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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 14

2022-03-28 04:34:07Publish Time: 8,870 views
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Chapter 14: The person who reads the most history books in the library

The queen came to the library not to find Roger.

She came here to find some old magicians who were familiar with the culture of the Seventeen Kingdoms to discuss the compilation of enlightenment textbooks.

She was interested in several guidelines for the invasion of a unified culture.

Use your own stories to write teaching materials!

Thinking that young people in the future will all grow up reading her achievement, she couldn't help but feel so excited.

Roger’s idea was recognized by the queen.

Ninety-nine percent of the Imperial people are fans of the Queen of Eternal Night.

When they heard that the Queen's edition of the Enlightenment textbook was to be compiled, they were shocked.

This idea is great, small changes, big gains!

Raise the might of my empire!

The plan will be finalized soon.

The queen has made great achievements in her life, and there is a lot of content worth writing about. Enough to write ten Life time.

When the turmoil in the Seventeen Nations subsides, it will be compiled here, and then it will be promoted nationally.

Before leaving, the curator sincerely invited the queen to visit and see how much the magicians thanked her for building this great library.

"Your Majesty, you haven't visited your masterpiece after it was built." The fat curator nodded and bowed.

Hearing this, the Eternal Night Queen couldn't help but look delicate.

She secretly looked for Roger before and didn't tell anyone, not even the curator.

After all, the protective formation here is designed by her, and there are many backdoors that only she knows.

Looking at those hopeful eyes of the curator and the eager expectations of the magicians next to her, the Queen agreed.

The Green Vines Empire is known as the No. 1 power in the mainland, and one of it's strengths are the numbers and qualities of a magicians who can look down on the surrounding countries.

She attaches great importance to the training of magicians.

The Magicians also have great respect and admirations for the Queen of Eternal Night.

This is the top of this profession!

The Queen of Eternal Night made the Magicians class grow to a height of being on par with the Gods.

Even the magicians of the original Seventeen Kingdoms worshiped the Queen.

This class is also the fastest and most thorough after the empire swept the seventeen countries...

Before the tour, the Queen of Eternal Night took a special look but did not find the special "zero magic coordinate" of Roger.

Although the Queen tolerated Roger's many disrespects, she couldn't always stand it

She is the kind of person with a strong desire to control, otherwise, she would not be a leader.

She met Roger twice, who had complained more times than she could ever heard after being on the throne for all these years!

If it weren't for the fact that what that kid said was useful, the Queen would have burned him to ashes long ago with that book.

In this time of visiting the Great Library, she wanted to listen to her subordinates shouting her achievement, and naturally, she didn't want to be disturbed by that bastard.

Sure enough, wherever the Queen went, the noble magicians on weekdays were as excited as they were bulls.

I finally saw the queen!

Seeing that her prestige had not diminished back then, the Queen of Eternal Night was relieved.

Being repeatedly disliked by Roger, she thought she had withdrawn from the version.

Looking at the attitudes of these magicians, she felt that she could do it again!

Just as the monarch and his ministers were enjoying themselves, suddenly the Queen of Evernight heard a familiar "broom star".

Tracing back to the source, she saw an unfamiliar face.

And Roger was in the crowd, and he didn't have to face the Queen's coercion, and his heart activities were more "unscrupulous" than before:

[Oh, these magicians are so excited when they see the Queen, like a brainless fan picking up a celebrity? 】

[My God, there are still people who are so excited that their magic power goes out of control. Has this queen brainwashed her subordinates? 】

[Hey, why did she come here? She won't chat with me again, will she? Oh no, it's not easy for me but I'm Dio now! 】

In the crowd, Roger shrank his neck first, then confirmed that it was safe, and then straightened his chest.

Showing a fearless expression!

The Phantom Treasure Box is a good tool, and the Queen did not see through his disguise.

It was a unique voice broadcast. It was simply shouting "It's me Roger!" with a loudspeaker, for fear that the Queen would ignore him!

The Eternal Night Queen's mentality almost exploded.

I've been avoiding you, boy, but now you've even disguised yourself with a super-large magic crystal, and sneaked up on your mother through the crowd!

