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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 41

2023-01-29 08:22:34Publish Time: 485 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 41: Silencing the Witness

"Childish tricks!" Wang Quan De's expression changed only slightly and his face remained calm. He waved his hand and a powerful wave of Yuan Qi surged out from his palm and fiercely collided with the beast bone.

During this collision, aura rippled outward violently like the waves of the sea.


The rocks in the surroundings were shattered, trees were split, and the ground cracked accompanied with a thunderclap.

“Bastard, this is not going to end well now!” But at this time, just when the middle-aged man of the mercenary group threw out his beast bone with all his might, the look on Su Yi’s face changed. He kept his body low and ran away like a flying arrow and dived straight into the escape route he had prepared some time ago.

Su Yi’s escape route was a patch of dense forest beside the valley, where the sky was blocked out by the lush leaves and thorny bushes were everywhere.

Su Yi knew very well that he was still not strong enough. Him escaping on the open road? Dream on!

As expected, the moment Su Yi’s body dashed out, the middle-aged man made his way straight towards Su Yi. He had long noticed a youth was hiding in the vicinity, that’s why he made such a flashy move in front of Wang Quan De. If he was able to capture this youth, he may be able to turn this situation around.

“Run.” There was only one word in Su Yi’s mind. That mercenary leader had actually locked onto him, what he could do now was only to run away with everything he got and hope that Wang Quan De was able to catch up soon, only that way he could be free.

Among the thorny and dense undergrowth, Su Yi twisted and turned, this way of desperate yet planned running was the accumulation of experience after countless similar situations.

Su Yi's cultivation had reached the Yuan Soul Realm, he unleashed all his might, and with a feeling of limitless strength, he dashed into the dense forest, crossing several tens of meters in the blink of an eye.

The middle-aged man thought that he could just turn around and catch that youth with a surprise attack, and then he would be able to threaten Sacred Mountain.

But he had never expected the youth to react this fast, and to even escape via such a tricky path, this made him slightly shocked.

But there’s still a huge difference in cultivation level and the mercenary leader was also someone who had survived for a long time in the Forest of Demons. He swiftly made his chase, Yuan Qi flowed around him like a mini tornado, blowing apart any vegetation in his way, and was just a step away from catching Su Yi.

Boom! A wave of energy struck at the feet of the middle-aged man, sending bits and pieces of rocks into the air. The huge impact made the middle-aged man stumble forward, allowing Su Yi to run quite a distance further.

The expression of the middle-aged man changed greatly. He had no hesitation, only by capturing the youth in front of him could he have the chance to survive.

Hence without a second thought, the middle-aged man chased after Su Yi with everything he got.

While Su Yi’s speed could be said to be very fast for his level, but the middle-aged man’s cultivation level far exceeded Su Yi’s. He may not be able to leap and catch Su Yi instantly in this dense forest, but his speed was still lightning-fast.


Just as Su Yi was in a life-or-death situation, Wang Quan De’s attack hit again making the middle-aged man stumble yet another time.

Three people chasing after one another, gradually, there was a bit of distance from the main battle and only the sounds of shouts and explosions could be heard from far away.

"Rascal, I'll see to where else you can still run!" The middle-aged man glared coldly. With a final burst, his face contorted. He extended his hand with a formed hand seal and tagged Su Yi's shoulder.

In an instance, the power of the hand seal clutched onto Su Yi’s shoulder like braces, halting Su Yi’s escape in the blink of an eye, unable to take another step forward, even his Yuan Qi seemed like it had been frozen.

Even though Su Yi had hidden a dagger in his long sleeve, Su Yi realized it was for naught as he could not move at all.

When the middle-aged man caught Su Yi, his face beamed with happiness. Before he even turned around, he had already shouted, “Stop or else I will kill this kid!”

“You regard yourself too high!” But at the same time, Wang Quan De had already appeared behind the man like a ghost. Without even a single sound, his hand grabbed onto the middle-aged man’s neck.

At that moment, as though he felt something, the middle-aged man was shocked like he had seen a ghost. His face full of unbelief, he said, "How could it be like this?”

“Having only just entered the Yuan True Realm, how would you be a match for me?" These words fell beside the middle-aged man's ear and then his neck gave off a sound of a crack.


The middle-aged man’s body slumped down lifelessly onto the forest floor, his eyes wide open with disbelief.

From where the hand seal landed on Su Yi’s shoulder, blood seeped out. Raising his eyes to look at the Wang Quan De in front of him, Su Yi’s eyes were full of caution, he had just gotten out from lion’s den to go into the crocodile’s jaws.

“I never thought that a chance would come so quickly.” Looking at Su Yi, Wang Quan De smiled coldly.

“You did it on purpose?” Su Yi’s face fell. How could he not understand now that this mercenary leader had never been a match for Wang Quan De since the very beginning?

If Wang Quan De had really wanted to kill that middle-aged man, the man would have never been a match for him.

And why Wang Quan De did this on purpose was to create a chance, to have the mercenary leader chase Su Yi far away so that they could be away from the eyes of everyone.

All this implied that Wang Quan De wanted to do something which could not be seen.

"You really are a quite smart kid, but too bad, what a pity!" Wang Quan De smiled, a shapeless aura spiralled out from him and covered Su Yi's body, a hand grabbed onto Su Yi's shoulder and at the same time bringing along the corpse of the mercenary leader, their figures dashed deep within the forest.

“Wang Quan De wants to silence me!” Su Yi was imprisoned by a shapeless power, but in this urgent situation, he was not panicking, rather, he became even calmer.

Su Yi contemplated in his heart, if this Wang Quan De wanted to silence him, other than because of the engagement between him and Liu Ruoxi, there should be nothing else.

His body was still frozen. Held by Wang Quan De's hand, Su Yi could not move a muscle, even his Yuan Qi was frozen.

"This is the power of the strong! I am still far too weak, just like a fish on the chopping block, waiting for anyone to kill!" Su Yi felt it first-hand that he was like a fresh fish on the chopping block, waiting for someone to slice him apart. In this world where cultivation was everything, strength was the only answer which would always be correct.

After a while, in the depths of the forest, a figure soared into the air. Su Yi could feel that after Wang Quan De made a few leaps, they seemed to be somewhere high.

And as expected, when Su Yi was thrown onto the floor by Wang Quan De. They were on the edge of a cliff, clouds drifted around them. The cliff was high enough to reach even the clouds.

Wang Quan De threw the middle-aged man’s corpse off the high cliff.

“Destroying the body to leave no evidence, I sure am in deep trouble this time!” Su Yi smiled bitterly in his heart, but he still held firm. Wang Quan De brought the mercenary’s body here and threw it off was so as to not leave any traces behind which could be found by others.