leader of the Secret Spell Council, the Queen of Eternal Night.

This is also the usual choice for advisors who have arrogant personalities and don't accept anyone. Only the Eternal Night Queen, who completely overwhelms them in strength, has the right to vote on her behalf.

When the Queen of Eternal night arrived at the core mage tower of the Secret Magic Society from the mysterious capital, her twelve magic advisors were already seated at the round table awaiting her.

It is precise because of this round table that so many crucial battles of the empire were decided, and the people of the empire collectively referred to the powerful magicians by the queen's side as the "Twelve Round Table Magicians".

However, with the establishment of the Green Vines Empire, the power of the Secret Magic Society has been growing stronger. The tasks that require the counselors' cooperation have become fewer, and they have not gathered like this for some time. Instead, they have been busy with their areas of interest.

Especially Chief Advisor and Observer, His Excellency Nicholas Gallire, the fourth advisor Sophie Amti, and several others, are not in the Magic Tower of the Secret Society most of the time.

But today is quite lucky, everyone can make it to the venue.

The Queen of Eternal Night was the last to arrive, lazily taking her seat at the very top on a peculiar throne made entirely of pure magical energy.

After the reconstruction of the Star Throne, she also didn't sit properly in the chair of the Secret Magic Society, which was generally widened and enlarged to facilitate her reclining inside.

Compared to the serious administrative officials, the wizards don't care about secular views anyway, and the Queen of the Evernight is a transcendental existence in their hearts, so they don't mind how she sits, as long as the Majesty is satisfied.

The Eternal Night Queen's smiling eyes swept over her subordinates and she was pleased to find that everyone was in perfect condition this time, with all parts intact. "It seems that everyone's recent research has been quite successful."

Of course, in the eyes of a magician, having a fully functioning body doesn't necessarily mean it's all original.

For example, like Frankenstein, some magicians have attempted to mechanize their bodies. Other magicians have also explored strange directions, such as biologizing their bodies with magic or fusing special props into themselves to varying degrees.

However, those who openly support machinery over original equipment like Frankenstein are ultimately few.

"Her Majesty's radiance shines upon us, leading us forward." Everyone sincerely praises the Queen.

Radiance may not necessarily exist, but now your majesty is providing more and more funding, which is a tangible reality.

The Eternal Night Empress remained unchanged in her smile and nodded gently, "The reason for calling everyone back this time is simple. It's to revise the development focus of the Secret Magic Society based on the latest information."

The group of advisors suddenly became serious.

The Eternal Night Queen is investigating the matter of the Seven Gods. This has been an internal notification that has been ongoing for some time and everyone is very interested in the progress.

Finally, there is a phased conclusion now, and the secret method will also be adjusted accordingly, which is also an obligation that should be fulfilled.

The Eternal Night Queen wasted no words and explained to her magical advisors, one by one, the void planes she had discovered during these days until Nalynir confirmed that the Eternal Night world was indeed blocking the paths of the gods' attacks.

"Since the Seven Gods are enemies of the entire multiverse, the Empire should unite with other local countries that are also being threatened by them to establish a common alliance to fight against the Seven Gods, dragging their long battle line into the quagmire." The Chief Advisor and Observer, His Excellency Kallirege, immediately suggested, "Coincidentally, I have contacts with powerful magicians from other worlds and can push this matter forward."

His research field is the relationship between multiple universes and different dimensions, a bit like an astronomer on Earth.

However, astronomers have no chance to travel to other planets, but in the world of magic, convenient interplanar transportation allows Jiariley to personally visit different worlds, and sit down and talk with many like-minded friends, including magic practitioners who long for the mysteries of the universe.

The Eternal Night Empress nodded and exclaimed, "This is the pt take. General Jiali Lei, you have worked hard. We will also make efforts internally to complete the foundation for the alliance building."

Although there is interdimensional teleportation, this method is only limited to powerful legendary wizards and isn't suitable for conventional warfare. Let alone the Seven Gods who use their divine kingdom to directly pour an army of angels into other dimensions for large-scale massacres, such as cleansing the ground.

Perhaps some Multiverse worlds have already mastered such methods, such as the Abyss and Hell, but the Green Vines Empire has not yet reached that level. They don't even have the opportunity to join the alliance.

Let alone being the leader of such cooperation, even The Empire is not qualified.

Although Karyle's idea is good, it is built on a castle in the air.

