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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 40

2022-05-29 23:30:00Publish Time: 4,403 views
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Chapter 40: The Kuudere Hero Did It!

"Little Rin, great!"

Elise's ahoge hair spun around happily and then she started to crawl into the tent.


Emilia also let out a happy cat like cry and followed Elise into the tent.

The medium-sized tent had no problem accommodating three people, and it was even spacious after the three went in.

Rin didn't like sleeping bags very much, so he prepared a mattress in the tent with a floor area of about one by five meters wide in the middle.

Elise's ahoge hair shook and she thought she might have forgotten her sleeping bag too.

Although on second thought, she just bought a sleeping bag before departure, and she even showed off how lovely her pink sleeping bag was in front of little Rin...

Boohoo, had I known this would happen earlier, I wouldn't have bought it!

Elise pursed her lips and spread her sleeping bag unhappily. Suddenly she remembered something and looked at Emilia on the other side.

"Hero Emilia, you should have brought a tent right!"

"No." The Kuudere girl lied decisively.

The silly elk immediately puffed up her cheeks, "Emilia is so cunning! Little Rin is clearly my fiance!"

Unfortunately, the kuudere hero who lacked common sense didn't take this remark seriously.

She just tilted her head and looked at the silly elk with her blank eyes.

"The tsundere is my good friend."

Elise was angry and rubbed her sleeping bag like rolling noodles.

"But first of all, he's my fiance! At this time, even friends should keep a distance!"

Emilia was even more confused, "But Elise, you're also my... good friend!"


The silly elk immediately blushed and then twisted her hands, "Emilia is really, really too cunning! You actually say such words... Boohoo."

In this way, how can she exercise her fiancee's rights!

"Even so, I won't give up little Rin to you! Never!"

Boohoo, when I go back, I must talk to my elder sister about countermeasures.

Seeing Elise at a loss, a trace of bright light flashed through Emilia's dull eyes, and then she continued to make the bed without saying a word.

Rin brought out the cooking pot. In the wild, he didn’t need to pay too much attention towards the process of cooking. The food is already prepared and cooked and only requires to be reheated.

As soon as he was ready, the two girls came out. Emilia was as usual, but Elise was a little angry.

Rin found it funny and couldn't help poking Elise's face with his finger.

Elise's anger lasted less than a few seconds, and then she smiled foolishly, "Little Rin, don't poke my face!"

The three sat and ate together. After dinner, Rin walked around the tent and checked the small warning device arranged more than ten meters away.

When he came back, he sat down and asked, "It's not safe in the wilderness. We have to work shifts at night. Who's first?"

Elise raised her hand and said proudly, "No need! Let me show you something!"

Following her remark, she stood up and touched her spatial ring. With a flash of white light, a white knight in steel armor appeared in front of the three.

"This magic puppet was given to me by my sister for self-defense. It's magical formation has recorded my information and it can be used directly!"

Puppet Master is a rare class. It belongs to an advanced branch class of alchemists. Magic puppets is a product they can make. Fuelled by magic, it needs a cooldown time after consuming their energy.

Judging from its appearance, this puppet should not be of high rank, even so it's more than enough to protect them at night.

The three talked again. Mainly, it was Rin who was talking about tomorrow's plan, Elise was in charge of applauding and Emilia was in a daze.

After chatting, Rin asked the two girls to get some rest.

"Won't little Rin rest with us?" Elise was puzzled.

Rin suddenly gnashed his teeth and pulled out a heavy book.

"I need to do my homework!"

"Hey, hey?" Elise was stunned.

"Fool! I said it before! That stupid fake swordmaster has assigned a lot of homework to me! Damn, I have to do my homework at night!"

"But..." this time it was Emilia's turn to wonder, "Can't you just leave the homework aside?"

Rin scratched his head, "I’m not the same as you! I never skip classes and homework, okay?"

"Hey? It's not arranged by the school!" Elise raised her little hand.

"Even so, it's homework!"

Elise gave Rin a doting look and could not help but pat his head, "Good boy, little Rin is really good."

Rin was so ashamed that he bared his teeth, "Stop talking nonsense silly elk. Also, waste hero, get in quickly and don't disturb my studies!"

Finally, he drove the two fools away. With a bitter look on his face, Rin sat at the mouth of his tent, put the book on the small stool by the light of the portable magic lamp, prepared the infinite ink pen and notebook, and opened the first Adventure Guide.

He wondered which bastard wrote these books. One fifth of the back of each book was filled with various exercises. No wonder the writer didn't dare to use his real name.

While grinding his teeth, he studied, and soon it was late at night.

Rin yawned, took the book back, was satisfied with the progress of his studies today, and then went to wash his feet.

He didn't have strange skills like those two fools that could keep themselves clean all the time.

After taking off his coat and tie, Rin crept into the tent.

Looking around in the moonlight, Elise on the left was sleeping, and Emilia on the right was silent and wasn't moving. It seemed that she had fallen asleep too.

Carefully closing the tent, Rin got into the quilt and was ready to sleep. The two girls were at a considerable distance from his body and should not be disturbed.

However, a few minutes later the mattress moved, and then Rin looked gape-mouthed at Emilia, who kicked open her sleeping bag and rolled into his quilt.

Finally, her sky-blue eyes looked at Rin directly.

Feeling her breath on his face, Rin's face turned red in the dark. He shrank to the other side and scolded in a low voice.

"Waste Hero, you're too close!"

Emilia remained unmoved and approached again.

Rin panicked and stretched out his arm.

"I... idiot! You're too close! Men and women shouldn't get too close at night, don't you know? Even though we're friends... it's not allowed!"

Emilia still looked at him directly until his face turned red hot, she then whispered, "For the thing before. Thank you."

"Ha? You unscrupulous Hero, you know how to say thank you?"

Rin thought for a moment. What she said before should be about his action of driving the crowd away from her in the morning.

"Hmm, you think too much. I have made it very clear. I just wanted to take the tasks without any delays. Moreover, as long as you haven't paid back the money you owe me, you are my slave. I'm the only one who can order you around!"

Emilia ignored his nonsense, suddenly put her hand around him and moved her face close.

"Tsundere, hug me."

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