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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 3

2022-03-23 03:18:00Publish Time: 7,632 views
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Chapter 3: Ah, Lovely Girl, I Must Scold Her to Tears!

A second ago, she was a noble and elegant princess, and the next, she had her previous temperament swept away.

While falling over, the young girl looked at the corner of the knocked table that was heading to her face and subconsciously closed her eyes.

She thought to herself, "I'm finished."

It would hurt to be hit by the corner of the table like this, right?

But the next second, she felt someone catch her.

She quietly opened her eyes, seeing the sight of a boys' school uniform, mainly blue and white, with a faint pleasant smell.

When she looked upwards, she saw a strange and familiar silhouette.

Ah, it's Rin, my childhood friend.

At this time, Rin didn't feel comfortable at all, because this damn woman, who looked rather thin, was actually quite heavy.

'God! I'm just a weak magician!'

At that time, he subconsciously stood in front of Elise, and hit his waist on the side of the table.

He sucked in a breath of cold air and grimaced.

Elise did not pay attention to his demeanor, and was currently, happily thinking inside her heart. 

'This is like a destined meeting scene in a novel!' The girl's heart was bubbling with pink.

Then, she heard the other party's vicious voice.

"Hey! Elise, what are you doing? Are you a pig? Why are you so anxious? No one is giving fodder out! You can't just fall to the ground like that, you almost broke my waist!"

"Hey … hey hey?"

At this time, the girl just noticed that something was wrong, and quickly got up. Looking at Rin's pale face and his hands that were covering his waist, she knew that something was wrong.

Her fingers were suddenly interlaced and she was filled with the guilt of having made a mistake.

"Oooh, little Rin, I didn't mean to, does it hurt?"

Saying that, she moved to support Rin.

Rin slapped her hands away and bared his teeth at her with a fierce gaze.

Being stared at by him, Elise said sheepishly: "Eh, little Rin, your canine teeth have grown! There's no need to show it to me on purpose."

Rin almost couldn't hold his exasperation and nearly spat out.

'This girl, why do I feel like her brain circuit is not normal?'

'I'm obviously being mean to you! Mean to you!'

Canine teeth? If I didn't know my body well, I would be cheated by you.

Rin thought so, then unconsciously reached out his hands to touch his teeth, but quickly withdrew his hands.

Because he found that the girl in front of him was…

Too cute.

Although there was a text introduction in the book, when he looked into her eyes, there was a different feeling.

Her pink hair contrasted with her skin, and she always had a hint of a blush on her face, giving Rin a pleasant feeling.

And the ahoge hair on her head is also very cute.

Her lake-colored eyes were clear and doe-shaped, exuding excessive goodwill. That gentle and kind temperament was akin to that of a little angel instead of a human.

Yes, it is the feeling of an angel.

And an angel whose beauty is no less than that kuudere Hero girl!

How strange.

Rin couldn’t help but incline his head. Is this the third heroine who he expressed his dislike of to his sister?

Yes, when he read the book, he did not like Elise.

Because she conveys kindness no matter how good or bad others are. Even to a big villain like Gur Fenix, she indulged him in the name of tenderness.

If not for this, she wouldn't have been hurt by her fiancé.

Such a female character is usually very unattractive because she will be labeled as a "pearl clutcher".

Yet standing in front of her, enveloped by her angel-like aura, Rin felt as if his heart was purified.

Facing her extremely pure appearance, it would be difficult to have any evil thoughts about her.

Unfortunately, he is destined to be a villain.

While Rin was secretly looking at Elise, he didn't realize that Elise was also seriously looking at him.

Honestly, except for the fact that his appearance was somewhat similar to Rin's as a child, this Rin gave her a different feeling.

It was like a different person.

Elise didn't think much of it. After all, it was normal for people to change after being estranged and not seeing each other for a long time.

The impression she had of Rin was only that he was her childhood friend and fiancé.

Because he was her fiancé, she wanted to have a better relationship with him when she saw him.

Even after hearing about the bad rumors about him, she still wanted to confirm it in person.

Now she had confirmed that Rin was not a bad person.

As a Holy Healer, Elise has a talent called Holiness, which can detect the good and evil in others, and can continuously purify other people's evil thoughts when they are near her.

In the novel, it is her "Holiness" talent that rejected Gur and caused her to stay away from him.

At this moment, Elise was sure that Rin was not an evil person.

"Hey, why are you staring at me!"

Rin felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by her and yelled, like a sheep in a lion's skin.

"Get out of the way! I want to sit down! I’m really not sure your brain is okay, why are you so dumb?"

Rin muttered, then glanced at Elise's "cumbersome" peaks, "Well, I probably know why your brain isn't well nourished and why you are so heavy even though you are so thin."

The innocent Elise didn't understand, but she knew she was being a hindrance, and hurriedly moved out of the way, then followed Rin and sat down.

Rin grimaced and gently rubbed the back of his waist.

"That … I'll take a look."

Elise directly reached out and lifted his shirt, staring at the bruise on his back, causing her heart to bleed with guilt.

"Whoa! What are you doing?! Are you crazy?!"

In public, being stripped of his clothes, Rin felt his self-respect was about to be disgraced, and he hastily pulled down the hem of his shirt in a hurried manner.

"I … I want to give little Rin treatment."

Elise's eyes misted up like a bullied kitten.

Reaching out to Rin's injured area, she silently recited the incantation, and a soft glow appeared in her palm and seeped inward to Rin's injury.

The warm and comforting sensation made Rin shiver.

In a short while, the area recovered as before.

It was light magic.

Rin muttered in his heart, then pulled his clothes down and brought his face up.

"Okay, don't touch me, stupidity is contagious."

"Oooh, got it."

Elise bit her lower lip in aggravation, and felt a little upset.

It wasn't because she was reprimanded by Rin, but that she was sad because she felt she was always clumsy and gave others trouble.

"Ding, congratulations! My dear master, you have excellent acting skills, making the third heroine feel upset."

"Unlock the villain achievement: Deflower (small)."

"Get a dodge chance bonus of twenty percent."

Rin breathed a long sigh of relief, knowing that the scene was finally over, and for some time, there wouldn't be any other scenes.

However… to reprimand such a kind and simple girl…

Rin felt his conscience aching.

Subconsciously, he wanted to make it up for her being wronged.

"Ding, warning! My dear master, do not act against your public persona, or you will be punished."

What the hell!

Rin was instantly pissed off.

After thinking about it, he took out a cupcake from his spatial ring and put it in Elise's hands.

Then, he spoke in a mocking and taunting tone.

"Seeing how stupid you are, I can't help but want to give it to you to replenish your brain power. Consider it as a handout from your fiance, hahaha."

After that, he nervously waited for the system's warning.

Fortunately, the system didn't warn him this time.

In other words, as long as he acted like a villain, even giving something to the other party, was not considered a violation.

Instead, Elise looked foolishly at the cupcake in her hand, and then at Rin who looked tense all this time.

Then, her eyes grew softer and softer, and finally curved into a crescent moon like shape.

It was her favorite strawberry yogurt cake!

How did little Rin know that? She didn't like it when she was a kid.

Hehehe, he must have secretly inquired about my preferences from others.

Oh, how cute little Rin is. Obviously, he wanted to give me a gift, but had to pretend to be a tsundere.

Don't think I didn't see what you did before. You obviously tried to break my fall by standing in front of me. Why did you pretend to be fierce after doing that?

Hmph, tsundere.