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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 40

2023-01-29 08:22:28Publish Time: 461 views
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Chapter 40: Danger Midway

“Demon Spirit Realm!” When the huge Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle’s aura burst out, the face of the middle-aged man in short clothes changed tremendously. A Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle in the Demon Spirit Realm is extremely hard to go against. Furthermore, this Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle seemed to be rather high in its Demon Spirit Realm cultivation.

“ROAR!!!” The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle roared and began its merciless slaughter. Stretching its wings and roaring, creating a violent gust as it charged into the mercenary group, ripping several mercenaries to shreds instantly, splattering blood all over the ground.

This sudden turn of events made even these mercenaries, who slaughtered constantly trembled involuntarily, hairs standing on their ends.

“ROAR!!!” The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle did not stop its attack., Its roars were deafening, resounding in the entire valley. So loud that even from a distance away, there were sounds of beasts roaring in response.

The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle flapped its wings and dived again, beginning its offense once more as its sharp teeth and metallic claws ripped and tore like a killing machine.

“Not good, retreat!”

“It’s way too strong, hurry and retreat!”

There were people who had already started to run away as they panicked.

“You do not know your place, die!” The looks in the eyes of the youths from Sacred Mountain became merciless, and they also began their attacks. Yuan Qi materialized under their feet into figures of beasts. The beasts roared and begin their attack together with the youths. All of them were Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators.

“Do not panic, join hands and counterattack! hurry!” The middle-aged man recovered from his shock. Being able to form a mercenary group in the Forest of Demons, other than having exceptional power, he also had experience in commanding people.

"Grab those few newbies, grab more of them!" The middle-aged man shouted. Although the ability of people from Sacred Mountain was not average, there were also some Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators in the mercenary group. They may be slightly lower skilled, but it was not to the point that they would throw their hands in the air and run away.

Furthermore, in this situation, if they managed to grab onto a few newbies from Sacred Mountain, then the situation should also be able to change from a dangerous one to a better one.

“Everyone works together, do not panic!” Hearing the shouts from the middle-aged man, the originally panicking mercenary group regained much of their discipline and order.

“Leader, we will take care of this Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle!”

Two Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators went to block the Cloud-Piercing Wolf Eagle, the remaining men of the mercenary groups locked onto the group of young men and ladies.

"Measly thieves!" The youths from Sacred Mountain all had cold looks in their eyes. Aura flowed around their body, weapons were drawn. Though they may be young, they were definitely not something these mercenaries could match up to.

Rather, it was He San, Mo Bu Fan, Song Wu Qiu, Liu Yanni and the rest of the young men and ladies from the City of Man who was panicking.

“Courting death!” Wang Quan De made his move. Yuan Qi flowed, his figure shot out. A hand seal formed and the few mercenaries that dared to charge their way were instantly blown back, landing heavily far away.

“ROAR!!!” The Cloud-Piercing Wolf Tiger roared, though it was being tied down by two Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, it took an opportunity to open its huge mouth, biting onto two unlucky mercenaries not far away.

Fresh blood dripped from its razor-sharp fangs, dyeing the floor with blood, causing people to shiver at the sight of it.

This scene was even more frightening to He San, Liu Yanni and the rest.

“Capture those newbies, they must be captured alive!” The middle-aged man hollered, the situation was urgent. Only by capturing hostages could they resolve this crisis. They would not need to worry about any massacre by Sacred Mountain.

When the middle-aged man finished his words, looking at Wang Quan De killing quite a few brothers of the mercenary group, Yuan Qi appeared under his feet. The sole of his feet touched the ground and a bone of a beast an arm-thick appeared in his hand.

This bone had been repeatedly sharpened till it was razor-sharp, but by channeling Yuan Qi in, the bone of the beast glowed. The bone seemed to exude the presence of a fierce beast it used to be a part of as he charged towards Wang Quan De to block him.

"Barely passable." Wang Quan De also seemed a bit surprised at this middle-aged man's strength. Meeting a cultivator of such skill in the Forest of Demons was not your everyday occurrence. He smiled coldly, a shock ran through his arm and he met the man head-on.


The battle was chaotic, the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators of Sacred Mountain seemed to have a silent agreement as they formed a circle around the youths they brought along, protecting each one of them by their side.

In addition, Li Ling and the rest of the disciples from Sacred Mountain were not weak and did not have much trouble while fighting the mercenaries, rather, the number of mercenaries alive was dropping fast.

Behind the boulder, Su Yi hid in a corner, observing the entire battle.

Currently, Su Yi could see it the clearest, though the mercenary group had the advantage in numbers, in quality they were nothing like Sacred Mountain.

But, it was also not that easy for the people from Sacred Mountain.

Every one of these mercenaries lived and survived through by the sharp edges of sabers. They were in front of absolute strength, obviously, they could not match up to Sacred Mountain.

But the people from Sacred Mountain had to protect quite a few youths. And these youths, even if they were the disciples of Sacred Mountain and their strength was not normal, but in a real battle, their experience was far from enough.

These disciples from Sacred Mountain were starting to be unable to hold out against the mercenaries.

This caused the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators to split their attention in order to protect them.

Hence, though it may seem like Sacred Mountain had gotten the upper hand, but the truth was that the battle had started to enter a stalemate.

Su Yi crouched, he knew where to hide. In this chaos, no one would notice him.

Stomp, stomp!

Not far away, the leader of the mercenary group could not stand against Wang Quan De and was beaten back.

At the same time, the middle-aged man put one foot back to hold his ground, cracks appeared underneath his feet. The bone of the beast in his hands glowed again and faintly, it exuded a presence of fierceness that was different from before, as if the beast had been resurrected. Violent winds howled and thunder was heard from the bone. It was like the roar of a beast and it was used to obstruct Wang Quan De again.

"Humph!" Wang Quan De gave a cold grunt, without any hesitation, powerful Yuan Qi burst out from within his body. A strong aura spiraled around the place, blowing away the rocks and grass in the surroundings. A palm slammed against the bone.


The glowing bone in the hands of the middle-aged man dulled and due to the strong impact, he was beaten back again.

“The situation does not look good.” Currently, the face of Su Yi who was hiding behind the boulder became slightly ugly in a moment.

While the mercenary leader was getting beaten back continuously, but the fact that he’s still alive indicated that he still has a trump card in his sleeve.

“Let me see exactly how strong the Sacred Mountain is!” Being beaten back continuously while his brothers falling one by one, the middle-aged man was also infuriated. Hollering, his Yuan Qi surged, strands of black Yuan Qi swirled around him like a snake, finally gathering within the beast’s bone in his hand.

“ROAR!!!” In this instance, the bone shined, and one could actually hear actual roars of the beast now. Its aura exploded, shocking the air and causing a terrifying commotion.

“Go!” The middle-aged man shouted, throwing the beast bone in his hand straight towards Wang Quan De. In that instance, the beast bone was giving off a glaring light and it was like a streak of lightning as it shot towards Wang Quan De with a menacing aura.