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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 101

2022-09-24 13:13:00Publish Time: 2,162 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 101 The Clown Is Me?

Old Joestar is not someone who can't afford to lose.

His strength is insufficient and, right now, he is helpless. If he spends more time thinking about it, he can accept it.

Anyway, here or there, he would be in prison either way.

It is very lonely in the Conqueror's Canyon, and there are people here to play with me!

But the Queen of Eternal Night had no respect for him and mocked him, and she was so inappropriate...

Don't say it, don't say it, I know that your Roger is strong, and I will be punished once more if I doubt him again!

But afterward, after chatting all the way, old Joestar suddenly looked away again.

If they are not properly prepared, the Queen of Eternal Night will not be able to confront the Goddess of War and let him go.

I'll change my mentality; let's just make the magician's camp more interesting!

Even if the final winner is the Goddess of War, his behavior of "fighting with all his strength" can also be explained:

"Because I didn't want to give in, I let the imperial people feel the power of God!"

So it's not a loss either way, and I can still appreciate the shocking expressions of those magicians and heavy-armed priests fighting to the end, and then slamming their crossbow faces...

Well, it got interesting again.

Of course, the Queen of Eternal Night was enthusiastic about old Joestar and expressed her admiration. There is no reason not to agree.

Anyway, as long as the rewards after victory are good enough, there must be no shortage of children to challenge. No matter how difficult the boss is, it won't hit them, right?

Well, then this is settled!

The old Joestar was taken back to the magician's camp, and the Queen of Eternal Night returned to the palace to continue playing in her world.

Military Department, after the two-day meeting, everyone felt relieved.

Before the talk, they felt that the Empire was making a loss. After the talk, they found that it seemed to be quite profitable.

Now the main thing is done, and during their leisure time later, Margaret is of course ready to continue to draw closer to Princess Tasika.

When she reports to Her Majesty, she has to speak and kick that Roger guy out!

"Your Royal Highness Tasika, the military has prepared a celebration banquet for you tonight, please be sure to attend." Margaret invited her politely.

But this time, Tasika couldn't stand it anymore.

She frowned and subconsciously said, "I have promised to visit the capital with Lord Charles at night..."

Margaret instantly revealed an angry look, "If he makes an improper invitation to you through negotiation, please let me know in time, and I will call the shots for you."

Tasika blushed a little and said in a thin voice, "Left minister, you misunderstood, I asked Lord Charles myself..."

The roaring thunder sounded in Margaret's heart.

Did you ask him out yourself?

If you want to visit the capital, can't you ask me, will I stop you?

Tasika found that Margaret's expression was a little ugly, and bowed and apologized, "I'm sorry, Miss Margaret, I have caused you trouble these days but tonight's celebration banquet should be canceled. After all, the affairs between our two countries still need to be kept secret. Yes, we should not be extravagant..."

Her tone is high-sounding and her reasons are good but, to Margaret's ears, Tasika is just saying one thing:

I choose him!

It turns out that in Her Royal Highness Tasika's heart, I am the one who has been harassing and pestering her.

After all this time, the clown is me?

Roger also completed the handover, walked over here, and saw Margaret chatting with Tasika.

He felt that the cooperation with the small ceiling fan in the past two days was excellent, and he took the initiative to extend his hand, "The matter of the orc kingdom could be negotiated so smoothly thanks to Lord Margaret and her excellent mind; the cooperation these two days has been pleasant."

Margaret flicked her tail and wanted to leave, but Tasika was by her side and she could only squeeze out between her teeth in the end, "I'm glad, that's quite a pleasure!"

Your words are beautiful, but why are your eyes sore and filled with the urge to shed tears?

Tasika is naturally happy to have the opportunity to be alone with Lord Charles. With him there, she completely ignored Margaret's mood and just waited for him to take her away.

Roger sensed that Margaret was not very happy.

I don't know why she, who had been in a good mood these past two days, suddenly lost her temper again. Who was it that provoked this careful woman this time?

No matter who it is, I won't rush to take the blame...

"Let me take care of Tasika tonight, and deal with it later—"

Roger said goodbye politely, and Tasika followed excitedly.

Margaret stood on the spot, watching the backs of the two leaving...

