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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 124

2023-01-04 12:39:27Publish Time: 1,348 views
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Chapter 124 The Duke's Obsession.

A distant physical world that doesn't know where in the multiverse it is.

More than a million professionals lined up in an army formation, ten times more civilians than professionals transported all kinds of supplies needed for war, and all living beings were as busy as ants.

At the forefront of the army formation, a blond man as handsome as a sun god was riding on a white horse. Behind him were kings of different races.

The blond man mobilized the intelligent races of this continent to unite and formed an anti-god coalition army, besieging the majestic cathedral in front of it that pierced into the sky.

This church is the last fortress built by the churches of the gods.

"As long as it is overthrown, the fate of the St. Nogus continent will be in our own hands, and we will never be suppressed by any gods again!"

The blond man drew the sword from his waist. The cold blade reflected the sunlight, "Everyone, join me and kill the lackeys of the gods!"


An elite army composed of full-time professionals began to advance toward the cathedral.

Thus began an endless bloody battle.

The battle lasted several days and nights, but there was no winner.

Even the most powerful professional at this time is also showing signs of fatigue and even has scars all over his body.

The blond man held the corpse of an elf lady and placed her in the coffin that had been prepared in the camp.

He looked at the one next to him mockingly and said, "Maybe, I will come to accompany you soon...but the coalition forces will win."

He touched her eyes, turned around, and went into battle again.

The anti-God coalition forces have already burned the flames of war to the waist of the cathedral. The top of the tower, which was once out of reach, will finally be trampled under their feet.

And the Pope, who was kneeling in the prayer room on the top floor, still calmly recited prayers that seemed to never stop, completely indifferent to the imminent battle.

Contributing devout beliefs is the only task of intelligent life. Those rebels dedicate their lives to the gods!

An increasingly dazzling light gradually shone on the Pope.

The anti-God allied forces finally reached the Pope's prayer room.

The blood-soaked blond man felt an unspeakable sense of fear when he saw the light shining through the crack of the door.

"My lord, please judge this evil world!"

The Pope opened his eyes, and his body began to melt like a burnt candle.

Next, the white boulders that built this church seem to have passed the test countless times. They became decayed and weathered, and the entire church began to collapse.

Believers, whether alive or dead, glowed with light, melting into the light like the pope and converging into the clouds of pure light in the sky.

The cloud twisted and deformed, becoming a huge light gate, which slowly opened.

With indifferent eyes, a two-headed dragon with a height of 100 meters looked down at the coalition of living creatures on the ground that was densely packed like ants, and the corners of its mouth raised contemptuously.

The two faucets said in turn:

"It's just the struggle of ants..."

"But it will make death sweeter!"

Dragon God Symbes, the fifth of the Seven Gods, is a powerful existence that controls the power of space and time.

He was not in a hurry to make a move and opened two doors around him:

A beautiful and graceful Naga stepped out from the left. With a coquettish and evil face, eight scaled arms, and a scaled snake tail longer than the body, she has a unique depraved style.

She doesn't have the incomparably huge 100-meter body of the Dragon God. She is only the height of an ordinary person, but the power contained in her body is not much worse than that of the Dragon God.

The sea god Delya was originally older than Tybella.

However, the God of Knowledge took away too many believers and territories in the ocean on the grounds of "learning the sea is boundless", so her development speed was much slower than that of Tai Bella, who was able to take advantage of others when she had nothing to do. So the pick slipped down to sixth.

On the right, Guangmen is a neutral young man wearing a simple robe with a sunny smile on his face. He greeted enthusiastically, "Mr. Dragon God, Ms. Sea God, good morning."

The two gods just nodded without making a sound.

This is Teslas, the youngest god of hope among the seven gods. He is too indulgent to please the faith, and the six gods are keeping boundaries with him...

Tai Bella is just a whore, but no one has taken advantage of her

This Tessles is a real vegetarian. Behind the youthful mentality that will never grow old, he is willing to experience everything.

Including but not limited to those grotesque monsters in the endless abyss...knows everything.

And his personality is like brown sugar, as long as you give him a little smile, he will warmly invite every god to join his "well-prepared grand feast of ten thousand worlds".

That's beautiful!

