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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 28

2022-05-07 10:15:00Publish Time: 5,030 views
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Chapter 28: Love Token

"Junior, how come you don't look happy at all when you see me?"

Suyu's legs crossed, propping her chin up and looking at Rin.

Rin said with a leathery smile on his face, "I'm not as forgetful as you are, didn't we make a deal last time?"

[This demon king, she should have concluded that I already suspect her, but she doesn't know that I already know she is the demon king, and is now still testing me.]

[So I don't need to panic now, just act like a brainless villain! Don't panic!]

[Ooo, but I'm so afraid of being entrapped by her!]

Suyu's eyes were once again filled with mischief. She took off her glasses, turning back into a timid, introverted, and weak look.

"Junior, last time I didn't mean to do it, you aren't so narrow-minded, right? Obviously you did that kind of things to me."

"Less nonsense, don't pretend. Although I don't know what you want to do by pretending to be this type, I do feel physically and mentally uncomfortable. Say, what do you want me to do?"

Suyu shook her head. The little guy was obviously scared to death, but he still tried hard to look like an evil villain.

"Hey, well, who let me be in that kind of relationship with you."

"Bullshit! Damn liar! I have zero relationship with you!"

Unfazed, Suyu stood up, stepped to his side, and ran her fingers over Rin's shoulder.

Rin instinctively shivered slightly and frowned, "Just say what you want, stop touching me!"

From the last time, he had found this demon king often took liberties with him.

Strangely enough, the demon king was not such a frivolous woman in the novel.

From the beginning to the end, she was just using the protagonist, very bitchy.

It's strange that she would take advantage of her pretty look.

Of course, he didn't know that the demon king just regarded him as a replacement for her pet hamster.

Suyu also didn't read anything from this big mess, anyway, as long as she could not understand his inner voice, she would regard it as a sneer to her.

Coming to Rin's ear, Suyu whispered and asked, "The important thing is … do you want to work for me?"

The demon king came up with a direct proposal.

[I didn't expect she has changed, she even wants to recruit me. No, absolutely not, or everything will be messed up, I haven't …]

Thinking of this, Rin immediately cut off the thought and said with a contemptuous look, "Are you dreaming? Me?! The future Grand Duke of Fenix, am going to work for you as a worker in your store?"

"Don't act like that. You know that isn't what I meant."

Suyu recalled the members of the Fenix family, putting her hands on his shoulders, and said with a smile, "I'm not in a hurry, you can take your time to consider, but I must remind you of the mistake in the previous statement, that is, you are not fated to be the Grand Duke Fenix. Your sister is a rare Sword Master, she is more qualified than you."

After saying that, she picked up the glass of water aside to moisten her mouth.

[Yuki, she, no, 3.1415926…^]


The Demon King didn't hold back the mouthful of water and sprayed it out.

What's going on? Why are you suddenly recalling the digits of pi in your heart? What's wrong with your head?

Rin succeeded in stopping his thoughts about Yuki, looked at Suyu, who almost choked with contempt, and put his hand into his pocket with an arrogant look.

"Stupid woman, when I dig up my sister's secret, she will naturally lose her qualification. Alright, is that all you want to tell me?"

Having said that, Rin naturally digressed from the topic, and indeed there was no sound of the system in his ears.

Well, there may be a pattern to the appearance of the system, he just hasn't found it yet.

Rin waved his hand, "If you don't have other things to bother me with, I will leave first."

"Wait a minute."

Suyu suddenly slid her hand onto his fingers and caught his hand with the spatial ring. Her purple mana penetrated deep into it and found what she wanted a few moments later.

A pitch-black card appeared among her fingers.

With her current understanding of Rin, the card should have been inadvertently taken into his spatial ring when he was unaware of it.

[What the hell is this? Why is it in my spatial ring? Damn, is this woman trying to frame me?]

Suyu resisted the urge to pull his ears, waved her hand in front of him, and put the card into the spatial ring again.

"Although you took my things, I also received the music card from you. Just regard it as an exchange of love tokens. You can leave now, and remember to consider my proposal. I am very strong, and if you work for me, I can give you anything you want. Hmm?"

Rin naturally wouldn't accept her proposal. He was worried that there was some kind of sinister scheme behind it.

So without saying a word, he took out the black magic card again and was about to throw it on the table.

"I may not feel at ease if you don't take it, and if I accidentally do something to you, you will forgive me, right?"

Rin's hand shook, but finally, he ground his teeth and took the magic card back.

But, it can't just be left like that!

"Although I am just playing with you, for the sake of your begging, I will take it reluctantly."

As soon as he said that, he ran out like a mad rabbit, closing the door behind him.

[Haha, it's so exciting to provoke the demon king! I finally got my revenge from last time!]

Listening to the joyful voice getting lower and lower, Suyu returned to her chair, took a sip of water, and shook the glass.

Staring at the rippling waves, she propped up her chin and her purple eyes looked into the empty air with a little more depth.

It seems that I spoil him too much.

It doesn't matter, it's normal for pets to be naughty.

Just …

The demon king thought about it, linked the situation to his intermittently shielded inner thoughts, and vaguely felt that Rin's performance was a little deliberate.

Well, that made her more curious instead.

At this time, Elise was looking around for Rin, Emilia was also standing in the doorway dumbly like a wood.

Seeing Rin come out from the back, Elise pouted and said, "Little Rin! Where did you run off to all of a sudden? How can you leave a girl behind?"

"Can't I just go to the back and get some fresh air? I can't breathe by you two's silly aura!"

Rin knocked her on the head, then pushed Emilia, who was sniffing around his body, away.

"Okay, have you picked out the goods you want to buy?"

"I've chosen!"

Elise gleefully waved the cards in her hand at Rin, and her ahoge hair swayed from side to side.

"What about you, waste Hero?"

Emilia shook her head, but said nothing.

Rin rubbed his chin and recalled the money in her kitty wallet. He roughly judged that this waste Hero had been drained after buying equipment and such before.

So a plan came to his mind.

Rin waved his hand with an expansive look, "Go ahead, waste Hero! I will use my money to pay for you!"