Of course, preliminary preparation work also needs to be done. At the very least, communication between the strong is enough. Everyone can exchange their strengths and weaknesses, which may also accelerate the improvement of technology.

For example, on the essential route of the march of the seven gods, building a frontier fortress that gathers elite forces from different dimensions may be a good way to buy time for everyone's development.

"So, is our next core plan to focus on strengthening research on cross-dimensional human and material transportation?" asked Sophie Amthi.

This lucky cat is responsible for the financial power of the entire secret society. If the investment direction changes, then her investment and subsequent industries would have to follow suit.

Especially since the empire is now moving towards industrialization, various industries require significant capital investment. Wealthy nobles have not yet realized the potential of this and it falls upon the national treasury and the official-backed Amity Chamber of Commerce to lead the investment.

From a long-term perspective, Sophia will earn a lot of money, but the resources she invested without seeing any returns yet are astronomical figures that make other businessmen hesitant to follow her lead.

"No, that's the second step." The Night Queen stated firmly "The Empire's next focus is still on strengthening the construction of people's livelihoods, enhancing national strength, gradually updating and upgrading weapons and equipment, prioritizing the unification of the Night World and integrating resources to expand outward."

Frankenstein nodded and said, "The chapter of imbalance is willing to carry out this mission. However, if you continue with the process of unification, the resistance led by the church may cause great losses to the empire, and the benefits may not be significant."

The Eternal Night Empress showed a confident smile and said, "The times have changed, and the empire no longer needs to directly conquer those countries. We only need to support the factions that are inclined towards the empire to come to power and complete the struggle against the collective interests of the gods in this dimension."

She retold the way Margaret presented her proxy warfare to these advisors.

Although the main occupation of everyone is a magician, having experienced numerous battles alongside the Empire, they cannot be ignorant of military affairs. Simply put, it is clear that this is a shortcut to encounter the least resistance and expand the Empire's influence while still being able to profit from it.

Countries and regions with internal conflicts can secretly incite them to increase their military strength; even among races without conflicts, they can cultivate new spokespersons for power and provide military assistance to guerrilla groups to consume hostile forces.

There are various methods, and as long as there are enough "puppets" cultivated, the empire may not have officially achieved reunification on the surface, but the actual control and resources obtained will not be less than that of reunification by military force.

The attempt of the orc kingdom has been successful and it will soon enter the harvest period. Next, there will be an attempt towards the mermaid sea country, to practice the empire's hidden war strategy.

"Lord Zuo is true of demon bloodline, and he has skills in using poisonous schemes."

"I declare that our empire will be the biggest mastermind behind, the behind-the-scene, in the future!"

"I have already remembered dozens of old mutually hostile enemies."

"Where is the war? It's all just business, business!"

Magicians are different from nobles. While they know, most of them also insist on learning through practice and are willing to actively accept new things progressively.

Who told you that Lord Fa always prefers to confront things directly and honestly?

No experienced wizard would waste magic power on casting a meteor shower when they can cleverly solve the situation with a small magic spell.

However, the existence of the Eternal Night Queen as a supermodel outside the conventional system is a separate matter.

In the end, everyone unanimously passed the Eternal Night Queen's internal enhancement of productivity, completing the industrial upgrading of magical industrialization, and externally using the proxy war to drive the export economy.

Even if the Seven Gods ignite the flames of war in the Eternal night world, these wizards are not afraid.

In the multiverse, magicians are the most steadfast atheists, as they see deities as merely powerful forms of life.

If there is an opportunity to dissect and research, there will be no hesitation or reverence.

Currently, outside of the Secret Magic Society, there is an incarnation of a nature deity that is constantly being analyzed and studied. There are also many anomalies such as remnants of godhood and shattered divinity that have been brought back from the astral realm.

Following the Night Queen's lead, resolutely keeping the Seven Gods outside the country's borders, even outside the world, is the fundamental desire of every magician, without fear of risk.

And the Empire's development also cannot do without the support of these wizards.

They are the scientists, engineers, and senior technicians of the empire, and also the wealthiest group besides the state's financial resources. They are also the guarantee of military strength.

Only if they fully support the empire and complete the magic industrialization can they become even faster.

"Previously, the magicians only participated in the research on "New Arcane" out of interest and with a playful attitude towards the study of ideas, which was quite casual."

After this round-table meeting, the magic research within the secret society will become formalized and institutionalized and will be brought under a unified plan by the Queen of Eternal night. Resources and manpower will be concentrated toward breakthroughs in the direction most beneficial for the empire as a whole.

