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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 5

2023-01-29 08:13:59Publish Time: 676 views
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Chapter 5: Go Suck Yourself

At the moment the Fifth Chamberlain finished his words, a faint voice traveled through the air and a young man appeared in front of Wan Er, cold air surrounded him.

The young man’s cold expression could not hide his sharp facial features. Under his sword-shaped eyebrows, his black eyes looked misty, but also showed an indescribable sense of sharpness. He had an air of maturity unlike his age, but it did not make him seem like an old man. Ferocity within a cool-headed mind, it was a presence that was hard to explain.

This presence was a bit prideful, and a bit demonic. It seemed to come from within his bones as if it brought with them a tint of arrogance. If one had just glanced at him, there seemed to be no pressure coming from him, but if you looked a little longer, you would find out that involuntarily you would start trembling where you stood.

The one who came out was Su Yi. He had just tidied up himself when he heard the noises outside. With his sharp intuition, he already had an idea of what was happening.

“Young- Young Master Su Yi!”

A few servants who saw the young man, who seemed to appear from out of nowhere, started shivering.

Even if the Young Master had not been around for 3 years and came back pathetically, but in the past, no one dared to provoke or offend him. All those who saw him would keep their distance out of fear. It may have been 3 years, but the trauma still lingered.

And now the servants were watching the young man in front of them closely. Was this really the pathetic good-for-nothing Young Master in the rumors? Donning a blue robe, black engravings on his sleeves with not a speck of dirt on his clothes. His hair swayed ever so slightly in the wind. He stood perfectly upright and proud, unlike his skinny-looking figure. He was just like a sharp blade, hidden within an unimaginable toughness and strength.

This kind of youth, no matter how the servants thought, they could not make him out to be the trash in the rumors.

Looking at the Su Yi now, Wan Er was also slightly dazed. She had a feeling that something in the Young Master was different than three years ago.

“Young Master Su Yi, the Fifth Chamberlain and the rest-"

But immediately, Wan Er started becoming tense. She knew that this person was a not an easy foe. She had heard that he was almost becoming a true cultivator.

Furthermore, she had also heard that the Fifth Chamberlain had a backer. With the Young Master’s current position in the Su Family, he would not be able to gain any favors from others. Wan Er started worrying in her heart.

“No need to worry. Come tell me, for the past few years, did this dog of a slave bully you?”

Seeing Wan Er’s once soft hands, now thick and hardened, the expensive goods in his courtyard had also vanished without a trace, Su Yi could easily imagine what kind of life Wan Er had lived over the past three years.

“Young Master Su Yi, I am fine, but the goods in the courtyard have all been taken away by the Fifth Chamberlain and his followers. Wan Er is so useless. Wan Er could not protect Young Master Su Yi’s items.” Wan Er whispered, her face full of self-blame.

“For these three years, has your salary also been deducted quite a bit by this dog?”

The physical objects in the courtyard, Su Yi did not care even a bit about them. He thought about how he had always treated Wan Er as his younger sister. She had also lived a good life with good clothes, and good food. How could the lifestyle of the other maids and servants ever compare to her lifestyle?

But looking at the Wan Er now, all she wore were shabby clothes. The Su Family had always paid their servants well. The numerous benefits they got were the few of the best in the city. Su Yi knew that there was definitely someone who had purposely deducted Wan Er’s salary, and the Fifth Chamberlain was in charge of her salary.

“Salary, I-"

Wan Er started talking but then stopped. Looking at Su Yi’s gaze as if she had seen a source of might, she gathered her courage and said, “The Fifth Chamberlain had said that since I was not registered as a servant, I have no salary. If I do not follow him, then he would chase me out of the house.”

Su Yi’s eyes started becoming scary. He originally thought that Wan Er only had most of her salary deducted, never had he imagined that these dogs would be so brave to actually not even give her a single cent, and had even plotted to obtain Wan Er.

It had been three years while not a single cent had been given to her and she had also been bullied by numerous people. Su Yi could not think how this delicate little girl in front of him survived these three years.

Thinking until here, Su Yi’s heart was shattered.

Su Yi had never treated Wan Er as his own personal maid. In his heart, Wan Er had always been his younger sister.

And for the past three years, Wan Er was actually bullied to such an extent!

“You dog of a slave!”

Su Yi turned and stared at the Fifth Chamberlain. His eyes were now full of darkness, like staring into two abysses. His entire body exuded this kind of cold and sharp presence.

This presence sent a shiver down the Fifth Chamberlain’s spine, turning his body cold.

But soon afterward, the Fifth Chamberlain clenched his teeth and his face fell.

All these years, he had a huge backing and as the Fifth Chamberlain, some people of the Su Family will even greet him when they met him. When had he ever been insulted like this? Scolded by someone as if he was a dog.

The Su Yi in front of him was the Young Master. That was correct, but the present was nowhere like the past.

“Su Yi, don’t you be too arrogant. I have come today to notify you that the family may want to take back this yard, you-"

Slap! Slap!