I feel like I am a dog!

"Roger, wait, next time, I will never lose to you again!"

The little ceiling fan stomped her feet in anger, knowing that her plan was all in vain.

Because tomorrow is the celebration, and a lot of people will gather, tonight the capital is extraordinarily lively.

The stores were dedicated to listing the latest and coolest things in the capital, and the professionals also wanted to take advantage of the crowd to earn an extra silver coin or two.

Roger covered Tasika's face a little. After all, her racial characteristics and charm were noticeable, and standing on the street would cause riots.

But she didn't sense it herself; she regarded herself as a tourist, and seemed to be in high spirits about everything.

"The city of Serena has never been so lively. It's amazing for the human race to build such a city!"

Tasika followed Roger, smiling happily, "Mr. Charles, I want to build an orc kingdom no less prosperous than this one. Every citizen will be able to wear beautiful clothes and afford wine and meat!"

Roger smiled and said, "As far as I know, the Bell people don't eat meat, but they do drink alcohol, Your Highness Tequila?"

"Ah, sir, you are so naughty..." Tasika always felt ashamed to be called by her nickname, and explained in a low voice, "Actually, only orcs with certain assets can drink. With our limited grain, the majority of our people can't afford to drink wine, but no one will listen to their voices."

Roger was not surprised, "This can happen in any country, but I believe you will change the orc kingdom."

"Because I met the lord?" Tasika said happily.

"Because at this time, you still remember the people who couldn't drink or eat meat." Roger couldn't help but touch her head.

Is this half-dragon princess's IQ offline?

What the hell does it change that she's met him... This kind of thing still depends on the person on the throne, and where her heart is.

"Hmm! I won't forget them!"

Tasika clenched her fists.

She's been praised by him!

Candlelight dinner at the Deep Blue Dream Restaurant, opera at the Holy Harp Concert Hall, shopping at the night market, and then walking on the beautiful Rose River, watching the large and small boats decorate it as bright as day.

This is probably the night that the young people in the capital yearn for the most.

Seeing Tasika lying beside the railing with her starry eyes twinkling, Roger suddenly thought he had never enjoyed such a "date" with his little fox.

I have to find a chance to make up for it soon.

"Okay, don't look at it. You can't copy this back home or there will be no rivers left in your desert." Roger reminded her.

"I don't want to copy everything either..." Tasika said with a blush.

It seems that, when they walked around, everytime she saw something good, she kept saying that she wanted to do this in the Orc Kingdom.

But there is no way. The current Qingteng Empire is indeed very prosperous, which makes her yearn for it. Also when she sees good things, she wants the villagers to experience them.

Roger smiled and stopped teasing her.

At this moment, a gorgeous team came across the other side of the riverside walk.

The leader was a tall, heroic, middle-aged man. He was dragged and was walking in a daze. He drank a lot.

Even for the capital, the pomp of going out is considered luxurious.

"Chamberlain Carleton, Duke of South Carleton... His granary is about to blow up, why is he still doing this?"

Roger recognized this person through his family crest and snorted coldly.

"The Lord doesn't seem to like him. Then that must be a big bad guy!" Tasika also remembered this person.

"Maybe he's not bad. He's just being loyal to his own class..."

The Duke of South Carleton is the leader of the southern grain nobility, a legendary mage, and among the first group of nobles to have followed the Queen of Eternal Night during the Great Patriotic War with outstanding military exploits.

He has no shortage of strength, status, and military merits. He often likes to say "I can save Her Majesty's life", and it's actually not hard to understand.

Roger didn't want to cause trouble, so he pulled Tasika back to the side of the road in a low-key way and wanted the team to pass first.

Unexpectedly, when the Duke of South Carleton passed by, he glanced at Roger.

In his blue left eye, the complex and subtle patterns of a magic circle appeared slightly.

The next second, he couldn't help showing a stunning, greedy, longing smile, staring at Tasika, "What a beautiful orc slave, how much did it cost you, I'll pay double, give it to me!"

His body was solidified with spells such as Hidden Breaking and Delusion Breaking. Roger had used the scroll to cast an obscuration spell on Tasika and avoid discovery so that people wouldn't pay attention to her appearance.

But being stared at by a legendary mage, you'll naturally be exposed.

