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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 102

2022-09-26 11:32:35Publish Time: 2,087 views
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Chapter 102 Undercurrent under the celebration.

Shady Veronica is known as Tianming's tutor, and she is naturally extremely cautious.

If she wants to capture Roger, she must first analyze his intelligence thoroughly.

Without intelligence, how to make a battle plan, an alternate battle plan, an alternate plan for an alternate battle plan.

In short, she is doing everything she can to mobilize all her channels to collect every piece of information about Roger Charles.

Even the number of times he wetted the bed every night when he was a child was within the scope of the investigation.

The elites of the Tianming Army naturally followed their orders unswervingly.

As for the "Psychological profile" and "Laplace" he was talking about during the period, it was not something that ordinary people could understand.

Shady devoted all her energy to studying Roger.

Debt makes her omnipotent.

The information Shady has now can be said to be very comprehensive, but the more comprehensive it is, the more complex and contradictory she feels it gets.

The life of the first sixteen years was lackluster, ordinary dummies and mischief, but he was just a rubbish younger brother who didn't even have a bad heart.

There is no evidence that he has worked hard, or tried to work hard.

This information is very consistent with the Roger that Shady sensed in the inner demon domain: because he was too weak and useless, Shady was completely ignored at first.

In the end, Roger became the trump card for the Queen of Eternal Night to turn against the sky.

Later, the report in "Long Live the Queen" said that Roger was a strong young man who suppressed the magic power of the elite allied army of orcs.

The Tianming Army investigated the soldiers on both sides who participated in the battle through magical means and confirmed that what the report said was true. In that battle, Roger indeed showed a fighting ability that surpassed the legendary level.

According to Shady's conservative calculation, Roger in that state is simply a tenth of the Queen of Eternal Night, the second strongest in the empire.

She had guessed that this was the Queen of Eternal Night, to prevent someone from targeting Roger, to help him disguise himself as a powerful force so that the hostile forces would not dare to attack him easily.

But she immediately thought that the Queen of Eternal Night is the peerless empress who built the Green Vines Empire. How could it be so simple?

If Roger had been instructed to disguise before, obviously he was a strong man, and deliberately pretended to be fooled by her, wouldn't he have thrown himself into the trap?

However, it is also possible that she wants to promote Roger, but he has no strength to suppress those officials of the empire, so there is still a problem of insufficient strength.

Going a step further, is she deliberately exposing herself to help Roger in his disguise, or is she trying to attract domestic opposition?

Such contradictory information made Shady tear up the battle plan she had prepared before, and she felt trapped in doubt!

"As expected of the woman who established the Green Vines Empire, a small step can lead to infinite changes. You must be cautious, cautious, and more cautious, and you must not be impatient!"

Shady felt motivated by the old Joestar and made a rash move in advance, but Tianming's army did nothing, and she was also in debt.

Now that it is her last fight to capture Roger, there must be no problem, so accurate information has become the top priority.

Two months of task time, as long as there is a sufficient plan to handle all the variables at the end, it is worth spending fifty-eight days to prepare!

Just like the old saying in the East, creating a +3 extraordinary weapon can double the efficiency of chopping wood!

Her cautious character, placed in the game, is the choice of the player's task list and can lead to a perfect ending step by step through combination.

However, in the real world, there is no SL method, and there are no players who are exploited. Shady has to choose the most feasible path by herself...

This requires all of Roger's intelligence to make a targeted action plan!

For this reason, she infiltrated Odu and found the Duke of South Carleton, who was short of money.

The grand duke pledged his entire wealth to fill the warehouse with grain, waiting for the first-hand famine.

As a result, Mokela was born, and the price of food fell instead of rising. These southern nobles already had the urge to stand on the city wall and jump down.

At this time, Shady was willing to give him a loan, and the only condition was to test the useless brother of the Charles family. Naturally, he desperately grabbed onto her like a drowning person.

The way the God of Knowledge played with Shady was now inferred by her, trying to trap the "Player" who was roasting seeds.

The Duke of South Carleton Annex after Shady left.

Cornelia Carleton is an exquisite girl with long purple hair and a height of only 1.5 meters.

Although she is not tall, she inherits the advantages of her parents with a beautiful face, excellent magical talent, and being the youngest daughter of the Duke of South Carleton. The noble young master who pursues her is like a crucian carp across the river.

However, Cornelia has never had a boyfriend yet.

She has no interest in those playboys with infinite means and extraordinary skills, and most admire those teenage heroes who have made great achievements on the battlefield.

For example, Roger Charles, who defeated the allied orcs on the battlefield this time, is the latest hero in her heart.

Although he used to have the reputation of a useless younger brother, the prodigal son will never change for money. As long as he continues to make contributions in the future, I can accept his small flaws.

