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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 27

2022-05-04 22:50:00Publish Time: 5,190 views
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Chapter 27: I'm Really Sorry for Being Mediocre

"Hey! Silly elk! I said we're not buying food right now, stop running to the cake store!"

"And you, waste of a Hero, don't go into the deli either!"

Rin's left hand was pulling Elise's ahoge hair, while his right hand was leading to the back of the waste Hero's collar.

These two guys said they'd go buy equipment and magic cards, but once they saw food, they couldn't walk away. What's wrong with them?

"Little Rin, little Rin, there may not be any strawberry yogurt cake in the remote towns, we should buy some here!"


Despite being caught in Rin's hands, Elise and Emilia stubbornly persevered. 

"Both of you, don't waste my patience!"

Rin burst out in a loud voice, "Am I a caretaker for you two?!"

Without regard for the odd stares of the people around, Rin was about to carry the two idiots away, one in his left hand and one in his right hand.

"Oooh, little Rin!"


The two girls looked teary-eyed and pitiful at him, trying to play cute with a soft voice. Rin suddenly felt helpless.

He released the hand that grabbed Elise's ahoge hair and placed his hand on his forehead, "I must have been a king of scum who did a lot of evil and destroyed the world in my last life, and in this life, I'm being punished by having to form a team with you guys."

"Little Rin, little Rin, Let's go together, go together, go together!"

Rin, who was being pushed towards the cake store on the left, still had Emilia's back collar in his hand and said grumpily, "Hurry up! Don't buy too much! Don't you move around!"

When he came out of the cake store, Rin felt that his head was splitting open.

This stupid elk had actually prepared and booked a lot of cakes in advance. Rin really doubted if the cakes she ordered weren't enough for them to eat for an entire month.

Now it was time to take Emilia to the deli.

Space magic storage technology is particularly amazing, it's not insulated but can let food remain fresh inside the magical space.

Rin just wanted to tell Emilia not to buy too much food, but she threw all the food to Rin directly, with a very concise reason.

Her tool bar was full. She couldn't take any more with her.

Anyway, Rin's blood pressure spiked instantly after hearing her reasoning, and he immediately dragged her out.

"You can find meat anywhere, you unscrupulous Hero, don't try to take up my spatial ring's space!"

Finally, Rin managed to quiet the two down. He suddenly felt that this adventure was destined for disaster.

After that, they went to the equipment store. They could buy ready-to-wear equipment or order custom equipment to pick up later.

It was too late to order custom equipment, so they could only buy ready-made armour, and the equipment store also had ready-made armour suited for High-ranked Nobles.

Emilia didn't care much about it. She just chose a very simple and light outer armor, while Elise and Rin spent half a day making their selection.

Finally, Rin chose a mage robe that looked like it was from Hogwarts.

Elise, on the other hand, opted for a white dress, a blue bustier-style cape, and a pair of lightweight boots.

With Elise's short hair, she did look very cute after putting the clothes on.

This way, they don't need to worry about equipment. These clothes are superior goods and were enchanted with cleaning spells, so they wouldn't get dirty. Plus Elise was also capable of using cleaning magic, so they only needed to prepare some school training uniforms as a backup.

After that, they went to the apothecary store and bought some daily necessities, and their final destination was the magic card store.

Unlike the store where Rin first met Emilia, he chose a well established Magic Card store that had been operating for a decade by this time.

Entering with two girls, Rin looked around at the ancient decorations, emitting a faint fragrance of wood, and the old antiques looked very authentic.

Together with the elegant classical music played by the gramophone, it was clear that the owner was a very tasteful person.

Once Elise and Emilia entered, they went to the wooden shelf and checked out the magic cards with detailed instructions underneath.

Rin hung out in the middle of the store, where the high-class goods were located. A woman wearing glasses, who seemed to be a witch, came up to him and whispered, "My master invites you to the back room."

As the villain, Rin understood that the person who sought him out was probably not a good person either.

So he rolled up his eyes with a disgusted expression, "Who is your master? Humph, not any random cat or dog can see me!"

The corners of the witch's mouth twitched, forcibly holding back her desire to smack him in the head with her staff. She took a deep breath and said, "My master also said that if you refuse to come, she will tell everyone what happened that day in the grove…"

Rin's heart suddenly thumped faster and he quickly said, "Sh-shut up! I know, lead the way for your young master!"

At the same time, he cast a nervous glance at Elise and Emilia in the distance. He didn't know why he should be nervous anyway, these two troublemakers didn't notice.

The witch coughed lightly and turned to lead Rin inside, then looked curiously at him.

She came up to Rin with the usual gesture that a gossipy lady would use, putting her hand to her mouth. Rin almost expected her to say something like, "Mrs. Nohara, have you heard?" and so on.

"May I inquire quietly what happened in the grove …?"

Rin then realized that her face, hidden under the witch's hat and glasses, looked not too old and could even be called a beautiful girl.

But no one could know how old a witch is, Young girl? Impossible!

Rin bared his teeth, "Don't ask if you still want to live!"

The witch shook. Reluctantly, she gave up asking and finally took Rin out through the back door to a house on the side of the alley.

She knocked on the door and said respectfully, "Master, the guest has arrived."

"Well, let the guest in, and you can leave now."

The voice sounded so familiar. Although Rin was prepared for it, he still felt a little bit of fear.

He couldn't help it. No matter who met such a ruthless, deep-rooted, dirty-hearted woman, they would be panicked, right?

When the witch turned away, Rin took a deep breath, then pushed open the door and walked in with a big swing.

The room still maintained the old features. The alley sunlight was difficult to take in, and the dim candlelight swayed in the narrow room.

Both sides of the room were set up with bookshelves, and Suyu lazily lay on a wide chair. Unconcerned, her long slender black silk legs crossed on the table, and her shirt unraveled the clothes inside. 

What was special was that at this time, she was wearing a pair of red glasses, giving a very intellectual sense of a literary girl, damn charming.

[Hey, she is worthy of being the Demon King, even if the size of her breasts is at most A, this charm is also amazing, by the way & …%¥]

Rin wondered if the Demon King's character was coming from his sister, Ling Wuyue's narcissism. After all, her body size was simply amazingly similar to Ling Wuyue's.

It's a shame that this heart feeling was blocked and the Demon King couldn't hear it.


But Suyu still ground her teeth in anger because of the first half of the sentence.

I'm really sorry for being "A-sized"! Even so, I'm still the most beautiful woman in the world!