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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 4

2023-01-29 08:13:52Publish Time: 741 views
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Chapter 4: Wan Er Has Grown Up

“Watch out for Su Wei. It is as plain as day that he wants to kill you, and perhaps it’s not only for the position of the heir but also for Liu Ruoxi. That jerk is a sly one.”

Fatty Wang looked at Su Yi, his gaze expressing his condolences for Su Yi. Honestly speaking, he really did admire him for his work 3 years ago. Other than this guy in front of him, no one in the city would ever dare to do such a thing.

“No worries. He is still not enough to beat me.”

Su Yi smiled, not too bothered about Su Wei.

Afterwards, Fatty Wang told Su Yi that 3 days later, the strong cultivators from Sacred Mountain would be choosing some youths to enter the Sacred Mountain.

Fatty Wang did not say much more, as he did not have the right to enter the Sacred Mountain. Su Yi was not even an equal to him, how would he have the right?

Furthermore, even if this guy has the right, Liu Ruoxi was currently the fairy of Sacred Mountain. Even after giving him ten more leopard’s galls, he may still be afraid to go to Sacred Mountain. But, if he did, then Liu Ruoxi would tear him to pieces alive when he reaches there.

The news of Su Yi returning home spread like a wildfire in the entire Su Family and caused a huge commotion.

“His clothes did not cover his entire body, and his bones were like twigs, how tragic!”

“He was all skin and bones and returned in rags!”

“That is the Forest of Demons you know. It is a miracle that he was even able to return alive!”

“He was really lucky, staying in that Forest for 3 years and he still managed to return!”

Various conversations spread through the entire huge estate of the Su family, but no one went to see Su Yi. No one wanted to go near that jinx.

And at this moment, Su Yi was resting in the rocking chair of a small yard.

The once luxurious courtyard was not only left with silence, but its majesty had also faded into the past.

“Young Master Su Yi, you have finally returned! Oh thank god, I have been waiting for countless days. The bed sheets have all been washed and changed, and I have cleaned your room every day, waiting for your return.”

A girl who was much younger than Su Yi was currently ecstatic and kept on chattering on non-stop.

The young girl had a small face and thin eyebrows. Even though she was wearing very shabby clothes, but her petite figure and radiant skin could not be covered.

Su Yi had his hands behind his head, leaning against the rocking chair and grinning while looking at the young girl.

3 years had passed. The once small girl had also grown up. The initial stage of growing up to have a fine curvy body was already starting to tempt others. Su Yi said in his heart, “If a few more years had passed, she would be a fine beauty.”

The girl was called Wan Er. Both her parents had died, and Su Yi met her accidentally on the streets 10 years ago. He pitied the lonely girl so, he brought her home and gave her the name Wan Er and kept her at his side.

In Su Yi’s heart, he had always treated her as if she was his real younger sister, but the little girl was stubborn and only viewed herself as a maid.

“Young Master, what are you looking at? Hurry up and go take a bath. Look at you, when have you suffered so much? How could the Old Master be so heartless to send you to the Forest of Demons. I heard that the place was the same as hell itself.”

When Wan Er saw how pathetic Su Yi looked, almost like a beggar, she was heartbroken, and tears started forming in her eyes and where almost going to flow down her face.

Initially, she cried and begged to follow Su Yi, but she was not allowed to, and for these 3 years she was counting the days down until when she could see him again.

“I’m fine. look at me, haven’t I returned alive and well?”

Su Yi had not been afraid of much since young, but one of the things he was afraid of was Wan Er’s tears. He could only stand up and go to bathe.

In the room, Wan Er had long prepared everything that was needed for a bath. She had also specially put sweet-smelling flower petals in the wooden tub and the scent spread out in all directions.

“Young Master, let me help you remove your clothes.”

Wan Er removed Su Yi’s clothes very naturally, and the tears in her eyes could not help but trickle down from the side of her cheeks.

“Young Master, you have suffered so much over these years.”

Wan Er cried, her tears wet her eyes. She could only see scars of all shapes and sizes on Su Yi’s back, colouring his back with different colours.

Some scars had already healed completely, but even just by looking at those scars themselves, she could tell that the bones definitely could be seen when he was injured.

Wan Er could bear it no longer. Tears drenched her face, her heart pained with sadness.

How could she not guess it, that what the Young Master had experienced in the past 3 years was far beyond what she could imagine.

“Silly girl, what is there to cry about.”

Su Yi turned around and smiled. He wiped off the tears at the corners of her eyes, and said, “You should go out first, I can wash myself.”

“Young Master, I have always helped you wash yourself in the past, do you not want me anymore?”

Wan Er’s face suddenly became very nervous. In the past, when the Young Master was bathing, she was always at his side tending to him, even though for most of the time, her eyes were shut and the Young Master only asked her to pass the towel.

“Silly girl, you are already all grown up. Men and women should not be too close. If you continue to serve me when I am bathing and this matter spreads, how could you find a decent guy to marry in the future.”