Cornelia had a girlish dream in her heart, and she suddenly became nervous when she heard that he would also attend the triumphal celebration dance tomorrow night.

Presumably, there will be no shortage of vulgar fans who will regard him as their prey tomorrow!

Cornelia is always confident in her looks and family background, but if her competitors are all noble girls from Aodu, she will inevitably get nervous...

Compared with God, the South still lags behind a lot. No matter how rich or prestigious her family is, they will not be able to cultivate aesthetics.

From the daily interaction, I already feel like I am a young lady from the same family as the Ottoman.

If you compete for beauty at the dance, I'm afraid it won't be a tragedy...

But magical girls always have a solution!

But then she couldn't help pouting when she looked at the private money that had been spent because of the magic experiment.

If a magical girl wants to make a comeback, she has to be rich!

So she ran to her father's study.

In less than three minutes, Cornelia kicked her little leather boots angrily and walked to her bedroom with her short legs, muttering:

"Dad must be crazy. He didn't buy me the latest flagship Anti Magic Makeup Tray, but he bought enough food! I won't talk to him this month!"

Cornelia was going crazy.

The magic makeup tray is a high-end alchemy prop invented by the Secret Law Society. It contains a series of appearance modification magic and is highly expandable and autonomous.

Even a lady who cannot cast spells could use this to modify her appearance.

Although Cornelia is already an intermediate-level magician, she is not good at transforming spells, and messing with her face might be used as an example in a book called "From Makeup to Disfigurement".

This has led to the fact that magic makeup trays are increasingly sought after by noble women.

Among them, are the most high-end products produced by the two major chambers of commerce, Intel and Amti.

However, the iteration speed of the Intel family's magic makeup disk in recent years is like the speed of squeezing toothpaste, far less than the rapid performance improvement of the Amti family.

The same level is far ahead in terms of coloring speed, color gamut coverage, shaping accuracy, etc., and even black magic special effects, but it is strong!

The ancient British blow can only be blown away from the stability and compatibility——

However, with the support of the Secret Law Society, Amti's magic makeup tray has also made rapid progress.

Cornelia took a fancy to Amti's latest flagship "Beauty Ripper".

However, the Duke of South Carleton was eager to hoard food, waiting for the nobles to unite to force the Queen of Eternal Night to prohibit the circulation of Mokela, and the price of food skyrocketed.

With the funds he just got from Shady, he bought all the food, and he didn't have any money left to buy Cornelia's latest magic makeup tray.

Cornelia went back to her room, took out the "Magic Makeup Tray 3600" that her best friend had given to her, and prepared to give herself the most fashionable makeup look.

At this moment, on the light curtain of the magic makeup disk, a very gorgeous dynamic special effect popped up:

"Limited magic makeup, fashion matching, click to send!"

Based on her appearance, a series of makeup, hairstyle, and clothing are all matched almost perfectly, is trendy and beautiful, and immediately makes Cornelia's eyes bright.

Although she didn't hear from any of her best friends that the Amti family had done this event, she was still moved by the magic makeup.

The white and delicate fingers tapped on the screen:

"Before receiving, please sign a privacy agreement (147 pages in total)"

After the ten-second countdown, the light of a soul contract flashed away in the girl's room.

In the eastern bay of the empire, a large alchemy laboratory belonged to the Amti family.

The Antimagic makeup disc, which is popular all over the country, is developed and produced here and is responsible for the remote control and service in the later period.

The reason why they are not in God is that there is a necessary material, which is also the key to their Intel and must be obtained nearby.

It was almost late at night, but once the magician entered the research, he was completely sleepless, regardless of day and night, so most of the rooms in the laboratory were still lit by magic crystal lamps.

A middle-aged man wearing an intermediate-level alchemist's robe, humming a little tune, seems to be rippling with the joy of getting off work and walking out of a room that was constantly flashing with the light of magical communication.

Using the hand behind him, some black crystal powder was constantly scattered, and it quickly turned into a pale white wisp infused with exhausted energy.

And then was sucked in by the exhaust system.

Mixed in with a lot of magic waste that was discharged from the alchemy experiment, is the breath of the abyss, and it is also inconspicuous.

In the middle of July, during the third year of the Yongye Calendar.

The Queen of Eternal Night personally conquered the tribes of the orcs, defeated 300,000 enemies, and captured the city of Serena the king of the orcs, to pay for the blood debts of Odu that night.

In three days, a triumphal celebration will be held in the mysterious capital.

Countless civilians and nobles of the empire rushed to Odu after hearing the news, wanting to witness the great victory the empire has not seen in three years.

At sunset, the bells rang all over the city, and countless people walked out of their homes to stand on the main road entering the city.

The sound of uniform footsteps came from outside the city, rolling like thunder, getting closer and closer.