After the three gods arrived, the army of their kingdom of God also came across the sky.

Angels waving their wings, divine soldiers in golden helmets and golden armor, and the Holy Spirit casting blessings all fought together with the Anti-God Allied Forces.

Their commander, the blond man rushed out of the collapsed church in embarrassment, looked up at the sky, and sighed faintly, "Sure enough, at the last moment, you couldn't help but come down... Fortunately, I was prepared!"

In the back row of the coalition army formation, the people who mobilized to deliver supplies pushed heavy vehicles one after another and walked towards the huge magic circle on the ground that gradually revealed its lines...

Any magician who is proficient in demonology can see that this magic circle leads directly to the endless abyss!

In those cars were the corpses of believers killed in the war and the living believers were driving.

An unprecedented sacrifice is underway.

Even if they paid the price to summon demons, those powerful chaotic creatures with innate divinity would no longer bow down to gods pretending to be holy!

A bloody light rose, and a seductive chuckle came from the dark magic circle.

"Is the Succubus Queen the first to arrive?" A priest in charge of the magic circle looked around curiously.

The blood light suddenly turned into a dazzling golden light, and tears of blood were left in the eyes of the priests.

The chariot pulled by the nine-headed golden dragon broke through the space, and the goddess of war Tibera standing barefoot on it smiled and threw a huge demon head at the dazed Anti-God Alliance Army.

Then she shook her little hand towards the three gods in the sky:

"I'm back, ready to attack!

The holy spirits of the Conqueror Canyon rushed out, and the spears and battle guns were stained with the blood of demons that had not yet dried up

The blond-haired man, the peerless king, knelt on the ground weakly, and muttered to himself in disbelief, "Abyss, how could you have anything to do with the gods?"



Eternal Night World, Fengling Moon Shadow Palace.

The Queen of Eternal Night, who slept peacefully, suddenly opened her eyes. The sea-like eyes rattled with disbelief, and it took a long time for them to regain clarity gradually.

"This isn't a dream. This is another world. Someone in desperation warned the multiple planes?"

She cast a series of auxiliary spells to strengthen her intelligence and perception of herself and then began to recall the dreams she saw in detail, and recorded them in a magic crystal.

The preparation of the Anti-God Alliance Army, the incarnation of the four gods, the army of petitioners, and the abyss magic circle that summoned the Goddess of War...

After a long time.

Empress Eternal Night looked at the almost full magic crystal, and her eyes showed unconcealable fatigue.

Gods are existences that have transcended the shackles of the world and have various incredible characteristics. Even if they are observed from the perspective of others, they may be perceived and then punished by God.

So in addition to recording information, the empress also has to expend a lot of effort to hide from being discovered by the gods.

The Queen of Eternal Night regained her composure, her figure flickered, and she appeared in the tower of a hidden mage from the Secret Society.

"Send people to explore the abyss, and report any abnormalities to me at any time. Don't act rashly." the Queen of Eternal Night conveyed the order.

As her subordinates left one by one, she fell into thinking.

The Seven Gods attack the material plane for faith because neither the abyss nor hell will provide any faith.

Only the ancient gods who upheld absolute order in the past had the idea of ending the chaos in the abyss.

The result was that the abyss corrupted the most powerful angel legion, and the devil legion was born from it.

Now the power of Baator Hell can be said to be even stronger than the abyss. While suppressing the abyss in the bloody battle, the devils are infiltrating the material plane.

There is no faith to gain, and there may be super troubles, but the Seven Gods still made a move to the abyss and achieved considerable results...

Why are they doing this?

For the first time, the Queen of Eternal Night began to think about the endless conquest of the Seven Gods, perhaps not just to accumulate faith.

What did they, and the god-king above them, see from the infinite heights?l



Kampusak Desert, Beastman King's Tent.

The Duke of South Carleton looked at the proud and confident Tasika in a long white dress and finally connected her with the "orc slave" who was swaying like weeds by the river that night.

He is not stupid, he also experienced the Great Patriotic War and its subsequent Conquests as well as the Northern Wars, and he is very familiar with many routines of the imperial military.

Combined with the Aodu prison riot that I heard about a few days ago, and seeing Princess Tasika who is intact at the moment and has accumulated a fighting force too quickly, how can I not realize that this is a battle arranged by Margaret’s big drama?