Su Yi laughed, thinking back about how 3 years ago he still allowed this girl to serve him when he was bathing, he could only scold himself in his heart that he was a beast.

“But I have not made any plans to marry. My entire life is to serve Young Master.”

Wan Er looked at the now turned-around Su Yi, gazing at his figure. He was much taller than he was 3 years ago, and the skinny-looking physique now with the robe removed, she could see that his body was tanned copper brown. His muscles were tough and robust, and seemed to pack a ton of explosive strength.

“Actually Young Master, I think it is better if you bathe by yourself.”

Girls naturally mature earlier than boys. A red blush crept up on Wan Er’s face and she shot out of the room, closing the door in the process.

Su Yi shook his head, and then looked at his densely scarred back. This was what he reaped from the past 3 years.

The Su’s estate was gigantic. There was the inner courtyard, the outer courtyard, the North Wing, South Wing, East Wing, West Wing and so on and so forth.

There were already quite a few people in the main Su Family, and then there were still some people from the branch families including the guards, servants, maids, etc. Just the people who normally lived in the Su Estate had already numbered more than a thousand.

Outside a silent courtyard stood a few figures. They looked hesitant, like they were trying to see something.

“Fifth Chamberlain, are we really going to enter? I have heard that the jinx Su Yi is back. Over the past few years, we have made a lot of things difficult for Wan Er. Who knows whether she has complained about us. Would we have trouble?”

A servant around 20+ years old opened his mouth, and he was the same as the other servants beside him. He kept looking around the courtyard, his face troubled.

For the past 3 years, they have bullied Wan Er quite a bit.

In front of these servants was a middle-aged man around 30 years old. He was not tall, but his attire was bright and fresh while his figure was burly.

The middle-aged man turned and looked at the servant who just spoke, he grunted coldly, “Humph! It is good that he has returned. I heard that the person returned looking so pathetic that one could not bear to look at him straight. I think that he should have learnt his lesson after living in the Forest of Demons for the past 3 years. We can use this chance and beat him down a bit to make our lives better in the future.”

After finishing what he said, the Fifth Chamberlain gathered his courage and walked into the courtyard with his head held high and his chest out.

The servants behind saw what was happening and followed him inside the courtyard.

They put their trust in Fifth Chamberlain, at least he had reached the Foundation Building Stage and was almost entering the Yuan Soul Realm. Anyways, they could not really suffer a loss.

Wan Er was in the courtyard tidying up the place. She recalled the scene that she just saw. It was her first time looking at a man’s body up close, and Su Yi’s body was far different from the bodies of the guards who she saw training with their tops off. The feeling was completely different. The more she thought about it, the more flushed her face got.

“Fifth Chamberlain, what are you guys doing here?”

When she saw the Fifth Chamberlain with the other servants approaching her, Wan Er consciously took a few steps back.

Seeing Wan Er’s flushed face, Fifth Chamberlain could not help himself but get stunned by that captivating face.

He had his eyes on the girl for quite a long time, but this girl had to be the personal maid of that good-for-nothing Young Master, so her identity was a bit special.

For the past 3 years he had tried many ways to tempt and threaten her to no success. When he wanted to wait a while longer before he obtained her with brute force, who knew that this jinx would suddenly return.

Recalling about how he had made life difficult for the girl during the past few years, the Fifth Chamberlain was also slightly worried. Today, he came over because of two reasons. One, someone asked him to come over to take a look. Two, he could not stop worrying, and he also wanted to see for himself how the jinx ended up after 3 years living in the Forest.

“Wan Er, I have told you last time that I would give you half a month. It is already about time. When you first entered the Su Family, you were not registered. I have the authority to kick you out of the house.”

The Fifth Chamberlain looked at Wan Er with a slightly burning gaze. The little girl was becoming a fine young lady as each moment passed. She was like an unripe green apple. She may bring a bit of sourness, but there was a unique taste to it. He was afraid that if he didn’t possess her as quickly as he could, she would escape his control and become someone else’s plaything.

“Fifth Chamberlain, do not cross the line. I have been Young Master Su Yi’s maid since young. Who in the Su Family does not know that you do not have the authority to kick me out. Furthermore, Young Master Su Yi has returned. If you do not leave now, the Young Master will not let you go that easily later!”

Wan Er stared at the Fifth Chamberlain. A pair of brown eyes like the autumn lake hidden beneath the fine and curvy eyelashes. Her red petite lips were slightly pursed and her teeth bit into her soft lips, amidst her stubbornness, there was an air of pride.

“Haha, are you talking about that jinx? Do you really think that good-for-nothing Young Master has the ability to protect you? I will tell you honestly, the Su Family has changed. If you are smart, then you know what to do. Follow me and you will have good days ahead of you, if not, hehe…”

Fifth Chamberlain smiled coldly. The Young Master was a thing of the past, now he was only garbage. He returned like a loser to the family, what could be expected from him.

That jinx had caused such a large mess. Even though he came back, but who knew for sure what will be of him in the end.

He may only be a chamberlain, but he had no need to worry about such a useless Young Master.

“What an audacious slave! If not, what would you do?”