The leader was dressed in a military uniform, shining on the line, and wearing white gloves. It was Erwin Rommel Jr., the commander of the battle.

Among the five legions who followed him to fight the orcs, 17,624 were selected.

They are not necessarily tall, but the muscles under their uniforms make many ladies secretly envious.

There are also people from the seventeen countries in the Empire, but all of them have sturdy expressions and sharp eyes.

Instead of holding swords in their hands, they were holding heavy black wooden boxes.

The citizens who were about to welcome the triumphant hero suddenly froze, and the garland ribbons waving in their hands were left hanging in midair.

They guessed what was in those black wooden boxes.

But those things are incompatible with the atmosphere of the triumphal celebration, right?

Those are the ashes of the dead in the Khenpo Sak Desert.

The results of this battle were brilliant, but 17,624 people died in the war. They could not return to Aodu in person, and could only return to their beloved motherland in this way.

The team of nearly 20,000 people walked through the main roads in the city, and the neat steps were shocking, but it also caused some cracks in the happy atmosphere that lasted for several days.

At this moment, a projection of the Queen of Eternal Night appeared over Odu. I don't know what magic she used. No matter which direction the city saw her, she was facing herself.

"The hero has returned. Do you think those who gave everything for the empire are not worthy of admiration?"

A slightly dissatisfied question spread all over the city.

The Queen of Eternal Night was dressed in a long black dress, standing in front of the Throne of the Stars, where both ferocious and terrifying coexisted, with no jewelry on her body.

She surveyed the whole city condescendingly, her eyes full of oppression and compassion, causing many people to bow their heads in guilt.

"Please join me in cherishing the memory of the heroic soul!"

The Queen of Eternal Night lightly closed her eyes, placed her hand on her left chest, and lowered her high head slightly.

People who don't worship God, bow their heads to the soldiers who died in battle?

Both the commoners and the nobles were moved by her actions, and they subconsciously followed the actions of the Queen of Eternal Night, cherishing the memory of the heroic soul.




In the quiet and mysterious city, there is only the sound of military boots hitting the marble floor, protecting the ashes of the dead, and heading toward their final glory in this life.

A minute later.

The Queen of Eternal Night opened her eyes, raised her hand, and said, "The victims of this war, regardless of their race, will all enter the National Forest!"

She opened an interplanetary teleportation array, and Rommel and the soldiers walked through a lush forest.

There are trees in the sky, green and strong trees, and new trees.

This is a half-plane specially opened up by the great magician to reward the famous generals of the Green Vines Empire. After death, they are all buried here and a tree is planted.

With time, the green vines have been around for hundreds of years, and this place has become a forest, so it is called the National Forest.

After the Great Patriotic War, the Evernight Queen expanded the protect the nation's forests to be a spectacle-level building. Not only generals but also dead soldiers were buried to protect the nation's forests.

Behind the brilliance of the empire swept across the seventeen countries, there is also a forest that protects the country and continues to expand, recording the bloodshed along the way.

"Your Majesty is merciful!" The citizens answered in unison.

"Is this the measure of Green Vines..." The people of other countries who watched the celebration in the homeland of the Seventeen Kingdoms had complicated thoughts.

"Nonsense! Inferiors from the Seventeen Kingdoms are also worthy of being in the National Forest?" Many imperial nobles showed anger.

The Queen of Eternal Night showed a faint smile. It seemed that the reactions of all parties didn't exceed her expectations, and the figure collapsed in the air:

"Enjoy the celebration, people!"

The citizens raised their heads and cheered more enthusiastically than at first:

"Triumph! Triumph! Triumph!"

This is not only a celebration of the living, the officers and soldiers who died honorably in battle, but also have the qualifications to enjoy the victory.

The imperial people are belligerent and not afraid of death. The Queen of Eternal Night gave the deceased such a high courtesy, which inspired their morale and made her love for the Queen even crazier!

The soldiers who walked through Odu Middle Street, including Rommel, were originally a little uneasy because they carried the ashes to the celebration, for fear of causing disgust from the citizens and destroying the atmosphere of the celebration.

But thinking that Paoze, who died in battle, would have the opportunity to return to Odu like this, they couldn't bear to refuse such an arrangement.

It was not until they heard the words of the Queen of Evernight and the cheers resounding throughout the whole process that they let go of their uneasy hearts.

Each one's waist is even more straight, and his eyes are burning with the flames of war!

Such an empire, such an empress, we are willing to fight to our last blood!

As the sun sets and night falls, the real celebration that everyone is looking forward to begins.

Food, wine, fireworks, and, dancing.

I wonder, how many beautiful stories will be born?

It's just that under the carnival atmosphere, the eyes of many great nobles crossed each other.

Their "Patience" has been exhausted, and the break with the queen is getting farther and farther, and they have the urge to do something.