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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 123

2023-01-01 06:22:10Publish Time: 1,380 views
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Chapter 123 How dare you, Roger!

On a new day, the public trial of nobles in the square finally ended.

The people who had suffered all day cheered the names of Roger Charles and the Night Guard and left Fergus City in an orderly manner.

They came here with confusion and left with excitement and hope.

Although I don't know who will rule them. No matter who the new lord is, he can't be worse than demons like Grand Duke Fergus, right?

If you become a bad person in the future, you will be judged by the Night Guards, and you will no longer be able to escape the eyes of Lord Roger!

For the first time, the low-level people who had suffered so much for so many generations have expectations for the future.

Perhaps when this year's harvest comes, the family can have a full meal and can add a piece of meat to the child's bowl.

This winter, it is best not to starve to death.

Because of the longing for a better future, even after waiting for a day and night, everyone didn't feel tired. Their bodies seemed to have endless strength, and they just wanted to return to their land immediately and continue farming.

The energy at this moment is completely different from the previous efforts to complete the lord's taxes and rent and struggling to perform those corvees.

The next job is to work hard.

Because Lord Roger promised them they would have such rights, that they deserved to enjoy such a life, and they were willing to believe it.

Because Roger helped them avenge the big nobles who dominated and oppressed them, the people's trust in him reached a level close to that of the king.

In the future, you will have a chance to be called the Little Queen!

And after finishing the big scene in Fergus City. The Night Guards began to hand over the administrative and military power to the governor of the province. Afterward then led the team to the north to carry out the commanding officer's highest instruction of "how far the empire is".

However, the biggest winner of this public trial was the beautiful reporter who bet her career and paid full-time attention to Roger.

Roger is indeed a little expert at making trouble.

After the Battle of Fergus Castle, Roger staged a public trial of nobles.

Using a lot of new technologies to capture the castle.

This public trial let the nobles, commoners, and the people of the empire know that the Night Guard can restrain and sanction the nobles, and there will be no outlaws in the empire any more.

The beautiful Material that the reporter found can be reported casually.

For the materials that were not found, the Night Guard provided a thick reference.

She writes articles with detailed content, rich cases, self-consistent logic, and rich illustrations...

An excellent news report, which has been passed down for hundreds of years. Was included in the famous literature textbook "Fergus City No Crime".

With the publication of "Long Live, the Queen" what happened in Fergus City became known to everyone in the imperial capital.

The first reaction is:

Roger, how dare he?

The victory at Fergus Castle shocked the people of the empire. There were heated discussions in the streets.

When the aristocratic trial happened in Fergus City, the people of the imperial were shocked and speechless, and they couldn't even say a single word

The people complained the punishment was based on the crime, and the nobles were judged on the spot. After this series of operations, people will just look stupid.

There hasn't been such a thing since the establishment of the empire, even if everyone searched for memories, recalled all history books, and relived the legends they heard in the streets, there never had been this kind of operation before.

The most exaggerated bard would not compile such an outrageous story, because no one would dare to believe it.

But it happened to be published in the "Long Live the Queen". The beautiful author's wonderful brushstrokes, with a unique touch that is out of the world and emotional, depicted of thousands of people in Fergus City vying to report, and then the picture of the heads of the nobles that are rolling.

The magic photos from the scene and the reactions of different people expose the evil. This scene is unbelievable and intricate, and everyone can't help but believe it!

People don't know much about the former city of Fergus, but many people believe that after this trial. There will be no crime here.

Because those guys have committed the most crimes and have already fallen into hell, they should have gone long ago!

The southern nobles in the Alliance of Free Principalities have committed countless crimes since the time of Grand Duke Fergus, and all of them were beheaded.

And they were tortured before they died and exposed all their past crimes through the leaders.

These domineering demons finally paid the price for their past dirty deeds.

The imperial people of this era will immediately suspect that such a good thing is not possible to happen in this world.

In the world of Eternal Night in the past, only aristocrats who failed in coups and wars were killed. Now, some aristocrats were beheaded for committing crimes against their citizens.

