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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 51

2022-06-19 22:00:00Publish Time: 3,446 views
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Chapter 51: If I Go Straight, No One Can Stop Me

Yuki and Emilia reacted the fastest and quickly stopped Rin.

However, Rin was like an unconscious puppet, regardless of anything, standing still.

Elise picked up the cup that Rin had just drunk and smelled it. Then she licked it quickly and nodded.

"The waiter brought wine by mistake. Little Rin must be drunk."

Yuki and Emilia naturally could see that. They just didn't expect Rin to be like this when drunk. They could only hold him from left and right, and they were a little overwhelmed.

The silly elk's ahoge hair turned and suddenly she had a bold idea.

However, before she could implement it, she saw Emilia release her hand and take the opportunity to stand in front of Rin.

Miss Hero, looking expressionless, opened her hand and, with her usual flat tone, "Come on, it doesn't matter. Come to me."


Elise stamped her feet in a hurry. She didn't care as much and hugged Rin directly from behind.

"Emilia is so cunning! What we should be concerned about right now is how we can help Little Rin wake up!"

Yuki didn't dwell on it too much. She thought about it and directly picked up her brother.

Rin didn't resist, but he still looked like a sleeping walking dead.

"Let's go back to the hotel first."

Both Elise and Emilia showed disappointed expressions.

"OK, I'll check out first."

As Little Rin's fiancee, this is also a matter of course.

After that, they hurriedly escorted Rin back to the hotel regardless of the surprised eyes around.

After taking Rin back to the room and putting him on the bed, the three waited around and saw Rin lying on the bed motionless and his eyes closed, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.

All three were relieved.

"There should be no problem."

Elise quickly raised her hand, "Let me stay and take care of little Rin."

"Me too…" Emilia didn't want to fall behind.

Yuki looked at them seriously. Even if they were the princess and the hero, her tone was still tough, "My brother needs rest. Your highness and Miss Hero, please don't disturb him."

What she was worried about was that, after finally falling asleep, what if Rin accidentally woke up and began to toss again? What if he hit himself?

"Woo woo… OK."


The silly elk and waste Hero both looked at Rin and then left reluctantly.

Well, Yuki's words were particularly relevant to them.

After seeing them off, Yuki stood in front of Rin's window and looked outside for a while. Then her face became red. Her trembling hand stretched out and pinched Rin's face. After shrinking back quickly, she couldn't help pinching it again.

Her heart was full of joy after she reached out and touched her brother's head. After thinking about it, she went to the bathroom, took a towel, and helped Rin wipe his forehead and neck.

Although Yuki was not very good at taking care of others, she'd heard that drunk people would be very uncomfortable. They would be more comfortable if someone could wipe them with a wet towel.

She wanted to untie Rin's button, but hesitated for a long time and still didn't do it. She was worried that her brother would be unhappy if she did anything unusual.

After keeping silent for half an hour, she felt that Rin should have fallen asleep. Although Yuki wanted to keep staying here, for fear of disturbing him, she went back to her room to rest.

Another hour later, Yuki took a shower and was ready to take a look at her brother's room again.

She didn't expect to hear a slight knock on the door as soon as she got to the door.

Yuki quickly opened her brother's door and saw Rin walking like a walking corpse. He walked forward vaguely, crossed the corridor, and went straight into her room.

Yuki stayed still for two seconds, reacted and returned to her room. Seeing that Rin was going to hit the wall again, she stretched out her hand and hugged him in a hurry.

Strangely, Rin, after being hugged, immediately became obediently motionless.

In the other world…

Qiuqiu was curious, "Master, what is the first stage and what is the second stage?"

Ling Wuyue said with a smile, "As soon as my brother gets drunk, he will start to sleepwalk and run around… However, if you hug and coax him, he will become very obedient. Damn… last time, I had a good chance to hug my brother. Before long, the chance was robbed by my mom."

"What about the second stage?"

Ling Wuyue's tone was even more unwilling, "In the second stage, well, I don't know. I just saw my brother being as gentle as a deer. My parents took him back to his room and didn't let me in. All I know is that, when my parents came out of the room, they were laughing in a very silly manner and then they cherished him more."

"Damn it! It must be because the second stage is more lovely! Unfortunately, he is strictly prohibited from drinking at home, so I can't find a chance!"

After that, she retook a big mouthful.

On Yuki's side, she found that Rin had become quiet, so she blushed and touched his head.

"Good, brother, go to bed."

Rin skillfully rubbed Yuki and showed the same expression as the silly elk Elise, which melted Yuki's heart instantly.

It seems that something is about to overflow.

Instead of releasing him directly, she held him for a while and suddenly heard a cry in her arms.


Yuki looked down and saw that Rin's eyes had recovered their color, but he was still very red.

Rin looked at Yuki with a silly look and rubbed against her again.

"Yuki is a good sister."

At this time, Rin's voice was not as disgusted and arrogant as usual, but very gentle.

Anyway, Yuki felt like there were hundreds of younger brothers running around in her heart at that time.

And Rin, who was obviously flushed, still didn't hesitate to continue talking.

"Yuki is so gentle."

Yuki's lips almost turned into a flowing shape. Her eyes widened, her face turned red, and she kept steaming up.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, she suddenly had a lot of courage and asked, "Really… Really? Don't you hate me very much?"

"Why would I hate you?" Rin asked back and then said, "Well, actually, I have something I particularly want to say to you."

"At first, I just sympathized with you and tried to reach out and pull you up. Later, I found that Yuki was gentle, strong and reliable."

"You treat your duties meticulously, protect the weak without asking for anything in return, you are tough and courageous, and never show weaknesses even if you're bearing great pain."

"You gave me so many thing to study, in fact, it was just your way of clumsily caring about me."

"And you take care of me secretly like a real sister. In fact, I saw you help me scold and teach a lesson to those guys who insult me behind my back and do bad things in my name…"

"I also heard the TA say that you insisted on assigning Elise and Emilia to my team under the pressure of the senior management in order to protect me."

"I found that Yuki is no longer the character I thought she was based on her description."

"So I often think, if Yuki was really my sister, it would be absolutely wonderful."