This change marks that the research and development field of the Green Vines Empire is beginning to have certain characteristics of a planned economy, and is no longer in a stage of wild growth driven by the capital and personal interests of researchers.

The meeting closed in a cheerful atmosphere. The magic advisors, who had not seen each other for a long time, took the opportunity to gather together and prepare for an "exchange meeting", and invited the Eternal Night Queen to attend.

Many people with political backgrounds back then were ready to take revenge and asked the Eternal Night Queen to be a witness.

"Your Majesty wants to watch the excitement, so I smiled and agreed, and then organized a venue and a banquet."

The consultants also rubbed their hands in anticipation, looking at their old opponents who were unwilling to concede, ready to prove their new accumulations in the following days.

Everyone is very confident and eagerly anticipating it, ready to show off their skills.

I found that the queen's face suddenly changed and she disappeared.

Just now, she felt abnormal magic flow and suspected that Roger had activated the Magic Emperor's command. He may now be in danger!



"The mysterious capital, in the commoner's district."

Shana's shot was very sudden, and it doesn't belong to a normal person's thought process.

Before we discussed the philosophy of life, talking about how one didn't want to live anymore. Then in the very next moment, you approached and broke Roger's magic and kissed me, all in one fell swoop. It was beyond what even the most shameless player would do.

However, her kissing technique was very inexperienced, fast, and aggressive like a surprise attack, and her icy lips were stiff and cold like a young calf, causing Roger's lips and teeth to ache from the collision.

"Are you crazy?" Roger pushed her head away, while she flinched in pain.

How can someone without even the slightest emotional foundation say they want to be like a small animal and then suddenly kiss you?

"Are you breeding on the ranch?"

"Of course, Shina is beautiful, but this kind of beast-like hunting movement makes people feel unpleasant, and even more like being humiliated."

Suddenly discovering something "fun", Shana is no longer the confused and shy girl she was before.

Moreover, with the magic blessing, her strength was even greater than Roger's. She directly patted away Roger's hand and then grabbed his collar with her other hand, saying with amusement, "You can resist if you want. I heard the more you resist, the more interesting it becomes!"

Roger laughed back in anger.

Where the f*ck did you hear about the bully CEO novel from the market stall?

I knew I shouldn't have come to this commoner's area. I don't know whose house has those boring novels that satisfy young girls' fantasies. This girl doesn't know how she saw them, and her mind has been polluted!

How hateful, she's still a child!

Shana didn't care about it so much. Roger's words reminded her of the Seven Gods' attitude towards traitors, and she understood her impending death. Therefore, this rare freedom became precious.

Compared to the meaning of existence that angels had in the past, which was to complete tasks, human life has more choices, but they may not have time to experience them all.

She created a temporary space and pulled both herself and Roger in. Then she pushed Roger down to the ground and began to undress him.

Although she is unrestrained, she doesn't have a hobby of performing taboo scenes for the children on the street.

"You have enough!"

Roger was angry and upset.

I just activated the command of the Demon Emperor by myself. The Queen of Eternal Night will sense it and may support us at any time.

What would she think when she sees herself rolling around with a little girl who was only born a few hours ago?

Moreover, this kind of "social practice" without any taste and more akin to animals is completely unacceptable for normal people.

He also tried to break free from Shana's control.

Unfortunately, he was caught off guard and unable to borrow the power of his majesty, so he really couldn't defeat Shana.

As Shana's two small hands became increasingly excessive, Roger knew that things could go wrong if this continued. He made up his mind and knew that he had to take the initiative to have a chance to retaliate.

As the two bodies intertwined, their clothes rubbed against each other causing the loose and light Shana's dress to warp and show gaps.

Roger's hands slipped in like a snake, skillfully brushing over certain parts of the girl with a practiced rhythm.

"Hmph, a nice feeling. Are you going to start serving me now?" Shana harbored eyes full of seduction, the wonderful sensation making her feel curious and comfortable.

Roger attacked downwards with his other hand.

Shana didn't resist, she thought that Roger also had entered a trance.

At this moment, she is just like a mischievous child searching for different life experiences, feeling comfortable and relaxed. She soon let her guard down.

Roger's eyes flashed with a sharp glint.

Shana relaxed her suppression on him and the order of the Demon Emperor was activated causing a magic explosion!

At the same time, the temporary space was also attacked.