In terms of destroying the atmosphere, you are number one in the empire!

And it's fine to complain about me, but now you're complaining about the loyal magicians of the empire?

Also, to put me and celebrities side by side?

You bastard didn't talk about learning from others' loyalty, but instead called it a brain-dead behavior?

No way!

Deceiving too much!


I want to reward him with a slap!

The Queen of Eternal Night smiled and said hello to the magicians, her fists in the sleeves of her robes were quietly clenched.

If it wasn't for the surroundings, she would have let Roger's blood splatter!

The curator continued to introduce as usual: "The big library provides an elegant environment, thoughtful service, and strives to collect all the books in the world. It is very popular among magicians, not only all kinds of magic notes, historical books, social sciences, poetry and novels, and other works. and is becoming more and more popular.”

In this era, magicians are the main battle professions, and everyone focuses on hard work.

The empire released the magic notes that the great magicians cherished in the past, and it was naturally very popular, accounting for more than 90% of the total borrowing.

However, reading obscure and incomprehensible things every day is also a big problem.

Occasionally, some people will borrow some extracurricular readings such as history books and poems to change their mood.

And the number has risen a lot recently.

The curator felt that the behavior of the magicians represented an improvement in the quality of life.

When the pressure is reduced, I will think of leisure and entertainment!

So he felt that this was a good achievement for the queen to govern the country.

"Indeed, magicians should not only serve in the war, but their wisdom should also shine in more places..."

The Queen of Eternal Night got to the point, she nodded lightly with satisfaction, and then her eyes lit up!

According to Roger's pseudonym Dio, she used her backdoor access to spiritual database to find out that he has borrowed a lot of history books these days.

Although it is not a serious history book.

But enough is enough.

Roger was a piece of waste before, and it was difficult for the queen to arrange a job for him.

Now he has become a high-level magician, and thanks to this strength he has been able to perform many errands in the empire.

Such comfort net and he still is loafing around, and there is still time to complain about me?

Do you still have time to look down on the loyal magicians of the empire?

Hmph, I'll let you know what power is, and you'll be under a lot of work pressure!

The Queen of Eternal Night continued the topic of the curator just now and smiled: "Just right, I need an excellent young man who is familiar with history books to help compile the history of the empire. May Mr.Curator help me check which magician these days.... has read the most history books?"

"Of course, there is no problem, just a moment your Majesty!"

The curator immediately opened the management background, and then sorted the magicians who borrowed history books in descending order.

The first place is, impressively, Dio Brando!

And at only nineteen years old, it meets the criteria of being young.

A magician is equivalent to a science student in this world. Reading history books is to relieve boredom, so there is no time to read more.

So Roger successfully stood out and became the person who read the most history books in the whole library for nearly a month.

"Look at this, Your Majesty, Mr. Dio Brando is very much in line with your requirements. The only problem is that he is a commoner..."

The conversation between the Queen of Eternal Night and the curator was not controlled in volume, and the magician in the room could hear it.

Of course, Roger heard it too.

Hearing Dio's name appearing in the curator's mouth, he gloated over the misfortune. This is the unfortunate boy that the queen took a fancy to.

But the next second, he felt a thump in his heart, and he reacted...

The clown is me?

[Old man, don't hurt me, I'm just here to loaf around, so I don't want to study history]

[Yes, I am a civilian now, and the identity of a civilian is a big problem. The empire did not need civilians as officials before! 】

Unexpectedly, the Queen of Eternal Night waved her hand and said boldly: "Civilians? What kind of problem is that? I have never asked people about their backgrounds, and the capable ones will be the new historians of the empire!"

Don't ask about your origin?

As soon as the speech that transcended the shackles of the times came out, many fans of the queen knelt and shouted, "Your Majesty is holy! Your majesty is an emperor through the ages!"

Many civilian magicians were moved to tears.

Does Her Majesty's remark mean that they have a bright future?

Only Roger stood blankly where he was.

[After finally getting a rest and reading a few more history books,  I already got caught by the queen? 】

[Does this empire have privacy protection? I'm going to take it to Parliament! 】

[I just want to loaf around quietly, why is it so difficult? 】