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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 2

2022-03-22 03:21:00Publish Time: 8,548 views
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Chapter 2: The Kuudere Hero Has Seen Through Everything!

"Wait a minute!"

Sure enough, as Rin had expected, a male voice came from the doorway.

A black-haired, somewhat handsome teenager walked in.

"First come, first served. Since this lady chose it first, why did you take it away?"

He was Rayne, the protagonist of this novel, an otaku who was reincarnated into this world, and born into a small noble family.

According to the novel, his class was Alchemist, a very popular class. However, as the protagonist, he has a protagonist's talent.

100% synthesis success rate. No matter what he was synthesizing, he would always succeed.

That is to say, even with two piles of Slime ooze, he could get gold. Rayne could even craft without existing formulas and recipes. 

Using this feature, he can synthesize various types of items, and after closer examination, he even synthesized various weapons from Earth.

In addition, he has a hidden second class, Magic Card Master, a very rare sub-class.

After that, he became unbeatable.

After his reincarnation, Rayne's personality had also changed.

He was no longer an otaku now. In people's eyes, he was a very gentle and confident boy.

In addition to being "gentle" and "confident", he also has other traits a light novel protagonist should have, such as "eloquence" and "being dense". Of course, he also possesses another requirement to have a big harem — "selflessness".

The reason why Rin didn't like Rayne was simple— he was too ordinary. These days, no one would remember such a common light novel protagonist.

If there were ten light novels, nine of them would have the same type of protagonist.

Well, it's still not the time for the drama to end.

Rin raised his eyebrows, folded his arms, and hummed coldly, "I paid for it, so I'm first. What's wrong with that?"

Rayne frowned, "Why are you being so unreasonable?"

"That’s none of your business."

With a contemptuous gaze that seemed to be looking down on the protagonist as trash, Rin scanned Rayne's body up and down, moving his eyes to the small badge on Rayne's chest.

"You're just a baron's son, how dare you say that to me? Move."

This was their first meeting and they only had a small quarrel. The conflict would not be too serious.

Rin felt that this would be about enough. Anyway, after he left, Rayne would give Emilia a magic card, and then leave a trace of affection in her heart.

However, he remembered what the system said, the more in tune he was as a villain, the greater the reward would be.

He couldn't help but get venomous.

"That foolish girl, to tell you the truth, this thing tops out at 500 silver coins, and she didn't even haggle for it?"

"Did the goddess of creation only remember to give her a pretty face but forgot to give her even a bit of intelligence?"

"I guess the heavens are fair."

Uttering the impolite words, Rin lowered his head and walked out.

He thought that he was acting quite well, but did not know that behind him, Emilia had opened her "Observation Eye".

Observation Eye was one of the Hero's talents. By using it, she could quickly see through a person's attributes and personality traits.

"Rin Fenix."

"Age: 15 years old."

"Class: Fire Mage."

"Level: 10."

"Talent: Phoenix (unawakened): improves fire element affinity, increases comprehension speed of fire elemental magic, immunity to level 1-10 fire damage, damage reduction of 50% to level 11-15 fire magic, and damage reduction of 25% to level 16-20 fire magic."

"Skills: Low-level Fireball, Great Fireball…, Middle-level Flame Aura, Fire Crow…"

"Traits: Tsundere, Poisonous Tongue, Black-Bellied, Kind-hearted, Optimistic."

"Well, I am sorry, I couldn't help you."

Rayne's voice sounded beside Emilia's ear.

Emilia retracted her Observation Eye.

This was the first time she had seen a person’s personality traits be so complex.

Very interesting.

The people she had seen before usually had only one personality trait such as "brave", "kind", "gentle", or "evil".

This person actually has so many personality traits!

And he put on a scum-like look on his face, but actually, he turned out to be a kind person?

She trusted her "Observation Eye". This talent has helped her through numerous disasters and has never been wrong.

Just like that treacherous businessman, she had also observed him with her Observation Eye.

It was just that she's not good at bargaining and doesn't care about money.

It should be that the boy didn't want to see her being scammed, so he deliberately purchased it before she bought it.

And he didn't want his kindness to be found out and pretended to be a villain. A person with the "tsundere" attribute can be so twisted.

But, it was quite amusing to look at him acting as a bad man.

Emilia slightly narrowed her eyes, standing in place with a dazed expression not noticing others around her.

Rayne scratched his head in embarrassment. He took out a magic card to give her, but she kept ignoring him, so he had to stuff it back into his pocket.

'Are kuudere girls all like this?'

'It feels so difficult to deal with her!'

'She ignored me. If I still gave her the magic card, that would be too weird, right? She should also be a student, so we still have opportunities to meet in the future. Oh, I don't want to leave a bad impression in her mind.'

As soon as Rin got into the carriage, the first episode was over.

At this time, the not-so-friendly system's voice also sounded.

"Ding, congratulations, congratulations. My dear master has successfully completed the first plot!"

"Unlock the villain achievement, Tricky to Take (small)."

"Your reward is one hundred copies of the obtained magic card."


Suddenly, many cards appeared in his hands.

Rin looked at the cards and found that they were all mid-level magic card "Fire Fang", and didn't know what to do with them.

Well, it would still be very impressive if I used this pile of cards on the enemy.

For now, it was time to enter the Royal Academy of Higher Magic to wait for the opening ceremony.

Ding! System Reminder "You're going to meet the third heroine, Elise. There is no detailed plot in the novel, it was just a simple sentence that mentioned it."

"Elise will be in a bad mood. She will meet her fiancé and be severely taunted by him."

"My dear master, please try to play along and improve this plot."

When Rin thought about it, he felt quite sorry for Elise.

Her childhood friend, whom she hadn't seen for two years, would be taunting her.

Why did she have to endure such a cruel fate?

Forgive me girl, I have no choice.

With such a mindset, Rin entered the Royal Academy.

The Royal Academy has a full boarding system and does not allow servants to accompany the students, so when he arrived at the gate, all the servants were dismissed.

The registration and a series of other matters were already completed yesterday.

Now, all he has to do is go to the auditorium and wait for the opening ceremony that will be held an hour later.

Rin looked at the map marked on the roadside, proudly tilting his head 25 degrees, and set off towards the auditorium.

The auditorium was in chaos, with many students already sitting and chatting. When they saw Rin enter, some of those who knew him showed obvious signs of fear,

There were also those who carried contempt for him, but none dared to show it directly.

There were also a few flattering glances.

And then two boys came to Rin's heels, one after the other.

"Lord Rin, I'm from Viscount XX's family…"

Well, as a villain, even if he was indifferent to everyone, he still needed some henchmen occasionally.

Rin gave them two minutes to flatter him before waving his hand in reprimand.

A young girl with short pink hair was sitting in the middle row reading a book.

The dignified and elegant aura attracted Rin's eyes at the first glance.

Then, he remembered that the two Gioral sisters have the same pink hair

"Ding! My dear master, please start your performance."

Rin thought about it and walked over towards the girl.

Just as he reached the long table, the young girl turned her head and saw him. She thought for a second and then stood up to greet him.

She appeared dignified and elegant, but as she stood up, she tripped over the table leg and fell.