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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 26

2022-05-02 22:40:00Publish Time: 5,118 views
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Chapter 26: Rin Catches the Future

Yuki paused, her tone was still stern, "My brother needs someone who can completely subdue him to restrain him, so I want them to team up."

Lilly was a bit bemused, "But Rayne's team…"

"Oh, give him a Shield Warrior, and this Wind Archer, and assign a wizard for his team, and that'll do it."


"That's it, if anyone is dissatisfied, I will explain myself, and don't forget, I, Yuki Fenix, am their actual teacher!"

An aura of extreme cold was rampant in the office, even the paper of the documents aside began to shake.

Lily was oppressed by Yuki's strong and unquestionable majesty, so she could only nod weakly, thinking that the relationship between the Fenix siblings was not as bad as the rumors.

At least, the Sword Master wanted to give her brother as much protection as she could.

But it's good. With Her Highness Elise and Lord Emilia, that bastard villain should be able to be more law-abiding.

Oooh, the Sword Master's killing intent is too strong, I'm freezing! So scary!

Yuki took the altered list and walked out of the room, looking at the names on it, her ice-like cold look dispersed and showed some satisfaction on her face.

My brother must stay safe. Let the Hero rush in front, and Elise provide treatment, so that he won't get hurt at all.

After being a teacher for a few days, she often heard bad things about Rin in school.

Yuki firmly believed that her angel-like brother was certainly not a villain. But why did he do these things to defile his reputation? Maybe … he just wants to make her feel better in the Fenix family.

After all, if the sister is talented and reputable and the brother is rude and abrasive, then the sister will naturally get more positive attention.

But brother, you don't know that I'm already a blood-soaked tool. I stopped having a future long ago.

I will carve a brighter future for you.

Yuki, who had long abandoned herself, would magnify the slightest glimmer of light she saw in her heart.

So, when Rin saw who his teammates were, he was extremely confused.

This isn’t right, aren’t Emilia and Elise Rayne's teammates!?

What happened in the middle? Why have they become my teammates now?

Elise is fine, but Emilia, I still remember what you did last night!

I am very vindictive, okay?

So he raised his paw and showed his teeth at Yuki, "My foolish … Teacher Yuki, I don't think this team makes sense! Why would I have to team up with this Hero?"

The people around him looked at them as if they were looking at a fool.

Who is Yuki? As a teacher who had just come to this academy for a few days, she was already known as an "iceberg", super difficult to deal with. No one dared to stare at her for more than three seconds.

Even if she is your sister, you're a villain! Do you think that the upright Sword Master would tolerate you?

How dare you yell at her?

Yuki said in a cold voice, "What do you think is wrong?"

"There is a big problem! This Hero has a bad moral character, doesn't attend classes properly, harasses her classmates, and disrupts official business …"

"That's enough."

Before Rin could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Yuki.

In her stern gaze, there was a hint of helpless doting. She knew that her lovely brother was talking nonsense again.

"If you don't like it, you can challenge me. If you win, you can team up with anyone you want."

Rin gave a resentful bawl, "If I could beat you, I would have done it! Hmph! Fine! l'll just deal with it then!

"Fenix, you're shameless, you're the one who has bad moral character, how dare you slander the Hero!"

The one who interjected was Rayne, who originally learned from Mr. Wicker that his teammates would be Emilia and Elise. He was so excited that he had stayed up all night.

Even his swollen face was not so painful anymore.

In his opinion, the beautiful Hero and Princess should be friends with a gentle and kind good man like him. That kind of evil young man is not worthy of their favor.

Well, just like in the previous years of his life, cute girls are close to him.

But today's group list came like a lightning bolt out of the blue.

Rin glanced at him and said grimly, "Your face is healing quite quickly, miscellaneous alchemist, it seems that you are looking for trouble again, aren't you?"

Rayne ignored him and instead looked sincerely at Elise and Emilia and said gently, "Lord Emilia, and Your Highness, don't feel disappointed. I believe that if you raise an objection, the academy will make reasonable arrangements."

"Thanks, but I want to team up with little Rin myself." Elise still smiled kind and lovely.

"Agreed." Emilia nodded expressionlessly.

Rayne stepped forward incredulously, "But …"

"That's enough."

A sword aura suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking Rayne and Rin.

The sword aura only appeared for a moment, but the crowd clearly felt the training ground was penetrated by a scalp-tingling cold air.

A several-meter-long deep gully appeared on the ground, and a bone-chilling feeling remained. 

Rayne looked at a few of his hair floating down, and a gully just ten centimeters from his toes, gulped, and finally a little fear appeared in his eyes.

But what is hidden in his heart is the inexplicable palpitations that gradually emerge inside.

The young girl's stunningly beautiful look and inviolable temperament made his heart pound fast.

"It's my decision, I don't want to hear any more words. Get ready today and we'll leave early tomorrow morning."

Yuki returned the cold, shiny blade to its sheath in a very heroic movement.

Rin skimmed his lips and deliberately reached out and gave Emilia a hard knock on the head.

"What are you still standing there for? Let's go!"

Only when she is not paying attention can I take revenge!

Emilia covered her head three seconds later. She didn't care, turned around, and followed Rin. Elise also trotted to catch up with them, and the three of them left first.

Yuki let out a long, quiet breath.

My brother is only fifteen years old, soft and naive, I don't know if he was scared by my sword just now.

"Little Rin, the Hero is the hope of the world. Please grasp this future I prepared for you well."

On the other side, Elise happily asked, "Little Rin, little Rin, what are we going to do next?"

Rin stroked his chin, "I have heard before, general apprenticeship adventures are carried out in remote towns. We don't need to worry about food and drink, but these towns definitely don't have high-ranked magic cards and daily necessities. We should prepare some in advance."

Saying that, he clapped his hands, "Right, for the equipment, the waste Hero should wear light armor, and Elise and I should wear magical robes."

Elise's eyes brightened up, "Little Rin is so smart! Then let's…"

As she said, she reached out to take Rin's arm, but a breeze drifted by, and expressionless Emilia suddenly appeared between the two, without looking away.

"Let's go." She said flatly.

Elise puffed up her cheeks, looked at Emilia, and was about to go around to the other side when she saw that Rin had already gone ahead.

"Could you two idiots hurry up! If you delay any longer, I'll leave you behind!"