It seems that the era of the aristocrats is over.

In the name of the Queen of Eternal Night, Roger Charles led the wolf-like Night Guards and practiced the Same creed that the nobility committed against the common people.

The officials, magicians, and civilians of the empire were so shocked that they were speechless, let alone those nobles who had done horrible things.

"What is he doing? Did Roger do such a great job?"

"Does the queen not care about him?"

"He's also a nobleman himself, so he's going to go against the heavens if he engages those untouchables like this?"

The nobles are no longer simply getting cold in their vests, but pouring a bucket of cold water every three or nine days, which makes them feel cold from head to toe!

At the same time, they couldn't help cursing Roger and attacking him collectively.

From the perspective of the nobles, Roger had completely forgotten that he was also a nobleman. Is he standing on the same side as those mud-legged people, trying to ignite their emotions to overthrow the rule of the nobles?

Is this kid seriously ill?

Roger himself certainly wouldn't dare to do things like this.

The order of Empress Yongye was her approval of the Dark Night Guard and they dared to do such a shocking thing.

Everyone scolded and scolded, but it was only in their own homes, or among relatives and friends. No nobleman dared to attack Roger in public, asking for his expulsion or something...

The nobles have already understood that His Majesty and this Roger have long been in the same group.

They were just playing tricks on them!

Today, even if they unite again to oppose Roger, no matter how many reasons they give, it is impossible to succeed.

Maybe it's better to give someone a handle and find yourself a murderous disaster!

Moreover, the strength of the nobles is unprecedentedly weak.

At this time, the northern nobles had fled. Accounted for one-third of the total number of the empire, and the cluster of southern nobles had just seen a bloodbath again.

The remaining power of the aristocracy was more than halved.

After all, the Higher The Rank of the nobleman, the more confident he was, the more violent the disturbance was, and the more worried he was about Queen Yongye's liquidation afterward...

Among the remaining aristocrats, a considerable proportion of royalists and new aristocrats who are loyal to Empress Yongye must be excluded.

Under the ebb and flow, the strength of the noble class is pitifully small, and it is impossible to repeat the grand occasion of collectively pleading for orders to force the Queen to submit at the triumphant celebration.

The weakness and disunity of the aristocratic class are exposed in the face of the imperial power.

At critical moments, there is no such thing as huddling together to keep warm and working together, only those who show their abilities can save their lives.

But now the remaining nobles are a little embarrassed.

It seems that it is too late to run away. Grand Duke Fergus also said that demanding independence is a suicidal act.

The best choice seems to be the imperial family, the Empress, but the existence of the Night Guard makes everyone worry.

Although it's not as exciting as Grand Duke Fergus's, everyone is very clear about what they have done, and they are not far from the death penalty.

In the past, there were no restrictions, and No rights in the territory gave rise to corruption.

Now if the Dark Night Guard continues to investigate and continue to liquidate, I am afraid that there will not be enough noble patriarchs left who can live in the empire intact.

Great fear and gloom enveloped the remaining nobles of the empire.

This move by the Dark Night Guard instigated the citizens to report the lord and directly ignited the hatred of the people. This made them feel that a batch of sharp swords might fall on their heads at any time.

Death may not be a terrifying thing.

The most frightening thing is that Roger Charles didn't make a secret trial, but arranged for hundreds of thousands of people to gather, make the public aware of these nobles' ugly behavior, and then judge them on the spot.

As long as the order of coming to power is well controlled, the nobles will not only have to face their shady affairs being made public, but also suffer various punishments and tortures, and endure the ridicule and abuse of the leaders, to be freed from death.

This kind of public trial is not as simple as death, it is accompanied by a social execution, and the infamy will be left in the annals of history.

After this combination of punches, the noble class can be said to have lost both face and reputation.

No matter how prominent an aristocrat is, as long as he commits a crime, he will become a joke for the citizens to make fun of at will.

In this way, the respect and fear of the nobles by the people of the empire will be significantly weakened.