The Fifth Chamberlain had not even finished his words when a crisp clear sound of a slap came from his cheeks. A red swollen print of a palm was stamped on half of his face. There was some blood in his mouth and he spat a few teeth out.

The servants present there were shocked. They could not even see clearly what had just happened.

“You dare to hit me?!”

The Fifth Chamberlain was also shocked. His face froze. He seemed to be unable to believe what had just happened.


Su Yi once again threw another slap over. The crisp clear sound answered his question. The other side of the Fifth Chamberlain’s face grew red and swollen, strands of blood flowing out of his mouth.

“You trash! You dare hit me? Do you think that I do not dare to teach you a lesson!”

With shock and anger mixed together, the Fifth Chamberlain broke out of his daze. He made his decision. He raised his arm and threw a merciless punch towards Su Yi’s chest.

The Fifth Chamberlain’s punch was without a fact, strong.

As the Su Family’s chamberlain, he may be just a servant, but he also had the right to cultivate.

The Fifth Chamberlain’s age was also not too old, just a little over 30 and he had already completed the Foundation Building Stage. Once he enters the Soul Yuan Realm in the near future, his position in the Su Family would become even higher.

Looking at the Fifth Chamberlain’s terrifying punch, the corner of Su Yi’s eyes just twitched slightly. He stepped to the left. He inhaled and his chest sank in and then he just twisted his waist.

With a ‘whoosh’, the Fifth Chamberlain’s fist missed Su Yi’s chest slightly with the sound of the air exploding.

Everything was just as Su Yi had expected. His face did not change one bit. His wrist suddenly shook fiercely, his five fingers bent, and he grabbed onto the Fifth Chamberlain’s waist.

At that instant, the Fifth Chamberlain who was still confused about how Su Yi dodged his fist felt something creep up his spine. A feeling that he was in extreme danger crept out of his heart.

Crack! Crack!

There were sounds of bones breaking followed by the cry of anguish from the Fifth Chamberlain. It was like he had felt the most unbearable pain. His entire body just fell on the floor, spasming.

Everything had happened in a flash!

Su Yi’s clutch had just snapped clean a few of the Fifth Chamberlain’s ribs near his waist.

The Fifth Chamberlain was definitely not weak. Defeating one or two tigers and wolves would be no problem for him, but now in front of Su Yi, he was nothing. His ribs were broken so easily by Su Yi.

At the same time, Su Yi lunged onto the Fifth Chamberlain without a sound. That kind face full of perseverance turned into a lion who had bared his fangs. Su Yi’s Fist landed straight on the Fifth Chamberlain’s face.


It was way too quick. As the Fifth Chamberlain was crying out in pain, half his face seems to have been shattered by the punch. The bones had already been dented in and his face looked like it had been twisted. He spat out mouthfuls of blood and looked utterly pathetic and hideous.

“Go f**k yourself! How could Wan Er ever be bullied by the likes of you, a dog!”

“You do not even listen to your Master. Today I will teach you how to be a proper slave!”



Su Yi was furious. Punches and kicks rained down upon the Fifth Chamberlain’s body. He picked up a brick on the floor and without any pity or mercy, slammed it onto the Fifth Chamberlain in a fit of rage.


The pitiful Fifth Chamberlain continued crying out in anguish. After a few more hits he stopped crying. His face had already been battered to the point where crimson red blood covered him. His face became unrecognizable. The bones all over his body kept on creaking.

“You dog! Do you still want Wan Er to follow you?”

Su Yi was enraged. His final blow with the brick was ruthlessly smashed in between the Fifth Chamberlain’s thighs. In a blink of an eye, that area became mashed together with blood and flesh. The Fifth Chamberlain’s ‘third leg’ was directly turned into mashed meat. The sight was so awful that one could not bear to see it.


After the Fifth Chamberlain cried out in anguish for one last time, his eyes filled with fear blacked out and he fainted.

Only after that did Su Yi throw the brick in his hand to the side. He clapped his hands. His expression was one which would make another freeze with fear.

The servants could not stop trembling, their eyes full of blatant fear.

The young man in front of them was already calm now but the feeling they got was otherwise, which made their hearts palpitate and their hairs stand on their ends.

“Drag this slave away and tell those who should be told, the salary that should have been Wan Er’s shall be given back to her a hundred-fold! Also, three days later, if my yard is still missing even just a single piece of paper, I do not care whether he’s innocent or not, at that time all those who are related to this incident shall meet a similar end as this dog in front of you!”

Su Yi hollered. This time he really was furious.

Even just a few lowly slaves dared to be so arrogant in front of him. Looks like, in the past three years, the Su Family had really changed quite a bit. There was a need to tell everyone that he wasn’t dead, that he had already returned to the Su Family.

After being stunned for a few moments, the servants then woke up from Su Yi’s shout. As their bodies trembled and shook, they carried the completely unconscious Fifth Chamberlain and ran away in a panic.