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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 13

2022-03-27 03:35:33Publish Time: 9,519 views
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Chapter 13: Is the Queen in love with me?

In the big library.

The pretty front desk lady blushed slightly and handed a delicate hard card to the handsome young magician in front of her:

“Mr. Brando, this is your library card.”

“Thank you.”

The young magician couldn't help showing a smile when he looked at the name "Dio Brando" on the card.

The super-large mana crystal, coupled with the spiritual power rewarded by the system, helped him easily pass the strength verification of a senior magician.

Then he obtained the qualification to enter the Great Library through official channels.

As for where is Roger?

Who knows!

Now I’m Dio!

Roger used his fake handsome face and stepped into the library.

No one would notice a strange commoner magician.

Although a magician is strong, he uses a lot of money.

Meditation, transcribing spells, purchasing equipment, conducting various experiments, and so on, are all things that consume a lot of money.

The Nobles dislike the commoner magicians, and no amount of effort can overcome this prejudice.

Compared to the attention that Master Charles receives, Roger is quite happy with the experience of an unassuming person.

“This is loafing around!”

He found a little dynasty’s history and studied the intricate relationship between men and women in the nobility...

At this time, history books are better than some forums!

That’s good!

Time had gone by and no one found Roger strange. 

His plan was somewhat successful!

More than half of the remaining, but also to see if they can escape the eyes of the queen.

In the main line of the game, The Phantom Treasure Box is the key prop for the protagonist to infiltrate the Palace, and it can indeed hide you from the Queen of Eternal Night for a short period.

It just so happened that the clue to this item was in the city of the capital. Roger arranged for the housekeeper to try his luck, and he bought this key item.

But when the second dimension becomes the third dimension, many things will be different.

He didn’t believe this thing could also be efficient on this queen.

He must admit, he was better.

But he could not choose.

Although the system's specific criteria for loafing around could not be summed up, Roger determined the queen had a treasure chest disappearance technique.

As long as you meet that broom star, it's not a good thing!

And people are social animals, and naturally, they have the desire to talk.

In this situation, too many troubles appeared and many things had to be decided by the queen, placing her under a lot of pressure.

The queen is also a human, she also needs to communicate.

But she was the symbol of the empire, so she can’t show any weaknesses.

There are many things she can’t talk to others, even those who are closest to her.

So Roger became special.

Born in the Charles, will not rebel.

His ability is simple, and he doesn't have any ambition.

He does not participate in the imperial administrative system.

He wouldn’t say the things that the queen told him.

What does that mean to the queen?

It means he makes a reliable tree hole!

This was his analysis, why did the queen find him to talk in such a big library?

He also has this effect.

There was no doubt that the queen is so beautiful.

In his memory, women like to talk.

He used to date a video maker, the maker invited him to have dinner.

He also wanted to have dinner and agreed.

It turned out that the dinner was delicious, the only regret was that the female video maker was too talkative.

She didn't stopped talking while they ate.

Afterward, she sent him a message, saying that we had a good chat and she wants an opportunity to eat again.

He felt stunned.

He didn't even speak more than 10 sentences, and you call this a good chat?

So he blocked that girl.

When Roger chosen to disguise himself, he was aware that the Queen of Eternal Night became addicted to his tree hole.

If he could choose, he would never want to come to the big library again in his life.

But he needed to come here again.

Because Angelina was keeping an eye on him.

If he stayed at the house, she would make him work!

This is the suffocating life of the queen before and the sister after.

"It's torturous to loaf around, and the future is bright, hold on, I can still loaf around..."

Roger looked at the history book in his hand and quickly replaced it with a new one.

Hiss, these nobles are even more chaotic and exciting!

So good!



For several days Dio Brando was reading history books in the great library, criticizing the shameless life of the nobles.

The waiter passed by, pushing a trolley and distributing the just-released "Queen’s Achievement" to the guests in need.

In the first year of the Eternal Night Calendar, the Queen ordered her private magician advisory group to research related technologies and publish the world's first newspaper.

The series of information that Roger released shocked the imperial capital before was expanded by this breaking news headline...

This is the fastest way to obtain information at present.

Relying on advanced magical messengers to deliver news, what happened at the border yesterday can appear in the newspapers this morning.

The Great Library distributes the latest edition of the Queen’s Achievement for free every day.

The cost isn't high and it can make the masters feel the wisdom and generosity of the Queen, why not do it?

Roger also reached out for one.

Today's headline is still the turmoil of the Seventeen Kingdoms.

"This scale is bigger than expected. The Restoration Army established by the bereaved families was able to capture a provincial capital?"

"No, there is something wrong with the leader of the Restoration Army!"

Roger browsed the news on the front page and suddenly frowned.

He stared at the announced leaders of the Restoration Army, made their faces older and more vicissitudes of life, and then replaced them with imperial military uniforms...

There are ten generals of the Restoration Army, and nine of them are imperial generals. They appear in the plots of later generations!

The last one is the marshal ten years later!

So, the Restoration Army, which has been making a lot of noise, was sent by the Empire to be false actors?

Reading the news again with such conjectures, Roger confirmed this from many details.

These "Restoration Army" people brought themselves up violently in the seventeen countries, gathered the bereaved families from all over the country, and begged for benefits from the Church of the Seven Gods.

It was estimated that it would not be long before the frogs boiled in oil, forcing the people of the Seventeen Nations to jump into the embrace of the empire!

This is the four birds with one stone plan?

"As expected of the Queen of Eternal Night, this is the solution she thought of when she was chatting with me before? It's amazing. It's similar to mine, but it's more subtle and sinister than I thought!"

Roger couldn't help but admire the queen.

No matter how strong the queen is, the amount of information she has access to is not comparable to that of an ordinary person born in the Internet age.

Roger was standing on the shoulders of giants when he thought of "pretending to be the Restoration Army".

But there were no similar tactics in this world before. The Queen of Eternal Night started from nothing, relying on her ingenuity to design a plus version pretending to be the Restoration Army?

The Queen of Eternal Night deserves to be the number one king in this world through the ages!

Roger couldn't deny that this feeling of being on the same side as the final boss is not bad.

Giving him the illusion that "if I have that kind of combat power, I can sweep the Seventeen Kingdoms too".

This time, the turmoil in the Seventeen Nations should be resolved smoothly.

But the other magicians who saw the newspaper were not as optimistic as him, and they all looked worried.

They were frightened by the mighty offense of the Restoration Army.

Roger pouted.


Even ten years later, the Seventeen Kingdoms have not turned upside down, so what are you worrying about now?

Lie down, this time the queen will show off!

At that moment, someone suddenly exclaimed:

"Hail Your Majesty!"

Someone shouted, and then all the magicians in the hall stood up and looked excitedly at the beautiful figure walking not far away.

Eternal Night Queen!

Did she come to the library in person?

"Hail Your Majesty!"

In the crowd, the corners of the young Dio Brando's mouth raised, and they saluted together without any special features.

It's time to test my results!

The Queen of Eternal Night waved her hand to greet these pillars of the empire, and then suddenly raised her eyebrows.

A familiar voice sounded in her heart:

[Broom Star came to the library again? Fortunately, I changed my face, she will not know that I am here! ]

The Queen saw a strange magician in the crowd.

She was both outraged and happy at the same time

There is nothing wrong with your disguise, but your voice is a bit too loud!