If Tasika is now the king of the orcs on the surface, but his real identity is a spy transformed by the empire, it must be a great achievement to catch himself, a wanted criminal of the empire, right?

What's more, I once treated a princess as a "slave" and asked for a deal. She didn't hide her contempt. She won't hold grudges, right?

Thinking of this, the Duke of South Carleton broke out in a cold sweat, and his vest was instantly soaked.

I, an expert in hoarding food, a king of speculators, and a god-level trader, seem to have come to a place where I shouldn't have come on impulse...

His mind was in chaos, but Tasika was extremely patient.

After saying hello, just looking at him with a smile, like a cat admiring a mouse that fell into its pounce range, seeing his reaction and expression changes as some kind of entertainment?

The Duke of South Carleton forced a smile, bowed, and said:

"Your Highness, please forgive me for being blind. I only learned of your identity now. I would like to apologize for all my previous disrespectful behaviors. I must be as generous as you. You won't care about an old fool who drank too much, right?"

Tasika smiled and said, "I haven't fully thought about this issue yet."

The Duke of South Carleton secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Tasika didn't directly ask someone to chop him into minced meat, but she was willing to communicate, which means that she is more of a king than a princess at the moment, and she is willing to put interests as a higher priority, right?

So this little girl is thinking about it, she is threatening me, she wants to get something from me, right?

I can give it, I can give it, now is the critical moment to use my intelligence and wisdom to save my life!

The Duke of South Carneton's brain was running wildly, and his mouth was flying, "Your Highness, this meeting is fate. I happen to have a batch of food in my hand, which can help you gather more tribes. I am willing to dedicate all of it to you."

He took a step forward, lowered his voice, and said in a confident tone, "Besides, as a Duke of the Empire and a military official, I can help you find a way to completely get rid of the control of the Empire and truly establish a powerful orc kingdom. You can settle the old blood feud with that cruel empress!"

Tasika asked mercilessly, "Your Excellency is now a bereaved dog fleeing in a hurry. How can we guarantee that we can accomplish such an ambitious goal?"

Although she spoke very bluntly, the Duke of South Carleton was overjoyed.

Don't worry about how I finish it, as long as you are interested, there is something to discuss!

He ignored the insults like the lost dog and said solemnly, "Because the Queen of Eternal Night has lost her virtue, she has exterminated herself from all the nobles in the empire, and there has been a serious crisis within the empire. good chance!"

He pointed out that the Alliance of Free Principalities now appearing in the South was just the beginning.

In the future, more nobles will stand up and resist the Queen's tyranny, as well as the absurd operation she appointed that lunatic Roger to do!

Seeing that Tasika had been listening carefully without interrupting himself, he became more and more confident and talked about the scandal between the Queen of Eternal Night and Roger that had been passed down by the nobles of the empire.

As well as Roger's behavior of brutally killing nobles and being willing to be the lackey of Queen Eternal Night, his words were full of contempt and insult.

Tasika's complexion gradually turned cold.

The Duke of South Carleton misunderstood, thinking that Roger forced the prisoner to escort him that night.

So he felt that scolding Roger should gain Tasika's favor.

But Tasika doesn't like to hear it at all!

"The orc tribe only needs to give some solidarity to the nobles. The nobles who are willing to overthrow the Queen's tyranny will inevitably appear like a prairie fire. At that time, Octavia and Roger will undoubtedly die..."


Tasika interrupted the Duke of South Carleton, and said coldly, "The relationship between Lord Charles and the Queen is pure and clear, and it is by no means the relationship you have slandered. If he thinks you nobles should die, then I am willing to help him arrest a fish that slipped through the net."

"Ah, this..." The Duke of South Carleton was suddenly stunned and finally found that Tasika's reaction was completely different from what he expected.

No, she seems to respect Roger very much.

It's impossible to go out that night. The little princess begged that good-for-nothing brother go with her, right?

What is she trying to figure out?

An orc princess didn't want to overthrow the empire, but wanted the body of the marquis of the empire?

What? If that's the case, didn't I just flatter you?

Just when the Duke of South Carneton's mind was spinning, Tasika ordered, "Come on, take him down!"