The so-called noble blood will die if the head is dropped, so there is nothing special about it~

Judging from the strategic layout of implementing the Glory Oath, this public trial of nobles is a very successful move.

It uses the most intuitive and stimulating means to let the people of the empire see that the imperial power is strong, that the Queen of Eternal Night loves the people like her own children, and that all the high-ranking nobles have withdrawn from the version.

The future will be the era of common people.

Under the protection of Empress Yongye, even the most ordinary civilians have the right to realize their dreams through labor. This is a peerless dream that everyone has never imagined before.

But in the eyes of the nobles, this public trial can be said to directly start their hell mode.

In the past, most nobles relied on not being judged, so they acted recklessly and lawlessly.

Now someone has finally settled for the absurd things they did and used absolute torture and capital punishment to deter future generations from making the same mistakes again, otherwise, The Night Guard will not show mercy.

Of course, The Dark Night Guard will not be created out of anything. For some good nobles who have been treated well by the people and have been reported by no one, Roger will never impose unwarranted charges.

When the report was made yesterday, civilians also tried to frame a certain nobleman out of false statements.

But with a magician acting as a lie detector, ordinary people can't succeed in such insidious operations.

The methods of the Night Guard seem bloody, but they also try to ensure notarization, and the trial that every nobleman receives is what they deserve.

Roger didn't look at the nobility with an inherently sinful eye.

He understands that any class or group is complex.

Among them are extreme villains, but some good people or talents are good at politics and manage their territories in an orderly manner.

Although these people participated in the Alliance of Free Principalities, theoretically they deprived all land and property to plant big trees in the desert.

But when the empire was employing people, Roger planned to take the imperial examination to obtain scholars, but the problem was that the basic education in the empire was really poor, and there were very few well-educated civilians.

To be an official, one must at least be able to read documents and reports, right?

Under such circumstances, the imperial examination can't select enough administrative officials out of anything from the common people.

The fastest speed can only be filled by nobles.

That's why Roger wanted to ask Queen Yong Ye how much she killed.

Theoretically, we should find a balance point, which can't only provide enough threats to the nobles but also ensure that this group provides enough administrative officials to ensure the more efficient operation of the empire under the oath of glory.

But the Queen of Eternal Night didn't care. She supported Roger in trying all the guilty nobles in a fair, just, and open manner so that all their crimes would be made public.

This is her self-confidence, as well as her courage. She has made sufficient preparations for the bleeding of the empire to complete this self-detoxification.

However, Roger gradually understood the confidence of the Queen. The nobles he considered before were only those who had titles and inherited the family.

But the aristocratic class of the Queen of Eternal Night includes the big and small lords and their children and relatives.

Most of the lords are in the evil and lawful camp, but their brothers and descendants, because they can't control so much power, have greatly reduced the probability of committing crimes.

Or in other words, it's too late to commit a crime.

Most of these people have received a considerable degree of education. As long as they are willing to take the oath of glory, they can become the pillars that the empire needs.

Roger led the Night Guard all the way north. What happened in the south was not only spread within the empire, but even the surrounding countries felt the shock.

Shady Veronica, "The relationship between Roger and the Queen of Eternal Night is probably deeper than I expected. It's hard to deal with!"

Princess Tasika, "Master Charles is still so powerful and kind, this time he is still standing by the people's side!"

The Duke of South Carleton, "This empire is crazy, this queen is crazy, tormenting the nobles like this, eating jujube pills!"

The Duke was very thankful that he ran fast enough, otherwise, he would be targeted by the Night Guards, and the fruit must be very bitter.

But now, he brought his food and came to the camp of the new Beastman King under the guard of his retainers.

After notifying his name and intention of coming, the king agreed to meet him.

"I knew it, this is a good opportunity to stand up!"

The Duke of South Carleton confidently entered the central tent, and then saw the orc king who had unified many tribes.

Why is it a woman?

And this woman looks familiar?

Princess Tasika, "Master Duke of South Carleton, we meet again."


A thunderbolt suddenly passed through the heart of the Duke of South Carleton. He finally remembered something...