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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 50

2022-06-17 21:30:00Publish Time: 3,878 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 50: Drunken Butterfly, the First Stage

In the box, the atmosphere was pretty good.

Rin and Emilia were staring at the hot pot in the middle without blinking.

As a man without friends, Rin had not eaten hot pot for a long time since his mother and father went abroad. After all, his sister is a shut-in who never wants to go out.

Hot pot… If you eat it alone, won't you feel depressed?

As for ordering takeout?

Stop kidding! Is that still called hot pot?!

In short, it's really good to sit around with friends now.

So good that Rin forgot to pose as a villain.


Rin and Emilia reached out their chopsticks at the same time, quickly selected the target, and put it into their bowls happily.

Quickly eating a piece of fat beef roll, Rin was going to pick up another piece. The silly elk on one side was very considerate to help him clip another piece of fat beef roll.

Rin glanced at Elise and saw a sweet smile on her face. His heart moved.

Thinking about it, as he gets familiar with Elise, she always seems to be looking at him.

This is the feeling of being valued by friends!

Rin didn't know why he suddenly had such an idea in his mind, so he also picked up a piece of broccoli and stuffed it into Elise's bowl.

Seeing that the other girls' eyes were on him, Rin coughed and said in a disgusting tone, "Silly elk, this is reciprocity. Eat more broccoli, it's good for the brain!"

Elise was flushed by Rin's sudden initiative. She looked straight at the bowl and her ahoge hair shook left and right with joy.

Emilia saw this, and also gave Rin a piece of fat beef meat, and her lax eyes focused on Rin.

"… are you still a child?"

Rin twitched the corners of his mouth, but he didn't resist much.

At this time, Yuki looked at their interaction with envy and looked at the public chopsticks in her hand. She wanted to do it but didn't dare to do it.

While hesitating, Rin suddenly stood up, took a piece and put it into her bowl, then sat down and pretended to be calm, "Poor swordmaster, since we're having dinner together, you should eat well. Don't stay there in a daze. It's so stupid."



Elise and Emilia exclaimed, which made Rin wonder whether they were surprised or envious.

Rin's face turned a little red, probably because of the hot pot. He glared at them, "Don't make a sound! It was just… the host's etiquette!"

With that, he buried himself in eating, his cheeks bulging, and didn't dare to look up at all.

Yuki looked at him a little dazed, pursed her lips, still not saying anything. But the way she picked up the beef was as careful as if it were a treasure.

Obviously, for others, it was only an ordinary and insignificant thing, but in her eyes, it is an unreachable treatment reserved for real family members.

It seemed that Elise didn't want to embarrass Rin, she took the initiative to liven up the atmosphere. Yuki and Emilia were not good at talking, but they still worked hard to cooperate with Elise.

As they talked, the atmosphere became harmonious, and Rin finally recovered and chatted with them.

However, occasionally, there would be sadness on his eyebrows.

Rin was really worried. He had to face the things he deliberately avoided thinking about when he started to accept and face this friendship.


Rin was not the only one who felt troubled, Scarlet Leaf, the senior general of the former Demon King was also troubled.

At this time, she found an excuse, left the box, and leaned against the wall in the corridor. Her arms and legs were shaking, her face was full of irritability and impatience, and her previous lively and naive look was nowhere to be seen.

She came with an important mission from the Demon King.

According to the intelligence network, a secret association near the town had somehow obtained an extremely rare Magical Core of an ancient civilization and developed it. They urgently need this core to make an artificial body to revive someone.

As soon as she got here, she was about to attack them and snatch the core, when she got the news that a demon under the current Demon King had taken the core and disappeared before she arrived.

The Scarlet Leaf's most stressful mission now was to find that demon.

A demon in such a remote place is certainly not a powerful guy and she can easily defeat him. The problem is that she can't get away!

In her team, Rayne helps those civilians every day, which leaves her no opportunity to leave.

Sigh, that's why a good man is not too annoying, but… it's too troublesome.

Not to mention, for the demons, this behavior is not much different from wasting life.

If it weren't for her other task, which was to get close to Wick, the greatest alchemist of the century, through Rayne, she would have given up!

Pretending to be a good girl every day made her feel very uncomfortable. She wanted to find a place to take a "thin and long thing" and suck a few mouthfuls.

As she was still worried, a waiter pushing a cart happened to pass by and couldn't help looking at the beautiful girl.

Sha Ye immediately looked at the waiter very ferociously. Well, it was a different type of ferocity than Rin's.

"What are you looking at? Have you never seen a woman, scum?"

With that, Sha Ye saw a bottle of wine on the cart and couldn't help swallowing her saliva. She directly reached for it and threw a gold coin on the cart.

When the waiter saw the gold coin, he lost all his anger and went away immediately.

Sha Ye looked left and right. She was about to take a few mouthfuls when she suddenly saw Christo trotting in her direction. He had a red face, looking for the bathroom in a panic.

Sha Ye didn't want anyone to find out that she, a good girl, was actually drinking. She looked around and saw another waiter passing by. She quickly switched a bottle of beverage on the cart with the wine in her hand.

The waiter was just an ordinary person, unaware of her movements, he went to a private room, knocked on the door, and pushed the cart in.


Rin looked at the drink he ordered, picked it up, and opened the lid. The smell coming from the mouth of the bottle made him realize that something was wrong.

After looking at the label on the bottle, he found that it was tequila. He looked around guiltily and poured the wine into his glass.

He remembered someone saying that when you are worried, drinking could solve all your worries.

Ling Wuyue also mentioned that drinking could help her think more freely.

When he was a child, he was strictly controlled and never drank alcohol. On his birthday last year, his parents made an exception and gave him some… and then… he didn't remember what happened after that.

Anyway, he hadn't drunk since then.

Now… he thought that he needed to supress his worries with wine. And, in the process, think of a good way to solve the current situation.

Rin tried to take a drink. Although it was strong, it was acceptable, so he imitated the adults he had observed, pouring all the liquor into his mouth in one go.

Then, a burst of air rushed into his mind. Rin was dizzy for a moment and tried to shake his head. In the end, he didn't succeed. He banged his head and fell on the table.

"Hey? What happened to little Rin?"

The three girls sniffed and immediately caught the smell of wine hidden amongst the flagrance of hot pot.

When they hurriedly approached Rin and were about to investigate the situation, Rin suddenly opened his eyes, stood up like a zombie, and then turned and walked towards the door.

With a bang, his head bumped into the door, but he continued to move forward indomitably.

At this time, the evil god far away on Earth was also using wine to relieve her worries.

"Hey… by the way, my brother has drunk before and was super cute. Let me think, the first stage after drinking… the second stage…"