Hearing what the Duke of South Carleton said, Tasika blushed instantly in humiliation and clenched her fists.

Do orcs have to be slaves when they appear in the Empire?

But she was afraid of causing trouble for Lord Charles, so she stood there, like a helpless little white flower, not daring to make a sound.

Roger felt the oppressive gaze of the Duke of South Carleton, his entourage was already giving out money, and deep anger flashed in his heart.

"I'm sorry, this is my friend, not a slave." He pulled Tasika down and prepared to leave.

This guy has just been unlucky these few days. There is no need to have a conflict with him now.

"If you say no, it's no, am I that shameless?" The Duke of South Carleton stopped Roger, showing a very interested expression, "Tell me, young man, how much money is needed to turn your friend into a slave."

The implication is that the only reason he's not selling his friend is because he doesn't have enough to gain from it. Let me see your measure!

"Maybe you associate friendship with money, but I don't. Lord Carleton, if you leave now, the Charles family can act as if nothing has happened, otherwise you will be responsible for your insulting words and deeds." Roger was regretting taking her out today.

Calling the Queen of Eternal Night Air Force to bomb an old pervert, doesn't it seem like he is very incompetent?

Listening to Lord Charles' words, Tasika couldn't help showing a surprised expression.

Am I a friend who can't be exchanged for money?

As for what she might lose tonight, she never thought about it.

In her eyes, Roger is a strong person second only to the Queen of Eternal Night. How could he be afraid of a big bad duke?

Isn't she a legendary mage that inherited the skills of old Joestar? She is also a legendary priest!

The Duke of South Carleton looked at him suspiciously, and a housekeeper whispered a few words in his ear.

"Oh, the little Notre Dame's Charles family? Come to think of it, you're the famous trash that is pretending to be human."

The Duke of South Carleton pointed at Roger, "Sell me this orc chick for a gold coin, or I'll break ties with the Charles family!"

With a flash of magic in his hand, he prepared to use spiritual magic to force Roger to sell Tasika to him.

But when the magic came out, Roger didn't respond.

Instead, the Duke of South, Carleton suddenly trembled violently, covered his head in pain, and two lines of blood flowed from his nose.

"Protect him!" a group of followers shouted.

"Oh, you overestimate your strength! The weak chicken also wants to use spiritual magic on the strong?" Tasika looked at the Duke of South Carleton and couldn't help but sneer.

Roger also responded:

The thorns in my mind can't stop the queen, but it can stop you, an ordinary legend?

"Stay back!" Duke South Carneton snorted coldly, staring at Roger, "You've been pretending?"

"You think so?"

"Very well, let's end today's affair here."

"No, you haven't apologized to my friend yet."

Roger pointed to Tasika and removed the haze spell from her.

The beautiful face instantly made everyone on the field breathless.

Everyone also understands why their master, who has seen countless beauties, would be tempted by her.

The Duke of South Carleton looked at Roger with emotional ups and downs.

The Charles family has only one pair of siblings. If they had no strength but only Her Majesty's favor, he would not be afraid to fight.

But if this Roger is not weaker than him and has Her Majesty's trust, it will be difficult.

Could it be that the record outside Serena City was made by this kid?

His eyes flickered as he wiped the blood on his face, and saluted Tasika with a smile, "Miss, I apologize to you for the rude words just now."

Seeing Roger nodding, Tasika replied, "I accept your apology."

The Duke of South Carleton, who was on a high-profile trip, left in a low-key manner.

A manor in the noble district.

When the Duke of South Carleton returned to his study, the arrogance he showed by the riverside couldn't be seen. His eyes were sober and he didn't even feel the slightest bit of alcohol.

Opposite him is a woman in a hood.

The Duke of South Carleton said solemnly, "I tested him. That Roger is indeed legendary."

"Impossible. His performance in the field of my inner demon was that of a junior magician."

"He embarrassed me in public, what do you want from me? Pick a fight with him?"

"Anyway... your mission has been completed."

The woman handed over a space ring, "As promised, here's your gold coins."

She was about to leave when the Duke of South Carleton stopped her.

"You all know his strength, and yet you still want to continue targeting him?"

The woman paused and sighed, "I, I have no choice..."